Independent Wrestling Results - February 2007

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  1. February 2, 2007--Hermie Sadler's UWF in Wilson, North Carolina: J.D. Michaels & Caleb Conley def Kirby Mack & T.J. Mack, Brother Runt def Bull Buchanan, The Steiner Brothers def Matt Bentley & Frankie Kazarian, Jerry Lynn def Steve Corino, Maven Huffman def D-Lo Brown, Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon) def David Young & Elix Skipper.

  2. February 3, 2007--Hermie Sadler's UWF in Wilmington, North Carolina: Frankie Kazarian def J.D. Michaels with help from Matt Bentley, The Diamonds In The Rough (David Young & Elix Skipper) def Team Action (?????? & ?????), Jerry Lynn & Brother Runt def Steve Corino & Bull Buchanan (Runt was "drunk" and walked out on Jerry Lynn), Matt Bentley def Taylor Conway with help from Frankie Kazarian, Maven w/April Hunter def D-Lo Brown, The Steiner Brothers def Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon) by DQ when a drunk Brother Runt interfered (Ray & Devon put Runt through a Table after the match!)..

  3. February 3, 2007--American Pro Wrestling in Chester, South Carolina: Deon Johnson def Willie Presley, Mark Slain def Cole McAbee, Barbarian def Rocky Starr & Mike McCloud, Derek Ryze & B.J. Hancock def Zack Salvation & Abel Adams, Shea Shea McGrady def Baha, Phil Shatter def Tommy Vandal.

  4. February 3, 2007--New Era Wrestling in Cincinnati, Ohio: Tom Sharp def Phantom, Nick LeBeau def Garf Redman-DQ, Redman & Phantom def LeBeau & Sharp, Tim Lutz def Mitch Gibson, Dave Nevada & Dewey Brown def Chris Reno & Brett Grayson, Jay Donaldson def Brad Callaway.

  5. February 3, 2007--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Louis Linaris def Destinee Blade, Dark Lion def Wildman Rogers, Richard Cannon def Zach Gowen, Sami Callihan def Matt Lowry, POD def Mini Max, Jay West def Jimmy Jacobs to win title, Osyris def Justin Dean

  6. February 3, 2007--Hoosier Pro Wrestling in Columbus, Indiana before 230 fans: Average White Guy def Dave Bane, Luis Rojas def Jeremy Hadley, Dr. Love & C.R. Rage def Cousin Cooter & Quicksilver, Scott Magnum def Bouncer, TVZ def Donny Idol & Bobby Black, Jon Wall def Ox Harley, Ronnie Vegas vs Bobo Brazil Jr. ended in a No Contest

  7. February 3, 2007--Alternative Championship Wrestling in Seagrove, North Carolina: Jason Jones & L.A. Wild One def Method 187, Rob Kilboy def Scarp Yard Dog, Ricky Morton def George South Jr., Ivan Koloff def George South Sr. in a Russian Chain match, The Barbarian & The Masked Superstar def Bam & Jack Spade, Scotty Matthews w/Harley Race def Bounty Hunter. Jimmy Valiant and Tommy Young worked as referees.

  8. February 3, 2007--NGW in El Monte, California: Diablo def Kid Karnage and Chimaera in a 4-WAY, Sonny Samson def Jerome Robinson, Phoenix Star & Nikki def Slick Nick & Mr. Instant Replay, Joey Harder def Bino Gambino, Nemesis & Guerrero de Sangre def Charles Mercury & Johnny Paradise, Ronin def Hook Bomberry, Joey Ryan & Disco Machine def Markus Riot & Leo Blaze

  9. February 3, 2007--SWA in Westminster, South Carolina before 65 fans: Green Lightning def Damon Studd, Zero won three-way over Omen and Kid Casanova, J.C. Stone def Joshua Austin-DQ, Playa & ASAP def Rebel Kid & Draven, Bad Jack & Bobby Holbooks def Billy Starr & Panhead Nelson, Havoc & Backdraft def Michael Frehley & Josh.

  10. February 3, 2007--Atlas Wrestling Company in McKeesport, Pennsylvania at the Jacob Woll Pavillion: Scott Venom pinned Bigg with a quick roll-up to advance to the finals of the AWC Heavyweight Title Tournament, Brandon K def Crusher Hansen to advance to the finals of the AWC Heavyweight Title Tournament, Paul Atlas and Curtis Stevenson won a bet between themselves and Kid Cupid that Cupid couldnt run five times around the ring (Cupid made it 4 1/2 times before chasing a danish thrown into the crowd by Stevenson), Scott Venom def Brandon K to become the first AWC Heavyweight Champion..

  11. February 3, 2007--Southern Championship Wrestling - Valentines Day Massacre 2007 in Jasper, Alabama at Sherer Auditorum: Kelvin Bozman & Kid Enigma (midget wrestler) def "Wildthang" Will Owens, Mike Jackson def The Ultimate Dragon by DQ when Adam Armor & Chris Lee interfeared, Tommy Rich & Mike Jackson def Adam Armor & "Canadian Kid" Chris Lee, El Mexicano def Johnny Rage

  12. February 3, 2007--Global Championship Wrestling - Gold Rush Tournament in Palmerdale, Alabama: Mr. Blurr def Mudbone to advance in the Gold Rush Tournament, Timmy Feldman & Jesse Paine def The Night Prowler & Guff Grayson and Cabana Man Dan & Chrisjen Hayme to win the GCW Tag Team titles, Theodore Tuttweiler III def "Jumping" Jesse Emerson, Nasty Kritter vs Lani Kialoha ended in a No Contest, Seth Skyfire def The InHuman Fly, Will Owens def "Mad Dog" Dan Sawyer to advance in the Gold Rush Tournament, Mr. Blurr def Will Owens in the Gold Rush Tournament Finals to win the GCW World title...

  13. February 4, 2007--Texas All-Star Wrestling somewhere in Texas from the Humble Bingo Hall: Bobby 2Badd def Chip Dumass, Justin Blaze def Jed-Lo, The Gimps def Dylan Starr & Nasty Nick, T-Bone def VooDoo by DQ, Bubba Lee Travis def El Dragon Rapido, Samoa Joe def ZenZen

  14. February 6, 2007--American Combat Wrestling in New Port Richey, Florida: Shan Hill & Twizted Vengeance def Austin Amadeus & Nick Fame, "Modern Revolution" Steve Madison def "Latin Sensation" Ricky Romeo, Nooie Lee (Cruiserweight Champion) vs Jaison Moore ended in a No Contest, Sedrick Strong & Joshua Masters w/Fetish def Dogmatika (Sideshow & Dany Only) in a Non-title match, "Raging Bull" Eddie Taurus def Big Daddy Pimp to retain the ACW Heavyweight title..

  15. February 9, 2007--Northern Wrestling Federation in Cincinnati, Ohio: Ice d Pompano Joe, Dr. Melvin Winkleman def Crybaby, Danny Montgomery def Warlock, Jesse Hyde def Bodacious, Thugs def Tiny Tim & Christopher Michael Lotus, Stewie Backlund vs Ryan Stone ended in a No Contest.

