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Universal Wrestling Federation (Herb Abrams)

  • June 9, 1991--Beach Brawl in in Palmetto, FL at The Manatee Civic Center: Boris Zhukov def Paul Samson. The Blackhearts (Apocalypse & Destruction) def Fire Cat & Jim Cooper, Terry Gordy vs Johnny Ace ended in a DOUBLE COUNT OUT in a "Street Fight" match, The Killer Bees (Brian Blair & Jim Brunzel def The Power Twins (Larry & David), Rockin' Robin def Candi Divine to become the 1st UWF Women's champion, Paul Orndorff def Colonal DeBeers in a "Strap" match, Bob Backlund def Ivan Koloff, Steven Ray & Sonny Beach def Cactus Jack & Bob Orton Jr, Steve Williams def Bam Bam Bigelow to become the 1st UWF Television champion...

  • September 23, 1994--Blackjack Brawl in Las Vegas, NV at the MGM Grand Hotel: Danny Spivey def Johnny Ace to become the 1st UWF America's champion when Missy Hyatt threw in the towel for Johnny Ace, Jack Armstrong def Mando Guerrero to become the 1st UWF Junior Heavyweight champion, Sonny Beach def Dr. Feelgood by DQ to win the vacant UWF Television title, Bob Orton Jr. vs The Finnish Hellraiser ended in a DOUBLE DQ, Little Tokyo def The Karate Kid to become the 1st UWF Midget's champion, Samson def The Irish Assassin, Tyler Main def Steven Ray to become the 1st UWF MGM Grand champion, Candi Divine def Tina Moretti (aka Ivory) to win vacant UWF Women's title, The Killer Bees (Brian Blair & Jim Brunzel) def The Warlord & Power Warrior (Larry Power), Cactus Jack vs Jimmy Snuka ended in a DOUBLE COUNT OUT in a "Lumberjack" match, Steve Williams def Sid Vicious by DQ to retain the UWF Heavyweight title..