Fall Brawl 1993: War Games
September 19, 1993 - Astro Arena - Houston, Texas

  1. NON-TELEVISED MATCH: Erik Watts def "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton..

  2. TELEVISION TITLE MATCH: Steven Regal w/Sir William def Ricky Steamboat to win the title..

  3. MATCH: Charlie Norris def Big Sky..

  4. TAG MATCH: Too Cold Scorpio & Marcus Bagwell def The Equalizer & Paul Orndorff..

  5. MATCH: Ice Train def Shanghai Pierce w/Tex Slazanger..

  6. TAG TITLE MATCH: The Nasty Boyz w/Missy Hyatt def Arn Anderson & Paul Roma to win the titles!

  7. MATCH: Cactus Jack def Yoshi Kwan (Chris Champion) w/Harley Race..

  8. INTERNATIONAL WORLD TITLE MATCH: Rick Rude def Ric Flair w/Fifi to win the title!

  9. WAR GAMES MATCH: Sting's Team def Sid Vicious' Team..
    • Sting's Team = Sting, Davey Boy Smith, Dustin Rhodes & Shockmaster..
    • Sid Vicious' Team = Sid Vicious, Big Van Vader & Harlem Heat (Kane & Kole)..
    • Shockmaster forced Kole to submit.

  10. FADE TO BLACK....

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