  16. February 9, 2007--Exodus Wrestling Alliance in Pageland, South Carolina: Chris Guerrero def Jason Jones, Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. def Mr .USA, El Elieto def Chris Guerrero, Bobby Houston & Jim Heffner def George South Sr. & The Assassin

  17. February 9, 2007--XCW Wrestling in Denton, Texas at XCW Arena: Reckless Ricky Jackson def ??????, Don Juan def Kit Carson by DQ, Hugh Rogue def Gregory Symonds, B.J. Turner def Larry Canyunga & Miguel in an impromptu Handicap match, Necro Butcher def Scott McKenzie to retain his #1 Contendership, Jack Drastic & D-Skrilla Danny w/Naughty Niki def Louie The Hand & Drunk Adam..

  18. February 9, 2007--Brew City Wrestling in Waukesha, Wisconsin: Matt Longtime & Ian Xavier def Scotty Pride & Super Mario, Dysfunction def Brandon Blaze, Steve Stone def Mickie McCoy, Dinty Moore def Kenny Kado, The Soul Shooters def The Aristocrats, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine vs Steve Corino ended in a No Contest, Allison Wonderland def Katie Syren and Ann Thraxx in a 3-WAY, Steve Corino & Greg Valentine def Dinty Moore & Mickie McCoy

  19. February 10, 2007--American Wrestling Elite in Glencoe, Alabama: Holocaust w/Chris Baddstreet def Khaoz w/Miss Mandy to retain the AWE Heavyweight title (Orion Bishop w/Wicked Nemeis challenged Holocaust to a title match later), Orion Bishop w/Wicked Nemeis def "The Future" Joe Slaughter in a "Tune Up" match, "The Modern Day Super Hero" Damon Taz def Chris Baddstreet with the Tazitude Adjustment, Stupid D. Clown w/Princess Ashley def Super Sukit Tanaka with the aid of a foreign object, Holocaust def "The Wrestling Hybrid" Orion Bishop by DQ to retain the AWE Heavyweight title (The locker-room eptied after the match and had a major brawl with Holocaust standing alone at the end)..

  20. February 10, 2007--Extreme Wrestling Federation in Marion, Indiana: Nate Phoenix def Tony X, Wildman Rogers def Louis Linaris by DQ, Bob def Fallen Dragon, Jay West def Jake Omen, Richard Cannon def Andy Santos, Dark Lion vs Just Justin ended in a No Contest, Hank Calhoun def Osyris by Countout.

  21. February 10, 2007--Northern Wrestling Federation in Wilmington, Ohio: Tiny Tim def Zodiac, Muldoon def Dr. Melvin Winkleman, Christopher Michael Lotus def Crybaby, Anthony Bryant def Austin Meddler, The Hippies def The Thugs by DQ, Ice def Bodacious, American Eagle & Stewie Backlund def Roger Ruffen & Ryan Stone.

  22. February 10, 2007--Insane Wrestling Federation in Dearborn, Michigan: N8 Mattson & Truth Martini & Zach Gowen def Danny Daniels & Trik Davis & Tyler Black, Eddie Venom def Jeff Brooks, The Cold Brothers def Chris Hybrid & Rosco Jennings, Jimmy Jacobs def Tracy Smothers, C.J. Otis def Conrad Kennedy III, Jeff King def D-Ray 3000, 2 Tuff Tony & Corporal Robinson & DBA def Ian Decay & Rik Matrix & Necro Butcher, The Soul Shooters def Pat Tanaka & Dylan Knight, Colt Cabana vs Chris Sabin ended in a 30:00 draw

  23. February 10, 2007--UPWA in Wilmington, North Carolina at the National Guard Armory before nearly 400 fans: Andrew Anderson & Mean Marc Ash def LA Tank & Beast, Playboy Marcus Shields def Bam the Destroyer to retain the Heavyweight title, John Thundercould & Wicked def Biggie Sanchez & Derek Snow, Carnage def Pete Nixon, The Dream Lovers def The Dawsons (Tag Team Champions) in a Non-title match, K.C. McKnight def Xavier Rush, Beast def Solitude, Scotty Sabre def Eric Evans, Aidiean def Sgt Small.

  24. February 10, 2007--Midwest Wrestling Alliance in Carter Lake, Iowa: Vic Victory & Vash Heartley def Jason Strife & Carson Rockwell, Shawn Backlund def Zac James, The Pain Syndicate def Gauge & Johnny Jackson to retain the MWA Tag Team titles, "Cowboy" Troy Hansen def Matty Star, Ricky Reynolds vs Mr. Jones ended in a time limit draw, Blade def Mr. Sambo w/Jack Bano, The All Americans def Shawn Christain & Hype Gotti, Eric Fantabulous def Donnie Peppercricket to retain the MWA Heavyweight title..

  25. February 10, 2007--Lethal Wrestling in Affton, Missouri: Brian Ladd def Johnny Vinyl, Dingo def Jordan Lacey, Nick Tyson def Evan Gelistco and K.C. Karrington in a 3-WAY, Dorian Victor def Brandon Espinosa, Billy McNeil def Steven Kennedy, Shorty Biggs & C.J. McManus def Adam Raw & Bryan James, Gary the Barnowl def Dan Velten.

  26. February 10, 2007--MSPW in Coal City, Illinois: Tigger Mask def Black Magic and Slammo in a 3-WAY, C.J. Esparza def Brett Gakiya and William Hatcher in a 3-WAY, T.C. Washington def Tony Rican, Mike Flannery def Derek St. Holmes, Great Maliki def Alto, ADD def Mickie McCoy, Mike Horning & Justin Dean def Steve Stone & Hardcore Craig and XXXplitic Content and The Urban Horsemen in a 4-WAY Tag match, Jason Hades & Mike Flannery def Silas Young & Bobby Valentino..

  27. February 10, 2007--CIW - Cerebal Palsy Benefit in Adrian, Michigan before 700: Jimmy Whiplash def Chris Corvis, Demolition Ax & The Mauler def Pat Tanaka & Azure, Jack Thriller def Nacho Libre, Doink def Johnny Dynamo, Judge Tough Love def Brian Bender, Koko B. Ware & P.J. Flowers def Dave DuPonte & Mr. Main Event, The Barbarian def Hoss Monahan, Nitro def Kimala and Kim Chee..

  28. February 10, 2007--Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling in Warren, Michigan: Tommy Titus def Whiplash, Jeff Brooks & Jason Harris def Anti-American Kickboxer & Terek the Great, Eddie Venom def Kris Korvis, Jeff King def Kamikaze, Johnny Dynamo def Brad Martin, Phil Atlas def Gutter, N8 Mattson def Josh Abercrombie, Truth Martini & Jaimy Coxx def Levi Blue & Gameboy, DBA vs Joe Byrd ended in a No Contest, C.J. Otis def Necro Butcher..

