NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
August 7, 2002 - Nashville, Tennessee - Aired Live
Announcers: Mike Tenay, Don West. and Ed Ferrera..

    • NWA WORLD JR TITLE: Jimmy Rave def Adam Jacobs..
    • Scoot Andrews def Quiet Storm..

  2. OPENER (6-MAN): Flying Elvis's def Amazing Red & Jose & Joel Maximo.
    • Sonny Siaki wanted to work the match by himself.
    • Yang & Estrada both came off the top on Red and Siaki made the pin..

  3. NWA TITLE: Ron Killings def Ken Shamrock to win the NWA title.
    • Lots of wrestlers brawling outside the ring..
    • Apolo tried to superkick Killings, but hit Shamrock by mistake!
    • Steamboat threw Shamrock into the ring and Killings got the pin.

  4. ANNOUNCEMENT: Ricky Steamboat.
    • Steamboat set up Jarrett vs. Apolo with the winner "getting The Truth"

  5. HARDCORE TITLE: The Dupps def Ed Ferrara..
    • New Hardcore Title with complicated rules.

  6. FIRST BLOOD MATCH: Malice beat Don Harris..
    • Slash interfered and he and Jim Mitchell juiced before Don..

  7. MATCH: Jeff Jarrett def Apolo with Steamboat as ref.
    • Winner gets a title shot next week..
    • Apolo used the german suplex.
    • Both guys' shoulders were down but Jeff got his up.
    • Swerve: Jarrett & Killings vs. Styles & Lynn for the tag titles

  8. MISS TNA EVENING GOWN MATCH: Bruce def Taylor Vaughn..
  9. X-TITLE TRIPLE THREAT: Low Ki def Jerry Lynn and A.J. Styles.
    • Probably the best X Match in TNAs history..
    • Ki pinned Lynn with Styles doing the spiral tap in the middle of it onto Lynn.

  10. POST MATCH: Jerry Lynn & AJ Styles + Jeff Jarrett & Ron Killings..
    • Show ended with Lynn fighting Styles and Jarrett fighting Killings.

  11. END OF SHOW....
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