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    April 29, 1999 - Smackdown! special: Vince/Stephanie segment (Vince thanks Shamrock, Big Show & Stone Cold. Stephanie thanks Stone Cold, and hopes Undertaker burns in hell. Shane McMahon's Corporation showed up and kicked Vince/Steph out of the ring. Shane set up the main event.), The Blue Blazer w/Debra def Val Venis with help from Jeff Jarrett (After the match, Nicole Bass came down and Val Venis ran away | Godfather came down to "collect" Debra but Jarrett & Blazer saved her), Interview with Blue Blazer (He said everything in the WWF is deplorable and encouraged kids to eat your vitamins, say your prayers, and drink your milk!), The Big Show def Test (The Big Bossman attacked Test after the match until Big Show made the save), Rock/Austin segment (Shane McMahon & Undertaker revealed that The Corporation and The Ministry have merged into the Corporate Ministry!), D'Lo Brown w/Ivory def Droz w/Prince Albert by DQ (Albert tried to pierce Brown's tongue until Mark Henry made the save), X-Pac & Kane def The New Age Outlaws to retain the Tag Team titles (Gunn & Roaddog argued after the match), Interview with The Brood (The Brood breaks their silence and then gave Doc Hendrix a blood bath), Ken Shamrock def Bradshaw in a No Holds Barred match (Shamrock choked out Bradshaw with a bat and then beat up Sgt. Slaughter), Mankind def The Big Bossman (Big Show & Test interfered on behalf of Mankind, the seed is planted in creating The Union), Billy Gunn attacked X-Pac backstage, Steve Austin & The Rock def The Undertaker & Triple H w/Shane McMahon by DQ after the Corporate Ministry interfered and the Union made the save (Vince McMahon came down and took a vicious chairshot from Undertaker, then Shane McMahon attacked Vince, then Stone Cold gave Shane a Stunner!!!)..

    August 26, 1999 - Smackdown!: Triple H segment (Celebrated his WWF Title victory from RAW. Rock showed up and vowed to beat HHH later and become WWF Champion! HHH refused, saying Rock wasn't in his league. Commissioner Shawn Michaels came out and made the match! Michaels also booked Mankind vs Shane McMahon. Mankind came out and the Mean Street Posse attacked him but Mankind & Rock cleaned house!), Billy Gunn w/Chyna def Jeff Jarrett w/Debra & Miss Kitty (Chyna turned on Gunn after the match), Lillian Garcia interviewed Al Snow (Begged for Big Bossman to return Pepper and not to harm him), The Big Show & The Undertaker def Kane & X-Pac and The Acolytes in a 3-WAY to retain the Tag Team titles (Undertaker joined commentary and made Big Show wrestle the match by himself, forcing Big Show to "realize that he can be a monster"), The Big Bossman def Al Snow to win the Hardcore title (Bossman promised to give Pepper back, but dognapped him again after the match!), Roaddog def Chris Jericho w/Howard Finkel by DQ when Y2J put Roaddog through a Table (After the match, Y2J convinced Howard Finkel to get his job back from Tony Chimmel), In the Ring (Howard Finkel came out to the Ultimate Warrior music again and knocked Tony Chimmel out and grabbed the mic. Chimmel knocked Fink down and choked him out and kicked him out of the ring!), In the Ring (Stephanie McMahon agreed to marry Test. The Mean Street Posse attacked Test while Shane held Stephanie. Mankind ran down and whacked the MSP with a chair!), Shane McMahon def Mankind (The Posse interfered, and Test & Patterson & Brisco atacked them), Interview with Steve Austin (Promises revenge on Triple H), Tori def Ivory in an Evening Gown match (Tori wanted to come out naked but WWF Officials wouldn't let her. She wore Tony Gareas staff shirt instead.), Triple H def The Rock to retain the WWF title with Shawn Michaels as referee..

