Ring of Honor/AJPW - Final Battle 2003 SuperShow
December 27, 2003 - Philadelphia, PA - Pennsylvania National Guard Armory
1500 fans for a NEW Philadelphia-attendance record!


  1. WOMANS MATCH: Sumie Sakai def Alison Danger..

  2. MATCH: Josh Daniels def Puma (California's Pinoy Boy) in a great match!

  3. TAG MATCH: The Christopher Street Connection vs Dunn & Marcos went to a NO CONTEST when CM Punk interrupted..

  4. MATCH: C.M. Punk def Mace (of the Christopher Street Connection)..

  5. 4-WAY SURVIVAL MATCH: Hydro (of Special K) def Oman Turtuga, Slyk Wagner Brown & Nick Gage..

  6. SIX MAN TAG: The Carnage Crew & Justin Credible vs Special K went to a NO CONEST..
    • Match was stopped by Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission when Justin Credible bled into the crowd..

  7. MATCH: Trent Acid def Sonjay Dutt..

  8. ROH TAG TITLE MATCH: The Briscoe Brothers def The SAT (Los Maximos) to retain..


  1. OPENING MATCH: "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson def Jay Briscoe by Cattle Mutilation submission..

  2. FIGHT WITHOUT HONOR: John Walters def Xavier after a bloody NO RULES match!

  3. FIELD OF HONOR FINALS: Matt Stryker def BJ Whitmer in 29 minutes..

  4. IN THE RING: Bill Apter presented ROH Owner Rob Feinstein with a "Classiest Promotion Award"..

  5. ROH TITLE MATCH: Samoa Joe def Mark Briscoe to retain..

  6. IN THE RING: C.M. Punk + Christopher Daniels/Danny Maff/Alison Danger + Colt Cabana + BJ Whitmer..
    • C.M. Punk called out Christopher Daniels on the attack of his girlfriend, Lucy..
    • Chripstoper Daniels & Danny Maff (The Prophecy) came out and they had a brawl..
    • Colt Cabana ran in to help out C.M. Punk (his Second City Saint tag team partner)..
    • C.M. Punk snapped and started choking out Prophecy valet Alison Danger threatening to "kill her" unless Daniels confessed..
    • BJ Whitmer then hit the ring and said HE was responsible and was the new member of the Prophecy!
    • Danny Maff came back out and was upset that he wasn't informed of BJ Whitmer's involvement..

  7. INTERPROMOTIONAL TAG MATCH: C.M. Punk & Colt Cabana def Tomaoki Honma & Kazushi Miyamoto..

  8. INTERPROMOTIONAL MATCH: AJ Styles def Kaz Hayashi with the Styles Clash..

  9. INTERPROMOTIONAL MATCH: Satoshi Kojima def Homicide w/Low Ki & Monsta Mack..

  10. INTERPROMOTIONAL AJPW TAG TITLE MATCH: The Great Muta & Arashi def Christopher Daniels & Danny Maff..
  11. And that's a wrap..