Ring of Honor - Scramble Cage Malee
August 28, 2004 - Braintree, MASS

  1. MATCH: Alex Shelley def Jay Lethal..

  2. MATCH: Jimmy Rave w/Prince Nana's Embassy def AngelDust w/Members of Special K by using the Styles Clash finisher..

  3. MATCH: Ace Steel (of the Second City Saints) def Roderick Strong (of Generation Next) by Submission..
    • After the match, Generation Next went on the attack, bringing out Colt Cabana for the save!

  4. MATCH: Austin Aries (of Generation Next) def Colt Cabana (of the Second City Saints)..
    • After the match, Generation Next assulted Colt Cabana's arm until C.M. Punk & Ace Steel made the save!

  5. ANNOUNCEMENT: Jushin "Thunder" Liger will appear at the 11/5 ROH show in Boston!

  6. TAG TITLE MATCH: The Havana Pitbulls (Ricky Reyes & Rocky Romero) def Special K (Izzy & Dixie) to retain..

  7. PURE WRESTLING TITLE MATCH: John Walters def Doug Williams to win the title!
    • Samoa Joe came out before the match and said that the Pure Wrestling title was inferior to his ROH title..

  8. TRIPLE THREAT: Homicide def C.M. Punk and Samoa Joe
    • CM Punk nailed Samoe Joe with the Pepsi Plunge, but Homicide clotheslined Punk and pinned Joe!
    • After the match, Generation Next attacked CM Punk until Ace Steele & Colt Cabana made the save..

  9. SCAMBLE CAGE: Jack Evans wins the Scramble Cage Match!
    • Other participants: Trent Acid, Dan Maff, BJ Whitmer, HC Loc & DeVito, Fast Eddie..
    • Other participants: Alter Boy Luke, Dunn & Marcos, Oman Tortuga and Diablo Santiago..
    • Typical Scramble Cage spotfest where you got eliminated when someone hit a move off the top of the cage on you..
    • Jack Evans put away Trent Acid at the end to win the match!

  10. And that's a wrap..