Portland Wrestling

  • February 22, 2004--Portland Wrestling in Portland: Scotty Mac def Black Dragon to win Northwest title, Dr. Luther & Black Dragon def Adam Thornstowe & Brian Raymond to win tag titles, Villanos def Black Dragon & Damon Scythe-DQ, Luther def Rage, Dante def Robby Lance, Nikki Sixx def Matt Farmer-DQ, Mac def Skag Rollins, Fidel Sierra def Brian Raymond, Villanos def Ladies Choice & Bryan Alvarez, Choice def Vid Vain, Sixx & Top Gun def Farmer & Alvarez-DQ, Dustin Snyder def Dante, Tony Kozina def Villano IV, Scythe def Lance, Rollins def Ryan Wood, J.D. Michaels def Disco Fury..

  • September 3, 2004--Portland Wrestling in Salem, Oregon at the Fair: Scotty Mac def Black Dragon, Mosco Tijuana (managed by Tito Carreon) def ?, Los Villanos IV & V def Ladies Choice & Skag Rollins-DQ, The Grappler & Moondog Moretti def Terry Taylor & Scotty Mac, Roddy Piper (sub for Jim Duggan) def Fidel Sierra (bled buckets) in a flag on a pole match, Raven def Dr. Luther..

  • September 25, 2004--Pacific Northwest Pro Wrestling in Eugene, Oregon at Sheldon High School: Bonzai Bruce Bukakke def Sir Samurai, Dynasty Blanchard def The Masked Superstar & Smooth Steve Rush, Flaco Loco & Virgil def The American Idols, Slick Cedric def Hans Mueler in a "Falls Count Anywhere" match to retain the TV title, J.D. Bishop won a Battle Royal for the #1 Contender's spot for the TV Title, Chi Chi Poison & El Lightingo def The Monsters of Crock (C. Poison & Blunder), Jeremy & Bubba Blanchard def Road Warrior Animal & J.D. Bishop in a "First Blood" to retain the Tag Titles, Critter def Gentleman George Michael to retain the Heavyweight Title..

  • February 12, 2005--Portland Wrestling TV taping in Portland, Oregon: Tennessee Jack def Tommy Tisoy, Buddy Wayne & Sumito def Cadan Matthews & Red Dragon, Bill Sawyer def Skag Rollins by DQ, Scotty Mac def Moondog Moretti in a chain match, Psycho def Cameron Starr, Aaron Idol def Maple Leaf Murphy, Buddy Wayne def Red Dragon in a bullrope match, Sumito def Bill Sawyer in a Coal Miners glove match, Jeremy Blanchard def Tennessee Jack, Aaron Idol & Scotty Mac def Buzz Anderson & Psycho-DQ, Ladies Choice def Skag Rollins to win Northwest title, Cameron Starr def Latino Blanco, Jeremy Blanchard & Todd Ruhl def Anderson & Psycho and Maple Leaf Murphy & Scag Rollins and Aaron Idol & Scotty Mac and Latino Blanco & Rio Blanco and Caden Matthews & Red Dragon and Moondog Moretti & Buddy Wayne in a SEVEN-TEAM CAGE MATCH..

  • November 13, 2004--Portland Wrestling TV Tapings in Portland, Oregon: Dr. Luther & Black Dragon def Grappler & Moondog Moretti in a cage match to keep the Northwest tag team titles, Ladies Choice def Jesse Jimenez Jr., Buddy Wayne def Pitman, Avalon def Jewels, Skag Rollins def Scotty Mac, Fidel Sierra def Cameron Star, Ladies Choice def Todd Rhul, Luther & Dragon def Wayne & Sumito-DQ, Jimenez Jr. def Maple Leaf Murphy, Skag Rollins def Fidel Sierra to win Cuban title, Scotty Mac def The Grappler-DQ..

