Pacific Northwest Pro Wrestling

  • August 21, 2004--Pacific Northwest Pro Wrestling in Eugene, Oregon (Sheldon High School Wrestling Gym): Vinnie Massaro won a #1 Contenders Battle Royal, Hateful Will Heitman & Rage def Virgil & Simba 6 Killers, Gentleman George Michaels def El Flaco Loco, Slick Cedric def Adam Thornstowe and Bonzai Bruce Bukakke in a 3-WAY to capture the vacant South TV Championship, G-Shock def Hans Mueller via DQ, Thunder & Richie Magnett def Paul Isendor & Malachi, Road Warrior Animal & Critter def Big Ugly JD Bishop & Jeremy Blanchard Via DQ, Jeremy Blanchard def Vinny Massaro via DQ to retain his South heavyweight title..

  • August 22, 2004--Pacific Northwest Pro Wrestling in Milwaukee, Oregon (Elks Lodge): Dynasty Blanchard def Virgil, Hans lost to JD Bishop in a gauntlet after going through G-Shock and Hateful Will Heitman and Simba 6 Killers, Paul Isendor & Malachi def Triple X & Widowmaker, Rusty Springfield def Rage, Vinnie Massaro def Adam Thornstowe, Slick def Bonzai Bruce Bukakka to retain his South TV Title, Thunder def Critter in an Oregon Street Fight to become the #1 Contender for the PNPW belt, Gentleman George def Thunder to retain his PNPW Title, The Blanchards def Richie Magnett & JD Bishop by DQ after Road Warrior Animal interfered..

  • September 12, 2004--Pacific Northwest Pro Wrestling in Portland, Oregon at Milwaukie Elks Lodge: Rusty Springfield def Simba 6 Killas, The American Idols def Triple X & Kodiak, Bubba Blanchard def Cedric The Hitman (Oregon Street Fight), Jeremy Blanchard def Robby Lance, Jeremy Blanchard vs Maniac Matt Borne brawled to a no contest, Chi Chi Poison & El Lightingo def Hans Mueller & Dynasty Blanchard, Critter def 'Gentleman' George Michael to win the Heavyweight Championship! (Gentleman George held the PNPW Title for almost a year)..

  • October 10, 2004--Pacific Northwest Pro Wrestling in Milwaukie, Oregon before 200 fans: Slick Cedrick def Widowmaker, Rusty Springfield def Will Walker-DQ, Walker def Little Nasty Boy, G-Shock def Kodiak, Triple X def Tony Terrific, Matt Borne def Hans Mueller-DQ, Critter def George Michael, Chi Chi Poison & El Lightning def Bubba & Jeremy Blanchard-DQ..

  • October 23, 2004--Pacific Northwest Pro Wrestling in Rainer, Oregon before 320 fans: Slick Cedrick (TV Champ) def Rusty Springfield, Widowmaker def Draven, Hans Mueller def Chi Chi Poison, Total Devestation def The American Idols, Tager def Simba 6 Killas, Hans Mueller & Bubba Blanchard def Chi Chi Poison & Richie Magnett, Critter (Heavyweight champ) def Gentleman George (Bulldog Bob Brown Jr was the announcer)..

  • November 7, 2004--Pacific Northwest Pro Wrestling in Milwaukie, Oregon at the Milwaukie Elks Lodge: Tager def Rusty Springfield, Will Walker def Simba 6 Killas, Tony T. def Kodiak, Triple X vs Widowmaker ended in a Double Countout, Slick Cedric def G-Shock, El Lightningo & Chi Chi Poison def Hans Mueler & Gentleman George Michael, Critter def Bubba Blanchard in a Best 2/3 Falls match..

  • December 5, 2004--Pacific Northwest Pro Wrestling - Doernbecher's Children Hospital Benefit Show in Milwaukie, Oregon: 20 Man Royal Rumble was won by PNPW Champion Critter, G-Shock def Rusty Springfield and Triple X and Dead & Bloated and Team Hans and Wildfire in a 6-WAY, Chi Chi Poison & El Lightningo def Tager & Will Walker to regain control of PNPW for promotor Mark Dykstra, Slick Cedric def Tony Terrific, Richie Magnett def Draven, Big Ugly J.D. Bishop def Hans Mueler, Critter def Gentleman George Michael and Bubba Blanchard in a triple threat match to retain his Heavyweight title..

  • January 9, 2005--Pacific Northwest Pro Wrestling in Milwaukie, Oregon: Cedric def 7 other competitors in a Survivor match, American Idols def Moose and Draven, CC Poison def Tadger by DQ, Critter (Champion) def Richie Magnett by DQ in a NON TITLE MATCH, Richie Magnett & Bubba Blanchard vs Gentleman George Michael & Tadger-Double ended in a DOUBLE COUNT OUT, J.D.Bishop def Critter and Slick Cedric and Hans Mueller in a 4-WAY to win the PNPW Heavyweight Title..

  • January 16, 2005--Pacific Northwest Pro Wrestling in Salem, Oregon: Critter won an Over The Top Rope Battle Royal to regain his Heavyweight Championship belt, "Meanstreak" Mike Dempsey w/Brian Sommers def G-Shock, Critter def Richie Magnett with the Spear, Gentleman George Michael & Tadger def Little Nasty Boy & Draven, Thunder vs Hans Mueller ended in a DOUBLE DQ, Slick Cedric def Bubba Blanchard in a Oregon Street Fight..

  • February 18, 2006--Pacific Northwest Pro Wrestling in Portland, Oregon: Caden Mathews def Ric Luxery, Jason "The Exterminator" Sullivan def Mike Ring, The Blanchards (Jeremy & Bubba Blanchard) def Vinnie Massaro & Big Ugly by DQ to retain the Tag Team titles (As a result, The Blanchards do not get another shot at the title for 90 days)..