Ohio Valley Wrestling: Spring Breakout
April 5, 2002
(Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom)

  1. Leviathan vs. Johnny Jeter & Chris Cage
    • Leviathan wins after a huge powerbomb on Jeter and then Cage.
    • Winner via pinfall: Leviathan

  2. Bull Buchanan & Big Bad John vs. Trailer Park Trash & Flash
    • Bull Buchanan was about to get the pinfall but Flash kicked out.
    • Bull was arguing with Henry that the count was slow
    • During Buchanan's argument Flash climbed to the top rope.
    • Henry shoved Buchanan towards Flash.
    • Flash hit the "Whiplash" (Blockbuster) and pick up the pinfall.
    • Winner via pinfall: Trailer Park Trash & Flash

  3. Payne & Damien & Synn vs. Shelton Benjamin & Redd Dogg & Nidia
    • Late in the match, Synn took down Nidia.
    • Synn went to the top rope and pulled off a picture perfect moonsault.
    • Nidia rolled out of the way and covered her up picking up the pinfall.
    • Winners via pinfall: Shelton Benjamin & Redd Dogg & Nidia

  4. Doug Basham & Damaja & Victoria vs. Nick Dinsmore & Rob Conway & Danny Davis

    • Victoria attempted to get into the ring and attack the downed Davis but Rob Conway cut her off and delivered an atomic drop to the "Queen".
    • Davis then made it back to his feet and delivered a chinbuster to Basham and pinned him picking up the win for Team OVW, as well as regaining full control of Ohio Valley Wrestling.
    • Winners via pinfall: Danny Davis & Nick Dinsmore & Rob Conway

  5. MAIN EVENT: Ric & David Flair vs. Prototype & Sean O'Haire w/ Kenny Bolin
    • The crowd was extremely hot for the return of Ric Flair to Louisville and vocal for the father/son team throughout the entire match.
    • Late in the match, Kenny Bolin then attempted to get on the ringside to help his men, but Ric Flair saw this coming and laid out Bolin sending him down to the ground.
    • O'Haire was about to get the cheap attack on Ric Flair, but David Flair saved his father's back and attacked O'Haire.
    • After a low blow missed by the referee to Prototype, Ric Flair applied the figure four leglock.
    • David applied the figure four to O'Haire as well as the two tapped out, awarding the Flairs the victory.
    • After the match Ric Flair got on the microphone and praised OVW.
    • He also talked about how great it was to be back in Louisville, he went on to say that he did respect O'Haire and Prototype and concluded with a final shout out to Jim Cornette.
    • Winners via submission: Ric and David Flair

  6. And that's a wrap..

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