Ohio Valley Wrestling: Summer Sizzlin' Series
June 14, 2002 - Louisville, KY

  1. MATCH: Johnny Jeter def Johnny Spade..

  2. MATCH: Seven w/ Synn def Chris Cage..

  3. MATCH: David Flair def ?
    • A bandaged-up David Flair was introduced into the ring..
    • Jim Cornette grabbed the mic and explained..
    • Jim said that Flair had been attacked on the streets..
    • Jim said that Flair challanged the man to a match..
    • Jim said that the man hasn't been seen all day, but the match stayed on the card..
    • Jim called for the match to start, and the referee issued a ten count..
    • David Flair wins by Count Out..
    • Suddenly, the "mystery man" ran in and attacked Flair with his whip very violently..
    • He was chased off by a bunch of officials..

  4. TAG MATCH: Redd Dogg & Shelton Benjamin def Damaja, Doug Basham & Victoria..

  5. TAG TITLE MATCH: Nick Dinsmore & Rob Conway def Trash & Flash..
    • Big Bossman is the special guest referee..

  6. MAIN EVENT: Nova & Jerry "the King" Lawler def Prototype & Sean O'Haire w/Kenny Bolin
  7. And that's a wrap..

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