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Dusty Rhodes' Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling

  • January 26, 2002--Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling in Carrollton, GA: Palm Beach Boys def Silky Boom Boom & Damien, Luther Biggs def Jason Sugarman, Glacier def Sonny Siaki, Dobbins Brothers def Southside Trash, Reverend def Jorge Estrada to win kiss my feet match, Dustin Rhodes def Scotty Riggs to win TCW title. Next week's main event is a TLC match with Riggs & Sugarman & Fake Goldust (T.J. Gray) vs. Dusty & Dustin Rhodes & Ron Studd

  • February 2, 2002--Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling in Carrollton, GA: Damien def Scott Ross, Jon Holcombe def Luther Biggs, Dobbins Brothers def Southside Trash in Oklahoma Saddle match, Glacier won three-way over Reverend and Jorge Estrada, Dusty Rhodes & Dustin Rhodes & Ron Studd def Scotty Riggs & Fake Goldust & Jason Sugarman in a TLC match.

  • February 7, 2002--Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling results in Carrollton, GA: T.J Grey def Silky Boom Boom, Scott Ross def Sonny Siaki, Reverend def Glacier, Damien won three-way over Jorge Estrada and Sean Evans, Southside Trash def Dobbins Brothers, Barry Windham & Ron Studd def Jason Sugarman & Scotty Riggs, Dustin Rhodes def Steve Corino

  • September 14, 2002--Dusty Rhodes' Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling in Carrollton, GA before 120 fans: Henry Hoss def Terry Austin, Simon Sermon def Heck Shanks, Bambi & Palm Beach Boy Jon def Daffney & Palm Beach Boy Scott, Glacier def Damien to win TCW title (Scotty Riggs forfeited the belt due to an elbow injury), Dusty Rhodes & New Jack def Sonny Siaki & Iceberg.

  • March 1, 2003--Dusty Rhodes' Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling in Cleveland, TN before 400 fans: Damien won three-way over Lee Thomas and The Reverend, Big Henry Hoss def Johnny, Larry Zbyszko def Scott (subbing for Barry Windham who no-showed), Bambi def Desire (TNA), Sonny Siaki def Jorge Estrada, Glacier def Jason Sugarman, Dusty Rhodes def David Flair-DQ when Siaki and Desire ran in. Dusty juiced..

  • April 26, 2003--Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling in Cleveland, TN before 200 fans: Palm Beach Boy Scott def Ray Gordy, Palm Beach Boy John def Jorge Estrada, Dobbins Brothers def Chris Vaughn & Chase Stevens, Larry Zbyszko def Palm Beach Boys (replacing Glacier who did an injury angle but then came back at the end to help Larry Z win) in a handicap match, Henry Hoss def Sonny Siaki in a bullrope match. Dusty Rhodes' only appearance was to handcuff Desire to the ropes before the match..

  • May 9, 2003--Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling in Cleveland, TN before 150 fans: Damien def Jorge Estrada, Reverend def Heck shanks, Palm Beach Boys & Bobby Hayes def Larry Zbyszko & Dobbins Brothers, Big Henry Hoss def Simon Semen-DQ, Sonny Siaki & David Young def Dusty Rhodes & New Jack when Dusty did the job on his own show..

  • May 17, 2003--Dusty Rhodes' Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling in Cleveland, TN before 300 fans: Dobbins Brothers def Palm Beach Boy Scot & Bob Hayes, Halo (Sean Evans, another white boy challenge guy) def ?, Damien & Bambi def James C & Storm & Desire, David Young def Jorge Estrada (best match), Duty Rhodes & Jim Duggan def Disco Inferno & Sonny Siaki..