    September 2, 1999 - Smackdown!: Chyna def Billy Gunn (Jeff Jarrett joined commentary. The referee was knocked out and Gunn hit the Famasser. Triple H ran down and hit the pedigree on Gunn and put Chyna on top for the 1-2-3!), The Big Show segment (Said he has had it with the Undertaker, and called him out! Paul Bearer came out and said Undertaker made Big Show, and could destroy him. Big Show kicked Paul Bearer. Undertaker came down and whispered something in Big Show's ear. Undertaker said if Big Show disrespects him again he'll rip his throat out!), Mankind segment (Said he was embarassed of losing to Shane McMahon. The Rock came out and said they may be partners but they aren't friends. Shane McMahon, Triple H & Chyna came out. Shane booked Rock vs Mankind in a #1 Contenders match! Shane also booked Triple H against a "bald headed s.o.b.", which Triple H didn't like!), In Ring Segment (Howard Finkel challenged Tony Chimmel to a tuxedo match!), Tony Chimmel def Howard Finkel in a "Tuxedo" match, Backstage (X-Pac tells Kane to not interfere tonight), X-Pac def Chris Jericho by DQ (Undertaker & Big Show watched from the stage. Big Show interfered causing the DQ. Ken Shamrock chased Y2J away. Kane ran down to make the save! Undertaker said the longer Kane hangs out with X-Pac, the weaker he'll get.), Triple H w/Chyna def Gillberg to retain the Heavyweight title, At the Hotel (Al Snow met with Big Bossman, who fed Al Snow a cooked meal that turned out to be his dog "Pepper"), Mankind vs The Rock ended in a Double DQ in a #1 Contenders match with Shane McMahon as referee, Ken Shamrock def Val Venis (Steve Blackman interfered after the match but Shamrock knocked him out. Y2J showed up and invited Shamrock to the parking lot. Steve Blackman destroyed Val Venis with numb-chucks), Parking Lot (Y2J attacked Shamrock and put him in the Walls of Jericho while Howard Finkel took pictures), In Ring Segment (Shane McMahon, Triple H & Chyna ordered the Rock & Mankind to resume their match. Test came out with Stephanie & Linda McMahon. Linda booked Mankind/Rock vs HHH/Shane in the main event!), The Tag Team Turmoil-Number One Contenders Match went to a No Contest. (The Hollys def Mideon & Viscera, The Hollys def Droz & Albert, The Hardyz def The Hollys, The Acolytes def The Hardyz, The Acolytes def Stevie & Meanie, The Acolytes vs Edge & Christian ended in a No Contest when the Dudley Boyz interfered!), Mankind & The Rock def Triple H & Shane McMahon w/Chyna to retain the Tag Team titles.

    September 9, 1999 - Smackdown!: Backstage (HHH & Chyna attacked Kane until Undertaker & Big Show made the save), The British Bulldog (redebut) def The Big Bossman to win the Hardcore title (After the match, Al Snow, as Leif Cassidy, ran down to confront Bossman and shoved a piece of paper in his mouth. The British Bulldog gave the Hardcore title back to Al Snow!), Parking Lot (Kane doused HHH & Chyna, and their car, with gasoline), Edge & Christian def The Hardy Boyz w/Gangrel (Stevie Richards, dressed as Gangrel, prevented Gangrel from interfering! Kane showed up after the match and destroyed the New Brood! Kane then challenged Triple H for later on.), X-Pac/Kane segment (X-Pac told Kane that their partnership was over and walked out!), Hardcore Holly w/Crash vs Chyna fought ended in a No Contest when Jeff Jarrett attacked Chyna (Billy Gunn made the save and then hit Chyna with the Famasser! The Holly started fighting again because Hardcore couldn't beat Chyna), Bradshaw w/Farooq vs Buh-Buh Ray Dudley w/DVon Dudley ended in a No Contest, In Ring Segment (Test & Stephanie called Linda, Patterson & Brisco out to let them out their wedding date will be October 11 on RAW and invited all the fans. The Mean Street Posse & Terri showed up. Stephanie demanded that the Posse leave them alone, then Shane McMahon showed up! Shane told Stephanie that he was wrong and finally gave his blessing. Shane then shook Shane's hand!), Fabulous Moolah & Mae Young were shown in the front row, Triple H w/Chyna def Kane to retain the Heavyweight title (Kane brought a torch with him. Kane hit a chokeslam, but Chyna hit him with a sledgehammer. HHH hit a pedigree for the win! HHH was going to do more damage but Undertaker & Big Show made the save!), In Ring segment (Ken Shamrock called out Chris Jericho. Jericho was lowered from the roof in a Shark Cage for protection. Jericho ordered Harold, aka Howard Finkel, to raise the Cage, but Lillian Garcia was yelling at Fink backstage! Shamrock bent the bars and attacked Y2J! Y2J later fired Howard Finkel!), Jeff Jarrett segment (Said he was embarassed to have to wrestle Chyna. Jarrett called Moolah into the ring and smashed a guitar over her head! Jarrett then put Mae Young in the figure-four while Debra & Miss Kitty begged Jarrett to stop!), The Undertaker & The Big Show def Mankind & The Rock to win the Tag Team titles in a Buried Alive match (HHH ambushed The Rock backstage, Kane attacked HHH, Chyna attacked Kane -- A few minutes later, HHH knocked out Big Show with a sledgehammer and buried Mankind alive! An ambulance backed into the arena and Steve Austin jumped out and attacked Triple H! Austin beat up HHH and tossed him into the ambulance and drove out to the parking lot. Austin then got into a semi-truck and repeatedly rammed the ambulance!!!)..

