Ring of Honor - The Bitter End
November 4, 2006 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  1. MATCH: Christopher Daniels w/Allison Danger def "Iron" Matt Cross (aka M-Dogg20)..
    • Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli attacked both men after the match until Austin Aries & Roderick Strong made the save!
    • Matt Sydal came out as well and he and Chris Daniels challenged the "Kings" to an ROH Tag title match in the future..

  2. IN THE RING: Jim Cornette & Shane Hagadorn + Konnan & Homicide & Ricky Reyes & Julius Smokes..
    • Jim Cornette stacked the deck against Homicide in favour of Steve Corino in the main event "Fight without Honor"..
    • The Rottweilers came out with Konnan, who asked Jim Cornette why Ricky Reyes doesn't get more matches in ROH..
    • Konnan suggested that Jim Cornette book his boy Shane Hagadorn against Ricky Reyes right there on the spot!

  3. MATCH: Ricky Reyes def Shane Hagadorn by Submission..

  4. 4-CORNER SURVIVAL: Pelle Primeau def Colt Cabana and B.J. Whitmer and Tank Toland...

  5. DREAM PARTNERS MATCH: Samoa Joe & Nigel McGuinness def American Dragon & Jimmy Rave..

  6. IN THE RING: Jim Cornette + Konnan & Homicide & Ricky Reyes & Julius Smokes..
    • Jim Cornette came out once more and he was mad as hell so he publically fired Homicide from Ring of Honor..
    • The Rottweilers returned and said the promoters ruled that the fans could chose who gets fired, Homicide or Cornette..
    • The fans unanimously picked Jim Cornette and he was dragged out of the building by official Ring of Honor security..

  7. TAG MATCH: The Briscoe Brothers def Delirious & Davey Richards..

  8. TAG TITLE MATCH: Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli def Austin Aries & Roderick Strong by DQ to retain!

  9. MATCH: KENTA def Matt Sydal with the Go-To-Sleep..
    • After the match, Samoa Joe slapped KENTA and told him to take that message back to Kenta Kobashi in Japan..

  10. FIGHT WITHOUT HONOR: Homicide def Steve Corino in a violent bloody match..
    • This was a violent match that involved forks, a barbed wire bat, tables, rubbing alcohol in wounds and more..
    • After the match, Homicide and the Rottweilers wanted to shave Steve Corino bald or else they would kill him..
    • Steve Corino grabbed the mic and praised Homicide and said he would be a man and allowed his head to be shaved!

  11. And that's a wrap..