  29. February 10, 2007--Legends Show in Savannah, Tennessee before 400 fans: Austin Lane won a Battle royal, Cruzn Pain def Nick Grymes and Chris Kilgore in a 3-WAY, Brad Thomas def Beau James, Tom Prichard def Brad Thomas, Ricky Morton def Bobby Eaton, Reno Diamond def Chris Rocker and Austin Lane in a 3-WAY, The Posse def Family of Pain, Jerry Lawler & Rodney Grimes def Brickhouse Brown & Don Bass.

  30. February 10, 2007--Championship Wrestling Federatio - Unfinished Business VII (7th Anniversary) in Monessen, Pennsylvania: Blade def The Masked Assassin, Eric Xtasy def The ShareCropper, The Straight Jacket Mafia (Sean Dahmer & Apollyon) def The Perfect Storm (Thunder & Lightning), Beast def "The Snakeman" Deven Michaels by Countout, Kato vs "The Future" Calvin McGrath ended in a time limit draw in a 10-Minute Kato Challenge, Lord Zoltan & Amir Al Jafari (sub for Nasty Nick) def The Steel City Saints (Bobby Shields & Chris LeRusso), "King of Karaoke" Steve Flash def Powerhouse Hughes, Zubov def "The Spotlight" Scottie Gash when Kato interfered to retain the CWF Heavyweight title, Justin Idol def Devil Bhudakahn and Mantis and Jason Gory in a 4-WAY Ladder match to win the vacant CWF Keystone title..

  31. February 10, 2007--Dropkick Pro Wrestling in Macon, Georgia: Jonathan Davis def Jamie Hall (After the match: Lamar Alday destroyed both Davis and Hall), The Professor def J-Rod, "The Black Superman" AJ Steele def Amien Rios and Sean Logan in a Gauntlet match, "The Shooter" Vordell Walker def Jon Davis, Matt Black & Scott Cage Vs Adrenaline Rush VS The In Crowd VS The Three Amigos

  32. February 11, 2007--Supreme Pro Wrestling in Sacramento, California: Midnight Spider def Wage Richon, Ryan Dragon def Luster the Legend, T-Rent def D.J. Rizz and D-Unit in a 3-WAY, Bonzai Bruce def Rik Luxury, Chupacabra & Virgil Flynn def The Honor Society, Malachi def Jesus Kruze and Kenny K in a 3-WAY, Seito Hayashi & Kassy Summers def Flaco Loco & Vivoras En Avion, Adam Thornstowe vs Vinny Massaro ended in a No Contest..

  33. February 11, 2007--Mad Pro Wrestling - Never Again in Chillicothe, Ohio at Cardo's Restaurant: Sami Callihan def Flash Fury, Cody Hawk def Lou Roberts, Ryan Midnight def Carlton Kaz and Chance Prophet (c) in a 3-WAY to win the MX Title, T.J. Dalton & Lennox Lightfoot [aka Al B. Damm] def The Princes of Portugual (J.D. Santos & Vance Desmond), B.J. Whitmer def Matt Stryker w/Neveah to win the MPW Heavyweight title, Irish Airborne def The Mavericks in a TLC match with Ed Crowza as referee.

  34. February 13, 2007--American Combat Wrestling in New Port Richey, Florida: Jaison Moore def Shayne Swift, Steve Madison def Nooie Lee (Cruiserweight Champion) in a Non-title match, Austin Amadeus def Nick Fame and Damien Angel in a 3-WAY, The Syndicate (Ralph Mosca & Shan Hill) def Cousin Dale & Twizted Vengeance, "Latin Sensation" Ricky Romeo def LaDuke Jakes by DQ, Dogmatika (Sideshow & Dany Only) def Sedrick Strong & Joshua Masters w/Fetish in a Hardcore match

  35. February 13, 2007--River City Wrestling - Texas Explosion III in San Antonio, Texas at the Bellaire Baptist Church Gym: Aguila Negro def Andy Dalton, B.J. Turner w/Miss Laura def Don Juan, Rory Fox def J.T. LaMotta, Chris Marval def Mike Foxx w/Miss Laura, Franco D'Angelo won a Fan Lumberjack Strap Battle Royal (Included: Joey Spector, Quinten Allen, Andy Dalton, J.T. LaMotta, Chris Marval, Aguila Negro, Danny Matthews, Franco D'Angelo, Rory Fox, Mr. Yebisu, Brandon Oliver), Sicodelico Jr. def Mike Dell and Ikaika in a 3-WAY to win the Cyber title, LAX (Homicide & Hernandez) vs Country of Caucasian Knights (Scott McKenzie & Messiah w/Miss Laura) ended in a No Contest

  36. February 15, 2007--UWA in Alcoa, Tennessee before 100 fans: Justin Karma def Terry Cooley, The Outlaws def Parental Advisory, Travis Sawyer vs Rip O'Kelly ended in a draw, Deal or No Deal & Donavan Daniels def The Heartaches & Kassie Rains, Jake Roberts & Ricky Morton & Robbie Race def Jeff Anderson & Heat Seekers V2, Jerry Lee def Lance Stark, Menace & Eric Adamz def NOW by DQ

  37. February 15, 2007--Coliseum Championship Wrestling in Evansville??, Indiana: "The Killer" Billy Junk def JP Lightning, Death Psi def Canadian Kid to retain the CCW Lightweight title, JV Insanity def Jason "The Gift" Kincaid, Buzz Dupp def "The Texas Hangman" Lonestar, Walt & Dave Matthews def Double R in a Handicapped match, Dewey "Booger" Dawson def Tracy Smothers in a Tennessee Street Fight, Pothead Just John & Tim Renesto def Viper & J-Grunge in a Ladder match to win the CCW Tag team titles..

  38. February 16, 2007--Louisiana Championship Wrestling - Broken in Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Axle def Spade and Ravager in a 3-WAY, Dark Destroyers (Ravager & Beast Wolf Black) def Twilight (Kenney) & Axle, Ace def Ravager, Spade def Axle, Ace of Spades def The Dark Destroyers to become the 1st ever LCW Tag Team champions!!!!, Ravager def Ace and Axle and Twilight in a 4-WAY Elimination to win the Intercontinental title!

  39. February 16, 2007--World Wrestling Coaltionin Decatur, Ohio: Jon Moxley def Jake Ashworth, High School Heroes def The GP Code, Aaron Williams vs "Buffalo Bad Boy" Brian Jennings ended in a Double Countout, Terek the Legend def The Boogeyman, Ric Byrne & Dave Nevada def "Big Kahuna" Kenny Lucas & Devlin Anderson in a 2/3 Falls match to win the WWC Tag Team titles, Kimera def JT Stahr to win the WWC Heavyweight title.

  40. February 16, 2007--Northern Wrestling Federation in in Cincinnati, Ohio at BoneKrushers: Stewie Backlund & The American Eagle def King Kahuna & The Warlock, Tiny Tim def Bodacious with help from Ice, Roger Ruffen & Ryan Stone def Ice & Danny Montgomery, "Superstar" Anthony Bryant def Dr. Melvin Winkleman, The Hippies & Christopher Michael Lotus def The Thugs & The Zodiac

  41. February 16, 2007--Total All-Star Wrestling in Scottburg, Indiana at the National Guard Armory: "Puerto Rican Princess" Myra def Evil Eva by DQ, The Fat-N-The Furious (Jack Black & Vito Andretti) def Club Spade (The Prophet & Johnny Spade), Andre Justice def B.A. Skynyrd, Randy Royal & K-Lo def The Kentucky Sluggers to win the TAW Tag Team Titles, Brandon Blaze def "The Black Redneck" Kliff Hanger and 2 Tuff Tony in a 3-WAY to retain the United States title, Vic The Bruiser vs "Real Sexxxy" Chet Roberts ended in a No Contest in an "I Quit" match..