    September 16, 1999 - Smackdown! in Las Vegas: The WWF referees went on strike!, Steve Austin segment (Austin demanded a rematch with HHH; HHH came out with security guards; HHH refused to give Austin a shot, but says he'll def end against someone else tonight! Austin vowed to stalk HHH all night;), Shane McMahon def Joey Abs (w/Mean Street Posse & Terri) (Replacement refeee Gerald Brisco was attacked by Pete Gas; Second replacement referee Pat Patterson was attacked by Rodney; Third replacement referee Shawn Stasiak counted the 1-2-3 for Shane McMahon! Stephanie came down and kicked Joey in the abs!), Ivory segment (Ivory picked on Cindy Margolis; Jeff Jarrett ran down and put Margolis in the figure-four leglock! Jarrett high-fived Ivory and then put HER in the figure-four TOO!), Mark Henry def Steve Blackman to retain the European title when Val Venis whacked Blackman with a kendo stick (Tony Garea was the referee. After the match, DLo Brown attacked Mark Henry!), Curtis Hughes def Ken Shamrock by DQ (Chris Jericho brought out a masked replacement referee named El Dopo, aka Howard Finkel; El Dopo DQ'd Shamrock for a bogus infraction!), The Undertaker def The Big Show and Kane and The Rock and Mankind in a 5-MAN Royal Rumble Rules Gauntlet (Undertaker sat in on commentary until the last second and dumped Rock & Big Show out together;), Billy Gunn & Chyna def Hardcore & Crash Holly (Dave Hebner was referee; Jeff Jarrett attacked Chyna after the match with a frying pan; Jarrett then covered Chyna with an apron!), Al Snow def The Big Bossman in a Pepper on a Pole Match, Jeff Jarrett vs Test ended in a No Contest (Mark Yeaton was the referee; The Mean Street Posse interfered until Stephanie, Shane, Shawn Stasiak & The Stooges ran down causing the No Contest; Jeff Jarrett tried to put Stephanie in the figure-four but Shane McMahon speared him!), Vince McMahon def Triple H to win the WWF title! (Shane McMahon was the referee; HHH destroyed Vince McMahon; Linda McMahon came down but Chyna held her back and forced her to watch her husband get beat. Steve Austin showed up and attacked HHH and put Vince on top and Shane counted 1-2-3 to make Vince McMahon the NEW WWF Champion!!!)..

