Ring of Honor - The Battle Lines Are Drawn
January 10, 2004 - Wilmington, OH

  1. PURE WRESTLING MATCH: Matt Stryker def Alex Shelley when Alex Shelley tapped out..

  2. HWA TITLE MATCH: Nigel McGinness (bloodied) def Cody Hawk to retain..


  4. 4-CORNER SURIVAL: Jimmy Rave def Rainman and Caprice Coleman and Todd Sexton..

  5. MATCH: AJ Styles def Homicide..
    • Homicide did his Suicide Tope and landed in the crowd, and the referee called for help from the back..
    • Homicide was checked over and he told the referee to keep the match going (this was all a work btw)..

  6. OVW MATCH: Mike Mondo def Seth Skyfire..

  7. TAG SCRAMBLE: Special K (Joey Matthews/Slim J/Deranged/Hydro) def Dunn & Marcos/The Carnage Crew..
    • Abyss debuted for ROH and interfered at the end to help Special K win the match..
    • Abyss destroyed DeVito, Marcos, Dunn AND HC Loc after the match..

  8. TAG TITLE MATCH: The Briscoe Brothers (Mark & Jay) def Samoa Joe & American Dragon to retain..

  9. MAIN EVENT: Second City Saints (CM Punk/Ace Steel/Colt Cabana) vs The Prophecy (Chris Daniels/Dan Maff/BJ Whitmer)..
    • Dan Maff took a horrible beating and was bleeding heavily before getting a hot tag..
    • A few minutes later, Allison Danger (Prophecy) and Tracy Brooks (Saints) got in the ring and starting catfighting..
    • Editor's Note: For those keeping score, Tracy was wearing the same panties as her TNA debut :)
    • The battle spilled into the crowd, where a fan teased using a steel chair, but got stopped by security..
    • CM Punk took the referee and threw him head first into the ROH guard rail!
    • Lucy showed up and later and entered the ring and slapped BJ Whitmer accross the face..
    • The referee stopped the match and ruled it a NO CONTEST and left the area with the brawl still going on!
    • The CM Punk hit Chris Daniels with a Pepsi Plunge through a table to end the evening..
    • ROH officials scrambled to get the fans out of the arena with the impression that Chris Daniels was injured legit..

  10. And that's a wrap..