  42. February 17, 2007--Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws in Crawfordsville, Indiana at the Fairgrounds: Dropkick Jay def Apocalypz, Tiny Timmy Turner def The Maniac, Indiana Kidd Jr. def Marc Huston, The Chicago Playaz def Hillbilly Jed & Chris Hamilton, Pogo def Chris Cardio, Jammer def KJ James, Ryan Rich def Devan Monroe, Twisted def Tiny Timmy Turner, Indiana Kidd Jr. def "Dangerous Bull" Don Basher in a "Tables and Chairs" match to retain the WCWO Heavyweight title..

  43. February 17, 2007--Coastal Championship Wrestling in Coral Springs, Florida before 792 fans: Shane McLane def Ricky Vega, The Super Destroyer def Colby Stern & Chris Jones, Anthony Michaels def Chaka VooDoo, Dantastic def Napoleon Bonaduce, Alex G & Ram Man def Syrian Slasher & American Taliban by Countout, Scott Commodity def Bobby Sanford, Suicide def Matt McGuire, Norman Smiley def Kahagas by DQ, Dok Rivers def J.B. Cool, Phi Delta Slam def Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka & "The Real Deal" Ken Theissen..

  44. February 17, 2007--Carolina Wrestling Association in Statesville, North Carolina: B.J. Hancock def Charlie Dreamer, Stoney Hooker def Total Protection, K.C. McKnight def Ethan Cage, T.J. Mack & Kirby Mack def Chris Guerrero & Jesse Ortega by DQ, Bobby Houston def Jake Manning in an I Quit Steel Cage match

  45. February 17, 2007-Ultra Championship Wrestling-Zero Ring of Rage in Salt Lake City, Utah: Guerrero Azteca def Mach Martinez, UCW-Zero Mexico champion Los Mochi Paco vs. "The Vulture" James Perry ended in a No Contest, Khan Kussion def "Indystructible" Brady Roberts, UCW-Zero Ultra-X champion Kid Cade def Jeff Orcut and Cassidy in a 3-WAY Elimination match (Cade and Orcut pinned Cassidy, Cade pinned Orcut), High Risk (Derrick Jannetty & Radical Ricky) def Vanity Inc. (Deryck Cross & Scotty Putty) to retain the UCW-Zero Tag Team titles, Jean Martell def Tristan Gallo, "Mr. Spectacular" Devan Payne def David Young in a Lumberjack match to win the UCW-Zero Heavyweight title

  46. February 17, 2007--Extreme Wrestling Federation - Legend's Night in Marion, Indiana: Hank Calhoun def Sabbath, Justin Dean def Andy Santos in an X8 Qualifying Match, Fallen Dragon def Unr8ted and Chance Laredo in a 3-WAY, Just Justin & Nate Phoenix def Ames & Able (Tag Team Champions) in a Non-title match, Bob def Frank Stein, Ricky Morton & Wildman Rogers def Big Richard Cannon & Louis Linaris, "Indy Kid" Jay West def Marty Jannetty to retain the EWF New Era title, Osyris def Greg "The Hammer" Valentine to retain the EWF Heavyweight title..

  47. February 17, 2007--Northern Wrestling Federation in Walton, Kentucky at the National Guard Armory before 146 fans: Christopher Michael Lotus def Bodacious and Tiny Tim in a 3-WAY to retain the Unified title, Tri-State Champion Ice def "Superstar" Anthony Bryant by DQ, "Tennesse Boy" Donnie Greene def Stewie Backlund after hitting him with the Tennessee flag, Sin D. & The Hippies def The Thugs & Lady Victoria, Chris Harris won a Gauntlet Battle Royal (Abyss was also in the Battle Royal as an unadvertised surprise), Ryan Stone def "Wildcat" Chris Harris by a referees decision to retain the NWF title..

  48. February 17, 2007--Rampage Pro Wrestling in Metropolis, Illinois before 50 fans: Mr. Black def Hex Gauge, Cruzin' 4 Pain def Ricky Murdock & Manotiva Matrcia, Matt Riviera def Matt Winters, Mikey Dunn def Yukon Jack, Tasha Simone def Destiny in a Ladies match, Jose Guerrero & Tojo Yamamoto Jr. def Don Bass & Nasty Bill w/Jim Casey by DQ

  49. February 17, 2007--Global Championship Wrestling in Palmerdale, Alabama: Timmy Feldman & Jesse Paine def Adam Armor & Seth Skyfire to retain the GCW Tag Team titles, The InHuman Fly def Chrisjen Hayme & Kato in a 3-WAY, Nasty Kritter def Cabana Man Dan, Howard C. Cross def Enigma (Little Wrestler), "Mad Dog" Dan Sawyer & "Jumping" Jesse Emerson def Fist Full of Dollars (Theodore Tuttweiler III & Rastas Polk), Seth Skyfire def Mr. Blurr to win the GCW World Title...

  50. February 17, 2007--Insane Championship Wrestling in Milwaukee, Wisconsin: T.C. Washington & Chris Black def Jason Hades & Mickie McCoy, Dysfunction def Dinty Moore, Tracy Brooks & Brandon Blaze def Steve Stone & Katie Syren, Justin Dredd def Troy Walters, Jason Dukes def Bobby Valentino, Dysfunction & Esteban Molina def Necro Butcher & Hardcore Craig

  51. February 17, 2007--Maximum Championship Wrestling in Dover, Delaware: Aken Pembrooke def Jason G.I. Marks, Sam Jones def Massive Mike & Shaka & E.L Stanley Esq, Gemini Trojans def Bruce Chen & Zach Matthews, Stacy Adams def Ruckus, Adam Ugly & Tara Murphy def Alan Cross & Ashley Nicely, Rockin Rebel def Brandon Mercury, Lance McIntyre def Jimmy Stars & Louis Get Rich, Alan Cross & Eric Chapel won a Tag Team Battle Royal, Chapel def James Rahman, Christopher Daniels def Matt Turner.

  52. February 17, 2007--Pro Wrestling Phoenix in Council Bluffs, Iowa: Chris Havius & Damien Van Horn def Zac James & Tyler Pride, Donnie Peppercricket def Preston Maxwell, Jaysin Strife def Vic Victory, Joey Daniels def Darrien Sanders, Jeremy Wyatt def Sean Cruz, Tony Cortez def Hype Gotti in a No Rope Barbed Wire match.

