Independent Wrestling Results - April 2007

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  1. April 4, 2007--Gimmicks Only Underground Grappling Entertainment - The Final Count Down in Raleigh, North Carolina at the Kings Barcade: Felicia O def Cinnamon Snott, Yuk def Kimo, Wallabee Joe w/Felicia O def Go Go the Gay Gorilla w/Run DM Ski (Ski turned on Go Go and cost him the match), Sex Love & Money (Brad Hunter & Shawn Alexander w/Brandi Richardson) def Cary Heat (Rico Rage & Darryl Kelly), Scab def Natron Steele w/Roger Kerr in a Tables & Ladders & Chairs match, T Dawg Hard Gay & Allison Danger def Drew McElrath & Stoney & P.J. Hooker, Major DeBeers & Rick Link w/Count Grog def Dick Foley & Muddface (Scotty Matthews), The Urban Legends (Luther Thesz & Cowboy Willie Watts) def K.C. McKnight & Charlie Dreamer and Tennessee Ernie Nord & Seymour Snott in a 3-WAY Tag match to retain the GOUGE Tag Team titles, King F'n Chilly Willy w/Count Grog def C.W. Anderson and Otto Schwanz w/Kameo and Trailer Park Heat in a 4-WAY to retain the GOUGE Title..

  2. April 5, 2007--Exodus Wrestling Alliance in Salisbury, North Carolina: Charlie Dreamer def Chris Guerrero, Eric St. Clair def Mighty Hojo, Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. def Jake Manning, George South Jr. def Charlie Dreamer, Red Scorpion def Shooter, Bobby Houston def George South Sr.

  3. April 5, 2007--West Virginia Mountaineer Wrestling in Hamlin, West Virgnia at the Lincoln County High School before 115 fans: Matt Riviera def Nightmare (Ted Allan), Tojo Yamamoto Jr. def Nasty Bill by DQ, Matt Riviera def Rodney Grimes, Tracy Smothers & Worm def Don Bass & Ricky Morton, Jerry "The King" Lawler def Buddy Landel w/Kim Chee (Jim Casey)...Kamala no-showed...

  4. April 5, 2007--ACW Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah: Zen def Billy Malik, The Martinez Boyz def Donovan Denzli & Chad Bryant, Junior X def Super Destroyer, Khan Kussion vs Brick Alexander ended in a Double Countout, A.C. Tsunami def Spencer Cage

  5. April 6, 2007--Top Rope Promotions in Fall River, Massachusetts at the Police Athletic League Hall: Jason Blade def Gino Giovanni, Dan Strykes vs Paul Lombardi ended in a No Contest, Antonio Thomas def Grayson Alexander, Johnny Angel def Bret Williams, Nikki Roxx & Luscious Latasha def Lexus & Barbie, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine def B.K. Jordan, Brother Runt & Vain def Simon Diamond & Gregory Edwards, Big Daddy Bravo def Buck Nasty to retain the TRP Interstate title, Mike Bennett & Bryce Andrews w/Grayson Alexander def Shane & Eric Alden w/The Director to retain the TRP Tag Team titles, Michael Sain def Freight Train, Rick Fuller def Jay Jaillet in a Lumberjack match to win the TRP Heavyweight title.. [reported by Shawn O.]

  6. April 6, 2007--Supreme Wrestling Alliance in Nitro, West Virginia: Brian Compton def Vance Desmond, Parental Advisory vs Dirty Lynch Boys ended in a draw, Shane Storm vs Derik Billings ended in a No Contest, Jason Kincaid def Sarah Lynn, Scotty McKeever def Smokey C, Eric Steel def Cole Cash, The Jive Tones def Shane Matthews & Chris Vega

  7. April 6, 2007--Exodus Wrestling Alliance in Mooresville, North Carolina: Charlie Dreamer def Jake Manning, Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. def Raymond Helms, Chris Guerrero def Shooter, Jesse Morris def Red Scorpion, Bobby Houston def George South Sr. in a Loser Leaves Town match

  8. April 6, 2007--GWP in Ellijay, Georgia: Adrian Hawkins def Caleb Konley, Leatherface def Locomotive, Shooting Star def Andrew Pendleton III, Melissa Coates def Sumie Sakai, Nemesis def Iceberg, The Hollywood Brunettes def Jessco Blue & Tim O'Brien, Shaun Tempers vs Adam Jacobs ended in a draw

  9. April 7, 2007--New Era Wrestling in Cincinnati, Ohio: Tim Lutz def Phantom, Mr. Reality Check def Xavier Cross, Jay Donaldson def Evan Steel, Garf Redman def Dewey Brown, Matt Ryan & Jim Hutchinson def Nick LeBeau & Tom Sharp, Brett Grayson & Chris Reno def Logan Caine & Madness by DQ, Nikita Allanov def Marc Houston.

