Ring of Honor - New Frontiers
June 4, 2005 - Buffalo, New York

  1. TAG MATCH: Jimmy Rave & Fast Eddie w/Prince Nana def Sal Rinuero & El Generico..

  2. MATCH: HC Loc def Cheech (formerly of Special K)..

  3. MATCH: Homicide def Kevin Steen..

  4. TAG TITLE MATCH: BJ Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs def Dunn & Marcos to retain..

  5. MATCH: Roderick Strong def Alex Shelley..
    • After the match, Austin Aries & Roderick Strong assaulted Alex Shelley, who had to be stretchered out..

  6. 3-WAY ELIMINATION: Davey Andrews def Shane Hagadorn and The Masked New York Super Star..

  7. TAG MATCH: Nigel McGuiness & Chad Collyer def Second City Saints (CM Punk & Colt Cabana)..

  8. PURE TITLE MATCH: Samoa Joe def James Gibson by Submission to retain..

  9. ROH TITLE MATCH: Austin Aries def Spanky to retain...
  10. And that's a wrap..