  53. February 17, 2007--Atlas Wrestling Company in McKeesport, Pennsylvania: Apollyon def Dan Miles in a Young Lion's Match, Brandon K def Christian Faith by DQ after Bigg attacked Brandon K, Paul Atlas def "Brass Knuckles Champion" Dash Bennett, Crusher Hansen def Bigg and Scott Venom (c) to become the new AWC Heavyweight Champion

  54. February 17, 2007--Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation in Jackson, Tennessee: Razor def Wildside to retain the TIWF Cruiserweight title, Weasel def Mr. Vega$ by Countout, AC Havoc def Steven Rampage to retain the TIWF Television title, PK Ripper vs Void ended in a No Contest, Lawman Williams def Gravedigger to retain the TIWF Regional Heavyweight title, Genocide vs The Big Boys ended in a No Contest for the TIWF Tag Team titles..

  55. February 17, 2007--Carolina Wrestling Entertainment in Graham, North Carolina: DZ Hyde def Sean Altly w/Naudia, "Nite-Stic" Eddie Brown w/Aaron Devil def Hugh B. Johnson, Damian Kage & Matt Houston def Richmond Lucha Libre's Totally Awesome, ScrapYard Dog w/Naudia def Jaheem the Dream, J-Sinn w/BodyGuard def Phil Brown, Blood Brothers (Hangtime & Tracy Gilbert) def Woogie Boogie Man & Stank Lawson to retain the Tag Team titles, Aaron Devil def DJ P Roc in a Fans Brings the Weapons match, Blood Brothers (Hangtime & Tracy Gilbert) def The LoneStar Posse to retain the Tag Team titles, The Bounty Hunter def Nemisis and Lucky Leroy and Scotty Matthews in a 4-WAY..

  56. February 19, 2007--All American Wrestling in Berwyn, Illinois: Tigger Mask & Hunter Matthews def Jeff Brooks & Chris Hybrid, Jay Ryan def Tony Rican, Michael Prater def Krotch, Chandler McClure def Jayson Reign, Eric Priest def Derek St. Holmes, Trik Davis & Conrad Kennedy III def Shane Hollister & Bryce Benjamin, Tyler Black def Tony Scarpone, Skullcrusher def Tracy Smothers, Phoenix Twins def Zach Gowen & Phil Atlas, Marek Brave def Matt Cross, MII def Boz & Lawrence.

  57. February 19, 2007--Price of Glory - Moment of Truth in Michigan?: Keith Creme (w/Chip & Steve) def "All Nite" Adam Renolds, Chip & Steve def Jamie Eternal & Sikness to win the Tag Team titles, Shark Boy def Josh Abercrombie, Jimmy Jacobs w/Idol Heinze def Bull Wheeler in a Lumberjack match to become the new POG Commissioner, "Old Timer" Jeff King def Money Mike, Wyld Stallyns (Jack Thriller & Johnny Dynamo) def Popular Electronics (Gameboy & Jimmy Shalwin)..

  58. February 20, 2007--American Combat Wrestling in New Port Richey, Florida at the Bourbon Street Night Club: Jaison Moore def Nick Fame, Austin Amadeus w/Jose def Nooie Lee to win the ACW Cruiserweight title, "Modern Revolution" Steve Madison def Shan Hill, Sedrick Strong & Joshua Masters w/Fetish def Dogmatika (Sideshow & Dany Only) in a TLC match to win the ACW Tag Team titles, "Raging Bull" Eddie Taurus (ACW Champion) def "The Marquee" Bruce Santee ended in a No Contest..

  59. February 20, 2007--Classic Championship Wrestling in Louisville, Kentucky at the CCW Arena: The Prophet def Bad Medicine #9, Lincoln Walker def Guido Andretti, "The Black Redneck" Kliff Hanger def Blackheart #1, "Smooth" Johnny Spade w/Miss Holly Wood def Jack Black by DQ, HNIC (Apollo & JB Thunder) def Brandon Scott & Jebediah Blackhawk, Vito Andretti def Vic The Bruiser by DQ...

  60. February 21, 2007--Gimmicks Only Underground Grappling Entertainment in Raleigh, North Carolina at the Kings Barcade: Seymour Snott def Charlie Dreamer (formerly Bobby Eating) to retain the North Carolina Title, The New Age Sheepherders (Koala Bear O'Day & Wallabee Joe w/Felicia O) def Dead lee & Alex Adonis, Tennessee Ernie Nord had a drink off with the ring announcer, Scab w/Count Grog def Love Dude and Stankind in a 3-WAY Hardcore match, King F'n Chilly (formerly Chilly Willy) def Trailer Park Heat to win the GOUGE title, Rusty Comoads & Cham Pain & Jaheem the Dream def The Urban Legends (Cowboy Willie Watts & Exotic Aloysius Street & Pistol Pez Whitey [aka KC McKnight]).

  61. February 21, 2007--Coliseum Championship Wrestling in Evansville, Indiana: JP Lightning def "The Killer" Billy Junk and The Canadian Kid in a 3-WAY to become the #1 Contender to the Lightweight title, Devon Day def Dewey "Booger" Dawson, "The Texas Hangman" Lonestar def Buzz Dupp, J Grunge & Viper def Pothead Just John & Tim Renesto

  62. February 21, 2007--King Booker's PWA - Texas Tapout in Pasadena, Texas at the Pasadena Convention Center before 400 fans: Psychedelic def Max-A-Million in a PWA Initiation match, Chris Adams def Surfin' Surge in a PWA Title Tournament match, The Dog w/Ms. Rosa Salvage def Steve DeMarco in a "Dog Rules" match, Jared Steele def Gabe Hollier in a PWA Title Tournament match, The Boogeyman def Mike B.Nasty, Neico vs Brett Idol ended in a 15-minute draw, Matt Hardy def Gregory Helms in a North Carolina Street Fight

  63. February 23, 2007--Exodus Wrestling in Mooresville, North Carolina: Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. def Jason Jones, Jake Manning def Ethan Cage, George South Sr. def Chris Guerrero, Mr. USA def Jimmy Jack Funk Jr.

  64. February 23, 2007--Mountain Wrestling Association in Richmond Kentucky at the National Guard Armory: Tuffy def Jay-Ten Lyons and "Mr. Extreme" Tommy Gunn in a 3-WAY to retain the MWA Kentucky title, The Patriot def Vic The Bruiser, Ryan Stone & Donnie Green & Cody Mathews w/Roger Ruffen def Kelly Charles & Shayne Parker & Ray Steele, Colt Steele & Izzy 4 Real def The Fat-N-The Furious (Jack Black & Vito Andretti w/Mickey O'Dell) in a Richmond Street Fight, Jerry "The King" Lawler def Little Larry D., "The Driller" Eddie Browning def "Playboy" Scott Hayes in a #1 Contenders match for the MWA Heavyweight title..

