Taped April 26, 2005 ||| Orlando, Florida ||| Aired May 13, 2005

Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..


  1. 4-WAY ELIMINATION: Chris Daniels vs Elix Skipper vs Eric Young vs Jeff Hardy ended in a time limit draw..
    • Jeff Hardy was eliminated early after Raven came out and attacked him and dragged him to the back..
    • Eric Young was eliminated by Chris Daniels after a fisherman buster..
    • The time limit expired as Elix Skipper was about to go for a pin on Chris Daniels..

  2. TAG TITLE MATCH: The Naturals w/Chris Candido def Buck Quartermaine & Lex Lovett to retain..

  3. 10-MAN GAUNTLET MATCH: Abyss def Lance Hoyt by pinfall in the finals..
    • As stipulated, Abyss will enter the Hard Justice 20-Man Gauntlet in the #20 position..
    • As stipulated, Bobby Rude will enter at #1 (because he was eliminated first)..
    • Also in the match: Abyss, Lance Hoyt, Trytan, Alistair Ralph, Gran Apolo..
    • Also in the match: Michael Shane, Chris Sabin, Bobby Rude, Petey Williams, David Young..

  4. END OF SHOW....
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