    September 23, 1999 - Smackdown! in Dallas: The WWF referees were still on strike, Vince McMahon segment (Called out Triple H and booked him in five different singles matches tonight! Vince said HHH has to win 3/5 matches to get in the 6-Pack Challenge at Unforgiven!), The Big Show def Triple H w/Chyna in a Chokeslam challenge (Harvey Wippleman was referee;), Taped segment (The Dudley Boyz attacked referee Teddy Long while he was on strike to send a messege to the Acolytes), X-Pac def Mark Henry (European Champ) by Count Out (Tom Prichard was the referee; DLo Brown joined commentary and brawled with Mark Henry after the match), Jeff Jarrett segment (Jarrett cut his "Men are better than Women" speech and put the female stage manager in the figure four; Chyna ran down and knocked out Jarrett with a frying pan!), Triple H w/Chyna def Kane in an Inferno match (Undertaker dumped a bloodied X-Pac on the stage, distracting Kane and costing him the match!), The New Age Outlaws def The Rock & Mankind to win the Tag Team titles (The NAO teamed reunited for the first time in months! The Rock was upset with Mankind afterwards; The NAO did their "Ladies & Gentleman" speech to celebrate!), Backstage (Al Snow was waiting for someone to arrive), Backstage (Triple H vowed to continue so that Vince McMahon wouldn't "keep him down"), Mideon & Viscera (subs for The Undertaker) def Triple H w/Chyna in a Casket match (Triple H pushed Mideon into the Casket and assumed he won, but Shane McMahon said he had to put BOTH men in the Casket, which was physically impossible because it was a small Casket;), Interview (Ivory accepted the challenge of Luna Vachon for a Hardcore match at Unforgiven), Hardcore Holly w/Crash Holly def Al Snow (Referee Jim Corderis crossed the picket line to work the match; After the match, Big Bossman shoved dogfood in Al Snow's mouth!), Triple H def Mankind in a Boiler Room Brawl (Referee was Tom Prichard; Mankind was going to jump off a ledge but a mystery man pushed him off through a table! Triple H crawled out the door to win!), Chris Jericho def Ken Shamrock in a First Blood Match with help from Curtis Hughes (Y2J wore hockey gear including shoulder-pads & helmet;), Triple H def The Rock in a Brahma Bull Strap Match with The British Bulldog as referee (Bulldog turned heel and helped Triple H win)..

    September 30, 1999 - Smackdown! in Richmond: Chris Jericho def Roaddog w/Billy Gunn by DQ (The Hollys joined commentary and put Roaddog through a table after the match;), Interview with Vince McMahon (Vince booked HHH vs Bulldog, and also fined Triple H $25,000 for hitting a referee!), Mankind segment (Mankind called out Val Venis; Mankind said he wants what Val has in his pants; Mankind was refering to Val stuffing Mr. Rocko down his pants on RAW; Mankind said if Val didn't deliver Mr. Rocko, then he would deliver Mr. Socko to Val!), Backstage segment (Triple H confronted Vince McMahon about constantly trying to screw him!), Interview with The Rock (The Rock will call the main event right down the middle!), Edge & Christian def The Hardy Boyz in the 1st Match of the Terri Invitational Tournament, D'Lo Brown (European Champion) vs The Big Show ended in a No Contest (Droz & Albert joined commentary and complained about being ignore by the bookers; Albert attacked The Big Show; Droz attacked DLo Brown until Mark Henry made the save; Mark Henry admitted publically that he's a sex addict and said he is going to seek professional help!), Taped Yesterday (Stephanie was looking through bridal magazines while Test was watching TV), Kane & X-Pac def The Acolytes and The Dudley Boyz in a 3-WAY (Bubba Ray was wearing the missing RockNSock jacket; Backstage, Makind noticed this on the monitor; The Acolytes were DQ'd after Farooq shoved the referee; Kane pinned DVon after a chokeslam; The Acolytes returned and attacked X-Pac;), Backstage segment (Mankind confronted Bubba Dudley about the RockNSock jacket; Bubba challenged Mankind to take it from him;), Jeff Jarrett segment (Jarrett brought out various kitchen-related items and a vacuum to taunt Chyna; Jarrett challenged Cindy Margolis & ???????? to come in for a Handicap match; Debra came out with Moolah, Mae Young, Jacqueline, Lilian Garcia and the make-up lady; Chyna then showed up and destroyed Jeff Jarrett; All the women then ganged up on Jeff Jarrett!!), Interview with Jim Dobsen (Steve Blackman attacked him!), In The Ring (Mankind fought with Bubba; Val Venis came out with Mr. Rocko on his hand; Mankind got the RockNSock jacket back; Val Venis said he respects Mankind and gave him the Testicular claw with Mr. Rocko! The Dudleyz joined in the beat-down of Mankind and ripped the RockNSock jacket up!), Triple H vs British Bulldog ended in a No Contest with The Rock as referee (The Rock repeatedly refused to count pinfall attempts by each man. HHH attacked The Rock, who gave HHH a Rock Bottom! The Bulldog went after The Rock, who gave The Bulldog the People's elbow! No Contest. HHH retained WWF title, but The Rock took the WWF belt with him;), Backstage (HHH looked for The Rock. They brawled, and The Bulldog got involved too! HHH got his belt back; HHH went to his locker room only to find Steve Austin waiting! Austin kicked HHH's butt some more!)..

