• November 4, 2005 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

  • MATCH: The Blue Meanie def Danny Doring..

  • MATCH: Balls Mahoney def John Kronus..

  • MATCH: Matt Hyson (Spike Dudley) def C.W. Anderson..

  • Terry Funk was inducted into the Hardcore Hall of Fame..

  • TAIPEI DEATH MATCH: Axl Rotten def Ian Rotten..

  • DOG COLLAR MATCH: Gary Wolfe def Shane Douglas..

  • TAG MATCH: Team 3-D def Sabu & Terry Funk (3D on Funk)..
    • Matt Hyson ran in and took a powerbomb through a flaming table!

  • CAGE MATCH: Justin Credible def Jerry Lynn..
    • ~~~Lance Storm appeared and helped Credible win!

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