Bash at the Beach 1994
July 17, 1994 - Orlando Arena - Orlando, FL

  1. TAG MATCH: Brian & Brad Armstrong def Bad Attitude (Steve Keirn & Bobby Eaton)..

  2. TV TITLE MATCH: Lord Steven Regal def Johnny B. Badd to retain..

  3. MATCH: Big Van Vader def The Guardian Angel (aka Big Bossman) by Disqualification..

  4. TAG MATCH: Terry Funk & Bunkhouse Buck def Arn Anderson & Dustin Rhodes..

  5. US TITLE MATCH: "Stunning" Steve Austin def Ricky Steamboat to retain..

  6. TAG TITLE MATCH: Pretty Wonderful (Paul Orndorff & Paul Roma) def Kevin Sullivan & Cactus Jack to win the titles!

  7. WORLD TITLE MATCH: Hulk Hogan def Ric Flair to win the title!
  8. FADE TO BLACK....

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