    October 7, 1999 - Smackdown!: Kane & X-Pac def Mideon & Viscera (The Acolytes attacked X-Pac after the match!), Interview with The Rock (Challenged Val Venis), Interview with Mankind (Challenged the British Bulldog), Hardcore Holly w/Crash Holly def Roaddog w/Billy Gunn, Taped segment (Mark Henry was at his first session with the psyiciatrist and admitted than his first sexual experience was with his sister;), The Hardy Boyz def Edge & Christian in Match #3 of the Terri Invitational Tournament (Terri declared that the match was "Texas Tornado Rules"), Ivory def Miss Kitty in a Mud Wrestling match (This match was set up by Jeff Jarrett; Ivory won by ripping Miss Kitty's top off; After the match, Jarrett pushed Mae Young & Moolah into the mud! Chyna then came out and pushed Jeff Jarrett into the mud!), Update (Shane McMahon said Stephanie's condition is improving but she is still suffering from amnesia;), The British Bulldog def Mankind by DQ, The Big Show def Big Bossman by DQ (Bossman tried to handcuff Big Show but the cuffs wouldn't fit!), Backstage (Triple H was in a room with a bunch of poisonous snakes, put a rattle snake in a burlap sack and smashed it with a sledgehammer!), Triple H segment (HHH came out with a bloody burlap sack dripping with snake guts; HHH said if you think this rattle snake looks bad, wait until you see "The Rattlesnake" Steve Austin at No Mercy!), Interview with Val Venis (Mankind attacked Val Venis; The British Bulldog attacked Mankind; The Rock walked by on his way to the ring;), The Rock def Val Venis in a No DQ match (Val Venis was going to use a chair when Mankind ran down and grabbed it! Mankind swung the chair at Venis, who ducked, and the chair connected with The Rock! Mankind gave Val Venis the mandible claw; The Rock gave Val Venis a Rock Bottom and pinned him to win! The Rock yelled at Mankind after the match!)..

    October 14, 1999 - Smackdown! in Birmingham: New Age Outlaw segment (The NAO began to place an open challenge when Triple H interrupted;), Triple H segment (HHH's face was red and swollen, supposedly from a snake bite on RAW. HHH said it was the last time they'd ever see him cause he's finished; HHH called out Vince to make sure it never happens to anybody else; Vince came out and HHH accused him of putting his life on the line; HHH said he wanted Steve Austin to apologize and he would forfeit the WWF title;), Backstage segment (Kane told X-Pac to not get involved;), The Acolytes (Farooq & Bradshaw) def Kane in a Handicap match (After the match, X-Pac ran down with a chair and chased The Acolytes away; Kane got up and was mad at X-Pac;), Michael Hayes Interviews Test (Says he hopes Stepanie recovers so they can get married; Test adds that he will NEVER forgive the Bulldog;), Chris Jericho def Curtis Hughes with help from Howard Finkel (After the match, Y2J "gave" Howard Finkel to Curtis Hughes), The Big Show interview (Big Show cried as he talked about his father having terminal cancer and wanting to make him proud before he dies;), Mark Henry in Therapy (Mark talked about his former female therapists to a new male therapist, who turned out to be gay, and Mark Henry walked out!), The Big Bossman def Al Snow and The Big Show in a 3-WAY to win the Hardcore title (The Big Show took his frustrations out on his two opponents; Big Show chokeslammed Al Snow through a table; Bossman knocked Show out with a nightstick and pinned him!), Backstage (Chyna stumbled out of Triple H's locker room screaming for help;), Val Venis def Dude Love (Stevie Richards) (After the match, Venis took "Mr. Rocko" out of his tights and gave Richards the testicular claw!), Backstage (Triple H was convulsing while being loaded into an ambulance;), The British Bulldog segment (Cut a promo on Test & Stephanie!), Jeff Jarrett segment (Jarrett came to the ring, which was filled with kitchen items; Miss Kitty displayed each item, which Jarrett vowed to hit Chyna with! Debra showed up and said there will be a Woman Intercontinental Champion after No Mercy!), The Hardy Boyz def Edge & Christian in a Terri Invitational Tournament match (2-2), G-TV spies on Stephanie meeting secretly with The Bulldog (Stephanie said her dad, brother and Test were very upset so she asked Bulldog to publically apologize. The Bulldog refused and stormed off!), The Godfather w/The Hos def Mideon w/Viscera (Godfather offered Mideon his choice of Hos and forfeit the match; Mideon said he doesn't do Hos, but asks if Godfather has any farm animals! After the match, Viscera & Mideon destroyed Godfather;), The Rock & Mankind def The New Age Outlaws to win the Tag Team titles (The Holly Cousins interfered and attacked The NAO!), Backstage (Triple H arrived back in the building and went into Steve Austin's lockerroom; HHH was about to hand over the belt when he snapped out of it and attacked Austin and ripped the make-up off of his face!)..

