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  • January 29, 2004--Ohio Valley Wrestling in Muncie, Indiana: Ayatollah def Robert Fury, Ben Woods won three-way over Brent Albright and Mac Johnson, Robby Dawber def Bam Bam Penders, Rob Begley & Mike Taylor def Chris Masters (Mordetzky) & Mark Magnus, Alexis Laree NC Melinda, Matt Cappotelli & John Hennigan def Carlos Colon & Joey Matthews, Nick Dinsmore def Clint Von Deilengen (local high school baseball coach who trains some at OVW) by DQ..

  • February 21, 2004--Ohio Valley Wrestling in Hodgenville, Kentucky: Static D (Lamont from Smackdown!) def Robbie Dawber, The British Knights def Carlos Colon & Chris Masters, Paul E. Normous def Mac Johnson, Sean O'Haire & Seth Skyfire def Rob Begley & Mike Taylor, Standing Thunder def Mark Magnus-DQ, Chris Cage & Tank Toland & Alexis Laree def Nova & Idol & Trudi DeNucci..

  • February 25, 2004--Ohio Valley Wrestling in Louisville, Kentucky: Standing Thunder def Joey Matthews, Tank Toland & Chris Cage def Carlos Colon & Da beast, Nova & Idol def Mike Taylor & Rob Begley, Alexis Laree & Jillian Hall def Passion & Trudy DeNucci, Seth Skyfire def Mark Magnus, Brent Albright & Chris Masters def Ben Woods & Mac Johnson, John Hennigan def Robbie Dawber, Sean O'Haire def Nick Dinsmore-DQ ..

  • March 2, 2004--Ohio Valley Wrestling TV Taping in Louisville, Kentucky: Rod Steele & Rob Begley & Mike Taylor def Carlos Colon & Mike Mondo & Da Beast, Tank Toland & Chris Cage def Nova & Idol to win Southern tag titles, Jillian Hall def Ivory, Chris Masters & Brent Albright def Seth Skyfire & Standing Thunder, Mac Johnson def Joey Matthews, Matt Cappotelli def John Hennigan-DQ, Sean O'Haire & Matt Morgan def John Laurinaitis & Inspector Impact, John Cena def Bob Holly (sub for Randy Orton), Johnny Jeter & Doug Basham & Damaja def Mark Magnus & Nick Dinsmore & Rob Conway. Jim Ross was at the show and ordered the main event to continue. Jimmy Valiant was honored at the show..

  • April 10, 2004--Ohio Valley Wrestling in London, Kentucky: Mike Taylor & Rob Begley & Steve Lewington def Paul E. Normous & J.J. Steele & Robby Dawber, Jillian Hall def Shaniqua (Linda Miles), Mac Johnson def Danny Inferno, Seth Skyfire & Alexis Laree def Joey Matthews & Gail Kim, Tank Toland def Brent Albright, Matt Cappotelli & Matt Morgan def Nova & Aaron Idol..