Ring of Honor - Redemption
August 12, 2005 - Dayton, Ohio

  1. 4-CORNER SURVIVAL: Ace Steel def Matt Stryker and Delirious and Sterling James Keenan..

  2. MATCH: Colt Cabana def Spanky..

  3. IN THE RING: C.M. Punk cut an arrogan heel promo taking credit for ROH's success..

  4. TAG TITLE MATCH: BJ Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs def Nigel McGuinness & Chad Collyer to retain..

  5. 6-MAN WAR: Austin Aries & Roderick Strong & Matt Sydal w/Daizee Haze beat Jimmy Rave & Alex Shelley & Abyss..
    • This was Prince Nana's Embassy vs Generation Next..

  6. MATCH: Low Ki vs Jay Lethal ended in a NO CONTEST..
    • Homicide showed up and joined Low Ki in double-teaming Jay Lethal until Matt Hardy made the save!

  7. MATCH: Matt Hardy def Homicide..
    • Low Ki showed up with a chain but Jay Lethal came out to and grabbed the chain and had a tug-of-war with Homicide..
    • Matt Hardy snuck up behind Homicide and schoolboyed him for the 1-2-3 to win the match!

  8. ROH TITLE ELIMINATION MATCH: James Gibson beat C.M. Punk (c) and Samoa Joe and Chris Daniels to win the ROH title!
    • James Gibson to a bump outside the ring and was helped backstage by a crew of ROH officials..
    • Chris Daniels was eliminated by Submission from Samoa Joe, when CM Punk pushed Daniels leg of the ropes!
    • During all this confusion, C.M. Punk snuck up behind Samoa Joe and rolled him up for Joe's elimination!
    • C.M. Punk began celebrating until a bloody James Gibson returned to the ring to continue the match..
    • James Gibson reversed the Pepsi Plunge into a Super Tiger Bomb and scored the pin to win the ROH TITLE!!!!!!
    • James Gibson gave a victory speech and said it was the greatest moment of his career, even better than Wrestlemania..

  9. And that's a wrap..