Ohio Valley Wrestling - Spring Breakout 2003
April 11, 2003 - Six Flags

  1. MATCH: Mark Jindrak & Chris Cage def Mark Magnus & Orlando Jordan..

  2. MATCH: Nikita def Passion..

  3. MATCH: Nova def Chris Nowinski..

  4. IN THE RING: Jim Cornette..
    • Cornette said that Travis Bane got injured last week and announced the APA as the NEW Southern Tag champs..
    • Cornette said that The APA would def end against Rene Dupre & Lance Cade of Bolin Services..

  5. SOUTHERN TAG TITLE MATCH: The APA (Bradshaw & Ron Simmons) def eats Rene Dupre & Lance Cade w/Kenny Bolin..

  6. RESPECT MATCH: Kane def Matt Morgan..
    • After the match, Bolin Services ran in and attacked Matt Morgan..
    • Kane made the save chokeslamming Rene Dupre & Lance Cade and chasing BS away..
    • Maurice was left in the ring so Matt Morgan gave Maurice a chokeslam too..
    • Kane & Matt Morgan shook hands and got a big pop from the crowd..

  7. SIX MAN IRON MAN MATCH: Nick Dinsmore/Johnny Jeter/Chris Benoit vs Rob Conway/Damaja/Doug Basham..
    • Nikita & Jackie Gayda escorted The Revolution to the ring..
    • Dinsmore/Jeter/Benoit won 2 falls to 1..

  8. And that's a wrap..

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