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Brian Pillman Memorial Shows

April 29, 1998--1st Annual Pillman Memorial Show in Norwood, OH - Norwood Middle School drawing 1,002: Nick Dinsmore beat Trailer Park Trash, Steve Dunn & Rino Riggins beat Brian Taylor & The Bounty Hunter, Flash Flannagan beat Bull Pain, Chip Fairway & Shark Boy beat Terek the Great & Sean Casey, Al Snow beat Chris Candido, Chris Benoit beat Chris Jericho (Guests: Steve Austin, Chris Kanyon, Melanie Pillman, Sunny, Terry Taylor)

May 19, 1999--2nd Annual Pillman Memorial Show in Cincinnati, OH - Cincinnati Gardens drawing 1,800: Shark Boy pinned Matt Stryker, Terik the Great pinned Jeremy Jett, Chip Fairway beat Chad Collyer via submission, Tim Horner & Rob Conway beat Flash Flannagan & Bull Pain when Horner pinned Flannagan, Shark Boy pinned Terik the Great, Terry Taylor beat Tom Pritchard, Shark Boy pinned Chip Fairway, Al Snow beat Road Dogg, Mankind pinned D-Lo Brown, Konnan & Rey Misterio, Jr. beat Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko when Misterio pinned Malenko (Guests: Ric Flair, Missy Hyatt, Ricky Steamboat)

May 25, 2000--3rd Annual Pillman Memorial Show in Cincinnati, OH - Schmidt Fieldhouse drawing 2,000: Rory Fox & Logan Caine beat Jeremy Lope & Jet Jaguar, Rico Constantino beat BJ Payne, Chuck Palumbo beat Sean O'Hare, Scotty Sabre beat Reckless Youth, Cody Hawk & Anthony McMurphy beat Flash Flannagan & Matt Stryker, HWA Junior Heavyweight Champ Shark Boy beat Jamie-san, Race Steele beat Chip Fairway to win the HWA Title, Anthony McMurphy beat Cody Michaels, Tom Pritchard beat Tim Horner, Ron & Don Harris beat Billy Kidman & Disco Inferno, Vampiro beat Capt. Rection, Chris Benoit beat Steve Regal via submission, Diamond Dallas Page beat Shane Douglas, ECW Champ Justin Credible beat Raven, Eddy Guerrero & D-Lo Brown beat Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn (Guests: Missy Hyatt, Kevin Nash, Ricky Steamboat)

August 9, 2001--4th Annual Pillman Memorial Show in Oak Hills, OH - Oak Hills High School drawing 2,500: Nigel McGinnes pinned Machine, Rob Conway & Ron Waterman beat The Disciples of Synn, JR Ryder pinned Richard Pound, Chad Collyer beat Donovan Morgan, Cody Hawk & Lance Cade beat The Island Boys, Randy Orton beat Prototype, Damaja & Mike Hard beat Chet & Dean Jablonski, The Hass Brothers beat Steve Bradley & Rico Constantino, Chad Collyer beat Pepper Parks, Shark Boy, and Matt Stryker in a "four corners" match to win the HWA Cruiserweight title, Nick Dinsmore beat Race Steele to win the HWA Title, Lita pinned Lady Victoria, Terry Taylor pinned Bobby Eaton (w/Jim Cornette) -Ricky Steamboat was referee-, NWA World Champ Steve Corino beat David Flair, Evan Karagias (w/Missy Hyatt) pinned Chris Candido (w/Tammy Sytch), Mark Henry pinned Hugh Morrus, Perry Saturn & Dean Malenko beat Justin Credible & Raven, The Hardy Boyz beat Edge & Christian and Chris Kanyon & Diamond Dallas Page in a triple threat (Guest: William Regal)