  10. April 7, 2007--CIW in Waldon, Michigan: Conrad Kennedy III & Brian Bender & Ernie Balls def Nitro & Mauler & Xavier Justice, Dave Duponte def Joe Doering, Doink the Clown & Nacho Libre def Wild Stallions & Mr. Main Event, Hoss Monohan def Jim Rivard, Ash def Michael Elgin, Xavier Justice def Ricky Fontaine...

  11. April 7, 2007--Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws in Greensburg, Indiana at the Decatur County Parks Center: Devan Monroe def Pogo to retain the WCWO Midwest title, B.A.Skynard def DeCap, Camron Star def Oola to retain the WCWO Ladies title, Big Red "The Wrestling Preacher" def Jammer & Maniac & Timmy Turner in a Handicap match, The Chicago Playaz (Boy Toy Bryan & Stu Early) def Apocalypz to win the WCWO Tag Team titles (Bobo Brazil Jr. no-showed leaving his partner alone), Chris Hamilton def Wampus Cat, "Dangerous Bull" Don Basher def "The Zombie" Rob Ramer by DQ to retain the WCWO Heavyweight title.. [reported by Randall Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line 4/8]

  12. April 7, 2007--Hoosier Pro Wrestling - 9th Anniversary Show in Columbus, Indiana at the HPW Arena before a sellout of 300 fans: Pastor Pain def Kenny Starr, Cooter Clampett def Dave Bane, Average White Guy def Brian Beech when Sinn interferred, Donnie Idol def Bobby Black in a Lumberjack Match, The Soul Shooters def TVZ to win the HPW Tag Team titles, Ox Harley w/Tammy Sytch def The Original Sinn.. [reported by Randall Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line 4/8]

  13. April 7, 2007--Crossroad Championship Wrestling - Easter Bash in Terre Haute, Indiana: Donovan Cain def Johnny Watts by Submission, C.J. Esparza def Axis and Drake Graven in a 3-WAY, Paige Adams def EleKtrA FinE in a Ladies match, Arrick the Red & J.P. Lightening def Team N.E.R.D. & The Forces of Nature, "The Ragin' Caucasian" Charlie Knight & A.C. Powers def C.J. Maxwell & Ray Lincoln, Jason Lyte w/EleKtrA FinE def Jimmy Jacobs.. [reported by Randall Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line 4/8]

  14. April 7, 2007--Total All-Star Wrestling in New Albany, Indiana at the National Guard Armory: Steve Marino forfeited the TAW Heavyweight title due to injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident, Randy Royal def "The Black Redneck" Kliff Hanger to qualify for the main event for the TAW Title, Cujo def Kato to qualify for the main event for the TAW Title, Myra def Evil Eva in a Hardcore Ladies match, The Eastside Brawlers def Spider Nelson & Kentucky Slugger Robert, Cujo def Randy Royal to win the vacant TAW Heavyweight title.. [reported by Michael C Rogers in the Indy Wrestle Line 4/8]

  15. April 7, 2007--Northern Wrestling Federation in Cincinnati, Ohio at BoneKrushers in front of a SOLD OUT CROWD: "The Man" Roger Ruffen def Austin Meddler, Unified Champion The Zodiac w/Jac Attack def Dr. Melvin Winkleman when a second Zodiac interfered, The Thugs def Christopher Michael Lotus & Monte, Pompano Joe vs Muldoon ended in a Double Count Out, The Crybaby & Benjamin Kimera def Stewie Backlund & The American Eagle, "The Genunine Superstar" Anthony Bryant vs Ice ended in a No Contest when Ryan Stone interfered, Jesse Hyde def Bodacious w/Crazy Courtney.. [reported by Randall Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line 4/8]