  65. February 23, 2007--Dynamite Championship Wrestling - GUTS & GLORY 4: The 4-Year Anniversary in Dover, Delaware at the Ice Lounge: "The New Machine" Bazooka Joe def The Dragonfly and Andrew Steele (w/DCW Ambassador Christina Rivera) in a 3-WAY to retain the DCW No Limits title, "The Honorable" RGP def JJ Times by DQ when Rockin' Rebel interferred on JJ's behalf, Big Slam Vader def Rockin' Rebel in an Impromtu Match-up, "The Irish Lionheart" CJ O'Doyle (w/DCW Ambassador Christina Rivera) def "The Debuting" Sinister X despite a run-in by The Dragonfly, "The Modern Day Rocker" Chris Wylde def Shaka (w/DCW Amabssador Christina Rivera) in a #1 Contenders I Quit match, "2006 Honor Cup Winner" Cindy Rogers def Missy Sampson to win the vacant DCW Women's title, The Gemini Trojans def Nick Berk & Mike Taris to retain the DCW Tag Team titles, "The Madman From the Badlands" Glen Osbourne def "The Next Boom" Zac Conner to win the DCW Heavyweight title..

  66. February 24, 2007--Northern Wrestling Federation in Fairfield, Ohio at the UAW Hall: Tiny Tim def The Zodiac, Benjamin Kimera & The Crybaby def Freaks & Geeks (Austin Meddler & Dr. Melvin Winkleman), Ice def Boadacious to retain the Tri-State title, Christopher Michael Lotus def Muldoon by DQ, "The Genuine Superstar" Anthony Bryant def Stewie Backlund, Ryan Stone def The American Eagle to retain the NWF title, The Hippies (Pompano Joe & Jesse Hyde w/Sin D) def The Thugs (Nasty Russ & T-Money)..

  67. February 24, 2007--Extreme Wrestling Federation in Marion, Indiana at the EWF Arena: Wildman Rogers def Matt Lowry, Destinee Blade (Ladies Champion) vs Miss Jeanie ended in a No Contest, Big Richard Cannon def Andy Santos to retain the Midwestern title, Jay West def Fallen Dragon and Jake Omen in a 3-WAY to retain the New Era title, Sami Callihan def Nate Pheonix in an X8 Qualifying match, Osyris & Just Justin def Hank Calhoun & Dark Lion..

  68. February 24, 2007--American Wrestling Elite in Glencoe, Alabama: "The Future" Joseph Slaughter def Khaoz w/Mandy to earn the right to enter last in the "Survival of the Fittest" battle royal, AWE champion Holocaust def "The Wrestling Hybrid" Orion Bishop w/Wicked Nemesis (AWE GM Brian Justice hit Bishop with a steel chair and then abruptly resigned fom his position as GM), Super Sukit Tanaka def Viper, "The Modern Day Super Hero" Damon Taz vs Chris Baddstreet ended in a No Contest in an "I Quit" match after Holocaust attacked Taz, Jamie Richards def Stupid D. Clown, Jamie Richards won the "Survival of the Fittest" Battle Royal (JamieRichards eliminated Chris Baddstreet & Viper last to earn a title shot at the AWE championship on March 31).

  69. February 24, 2007--World Class Extreme Wrestling - Fight For The Gold in Wadesboro, North Carolina at the Harvest Ministries Outreach Center: The Circle C Boys (DZ Hyde & Cowboy Cletus Bass) def The Money Clips (Big Daddy Z & Damian Kage w/Stephen B Esquire III) in a #1 Contenders match, Aaron Devil def Tyron "Hard" Knox in the Champions Lottery Match to face Corey Edsel in the Main Event, Hangtime def Ali Steele by DQ when Tito Rain interfered (Tommy Vandal made the save), Tommy Vandal def Tito Rain to retain the WCEW Extreme title, Tre G def Josh Hunter in a Lumberjack match to win the WCEW New Class title, Dick Foley def Big Tony Soprano w/Stephen B Esquire III, "Dangerous E" Corey Edsel def Aaron Devil to win the vacant WCEW Heavyweight title (Devil refused to shake Edsel's hand. Edsel said no one was leaving until the Devil shook his hand. Devil told Edsel the only way he would shake Edsel's hand if he got a rematch next show, in a match of his choosing. Edsel agreed and the men shook hands)..

  70. February 24, 2007--Gimmicks Only Underground Grappling Entertainment in Stem, North Carolina: Stoney & PJ Hooker def Drew Macdaddy McElrath & Thomas "Boom Boomm" Simpson, Ace Crusader def Leroy Zbyszko with a Boston Crab, Exotic Aloyisus Street def El Mariachi, Scab w/Playboy Groggy Hart def Seymour Snott to win the North Carolina title, The Urban Legends (Luther Thesz & Cowboy Willie Watts) def The New Age Sheepherders (Wallabee Joe & Koala Bear O'Day w/Felicia O), Major DeBeers w/Playboy Groggy Hart def Trailer Park Heat in a Bull Rope Match, King Chilly Willy (GOUGE Champion) w/Count Grog def Jaheem the Dream ..

  71. February 24, 2007--New World Wrestling in Marlboro, Massachusetts before 126 Fans, Damian Vachon def Jay Jailette, Gary Gold w/Gino Martino def Wolfman Branford w/Grange, The Alden Brothers & Barbie def Tim Kilgore & Tim Pittman & Mia Love, Jim Tanner def Pierre Vachon in a Flag Match, Texas Outlaw def Moondog Maximus w/Grange to retain the United States title, Freight Train def Chico Suave, Apex Corp (Dan Bidondi & Mr.Terry Allen w/Johnny Fabulous) def The Slaughterhouse (The Outpatient & Crazy Chainsaw Bastard) in a Texas Tornado Match to win the the NWW Tag Team titles, Osirus def Eric Shred, Don Vega def Jimmy "Jact" Cash w/Johnny Fabulous to win the NWW Heavyweight title!

  72. February 24, 2007--Fighting Spirit Pro Wrestling - 4th Anniversary Show in Palmetto, Florida: Sgt. Vincent Sarducci def Son of Sicily, "Samoan Bulldozer" Mark Zout w/Jose Armando Alejandro Estrada def Tito Cartel (After the match: Mark Zout signing with John Q and the Fed Up North faction), Papi Catracho vs El Jugador ended in a No Contest, "The Best Ever" Sonny Maivia def VA Hampton to retain the FSPW Florida State title, Heater & VinnDetta def Tony & Marty Jannetty to retain the FSPW Tag Team title, Hector Guerrero def George Rodriguez by DQ, Double Jeopardy Match: Deathrow Jethro def Barney Rumble and Jason Sensation def BoneZ the Cutthroat -- Jason Sensation def Deathrow Jethro to win the FSPW Heavyweight title!

  73. February 24, 2007--Championship Wrestling in Kingsport, Tennessee: Brad Thomas def Brian Compton, Eric Steel def Bryan Wayne, J.V. Insanity & KYD def Adam York & Ryan Dookie, Steve Fury def Allen King, Thorn def Ray Idol by DQ, Beau James def Bobby Eaton by Countout, Chris Richards & Wayne Adkins def Tony givens & Robbie Cassidy.

