Pro Wrestling WAR

  • November 12, 2004--Pro Wrestling WAR in Santa Ana, California: Charles Mercury def Quicksilver & Ronin, Billy Blade def Vennis DeMarco, Human Tornado NC Supa Badd, Excalibur & Disco Machine def Lil Cholo & Silver Tyger, Austin Aries def Scott Lost, Scorpio Sky def Tony Kozina-DQ, Jack Evans def Super Dragon..

  • December 12, 2004--Pro Wrestling WAR - 20 Man Gauntlet Match in Santa Ana, California before 85 fans: Ryan Drago def Vinny Massaro, Charles Mercury def Ryan Drago, Charles Mercury def Joey Epic, Charles Mercury def Supa Badd-COR, Charles Mercury def El Generico (Montreal), Bo Cooper def Charles Mercury, Bo Cooper def Billy Blade, Tony Kozina def Bo Cooper (who laid down voluntarily for the pin), Tony Kozina def Davey Richards, Tony Kozina def Human Tonado-COR, Tony Kozina def Kevin Steen (Montreal), Scorpio Sky def Tony Kozina-COR, Jack Evans def Scorpio Sky, Super Dragon def Jack Evans, Austin Aries def Super Dragon, Austin Aries def Scott Lost, Austin Aries def promoter Gary Yap (dressed as Messiah, with Messiah's music, and even taped his thumb) --- Blitzkrieg came out in street clothes and gave his gimmick and mask to Jack Evans, who will face Super Dragon as Blitzkrieg II on the next show..

  • January 14, 2005--Pro Wrestling WAR in Santa Ana, California before 100 fans: Davey Richards vs Charles Mercury ended in a draw, Big Babi Slymm def Human Tornado, Bo Cooper def Tom Walters, B-Boy & Scorpio Sky vs Tony Kozina & Chris Bosh ended in a NO CONTEST, El Generico def Adam Pearce, Austin Aries def Scott Lost, Super Dragon def Blitzkrieg II (aka Jack Evans, who was injured when he landed on his head trying a corkscrew 630 splash. He suffered head and neck injuries and was kept overnight in the hospital for observation)..

  • February 13, 2005--Pro Wrestling War in Los Angeles, California: Ricky Reyes won three-way over Lil Cholo and Eric Matlock, Davey Richards def Charles Mercury, Scott Lost def El Generico, Tom Walters def Jardi Frantz, Silver Tyger def Hajima Ohara (Ultimo Dragon Gym), Austin Aries def Super Dragon to keep WAR title..

  • April 10, 2005--Pro Wrestling WAR in Santa Monica, California: Charles Mercury def Yoshida, Super Dragon def Davey Richards, Team Epic def Scorpio Sky & Markus Riot, Trent Acid def Jack Evans in a street fight (Evans took a bump off a storage truck), Human Tornado def Scott Lost, Austin Aries def Adam Pearce..

  • October 21, 2005--Pro Wrestling WAR in La Habra, California: Hook Bomberry def Apollo Kahn, Team WPW def Team HRW, Tony Kozina NC Austin Aries, Super Dragon def Markus Riot, Scott Lost & Joey Ryan def Lil Cholo & Altar Boy Luke, Davey Richards def Shannon Moore..

  • December 18, 2005--Pro Wrestling WAR in La Habra, California: Charles Mercury def Markus Riot, Human Tornado def Biggie Biggz, Kevin Steen def Alex Koslov, Jack Evans def Super Dragon and El Generico and Joey Ryan in a 4-WAY, Low Ki def Davey Richards, Aaron Aguilera def Austin Aries to win the WAR title..