November 15, 2001
Albany, New York
Pepsi Arena
Announcers: Michael Cole/Tazz (replaced by Jim Ross)

  1. NON-TITLE MATCH: Rob Van Dam (Hardcore Champion) vs Kane.
    • Booker T comes to ringside and interfers.
    • RVD superkick from the top rope and gets the pin.
    • The Undertaker comes down and chases Booker T and RVD off.

  2. BACKSTAGE: Test & Stacy Keibler.
    • Test is shown playing a game on the new Microsoft XBox.
    • Stacy Keibler enters.
    • Stacy asks if Test is ready for his match against the Hardyz & Edge.
    • Test said he was born ready.
    • Stacy said that she always thought Test was "hotter" than Edge.
    • Test checked himself out in the mirror saying "Was there ever any doubt?"

  3. BACKSTAGE: Rock & Chris Jericho.
    • Jericho talks about how he rescued the Rock on RAW, and that prooves that he is a team player.
    • Jericho says that he will watch the Rock's back tonight, and at Survivor Series this Sunday.
    • Rock says that after this Sunday he is going to kick Y2Js ass.
    • Jericho says the same.
    • They agree that they are both "cool with that".

  4. 6MAN TAG TEAM MATCH: Edge/Hardyz (w/Lita) vs Test/Dudleyz (w/Stacy).
    • Stacy gets on the apron to distract Edge, but Edge doesnt fall for it.
    • Edge spears DVon and pins him.
    • Lita gets in the ring and punches Stacy off the apron, but Matt Hardy catches her.
    • Lita is shocked, and Matt drops Stacy as soon as he realizes what he did.
    • The Dudleyz sneak up behind Lita and give her the 3D while Stacy holds Matt's leg.

  5. BACKSTAGE: Matt Hardy & Lita.
    • Matt Hardy is shown apoligizing to Lita, and saying that it will never happen again.
    • Lita gives Matt a BIG kiss, and they embrace.
    • Matt has a very disgusted look on his face.

  6. MATCH: The Big Show vs Diamond Dallas Page.
    • The Big Show comes out dressed as Diamond Dallas Page for another one of his famous parodies.
    • Show mocks DDPs gimmick.
    • Show says "Losing my job this weekend isn't a bad thing, it's a good thing!"
    • DDP's music hits and Dallas Page comes to the ring.
    • DDP attacks the Show but doesnt get very far.
    • Big Show chokeslams DDP and covers him for the win.
    • Shane McMahon runs down and hammers Show with a steel chair.
    • Shane escapes through the crowd.

  7. BACKSTAGE: Stephanie McMahon & Paul Heyman.
    • Heyman enters the room raving about what Shane just did to the Big Show.
    • Stephanie is watching a tape of when ECW & WCW united on RAW months ago.
    • Steph says she loves the look on her Fathers face when she joined the Alliance.
    • Heyman says he is going to put an even greater look on Vince's face, right now.

  8. IN THE RING: Paul Heyman.
    • Heyman says that he agreed with Mick Foley's comments on RAW.
    • About the WWF sucking.
    • The crowd boos.
    • Heyman says "Hey it does, have you seen the show lately?"
    • Heyman continues to butcher the name of Vince McMahon.
    • Vince's music hits and Vince comes to the ring and stands in from of Heyman, who is on his knees mocking Vince.
    • Heyman gets up and says he was on his knees because Vince McMahon was used to men kissing his butt.
    • Heyman examplies Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson who kiss up the most.
    • Heyman says he's waited so long to get Vince face to face like this, so he can tell Vince to his face, that he hates his stinkin' guts.
    • Heyman says Vince's children even hate his guts.
    • Heyman says he's waited his whole life to see somebody do to Vince what Shane & Stephanie are gonna do this Sunday at Survivor Series.
    • Heyman tell Vince that he is the most disgusting, vile, Son of a Bitch.
    • Heyman says Vince took Hulk Hogan's blood and built Titan Towers.
    • Heyman says Vince stole Bret Hart's dream and bought himself a Plane and put WWF on it.
    • Heyman says Vince stole Shawn Michaels' smile, took the WWF public, and made himself a billionaire..
    • But not a self-made millionaire.. A millionaire from other peoples work.
    • Heyman said Vince Sr went around the country and shook everyone's hand and said that he would never compete against them..
    • Heyman said Vince drove everybody out of business, from stealing ideas.. making himself a billionaire out of it..
    • Heyman said that Vince stole the most ideas from him, and ECW..
    • Heyman said Vince stole his dreams & legacy.
    • Heyman said that when Doink the Clown was in the WWF, Stone Cold was drinking his first beer in ECW.
    • While Bobby Heanan & Mean Gene was singing Tutti Fruity, ECW was producing the edgy TV that Vince called "Attitude".
    • Heyman takes off his hat and throws it at Vince in a RAGE.. SCREW YOU!!! SCREW YOU.. AND YOUR FAMILY!!
    • Heyman yells that this Sunday Vince is going to get what he deserves..
    • Heyman points out Tazz, saying Tazz was a killer, a machine, a wrestler, a great wrestler, a real man.. And now he's a fat, little obnoxious announcer..
    • Heyman says Vince made "wrestling" a dirty word..
    • Heyman asks Vince what kind of a man he is..
    • Heyman says that Vince is going down..
    • Tazz gets up from his announcing position and comes up behind Paul Heyman and slaps the Tazzmission on him.
    • Vince picks up the microphone, Tazz releases the hold and Heyman lays there..
    • Vince says "Paul Heyman, you are the epidemy of the Alliance, because this Sunday, at Survivor Series, the Alliance will.. choke!"
    • Tazz walks out.