  • March 19, 2005--Portland Wrestling TV Tapings in Portland, Oregon: Caden Matthews def Cameron Starr, Buzz Anderson def Bill Sawyer, Aaron Idol def Skag Rollins, Dr. Luther & Black Dragon NC Buddy Wayne & Sumito, Moondog Moretti def Maple Leaf Murphy-COR, Scotty Mac def Damon Scythe-DQ, Ladies Choice def Jeremy Blanchard to keep Northwest title, Matthews def Skag Rollins, Todd Ruhl & Jeremy Blanchard def Psycho & Buzz Anderson, Black Dragon def Exile-DQ, Dr. Luther won four-way over Aaron Idol, Buddy Wayne and Sumito, Caden Matthews def Maple Leaf Murphy, Bill Sawyer def Psycho-DQ, Jewels def Cameron Starr, Dr. Luther def Ladies Choice to win Northwest title. Roddy Piper and Matt Borne were both there doing promos..

  • July 23, 2005--Portland Wrestling TV Tapings in Portland, Oregon: Scotty Mac def Bubba Blanchard, Bonzai Bruce def Dante to win the SPW California title, Aaron Idol def Hans Mueller, Dr. Luther def Ladies Choice and Skag Rollins in a 3-WAY hair match (Dr. Luther got head shaved by Grappler/Skag Rollins), Dark Carnival vs The Cartel ended in a No Contest, Bubba Blanchard def Maple Leaf Murphy, Scotty Mac def Caden Mathews, Dante vs Aaron Idol vs Bonzai Bruce ended in a No Contest, Skag Rollins def Ladies Choice in Loser Leave Town Match (Maple Leaf Murhpy leaves with Ladies Choice)..

  • August 13, 2005--Portland Wrestling TV Tapings in Keizer, Oregon before 700 fans: Caden Matthews def Moondog Moretti, Skag Rollins def Doink the Clown (Matt Osborne), Exile & Damon Scythe def Big Ugly J.D. Bishop & Vinny Massaro, Jimmy Snuka def The Grappler, Dante won ladder match over Bonzai Bruce and Jeremy Blanchard, Scotty Mac & Aaron Idol def Buzz Anderson & Psydshow, Dr. Luther won a cage Battle Royal to keep the NW title. Roddy Piper did a Piper's Pit on the show as well..

  • September 17, 2005--Portland Wrestling TV Tapings in Oregon: Jeremy Blanchard def Cosmic River in a dark match, "Old School" Oliver John def Bubba Blanchard, New Attitude (Scotty Mac & Aaron Idol) def Hans Mueller & Caden Mathews by DQ when Mueller hit the referee with a chair, Exile w/Grappler def Psydsho w/RingmasterBonzai Bruce def Big Ugly and Dante in a 3-WAY to retain the SPW title, Skag Rollins def Dr. Luther in a Pandoras Box Match to capture the vacant PNW Heavyweight title (First Fall: Skag Rollins won a First Blood Match | Second Fall: Dr. Luther won a Chain Match | Third Fall: Skag Rollins won a Coal Miners Glove Match), "Old School" Oliver John def Scotty Mac in a #1 Contenders match, Moondog Moretti vs Vinnie Massaro ended in a No Contest, Caden Mathews def Aaron Idol, Jeremy & Bubba Blanchard def Team Hell (Scotty Mac & Aaron Idol ran into ring after the match, and Blanchards pinned New Attitude to win PNW Tag Team titles)..

  • October ??, 2005--Portland Wrestling TV Tapings in Oregon: "Old School" Oliver John def Tito Akino, Big Ugly def Psydsho, Damon Scythe def Dante, Hans Mueller def Exile w/The Grappler, Cosmic River def Skag Rollins in a Non Title match by Count Out, The Blanchards vs The Cartel vs. AOD (Dante & Adam Thornstowe) ended in a Triple DQ, Hans Mueller & Caden Mathews def Team Hell (Psydsho & Exile w/The Grappler) (Psydsho gave The Grappler a Heart Punch, then threw powder in Exile's eyes and Hans pinned Exile), "Old School" Oliver John def Skag Rollins to win the Heavyweight title!

  • November 11, 2006--Portland Wrestling PPV in Oregon: Dr. Luther def Luster the Legend in a No Rope Barbwire Death Match for the Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Title. Mustafa Saed def Billy Two Eagles in a Philadelphia Street Fight. The Cartel (Vinnie Masaro & JD Bishop) def Army of Darkness Members (Adam Thornstowe & Paul Isadora) -- Notes: Army of Darkness includes: Dr. Luther, Adam Thornstowe and Paul Isadora.