Ring of Honor - War of the Wire
November 29, 2003 - Framingham, MA - State College

  1. TAG MATCH: The Backseat Boys (Trent Acid & Johnny Kashmere) def Hotstuff Hernandez & Fast Eddie..

  2. TAG SCRAMBLE: Special K def The Carnage Crew (HC Loc & DeVito) & The SAT (Jose & Joel Maximo) & Slugger..
    • Special K = AngelDust & Dixie & Hydro & Lit & Hijinx..
    • After the match, The Carnage Crew & The SAT got upset with each other..

  3. GAUNTLET MATCH: CM Punk vs Jimmy Rave vs Matt Stryker vs Colt Cabana vs BJ Whitmer..
    • CM Punk def Jimmy Rave..
    • Matt Stryker def CM Punk when he tapped out to the StrykerLock..
    • Matt Stryker def Colt Cabana..
    • BJ Whitmer def Matt Stryker..
    • ~~~Stryker was knocked out outside the ring, but Whitmer threw him in the ring and hit the Exploder for the win!

  4. TAG MATCH: The Outcast Killas def April Hunter & Slyk Wagner Brown (Hometown favorites)..

  5. MATCH: John Walters (Boston) def Xavier (New York City) |||||| Xavier laid Walters out after the match..

  6. TAG TITLE MATCH: The Briscoe Brothers def The Prophecy (Chris Daniels & Dan Maff w/Allison Danger) to retain..

  7. ROH TITLE MATCH: Samoa Joe def AJ Styles to retain..

  8. INTERVIEW: Gary Capetta & CM Punk + Chris Daniels..
    • CM Punk kept accusing Christopher Daniels of being responsible for Lucy being attacked..
    • Chris Daniels came out to def end himself and got knocked down by C.M. Punk..

  9. NO ROPES BARBED WIRE MATCH: Steve Corino w/Guillotine LeGrande def Homicide w/Julius Smokes..
    • Steve Corino & Homicide both took sick bumps into the barbed wire, receiving bloody lacerations..
    • Julius Smokes threw in the towel for Homicide, giving Steve Corino the victory..

  10. And that's a wrap..