Taped July 19, 2005 ||| Orlando, Florida ||| Aired July 22, 2005

Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

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  1. MATCH: Lance Hoyt vs David Young ended in a NO CONTEST when Abyss destroyed both of them..

  2. IN THE RING: Abyss & Father James Mitchell cut a promo..

  3. SUPER X ROUND #1: Samoa Joe def Sonjay Dutt to advance..
    • Christopher Daniels joined Mike Tenay & Don West on commentary for the match..
    • Shane Douglas tried to interview Samoa Joe after the match, but Joe turned and walked away..

  4. TAG MATCH: Kip James & Monty Brown def Sonny Siaki & Apollo..
    • After the match, Konnan & Ron Killings ran down and brawled with Kip James & Monty Brown..

  5. IN THE RING: Raven + Jeff Jarrett..
    • Raven talked about Jeff Jarrett and Rhino until Jeff Jarrett showed up and distracted Raven..
    • Rhino snuck up behind Raven and gave him a GORE!! Jeff Jarrett then put Raven in the figure four leglock..

  6. IN THE RING: Michael Shane & Tracy Brooks..
    • Michael Shane entered the ring with some official documents stating he can no longer use the name Michael Shane..
    • Michael Shane says from now on he will be officially known by his real name Matt Bentley..
    • Editor's Note: Mike Shane of the WWE's Shane Twins had contacted Bentley to protect the copyright of his name..

  7. SUPER X ROUND #1: AJ Styles def Matt Bentley w/Tracy Brooks..
    • America's Most Wanted showed up and distracted the referee, and James Storm superkicked Matt Bentley..

  8. END OF SHOW....
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