Ohio Valley Wrestling Show - TV Taping
February 12, 2003 - Louisville, KY - NEW Davis Arena

  1. DARK MATCH: Travis Bane def Chris Cage..

  2. MATCH: Johnny Jeter def Badd Dogg..

  3. DARK MATCH: Seven def Orlando Jordan..

  4. MATCH: Nova def Chris Nowinski by DQ..
    • Nowinski was disqualified for throwing Nova over the top rope..

  5. DARK MATCH: Ryan Rusty def Robbie Boulder..

  6. BIKINI CONTEST: Jim Cornette + Johnny Spade + Jackie Gayda + Nikita..
    • Cornnette announced the judge of the bikini contest, Johnny Spade..
    • Spade came out and talked trash to the Davis Arena crowd..
    • Gayda came out first followed by Nikita..
    • Gayda then took her 30 second turn and disrobed her red robe and took off a mini skirt..
    • Nikita then took her turn, as both women were wearing thong bikinis..
    • Spade left it up to the crowd to decide and the crowd noticeably cheered louder for Nikita..
    • Spade was content on the fact that it was a draw..
    • Doug Basham came out and declared Nikita the winner..
    • Damaja came out and declared Jackie Gayda the winner..
    • Kanyon came out and tried to play peacekeeper..
    • The disucssion turned to Doug Basham’s title shot..
    • Cornette interjected and set up a triple threat match for the OVW title next week..
    • Damaja against Doug Basham against Nick Dinsmore, pinfall wins the title..

  7. MAIN EVENT: Nick Dinsmore & Rob Conway def Rene Dupree & Lance Cade w/Kenny Bolin & Maurice by DQ..
    • Maurice distracted Dinsmore while Bolin came from behind and whacked Dinsmore with the BS Briefcase..
    • After the match Bolin Services beat up on Dinsmore and Conway until Johnny Jeter made the save..

  8. And that's a wrap..

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