  74. February 24, 2007--Lethal Wrestling Alliance in House Springs, Missouri: Jeremy Wyatt def Michael Serious and Tyler Cook in a 3-WAY, Dan Velten def Bryan Monterro, Adam Raw def Johnny Vinyl, Nick Tyson def Sean Vincent, Shorty Biggs & C.J. McManus def Steven Kennedy & K.C. Karrington and Jordan Lacey & Evan Gelistico in a 3-WAY Tag match, Dorian Victor def Billy McNeil, Gary the Barnowl vs Pierre Abernathy ended in a No Contest..

  75. February 24, 2007--Independent Bay Area Wrestling Federation in Hayward, California: Rokero del Diablo & Black Shark def Silver Warrior & Ultimo Tigre, Team Straight Edge def Commandos, Ponce Prince def Rey Kejimura by DQ, Vic Grimes def Pogo the Clown and D-Unit in a 3-WAY, Danny Garcia Sr. def Vulture, Super Diablo def Apollo Khan, Woody Farmer & Shane Kody (son) & Riot (grandson) def Boom Boom Comini & Johnny Starr & Mr. Frost (60s/70s Bay Area wrestler Rick Renaldo worked as a heel manager)

  76. February 24, 2007--Northern Wrestling Federation in Fairfield, Ohio before 248 fans: Tiny Tim def Zodiac, Benjamin Kimera & Crybaby def Austin Meddler & Dr. Melvin Wilnklemann, Ice def Bodacious, Christopher Michael Lotus def Muldoon by DQ, Anthony Bryant def Stewie Backlund, Ryan Stone def American Eagle, Pompano Joe & Jesse Hyde def Nasty Russ & T-Money.

  77. February 24, 2007--Slam All-Star Wrestling in Rutland, Vermont: The Stooges def The Silver Stallions, Ian Daniels & Nick Peak def The Stooges, Divine Diversity def Ian Daniels & Nick Peak, Divine Diversity def TDS Inc., Mickey Mudd def Pedro Gonzalez, Chris Envy def Nocturne and Scotty Vegas and Tom Ugly in a 4-WAY, The 80s Guys def Eric Atlas & Blackjack Wild, J.P. Black def Marcus Hall, Timmy Aight def Good Lord Willing, Michael Monroe & Legion Freakin Cage def Vigo & Drake Evans, Maxx Burton def Franz Roddy.

  78. February 24, 2007--Coastal Championship Wrestling in Sebring, Florida before 335 fans: J.B. Cool def Shane McLane, Dantastic def Brian Gamble, Syrian Slasher & American Taliban def Kolby Stern & Chris Jones, Kahagus def Bill Tillie by DQ, Aaron Epic def Jack Manley, Hack Meyres def Dok Rivers, Dustin Rhodes & Kahagas def Phi Delta Slam by DQ

  79. February 24, 2007--EWA in Baltimore, Maryland: Steve Desire vs Sabian ended in a draw, Blood def Jaxx Craven, Niles Young def Goldthumb, The Christian Academy def Blackout, Dr. X def Stevie Riggs, Rehobet Beach Crew def Team AnDrew, Buster Maccabi & Apollo Cruz def Ryan McBride & Teddy Stigma, Derek Frazier def ???????..

  80. February 24, 2007--3XWrestling in Ottumwa, Iowa at the National Guard Armory: Jaysin Strife vs Vic Victory ended in a Double Countout, Casanova & Jimmy Rockwell & Ricky Kwong def Ryan Slade & Zach Thompson & Aaron Masterson, Arik Cannon def Gage Octane after Tony Scarpone interfered, Hunter Matthews & Krotch def Austin Bayliss & Tony Rican, Darin Corbin & Ryan Cruz def Ben Sailer & Nate Bash to retain the 3XW Tag Team titles, Bryce Benjamin def Arya Daivari, Danny Daniels def Tony Scarpone after Gage Octane interfered, Brian Ash def Devin Carter to win the 3XW Heavyweight title in the finals of the 3XW Heavyweight title tournament.

  81. February 24, 2007--South Atlantic Wrestling in Ahoskie, North Carolina before 150 fans: Fatty McNasty def Nick Richards, The New Urban Militia def Jeff Early & Chris Sharpe, Q-Sic vs Duke ended in a No Contest, Charlie Dreamer def Chris DeSale, Chris Escobar def J-Sinn, Totally Awesome def Brandon Day & 6D6, Ace Montana def Bad Dogg by DQ, Ultra Dragon def Rex Sterling, Mike Vaughn def Logan Knight, Sean Denny def Horrorshow, Damien Wayne & Mike Booth & Pharaoh def Rob McBride & Tank Lawson & Q-Sic, Bobby Houston def DeSale, Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride won a Bunkhouse Stampede

  82. February 24, 2007--SWA Xtrme in Westminster, South Carolina before 45 fans: Josh Austin def J.C. Stone by DQ, Kid Casanova & Chocolate Thunder def Rebel Kid & Phoenix, Bobby Holbrooks vs Corporal Punishment vs Zero went ended in a No Contest, Playa & ASAP def Havoc & Backdraft, Bobby Holbrooks won a Rumble Gauntlet.

  83. February 24, 2007--California Championship Wrestling in Newman, California before 319 fans: Virgil Flynn def Ryan Drago, Big Ugly def Bonzai Bruce, R-Cayde def Super Otaku, Mother Truckin Otis def Jesus Kruze, Vinny Massaro def Shane Dynasty, Virgil Flynn def Big Ugly and R-Cayde in a 3-WAY to win the Westside title..

  84. February 24, 2007--Eastern Pro Wrestling (Afternoon) in Moosup, Connecticut: Owen Graichen & Slash Sullivan & Louie Barboza def Ray Diamond & P.C. Cruz & Fred Curry Jr., Alex Arion def Chris Venom, Tanya Lee def Natalia and Nikki Roxx in a 3-WAY, B.K. Jordan vs Bryce Andrews ended in a Double Countout, Mike Bennett failed to pin Grayson Alexander in a 10:00 challenge, Chase Del Monte def Max Baer, Brian Fury def Thom Kane, Clip O'Reilly & Sid Momentum def Dan Freitas & Brian Nunes and Matt & Bryan Logan in a 3-WAY Tag Team Ladder match..

  85. February 24, 2007--Eastern Pro Wrestling (Night) in Moosup, Connecticut: Antonio "The Promis" Thomas def Kevin Landry, Brandon Locke def Nick Steel, Lexus def Violet Flame, Doug Summers def Rocco Abruzzi, Scott Ashworth & Sonny Goodspeed def Preston Patrick & Shawn Stanley, Roland Martinelli def Johnny Idol, Paul Lombardi def Michael Sain

  86. February 24, 2007--Mid-States Wrestling & All Star Wrestling in Harrison, Arkansas: "The Irish Phenom" John O'Malley (w/Stephen E. & Thomas Thorn & Michael Barry) def Brian Jacobs, Kraig "The Krow" Kessaman def "The New Age Superstar" Gary Gram, Cast-Iron Cothern w/Boss Campbell def "Big Country" Jake Boulder, Jim Fallon def "The Aviator" Mitch Carter when the referee stopped the match, Handsome Jack Dalton & Lexington Starr def Big Bubba Hall & Sassy Merlot in an Intergender Tag Team Match, Thomas Thorn (w/Stephen E. & Michael Barry & John O'Malley) def Phil Lawrence, "The Vulture" Kenny Campbell def Tyler Bateman, "Space Cowboy" Jason Jones & Christopher Vincent def The El Matadors (Uno & Dos w/Boss Campbell), "Pimptight" Kevin Lovejones def "Mr. Saturday Night" Michael Barry (w/Stephen E. & Thomas Thorn & John O'Malley) by DQ to retain the MSW-ASW Unified Heavyweight title (Stephen E. interfered and hit Lovejones with a chair)..

