Ring of Honor - Night of the Grudges II
August 20, 2005 - Morristown, New Jersey - Mennan Sports Arena


  1. MATCH: Sal Rinauro def Antonio Blanco..

  2. MATCH: Steve Madison def Davey Andrews..

  3. MATCH: Claudio Castagnoli def Rainman..

  4. MATCH: Jerrelle Clark def Jay Fury..

  5. 6-MAN TAG: Smash Bradley & The Dempsey Brothers def The Heartbreak Express & Shane Hagadorn..

  6. WOMANS MATCH: Lacey def Sumie Sakai..

  7. TAG MATCH: The Outcast Killas (Oman Tortuga & Diablo Santiago) def EC Negro & Pele Primo..

  8. IWC SHOWCASE MATCH: Sterling James Keenan def John McChesney..

  9. ROH CONTRACT 4-WAY: Sal Rinauro def Steve Madison and Claudio Castagnoli and Jerelle Clark..


  10. WEAPONS MATCH: The Ring Crew Express (Dunn & Marcos) def The Carnage Crew (Loc & DeVito)..

  11. MATCH: Azrieal def Jerrelle Clark..

  12. MATCH: Jay Lethal def Ricky Reyes (w/Julius Smokes & Grim Reefer)..

  13. MATCH: Colt Cabana def Nigel McGuinness..

  14. ROH TITLE MATCH: James Gibson vs Spanky vs Homicide ended in a No Contest..
    • Homicide was the first to be eliminated by Disqualification for using the chain supplied by the Rottweillers..
    • Spanky was apparantly injured at this point and the match was cancelled -- to the displeasure of the fans!

  15. TAG MATCH: The Heartbreak Express (Phil & Sean Davis) vs Lacey's Angels (Cheech & Cloudy) was a No Contest..
    • James Gibson reappeared and beat the hell out of all four men and said he and Spanky would finish his match later..

  16. TAG MATCH: Generation Next (Austin Aries & Roderick Strong) def The Embassy (Jimmy Rave & Puma w/Prince Nana)..
    • Prince Nana gave Alex Shelley the night off and replaced him in this tag match with California-based wrestler Puma..
    • Prince Nana also had his valet Jade Chung wrapped up in a blanket and had a dog collar on her..
    • After the match, Prince Nana was yelling at Jade Chung when Mick Foley hit the ring to make the save!
    • Mick Foley told Jade Chung that she had the choice to leave The Embassy if she wanted to..
    • Alex Shelley attacked Mick Foley from behind and was joined by The Embassy in a beat-down..
    • Austin Aries & Roderick Strong returned to the ring to save Mick Foley from the assault..
    • Mick Foley recovered and gave Prince Nana a DDT onto his new book - Scooter!

  17. ROH TITLE MATCH: James Gibson def Spanky (with a leg injury) to retain..

  18. IN THE RING: Homicide..
    • Homicide tried to make it clear that he was a bad guy (as the fans had been cheering for him)..
    • Homicide finally gave up trying to convince the fans and laughed and proclaimed "oh fuck it!" and walked off..

  19. PURE TITLE MATCH: Samoa Joe def Christopher Daniels to retain..
    • Both competitors lost all three rope breaks when Samoa Joe won with a Submission in the ropes..

  20. And that's a wrap..