Taped July 18, 1989 - Worcester, MA - The Centrum drawing ???
Shown July 29, 1989 on NBC

  1. WWF TITLE MATCH: Hulk Hogan def Honky Tonk Man w/Jimmy Hart to retain..

  2. MATCH: Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka def Greg "The Hammer" Valentine..

  3. MATCH: Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake def Randy "Macho King" Savage w/Queen Sherri by DQ..
    • Zeus came to ringside and caused the DQ bringing Hulk Hogan down for the attempted save..
    • Zeus ended up demolishing his No Holds Barred co-star with a bearhug..

  4. TAG TITLE 2/3 FALLS MATCH: The Brain Busters w/Bobby Heenan def Demolition to win the titles!
    • Smash pinned Arn Anderson (5:00)..
    • Demolition was DQed (10:00)..
    • Arn Anderson pinned Smash (13:00)..
    • Bobby Heenan & Andre The Giant interfered at the end helping the Heenan Family win the Tag Team titles..

  5. And that's a wrap folks...

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