    October 21, 1999 - Smackdown!: Test & Edge & Christian def British Bulldog & Joey Abs & Rodney & Pete Gas, Triple H def Al Snow to retain the WWF title, The Fabulous Moolah vs Mae Young ended in a No Contest, Hardcore Holly & Crash Holly def The Hardy Boyz to retain the Tag Team titles, The Godfather & Mark Henry def Mideon & Viscera, Steve Austin def Val Venis.

    October 28, 1999 - Smackdown! in Springfield (MA): D-Generation-X segment (The crowd cheered for DX, so they tried to cut heel promos. HHH targeted The Rock & Stone Cold; X-Pac hinted that DX would get "bigger" tonight; Billy Gunn challenged Stone Cold; Roaddog challenged the Rock; Vince Mcmahon came out and said he had two for DQ "suck it!"), Too Cool (Brian Christopher & Scott Taylor) def Edge & Christian (The Holly Cousins joined commentary; Crash Holly whacked Edge in the face with his scale! The Hollys & Too Hot attacked E&C after the match;), Jim Ross interviewed The Big Show (Big Show said he'd leave so he doesn't do something he will regrete!), Backstage (Mark Henry led 2 Hos out of his shower and invited 2 other in!), Stevie Richards (dressed as Chyna) def Chris Jericho (Chyna & Miss Kitty came down and Chyna whacked Y2J with the IC belt! Stevie hugged Chyna so Chyna knocked him out!), Parking Lot (DX attacked The Rock and dumped him in the trunk and Roaddog got in and drove away!), The British Bulldog w/The Posse def D'Lo Brown to win the European title (The Posse interfered of course), X-Pac & Kane (X-Pac explained everything to Kane and said they were still friends), The Dudley Boyz def X-Pac & Kane when X-Pac turned on Kane! (Kane went after X-Pac but the rest of DX ran down destroyed Kane!), The Hardy Boyz w/Terri def Mark Henry & Viscera w/The Hos (Viscera clobbered Mark Henry after the match and splashed him twice!), Al Snow def The Big Bossman w/Prince Albert by DQ (Al Snow challenged Big Bossman & Albert to a Hardcore match in the parking lot), Backstage (Roaddog was found with his leg stuck in a bear trap and Steve Austin taunted him!), Parking Lot (Bossman & Albert got into a car to wait for Al Snow; The Big Show pinned the doors shut with a fork lift and pushed a dumpter on top of the car and crushed it!), Backstage (Billy Gunn was found up-side-down in a trap and Steve Austin taunted him!), Mankind def Val Venis, Backstage (X-Pac got a phone call from Steve Austin and had the ceiling fall on top of him!), In The Ring (DX limped to the ring and called out Steve Austin; Austin came out and a net fell from the ceiling on top of DX and Austin went on the attacked, Kane joined in, followed by The Rock!)

    November 4, 1999 - Smackdown!: Al Snow & Mankind def Hardcore Holly & Crash Holly to win the Tag Team titles, D'Lo Brown def Test, The Hardy Boyz def Too Cool, Edge def British Bulldog (European Champion) by DQ, The Godfather def Chris Jericho, The Big Show vs Big Bossman ended in a No Contest, Degeneration X def Shane McMahon & Kane & The Rock & Steve Austin in a Survivor Series Match (X-Pac def Kane. X-Pac def Shane McMahon. The Rock def Roaddog. Steve Austin def X-Pac. The Rock def Billy Gunn. Triple H def The Rock. Triple H def Steve Austin)..