  9. RINGSIDE: Michael Cole & Jim Ross.
    • Jim Ross replaces Tazz.
    • JR asks if you can imagine if Paul Heyman was in control..

  10. MATCH: Booker T vs The Undertaker.
    • Booker T comes to the ramp and the Undertaker attacks Booker from behind.
    • Taker continues to beat on Booker.
    • Taker grabs the mic and says "We're sending a messege tonight."
    • Taker grabs a chair and takes it into the ring.
    • Taker levels Booker with the chair..
    • The Referee calls the match off..
    • Taker choke slams Booker T..
    • Taker points at a WWF logo and says "WWF Forever!"

  11. COMMISSIONER'S OFFICE: William Regal & Ivory.
    • Ivory is excited about the rumor of reinstating the Womans Championship.
    • Ivory begs to know who else is in the match.
    • Regal says that it will be a 6-Pac Challange with Lita, Jacky, Trish, Ivory, Molly.. and a Suprise guest..
    • Ivory is very confident that she will be the champion.. the 4th time!
    • Gregory Helms, miled mannered reporter, enters the room..
    • Helms asks about the Immunity battle royal at Survivor Series.
    • Regal says that the winner gets a job for at least a year after the PPV, regardless of who wins control..

  12. BACKSTAGE: Steve Austin & Kurt Angle.
    • Kurt Angle is reluctant to look Austin in the eye.
    • Austin talks about their match tonight against Jericho & Rock.
    • Austin thinks Angle is going to jump at Survivor Series.
    • Kurt Angle pinky swears that he wont jump ship..

  13. BACKSTAGE Torrie Wilson & William Regal.
    • Regal wishes Torrie luck in her match tonight.
    • Torrie says that she used to think Regal was an English Gentleman but now he's just a pompus ass..
    • Regal says that after Torrie loses her job on Sunday, Regal may be able to find a "position" for her..

  14. INTERGENDER MATCH: Tajiri/Torrie vs Regal/Ivory.
    • Tajiri puts the tarantula on Regal.
    • Tajiri spits green mist at Ivory.
    • Regal throws Tajiri out of the ring.
    • Regal powerbombs Torrie and chokes her out.
    • The referee cancels the match.

  15. RINGSIDE: Jim Ross & Michael Cole.
    • Ross & Cole say that if this is the last time they have an opportunity to announcer wrestling, they just wanna say it's been a great ride..
    • A video package is shown detailing the entire WWF/WCW/ECW fued..

  16. BACKSTAGE: Vince McMahon & Howard Finkle.
      Howard bumps into Vince.
    • The Fink says that no matter what happens this Sunday, he said the last 20 years have been great..
    • The Fink hugs Vince.
    • Vince tells the Fink to never ever put his hands on him.

  17. TAG TEAM MATCH: Y2J/Rock vs Austin/Angle.
    • After a long hard-fought match, Austin attacks the referee and the match is thrown out.
    • Austin puts a chair around Rock's ankle.
    • The Undertaker makes the save.
    • Booker T comes down and kicks The Undertaker.
    • Kane comes down.
    • RVD comes down.
    • The Big Show comes down.
    • Shane McMahon comes down and hammers Big Show with a chair.
    • Everyone is knocked down, and Stone Cold is left standing.
    • Vince McMahon comes to the stage, and smiles..
    • Stone Cold looks back at Vince with a similar grin..
    • Smackdown! goes off the air....

  18. Goodnight Everybody......

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