Ring of Honor - Joe vs Punk II
October 16, 2004 - Chicago Ridge, Illinois

  1. OPENING MATCH: TJ Dalton (Les Thatcher's HWA) vs Davey Andrews (CM Punk top student) ended in a NO CONTEST..
    • The Carnage Crew ran down and obliderated both wrestlers causing the match to be thrown out..
    • HC Loc grabbed the microphone and talked about Mick Foley and said they'll show what Ring of Hardcore is all about!

  2. MATCH: Jay Lethal def Delirious..

  3. WOMANS MATCH: Tracy Brooks (NWA TNA) def Daizee Haze (IWA Mid South)..

  4. MATCH: Matt Styker def Dixie w/Becky Bayless..

  5. 4-CORNERS SURIVAL: Josh Daniels def Trent Acid and Matt Sydal and AngelDust w/Becky Bayless..

  6. IN THE RING: Mick Foley & Ricky Steamboat..
    • Mick Foley and Ricky Steamboat cut promos on eachother, continuing to build up their confrontation..
    • They gathered their teams for a match with flip flopped between Pure Wrestling style and Hardcore style..

  7. TAG MATCH: Nigel McGuinness & Chad Collyer w/Ricky Steamboat def Dan Maff & BJ Whitmer w/Mick Foley..
    • Nigel McGuinness & Chad Collyer were representing Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat and Pure Wrestling..
    • Dan Maff & BJ Whitmer were representing Mick Foley and the Ring of Hardcore movement..
    • The Carnage Crew interfered and Ricky Steamboat "got hardcore" and chased them away with a chair!
    • After the match all six men shoot hands and Steamboat told Foley "Pure Wrestling 1, Hardcore Wrestling-0"..

  8. TAG MATCH: The Carnage Crew def TJ Dalton (HWA wrestler) & Davey Andrews (CM Punk student)..

  9. TAG MATCH: Generation Next (Roderick Strong & Jack Evans) def The Rottwielers (Homicide & Rocky Romero)..
    • After the match, Homicide went to shake Jack Evans' hand, but instead hit him with a Cop Killah!

  10. I QUIT MATCH: Alex Shelley def Jimmy Jacobs with the "Border City Stretch"..

  11. ROH TITLE MATCH: Samoa Joe w/Jay Lethal vs C.M. Punk ended in a 60-minute time limit draw..
    • CM Punk challenged Samoa Joe to a "No Time Limit" match next time they came to Chicago..

  12. And that's a wrap..