NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
December 24, 2003 - Best of the X-Division 2003

  1. TAG MATCH: Jerry Lynn & Amazing Red def Triple X (Christopher Daniels & Elix Skipper)..

  2. AWARD: A.J. Styles won the "Finisher of the Year" award for the Styles Clash..

  3. SUPER X TOURNAMENT MATCH: Juventud Guerrera def Teddy Hart to advance..

  4. PROMO: C.M. Punk cut a promo on Teddy Hart, saying he had no place in the wrestling business..

  5. PROMO: Chris Sabin spoke briefly about the Ultimate X 2 match..

  6. SUPER X TOURNAMENT MATCH: Chris Sabin def Juventud Guerrera to win the Super X..

  7. PROMO: Christopher Daniels remembered the AMW vs XXX Cage Match from last year..

  8. AWARD: Trinity won the "Babe of the Year" award and her speech was interrupted by Sonny Siaki..

  9. PROMO: Sonjay Dutt spoke about winning Michael Shane’s Triple Chance Invitational..

  10. NWA TITLE MATCH: AJ Styles def Low Ki to retain..

  11. PROMO: Kid Kash said the highlight of 2003 for him was joining forces with Jeff Jarrett..

  12. PROMO: Don Callis cut a promo on NWA Director of Authority Erik Watts..

  13. ULTIMATE X: Michael Shane def Chris Sabin & Frankie Kazarian..
    • The parts where the belt fell from its pirch were convieniently edited out..

  14. AWARD: Michael Shane won the "X-Division Superstar of the Year" award..

    • Don Callis toasted Jeff Jarrett, who proclaimed that he was "Mr. TNA"..
    • Sting cut a promo on Jeff Jarrett, saying that he’s constantly been one-upped..
    • Don Callis pulled Goldylocks aside and told her that Erik Watts was on borrowed time..
    • Don Callis told her it was all about money, and she suddenly asked "How much money?"..

  16. END OF SHOW....
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