Ring of Honor - Reborn Stage 1
April 23, 2004 - St. Paul, MN

  1. PURE WRESTLING MATCH: Matt Stryker def Nigel Mcguiness..

  2. TAG MATCH: The Carnage Crew (Loc & DeVito) def The Ring Crew Express (Dunn & Marcos)..

  3. MATCH: John Walters def Justin Credible..

  4. 6-WAY MAYEM: Alex Shelley def Jimmy Jacobs, Jimmy Rave, Masada, Jack Evans & Danny Daniels..

  5. MATCH: BJ Whitmer def Colt Cabana (guest referee Ricky Steamboat)..
    • CM Punk came out before the match and attacked referee Ricky Steamboat, who was taken away..

  6. MATCH: Matt Sydal w/Daizee Haze def Delirious..

  7. TAG TITLE MATCH: Mark & Jay Briscoe def The Havana Pitbulls (Ricky Reyes & Rocky Romero)..

  8. MATCH: American Dragon def CM Punk..
    • Ricky Steamboat appeared and ended up refereeing the match to fill his ROH committment..

  9. ROH TITLE MATCH: Samoa Joe def Homicide via DQ..
    • Homicide, growing frustrated throughout the match, ended up knocking the referee down for the DQ..
    • The lights went out, and Homicide nailed Samoa Joe with a fireball!!

  10. And that's a wrap..