Taped July 19, 2005 ||| Orlando, Florida ||| Aired August 12, 2005

Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

    TNA IMPACT TAPINGS: shown on Webcast

  1. MATCH: Matt Bentley w/Tracy Brooks def Shark Boy..

  2. INTERVIEW: Shane Douglas & Shocker (Sets up rubber match between he and Alex Shelley)..

  3. SUPER X SEMI-FINALS: AJ Styles def Petey Williams to advance..

  4. INTERVIEW: Shane Douglas & Lance Hoyt (Talks about his match with Abyss at Sacrifice)..

  5. INTERVIEW: Shane Douglas & Kip James & Monty Brown (Talks about Sacrifice)..

  6. MATCH: Monty Brown w/Kip James def Elix Skipper with the Pounce Period!

  7. TAG MATCH: Simon Diamond & David Young def America's Most Wanted..
    • Team Canada interfered and The Naturals hit the ring to make the save..

  8. INTERVIEW: Shane Douglas & The Naturals & AMW (Sets up an 8-Man for Sacrifice against Team Canada)..

  9. TAG MATCH: Ron Killings & Konnan def Jerelle Clark & Mikey Batts..
    • After the match, BG James showed up and refused to give Konnan an answer..

  10. MATCH: Rhino def Chris Sabin with the Gore!!!
    • After the match, Raven and Jeff Jarrett both showed up and the lights went out and Sabu appeared!
    • Rhino eventually powerbombed Sabu onto Raven, who was laid out on top of a table! (Which didn't break)
    • Jeff Jarrett locked Raven in the figure four leglock as Rhino slammed Sabu through the table!

  11. END OF SHOW....
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