• December 10, 2006 - Orlando, Florida - Universal Studios;

    • The Truth & Lance Hoyt beat Seratonin -Pre Show-;
    • Senshi def A.Starr & A.Shelley & J.Lethal & S.Dutt;
    • Eric Young def Miss Brooks -Bikini Contest-;
    • Chris Daniels def Chris Sabin -Jerry Lynn referees-;
    • They did some publicity stunts with baseball guys;
    • Phenomenal A.J. Styles beat Rhino -Grudge Match-;
    • LAX w/Konnan def America's Most Wanted -Flag Match-;
    • Abyss def Sting & Christian Cage -NWA World Title-;
    • Samoa Joe def Kurt Angle -The Biggest Rematch Ever-;

  1. PRE-SHOW: Hosted by Jeremy Borash & Christy Hemme..
    • INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Robert Roode & Miss Brooks (Brooks teased that she would strip naked tonight on PPV)..
    • INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Father James Mitchell & Abyss (Mitchell was psychologically aggressive with Abyss)..
    • MATCH: Ron "The Truth" Killings & Lance Hoyt def Seratonin (Maverick Matt & Frankie Kazarian & Johnny Devine)..
    • INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Referee Jerry Lynn & Chris Sabin (Sabin showed much disrespect to his mentor Jerry Lynn)..
    • IN THE RING: Raven brought Seratonin to the ring and punished Kazarian for losing with purple kendo stick shots.....
    • INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Samoa Joe (Joe said for three weeks he has dreamt about tapping out to Kurt Angle)....
    • PARKING LOT: The new girl greeted a vehicle and looked inside laughing, and the person passed out a sledgehammer!

  2. POPARATZI CHALLENGE SERIES: Austin Starr vs Alex Shelley vs Senshi vs Jay Lethal vs Sonjay Dutt
    • The PCS Co-ordinator Kevin Nash sauntered down to the ring at .00003 mph and joined Mike Tenay & Don West..
    • Austin Starr and Alex Shelley started arguing and Shelley looked at Kevin Nash as if to say "He started it!"
    • Alex Shelley (1 point) was eliminated when he tapped out to Sonjay Dutt's camel clutch (Starr helped Dutt)...
    • Jay Lethal (2 points) was eliminated by Senshi after a stiff two-footed drop-kick to the chest..
    • Sonjay Dutt (3 points) was eliminated by Austin Starr after a 450 Splash off the top rope!
    • Austin Starr (4 points) was eliminated by Senshi after distraction from Alex Shelley at ringside..
    • Senshi (5 points) wins the first portion of the Poparatzi Challenge Series...........................

  3. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Eric Young (Borash told EY that Miss Brooks said she would do anything to WIN)..

  4. INTERGENDER BIKINI CONTEST: Eric Young def Miss Tracy Brooks w/Robert Roode..
    • Miss Brooks disrobbed first but it wasn't really a bikini so much as a skimpy piece of sexy ligerie...
    • Fans cheered to elevate Eric Young's confidence but he was wearing a t-Shirt air-brushed with a Bikini..
    • Robert Roode threatened to get Eric Young sued so Eric Young took off the shirt revealing Spongebob shorts..
    • The referee was going to disqualify Eric Young but then he took off the shorts revealing bikini bottoms!
    • The fans voted Eric Young the winner and some girls waved $1 bills and Young was declared the winner!
    • Robert Roode attacked Eric Young for a minute until a nearly naked Young escaped and went backstage..
    • Robert Roode yelled at Miss Brooks telling her to get Eric Young to sign a contract with Robert Roode Inc.

  5. BACKSTAGE: Latisha + Big Dick Johnson (imposter)..
    • Latisha was knocking on the dressing room of "Paul Levesque" and "Michael Hickenbottom" backstage..
    • A "Big Dick Johnson" imposter showed up and hugged Latisha and then asked where catering was located..

  6. X-DIVISION TITLE MATCH: Christopher Daniels def Chris Sabin to retain the X-Division title!
    • "X-Division Pioneer" Jerry Lynn was the special guest referee for this match...
    • After the match: Jerry Lynn wanted Chris Sabin to be a man and shake Christopher Daniels hand..
    • Christopher Daniels snatched his belt from Jerry Lynn and said he didn't want Sabin's handshake..
    • Jerry Lynn then slapped Christopher Daniels accross the face and yelled "You will respect me!"

  7. IN THE RING: Jim Cornette + Dale Torborg & A.J. Pierzenski + David Eckstein + Lance Hoyt...
    • Jim Cornette thanked the fans for being apart of Turning Point and introduced some special guests in attendance..
    • Jim Cornette introduced Dale Torborg (former wrestler) and A.J. Pierzenski (holding his honorary X-Division belt)..
    • Jim Cornette then introduced David Eckstein -- the MVP of the 2006 World Series St. Louis Cardinals baseball team..
    • Jim Cornette interviewed David Eckstein about baseball fans chanting TNA! TNA! at him during a World Series game..
    • Jim Cornette plugged Eckstein's book "Have Heart" which has a positive message for kids to believe in themselves..
    • David Eckstein said Lance Hoyt was his favorite, while Dale Torborg was ripping pages out of Eckstein's book..
    • A.J. Pierzenski said TNA was his ring and he won the X-Division title last year and cut a promo on David Eckstein..
    • Dale Torborg punched out Eckstein's brother and they all started to brawl until Lance Hoyt ran down for the save!

  8. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Rhino (Said he wanted to help A.J. Styles and will beat some sense into Styles!)