  87. February 24, 2007--Compound Pro Wrestling in Coweta, Oklahoma at the Church of God & Prophecy: J. P. Steele def Dexter Hardaway, The Canadian Red Devil def Matt Emerald, Shane Morbid & Cast-Iron Cothern w/Boss Campbell) def Terry Montana & Tyler Bateman, Texas, Inc. (Bernard Funk & Timothy J. Rockwell w/Big Stevie Caballero) def Pork Chop & Rico Suave to retain the ComPro Tag Team titles, The Compound Varsity (Romero Contreras & Justin Lee & ComPro Champion Rocco Valentino) def Anthony Jackson & Sudden Impact (Sudden Impact 1 & Sudden Impact 2)..

  88. February 24, 2007--Sooner World Class Wrestling in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at The Underground Arena: The P.I.N.K. Nation (Beau Dalton & Luc Lapointe w/Ray Martinez) def Shane Rawls & Eric Rose, 3rd Rail def Kevin James, Dexter Hardaway vs Cody Jones vs Paul Linam w/Ray Martinez ended in a Triple Countout, Cpl. James Warbois & Outlaw def Corporate America (Michael James & Tommy Smash w/Talon), Kareem Sadat def Jeff Knight, Texas, Inc. (Bernard Funk & Timothy J. Rockwell w/Stevie Caballero) def Trailer Park Trash (K.C. & J.C. w/Jessi Jersey), Luscious Larry def Outlaw to become the 1st SWCW Heavyweight Champion..

  89. February 25, 2007--Mid-South Wrestling Alliance in Midwest City, Oklahoma at the Golden Goose Flea Market: Cody Jones def Mr. Mid-South 3 to retain the MSWA Mid-South Cruiserweight title, Jeff Knight def "The Real Deal" Aaron Neil, Shawn Sanders def Prince al-Farat, The Patriots (Glen Steel & Bad Boy) def Eric Rose & Shane Rawls to retain the MSWA Mid-South Tag Team titles, The New Forsaken (Michael Faith & Draven Cross) def The Chicago Street Soldiers (3rd Rail & Tyson James) in a #1 Contenders match, Bad Brad Michaels vs Tyler Bateman (MSWA Oklahoma Champion) ended in a draw

  90. February 25, 2007--Southern Thunder Pro Wrestling in Schetz, Texas: Marco Riviera def Diamondback Kid, Johnny Rage def Cobra and Mr. B in a 3-WAY, Shawn Vexx & Rexx Reed def Lotus & Virus, Shingo def Dragon X and Yamaoto Onodero in a 3-WAY, Rudy Russo def El Latino, Shingo Takagi def Texas Renegade to win the Texas Heavyweight title..

  91. February 25, 2007--Big Time Wrestling in Springfield, Massachusetts: The Alumni Club won 4-WAY Steel Cage match, Jay Lethal def Mr. T.A. in a Dog Collar match, Frankie Arion def Aaron Morrison, Doink the Clown def Dr. Heresy, Mark Malibu & Chris Camaro def The Hall Brothers, Mikey Maggs def Hans Gruber, Rick Fuller def Eddie Edwards, El Boriqua def Zak Static & Purty Kurty, The Wild Boyz def The Alumni Club, Johnny Slats def Kristian Frost, Johnny Idol def B.K. Jordan, The Heart Throbs (Romeo Roselli & Antonio Thomas w/Simon Dean) def Kevin Landry & Slyck Wagner Brown

  92. February 25, 2007--NBWA - Domestic Disturbance in Danville, Illinois at the NBWA Arena: Angelo Santelli def Issan Hadeev to win the NBWA Midwest title, The Rough Riders (Wild Bill & Jeff Harris) & D'Andre King def Prince Nova & The World's Greatest Masked Team (Cheap Shot Haas & Cyclone Benjamin), Gavin Alexander def Jeckel in a Hardcore Match, Harker Dirge & Jaxson Pride & Team Damn It (Willie Richardson & Trauma) def Twin City Wrecking Crew (Connor Riley & Chuck Ray) & Rip Mystic & Brian Ealey, Blake Steele & Eric Ruffington (SLW Tag Team Champions) def Jason Vendetta & Aaron Matthew (NBWA Tag Team Champions) to win a shot at the NBWA Tag Team titles, Vic "The Pitbull" Santelli def Cecil Cerveza & Slick Nick Lugwig by DQ (Slick Nick retains the NBWA No Limits Championship), Adam Evans & Diego Corleone def Dangerous Drew Thomas & Issan Hadeev

  93. February 25, 2007--JWA-United Wrestling in New Brunswick, New Jersey: Camron Shaft & Ripper def Mike Mattix & Mark Keenan, Roxie Cotton def Beth by Countout when Beth was kidnapped by Taylor Nicole & Joe Rules & Luxurious Lynne, Corey Havoc def Joey Janela, Robby Morrison def Mike Notar, The Silver Bullets def Philly Madison & Max Gaeta w/Joe Rules, Hollyhood def Jon Justice, Buttery Bert Williams def Thornn, Rick Silver def Chocolate Boy Wonder to win the JWA Heavyweight Title, Bill Ding def "Dirty" Don Montoya.

  94. February 25, 2007--Southern Thunder Pro Wrestling in Schetz, Texas: Marco Riviera def Diamondback Kid, Johnny Rage def Cobra and Mr. B in a 3-WAY, Shawn Vexx & Rexx Reed def Lotus & Virus, Shingo Takagi def Dragon X and Yamaoto Onodero in a 3-WAY, Rudy Russo def El Latino, Shingo Takagi def Texas Renegade to win the Texas Heavyweight title..

  95. February 27, 2007--Juggalo Championshit Wrestling in Grand Rapids, Michigan: Necro Butcher & Mad Man Pondo def Jimmy Jacobs & Josh Abercrombie, Zach Gowen def Tracy Smothers by DQ, 2 Tuff Tony def Trent Acid by Countout, Corporal Robinson def Nosawa.

  96. February 27, 2007--American Combat Wrestling in New Port Richey, Florida at Bourbon Street Night Club: Jaison Moore def Nick Fame and Shayne Swift and Dany Only in a 4-WAY Scramble, "The Marquee" Bruce Santee def "Morning Star" Marcus Hall, Sedrick Strong & Joshua Masters w/Fetish def State Line (Eddie Taurus & Damien Angel), "Modern Revolution" Steve Madison def Shan Hill by DQ, Dim Bala (formerly LaDuke Jakes) vs Ralph Mosca ended in a No Contest in a BarbWire Weapons match