    November 11, 1999 - Smackdown!: Hardcore Holly def Edge, The Dudley Boyz def The Godfather & D'Lo Brown, The British Bulldog vs Val Venis ended in a No Contest, Big Bossman def Farooq to retain the Hardcore title, Brian Christopher def Jeff Hardy, Ivory vs Tori ended a No Contest, Shane McMahon, Test, Kane, and The Rock def Degeneration X in a Survivor Series Match. Kane and X-Pac were Counted Out. Billy Gunn def Shane McMahon. Billy Gunn was DQ'd, The Rock def Roaddog, Test def Triple H.

    November 18, 1999 - Smackdown!: Too Cool def Edge and Christian, Kurt Angle def Gangrel, British Bulldog def The Godfather to retain the European title, The Big Show def Hardcore Holly to retain the Heavyweight title, Kane def Viscera, Ivory def Luna Vachon in a Hardcore match to retain the Woman's title, Chris Jericho def Mark Henry, The New Age Outlaws def The Hardy Boyz to retain the Tag Team titles, The Rock def Big Bossman.

    November 25, 1999 - Smackdown!: The Big Show def Chris Jericho to retain the Heavyweight title, Kurt Angle def D'Lo Brown, Val Venis def British Bulldog by DQ, The Big Bossman def Kane to retain the Hardcore title, The Rock & Mankind def Hardcore Holly & Crash Holly, Rakishi Phatu def Joey Abs, Ivory def Miss Jacquline in a gravy bowl match, The Godfather def Al Snow, The New Age Outlaws def The Hardy Boyz in a Steel Cage match to retain the Tag Team titles, Triple H & X-Pac def Test & Shane McMahon.

    December 2, 1999 - Smackdown!: Hardcore Holly and Crash Holly def Kane by Count Out in a handicap match, Edge and Christian def The Dudley Boyz, British Bulldog def D'Lo Brown by DQ to retain the European title, Chris Jericho def Mankind, Kurt Angle & Steve Blackman def The Headbangers, Rakishi Phatu def Crash Holly, The Rock def Al Snow by DQ, The Big Show and The Hardy Boyz def The New Age Outlaws def X-Pac.

    December 9, 1999 - Smackdown!: Roaddog def Chris Jericho, The Dudley Bpyz def Kurt Angle and Steve Blackman, Christian def British Bulldog (European Champion) by DQ, Big Bossman and Prince Albert def The Hardy Boyz by DQ, Mankind def Al Snow by DQ, X-Pac def Test, The Rock def Billy Gunn, Kane def Triple H, by Count Out.

    December 16, 1999 - Smackdown!: Chris Jericho def Prince Albert to retain the Intercontinental title, Kurt Angle def Test by DQ, Matt Hardy def Jeff Hardy, X-Pac def Tori, Mankind def Al Snow in a No Holds Barred match, Edge def Christian, The Acolytes def Joey Abs & Rodney & Pete Gas, Too Cool & Rikishi def Viscera & Hardcore Holly & Crash Holly, The New Age Outlaws def Gerald Brisco & Pat Patterson to retain the Tag Team titles, The Big Show vs The Rock in a Lumberjack match ended in a No Contest (Big Show retains Heavyweight title)..

    December 23, 1999 - Smackdown!: Chris Jericho def Crash Holly to retain the Intercontinental title, by DQ, Rikishi def Viscera, Test def Roaddog, Kurt Angle def Edge, The Rock def Al Snow, The Kat def Ivory in a No DQ match to retain the Woman's title, Christian and Matt Hardy def Rodney and Pete Gas, Kane def Billy Gunn, Mark Henry def Buh-Buh Ray Dudley, Mankind def World Heavyweight Champion, The Big Show, by DQ in a steel cage match.

    December 30, 1999 - Smackdown!: Prince Albert and Big Bossman def Test in a handicap match, Kurt Angle def Rikishi, Jeff Hardy def Al Snow, Hardcore Holly & Crash Holly def The Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young, The Rock def Kane, Chyna and Intercontinental Champion, Chris Jericho, had a double pinfall. Both wrestlers were named co-Intercontinental Champions, Farooq def Buh-Buh Ray Dudley by DQ, Viscera and Miss Jacqueline def Gangrel and Luna Vachon, X-Pac def World Heavyweight Champion, The Big Show, in a non-title match.

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