  9. GRUDGE MATCH: A.J. Styles def Rhino after faking a knee injury..
    • During the previous interview A.J. Styles attacked Rhino and they accidentally knocked out the cameraman.....
    • The brawl continued in the backstage as they sorted out some technical problems and finally got in position..
    • They spilled out into the arena and fought amongst the fans and eventually ended up in the ring for a match!
    • A.J. Styles took a crazy front flip over the top rope and jammed his knee and told the referee to get help..
    • Trainers and referees came out to tend to A.J. Styles but he said that he wanted to try to finish the match..
    • A.J. Styles tried to stand up but he fell right back down [at this point I'm convinced this is a work]...
    • Rhino was watching and just as he turned his back, Styles jumped in the ring and rolled him up for the 1-2-3!!!
    • A.J. Styles arrogantly danced up the ramp as Rhino clued into what had just happened and chased Styles backstage..

  10. BACKSTAGE: Latista + Vince McMahon (imposter)
    • Latisha greeted an imposter Vince McMahon who was carrying a small cage with a chicken (a cock) inside of it..
    • Latisha asked what was in the cage, and the guy said "It's a cock... didn't you see it on TV... I love cock!"..
    • Latisha responded with a smile on her face saying "No..... I didn't see it........." --------------- classic!

  11. RINGSIDE: Rhino and A.J. Styles spilled back out to the ringside area having an intense brawl....

  12. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & LAX (Konnan & Homicide & Hernandez) -- talked about the Flag match..

  13. NON-TITLE FLAG MATCH: LAX (Homicide & Hernandez w/Konnan) def America's Most Wanted w/Gail Kim..
    • The object of the match is to capture the flag from your opponents corner and hang it above the ring..
    • Hernandez was the first to retreive the Mexican flag but was prevented from hanging it above the ring..
    • Chris Harris then retreived the American flag but Homicide gave him an Ace Crusher off the second ropes!
    • Gail Kim grabbed the American Flag and tried to climb the ladder but Konnan interfered and stopped her!
    • Petey Williams then came in and tried to give Konnan the Canadian Destroyer but Hernandez stopped it....
    • 300 pound Hernandez did a Superman dive over the top rope on top of James Storm -- absolutely crazy!
    • Chris Harris and Homicide climbed the ladder and managed to hang their respective flags at the same time!
    • James Storm smashed a beer bottle over Homicide's head and the glass shattered into Chris Harris' eyes!
    • Hernandez climbed the ladder and tore down the American flag and finished hanging the Mexican flag!
    • James Storm was mad at Chris Harris as Gail Kim & Petey Williams were telling James Storm to settle down..
    • Konnan then ordered everyone to stand up and pay respects as the Mexican national athem was played..

  14. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & James Storm..
    • James Storm called Chris Harris a quitter and said that he let down his partner and also let down America...
    • James Storm said that Chris Harris had until this Thursday on iMPACT to apologize to him and the Americans..

  15. DUMB TO THE EXTREME SEGMENT: Voodoo Kin Mafia (BG James [Paul Levesque] & Kip James [Michael Hickenbotttom])..
    • The Voodoo Kin Mafia came out but were interrupted by five male cheerleaders (making fun of the Spirit Squad)..
    • Paul Levesque & Michael Hickenbottom destroyed the five cheerleader guys without even laying a hand on them..
    • Paul Levesque then called out the "Oily Fat Guy" who came out and rubbed up against the fifth cheerleader..
    • BG James said wrestling fans have a hard time drawing the line between parody television and reality television....
    • They took off their costumes and proclaimed that they are VKM and said started cutting a promo on Vinnie Mac..
    • BG James said that somebody in WWE (Jim Ross) said Vince McMahon didn't care what Voodoo Kin Mafia was doing..
    • BG James then talked about the time Vince McMahon ordered them to go to CNN/WCW in search of Ted Turner...
    • BG James said if Vince McMahon wanted to sue them for a parody this would be it (Chant "Screw You Vince!")..
    • BG James said they were having a good time but Vince McMahon came along and had to spoil all of the fun.....
    • BG James then offered Vince McMahon $1,000,000 for a fight between B.J. & Kip James against [HHH & HBK]..
    • BG James told Vince McMahon to show the world that he has a set of balls, or if he is a gutless piece of SHIT!
    • Editor's Notes: Within 20 minutes I have already heard a ton of negativity about this but I REALLY LIKE IT!

  16. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Christian Cage & Tomko (Said he wanted to get back something that he never lost)..

  17. NWA WORLD TITLE 3-WAY: Abyss w/Father James Mitchell def Sting and Christian Cage w/Tomko to retain!
    • Father James Mitchell ordered Abyss to pour out a sack full of Thumb-tacks but Abyss appeared to be conflicted..
    • Abyss poured out the Thumb-tacks and Sting tried to talk Abyss out of doing what Father James Mitchell ordered..
    • Christian Cage got involved and Tomko jumped in and kicked Abyss in the face and curb stomped him into the tacks!
    • Abyss then Black Hole Slammed Sting and knocked Christian Cage down in the process and pinned Sting 1-2-3..

  18. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Kurt Angle (Said that everybody in TNA would know who the better man is tonight)..

  19. THE REMATCH: Samoa Joe def Kurt Angle.....
    • The match started slow but picked up the intensity when both men repeatedly reveserved eachothers submissions..
    • A few minutes later the referee got bumped and Samoa Joe made Kurt Angle tap out but the referee didn't see it!
    • Kurt Angle kicked Samoa Joe in the nuts and retreived a steel chair from the time keeper and entered the ring..
    • Kurt Angle swung the chair, but it bounced off the ropes and he smacked himself right in the face!
    • Samoa Joe then locked on the Choke-submission and Kurt Angle tapped out giving Joe the victory!!!
    • Editor's Note: Another fantastic match but just like last month, it would have gone another 20 or 30 minutes!

  20. And that's a wrap folks...

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