Rings of Europe

  • March 25, 2006--Rings of Europe in Voeslau, Austria before 550 fans: Van Water def Sigi the Swisstank, Tengkwa def Cactus Kovax, Darren Burridge def Bad News Bones, Baron Von Hagen def Jamie Gardner, Barish def Van Walter, Mike Quackenbush & Delirious & Emil Sitoci def Matt Sydal & Steve Douglas & Tengkwa, Murat Bosporus def Steve Allison, Arik Cannon def Ares, Massacre def Cactus Kovax, Joe E. Legend def Cardinal Colen, Iceman Harrrop def Hate in falls count anywhere. Jonny Storm and Joey Fleisch no-showed as they missed their flight.

  • March 26, 2006--Rings of Europe in Krems, Austria before 300 fans: Baron von Hagen def Barish, Delirious def Tengkwa, Arik Cannon def Emil Sitoci, Matt Sydal def Jody Fleisch, Massacre & Humongous & Bad News Bones & Sigi the Swisstank & Razor Blade def Darren Burridge & Cactus Kovax & Big Van Walter & Hellvetics, Ares def Murat Bosprous, Jonny Storm def Steve Douglas, Headshrinker Alofa def Iceman Harrop, Chris the Bambikiller def Joe E. Legend-DQ

  • April 1, 2006--Rings of Europe - Switzerland's March Madness Tour 2006 in Weesen, Switzerland before 120 fans: Big van Walter def Cactus Kovax, Vries Kastelein def Jörg Guth, Shadow and Jersey co-won a 5-Woman Battle Royal (Included: Lacrima Christi & Queen Maya & Shaylyn Blade), Jersey def Shadow in a Women's match, Excellent Crazy Style def Salomon and Benny Montana and Marc Strong in a 4-WAY, Arik Cannon def Marc Roudin, Absolute Andy vs Kaio ended in a draw after Double Countout, Steve Douglas def Tengwa, Emil Sitoci & Red Devil won a 4-WAY Elimination match to win the vacant RoE Lightweight title, Daniel Signer def Bad Bones to win the vacant RoE Swiss Openweight title, Hellvetics def High Class Catch Club to win the RoE Tag Team titles