Taped September 9, 2004 ||| Orlando, Florida ||| Aired September 10, 2004

Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

    • TAG MATCH: Kid Kash & Dallas def Chris Sabin & Amazing Red..
    • MATCH: 3-Live Krew def Alex Shelley & Titus & Matt Sydal w/Goldylocks & Jonny Fairplay..

  2. TAG MATCH: AJ Styles & Jeff Hardy def The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas)..

  3. INTERVIEW: Shane Douglas & Dusty Rhodes..
    • Dusty Rhodes expressed his beliefs that Jeff Hardy deserves a rematch against Jeff Jarrett..

  4. THIS WEEKS MONTY SQUASH: Monty Brown def Vordell Walker..

  5. TAG MATCH: Frankie Kazarian & Michael Shane w/Tracy def Mikey Batts & Jerelle Clark..

  6. INTERVIEW: Shane Douglas & Vince Russo..
    • Vince Russo blamed Dusty Rhodes for Jeff Hardy's loss on the final TNA PPV..
    • Vince Russo said the next challenger for Jarrett's World title would be the best man for it..

  7. SIX POINTS OF IMPACT: Jeff Hammond & Jeff Jarrett (bragged about beating Jeff Hardy)..

  8. NON (TAG) TITLE MATCH: Bobby Rude & Johnny Devine w/Scott D'Amore def Chris Harris & Elix Skipper..
    • After the match, Team Canada continues to beat up Elix Skipper & Chris Harris..
    • James Storm and Chris Daniels ran in and made the save..
    • The Naturals ran out and joined the brawl, followed by 3-Live Krew..

  9. END OF SHOW....
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