Jeff Peterson Memorial

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May 16, 2003--Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DAY 1 in St. Petersburg, Florida before 250 fans: Naphtali gave a speech about Jeff Peterson, who passed away in 2000 from cancer at the age of 21, and had frequently wrestled in the building and had gained a reputation as a top indy wrestler while still a teenager before the cancer struck: Naphtali def Seijin Akki, B-Boy def Steve Madison, Tony Mamaluke def Jerelle Clark, Reckless Youth def Sonjay Dutt, Jason Cross def C.M. Punk, Ruckus def Roderick Strong, Sedrick Strong def David Babylon, Justice def Colt Cabana. Chaos won three-way over Havoc and Kubiak, Lex Lovett def Agent Steele to earn a shot tonight against IPW champ Billy Fives, Mike Sullivan & Scoot Andrews def Danny Doring & Mikey Tenderfoot..

May 17, 2003--Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DAY 2 in St. Petersburg, FL: Naphtali def B-Boy, Reckless Youth def Tony Mamaluke, Ruckus def Jason Cross, Sedrick Strong def Justice, Reckless Youth def Naphtali, Reckless Youth def Roderick Strong to win tournament, Frankie Capone & Pat Powers & Pat McGroin def Pretty Fly & Comic Book Guy Anderson & Mark Zout, Agent Steele NC Navy Seal, Sonjay Dutt & Steve Madison def Jerelle Clark & Roderick Strong, Billy Fives def Lex Lovett to keep IPW title, Shane Twins def Danny Doring & Steve Corino..
June 4, 2004--Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DAY 1 in Brandon, FL before 375 fans: Roderick Strong def Sedrick Strong, Alex Shelley def Jimmy Jacobs, Chris Hero def Matt Striker, Homicide def Black Tigers (Jeremy Lopez), Teddy Hart def Azrieal, Mikey Tenderfoot def Puma, Petey Williams def Naphtali, Justice def Jack Evans, Danny Doring won three-way over Z-Barr and Slyk Wagner Brown, Lex Lovett def Colt Cabana, Zach Gowen & Chi Chi Cruz & Jerrelle Clark def Bug & Erick Stevens & OG Scarface, Shane Twins def Steve Madison & Mike Sullivan..

June 5, 2004--Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DAY 2 (Afternoon) in St. Petersburg, FL: Teddy Hart def Mikey Tenderfoot, Justice def Petey Williams, Roderick Strong def Alex Shelley, Chris Hero advanced via forfeit as Homicide was injured, April Hunter won three-way over Jenni Taylor and Chrissy Daine, Luther Jackson def Scarface, Naphtali won a last man standing match, Cuban Assassin def Jeremy Lopez to keep the Pacific Northwest heavyweight title, John Brooks & Chi Chi Cruz & Azriel def Puma & Matt Striker & Sedrick Strong, Jeff Bradley & Jimmy Jacobs def Bug & Z-Barr..

June 5, 2004--Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DAY 2 (Evening) in St. Petersburg, FL: Teddy Hart claimed a knee injury in his match with Mikey Tenderfoot and didn't continue. Justice def eared Chris Hero and Roderick Strong to win the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup! (Jet Jaguar was guest referee) -- Alex Shelley & Petey Williams def Mikey Tenderfoot & Black Tigers (Jeremy Lopez), Bruce Steele def Slyk Wagner Brown, Zach Gowen def Rod Steel, Scoot Andrews def Colt Cabana, Mike Sullivan def Danny Doring, Jerrelle Clark def Azrieal, Lex Lovett & Steve Madison def Shane Twins, Frankie Capone & Marcus Dillon def Dr. Heresy & Andre Lyons..

June 16, 2006--Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DAY 1 in Sanford, Florida: Ruckus def T.J. Mack, The Canadian Cougar def Jake Manning, Joey Ryan def El Generico, Rod Steel def Davey Richards, Krazy K def T.J. Wilson, Delirious def Human Tornado, Tom Carter def Chasyn Rance, Milano Collection A.T. def Arik Cannon, Jerrelle Clark def Dagon and Ryan Drago in a 3-WAY (Non-Tournament), Frankie Ciatso w/Molly Holly def Erick Stevens w/So-Cal Val (Non-Tournament), Billy Kidman def Naphtali (Non-Tournament), Christopher Daniels def Roderick Strong (Non-Tournament).

June 17, 2006--Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DAY 2 in Pinellas Park, Florida: First Round: Ruckus def Canadian Cougar, Joey Ryan def Rod Steel, Delirious def Krazy K, Milano Collection A.T. def T.J. Wilson | Second Round: Ruckus def Joey Ryan, Milano Collection A.T. def Delirious | Finals: Milano Collection AT def Ruckus to win the Jeff Peterson Cup, T.J. Wilson def Human Tornado and Jake Manning and Arik Cannon and El Genercio and T.J. Mack in a 6-WAY, Billy Kidman def Lex Lovett, Modern Day Theory (Scott Commodity & Preston James w/Molly Holly) def Bruce Santee & Pretty Fly w/Amy Love, Naphtali def OG Scarface and Havok in a 3-WAY Jeff Peterson Tribute match, Christopher Daniels def Sedrick Strong