Booker T's Pro Wrestling Alliance

  • December 21, 2006--Booker T's Pro Wreslting Alliance in Passadena, Texas: Booker T & Sharmell presented appreciation awards to the mayor and other local figures, VIP w/MVP [on crutches] def Santana (VIP was billed as MVP's younger brother), Chris Adams def Jared Steele, Samson def Dog (a blatant Dog the Bounty Hunter rip off), Tank Bishop def Manny Torres, Torrie Wilson and Spirit Squad Mikey had a confrontation during intermission with Mikey getting crotched, The Boogeyman def Mike B. Nasty, The Hollier Borthers def KYRLL, Umaga def Steve DeMarco, Booker T def Charlie Haas (Shelton Benjamin attacked Booker T after the match until Rene Dupree & Rob Conway made the save --- Rene Dupree vs Shelton Benjamin was advertised but didn't happen)..

  • February 21, 2007--Booker T's Pro Wreslting Alliance - Texas Tapout in Pasadena, Texas at the Pasadena Convention Center before 400 fans: Psychedelic def Max-A-Million in a PWA Initiation match, Chris Adams def Surfin' Surge in a PWA Title Tournament match, The Dog w/Ms. Rosa Salvage def Steve DeMarco in a "Dog Rules" match, Jared Steele def Gabe Hollier in a PWA Title Tournament match, The Boogeyman def Mike B.Nasty, Neico vs Brett Idol ended in a 15-minute draw, Matt Hardy def Gregory Helms in a North Carolina Street Fight

  • March 21, 2007--Booker T's Pro Wrestling Alliance - March Mayhem in in Pasadena, Texas at the Pasadena Convention Center: Jared Steele def Franco Valentino, Gustavo Mendoza w/Rubio def Steve Williams in a PWA Qualifying Tournament Match, DOG w/Ms. Rosa Salvage def ????????? in a "Dog Rules" Match, Gabe Hollier & Jamie Noble & Jimmy Wang Yang def Kryll (???? & ???? & ????), Neico def Brett Idol by Submission, Sicodelico Jr. def Jaykus Plisskin, King Booker w/Queen Sharmell def Hardcore Holly.. [reported by Chris Marullo]