  16. April 7, 2007--Outlaw Championship Wrestling in Moulton, Alabama: Damien Michaels & J Dawg def Jay Blade & The Coach, Ryder def Justin Raines, Tony Grande def Disorderly, Jason Myers def “Impressive” Anthony Wayne in a Blindfold match by DQ, Ryder (OCW Heavyweight Champion) vs Dusty McWilliams in a Moulton Bullrope Match was thrown out due interference by the Southern Wrecking Crew, Antney & Wild Irish Rose (Tag Team Champions) def The Southern Wrecking Crew w/Mr. Hyde.. [reported by Lekisha Oliver-Burdine]

  17. April 7, 2007--Mid-States Wrestling in Briggsville, Arkansas before 175 fans: Gary Gram def Matt Riviera, Cast Iron Cothern w/Boss Campbell def Dexter Hardaway, Jim Fallon def Jake Boulder, Kenny Campbell def Mitch Carter, Jason Jones & Christopher Vincent def The Matadors, Jake Boulder won a battle royal..

  18. April 7, 2007--Main Event World League - Honky Tonk Saturday Night in Alliance, Ohio at the Alliance National Guard Armory: Jeff Cannon & Lexi Lane def Sherman Tank & Sassy Stephie, Ryan Midnite def Christian Vaughn, Shane Sensation def Kano and Unknown and Virus and Jason Thunder and Ragous in 6-WAY to win the Cruiserweight title, Matt Mason def Justin Diaz, Jazin Blaze & Chris Kole def Marion Fontaine & Durty the Clown to retain the Tag Team titles, "The Upgrade" Tyrone Evans def Robby Starr to win the MEWL Heavyweight title, Wilbur Whitlock def Honky Tonk Man by DQ after the referee reversed the decision after Honky hit Wilbur with the Guitar.. [reported by MAXIMAMLOAD]

  19. April 7, 2007--Top Rope Promotions in Bellingham, Massachusetts at the Middle School: Jason Blade def Vain, Big Daddy Bravo & Grayson P. Alexander & Dan Strykes def The Alden Brothers & Freight Train w/The Director, "Kidd USA" Jay Jaillet def "The Lebanese Prince" Paul Lombardi, Antonio Thomas & Romeo Roselli def TRP Tag Team Champions Mike Bennett & Bryce Andrews w/Grayson P. Alexander in a Non-title match, Luscious Latasha & B.K. Jordan def Lexus & Johnny Angel, Brother Runt def "The Ladies Man" Gregory Edwards in a Bellingham Street Fight, TRP Heavyweight Champion Big Rick Fuller def Nick Steel by DQ, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka def Michael Sain.. [reported by Shawn O.]

  20. April 7, 2007--Coastal Championship Wrestling in Coral Springs, Florida before 425 fans: Ricky Vega def Preston James, Shane McLane def Anthony Michaels, Dok Rivera vs J.B. Cool ended in a draw, Dantastic def Super Destroyer by DQ, Chasyn Rance def Jack Manley, Cash Money Brothers & Norman Smiley def Syrian Slasher & American Taliban & Kahagas, Dustin Rhodes def Bruno Sassi

  21. April 7, 2007--MXPW - Florida J-Cup Tournament in Avon Park, Florida before 120 fans: Craig Classic def Nooie Lee in the 1st Round, Jerrelle Clark def Johnny Vandal in the 1st Round, Jaison Moore def Chris Jones in the 1st Round, Aaron Epic def Austin Amadeus in the 1st Round, Bruce Santee def Nick Fame and Shane Swyft in a 3-WAY, Jaison Moore def Craig Classic in the 2nd Round, Jerrelle Clark def Aaron Epic in the 2nd Round, The Lifeguards vs The Heartbreak Express ended in a Double Countout (Sean Davis bled a ridiculous amount), Jerrelle Clark def Jaison Moore to win the Florida J-Cup Tournament..

  22. April 7, 2007--Brawl in the Hall in Springfield, Illinois: Justin Dean & Nick Brubaker & White Boy def Kid Italy & Halloween & Seth Clash, Justin MacIntyre & Mississippi Mad Man def Golden Lion & Spyro, B.G. James & Kip James def Ro-Z & Steve Stone, Eric Logan won a Battle Royal, D-Lo Brown def Andrew Test Martin and Bull Buchanan in a 3-WAY..