Ohio Valley Wrestling Show
July 30, 2003 - Louisville

  1. DARK TAG MATCH: Matt Cappotelli & John Hennigan def Aaron Stevens & ?..

  2. DARK MATCH: Big Bad John def Mike Bell..

  3. DARK WOMANS MATCH: Molly Holly (WWE WOMANS CHAMP) def Jillian Hall..

  4. DARK 6MAN TAG: Nick Dinsmore/Matt Morgan/Johnny Jeter def The Full Blooded Italians..

  5. TAG TITLE MATCH: Adrenaline w/Nova def The Disciples Of Synn w/Synn to retain..

  6. HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE LOSER LEAVES OVW MATCH: The Damaja def Doug Basham to win the title!
    • The Revolution was handcuffed to Team OVW at ringside..
    • ~~~Nick Dinsmore was handcuffed to Rob Conway..
    • ~~~Johnny Jeter was handcuffed to Mark Magnus..
    • ~~~Jillian Hall was handcuffed to Nikita..
    • ~~~Referee Ray Ramsey was handcuffed to "Smooth" Johnny Spade//
    • ~~~Matt Morgan was blocking the doorway..
    • The OVW fans showed their appreciation to Doug Basham..
    • Doug Basham's uncle & OVW Owner Danny Davis came out and showed support..

  7. And that's a wrap..

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