Independent Wrestling Results - December 2006

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  1. December 1, 2006--Carolina Wrestling Alliance in Grover, North Carolina: Buckshot def Yoshi Hiroshima, Bobby Houston & Canadian Bulldog def Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. & Chris Guerrero, Tommy Ace def Kane Adams, Jay Eagle def Blackjack Dalton, Ricky Morton def George South Sr, D.L. Cool def The Barbarian in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

  2. December 1, 2006--SWA Xtreme in Westminster, South Carolina before 130 fans: Chainsaw Charlie def Don Doolittle, Draven & Dirty & Tom Sawyer def Zero & Rebel & Rebel Kid, Bobby Holbrooks def Bad Jack, Playa & ASAP vs Josh Austin & J.C. Stone ended in a Double Countout, Chocolate Thunder def Backdraft, Buff Bagwell def Havoc. .

  3. December 1, 2006--New Revolution Wrestling - Season's Beatings: Violent Night in Gresham, Oregon: The Freak def James Freeman, Santiago def Dash Venture w/Derek Drexl, Cedric w/Nate The Great def Quiz, Ritchie Magnett def Aaron Bolo by DQ, The Pacific Coast Blondes (Erik Hanson & Cameron Star w/Katrina Royale) def Breakneck & Chris Payne, J-sin Sullivan def Skag Rollins in a NO DQ match.

  4. December 1, 2006--Ohio Championship Wrestling in Ashland, Kentucky: The Canadian Playa def JR Roc, Dark Shadow def Wildman Manson, American Eagle def The Real McCoy by DQ, Xcalibur def "Showtime" Shawn Christopher to retain the United States title, The Heatseekers (CM Sigmon & Shane Andrews) def Robbie Race & Pat Tanaka, Mason Raige def Damian Adams w/Vinnie Viagra..

  5. December 1, 2006--Big Time Wrestling in Chicopee, Massachusetts in front of 450 fans: Benny Juxx def The Sensational, "Intelligent" Brain Surgeon, Kevin Landry & The Russian Hammer def The Alumni Club (Kelly Valentine & Tony Tuarez w/Big Deal Marshall McNeil) and The Wild Boys (Mike Lynch & Billy King) and Big Bear Matoush & Wolfman Banford w/The Count in an Elimination Tag match, Doink the Clown def Antoine Roy, "Extreme Strongman" Gino Martino def Mister T.A. to win the revived BTW United States title, "The Promise" Antonio Thomas def Kristian Frost and Luis Ortiz and Azriael in a 4-WAY, Xavier def Jason Static, Zack Statik & Malice def Johnny Idol & Aaron Morrison, Jay Lethal def Brother Runt to win the BTW Heavyweight Title, Malice won the Battle Royal.

  6. December 2, 2006--EWF in Marion, Indiana: T.J. Kemp & Gary Cherry def The Southern Boys by DQ, Damian Michaels def Lawrence Poffo, Senor Flamer def Noah Lott, Hypnosis def Fallen Dragon by DQ, J.T. Zorin def Nate Phoenix, Bob def Chip Daley, Just Justin vs Richard Cannon ended in a No Contest.

  7. December 2, 2006--Hoosier Pro Wrestling in Columbus, Indiana before 185 fans: The Bouncer def Scott Magnum, Cooter def Pastor Pain, Bobby Black & Donny Idol def Mr. Big, Dr. Love def Mr. Smiley, TVZ & Mr. Big def Donny Idol & Bobby Black & Jon Wall, Troy Van Zant & Pastor Pain def Fire & Flame by DQ, Ronnie Vegas vs Ox Harley ended in a No Contest. Greg Valentine no-showed and never even called to say he wasn't coming.

  8. December 2, 2006--NEPW in Painesville, Ohio: Adam Cage & Blackhammer & J-Rocc def Micky Gambino & Marshall Gambino & Jimmy Demarco, Lexi Lane def Jessica Havoc, Chris Cronus def Jabari, Jason Gory & Shiima Xion def Patrick Hayes & Duke, Nick Tatum def Carlton Kaz and Zak Vincent in a 3-WAY, Super Hentai def Dios Salvador, Robbie Starr def Christian Vaughn.

  9. December 2, 2006--Revolutionary Championship Wrestling in Portsmouth, Ohio: Dirk Extreme def Tyson Rogers, Slammin Sammy def Tommy Chill, Vile def Ricochet, Trik Nasty def Tank Runyon, Chuck Chronic def Rocky Rich, Ivan Koloff & Randy Allen def Ace Gigolo & C.O. Hustler, Nikki Tyler & Flash Fury def Juggulator & Aaron Draven in a Ladder match, Looney Referee def Dude Rock.

  10. December 2, 2006--American Championship Wrestling in Marshall, Texas at The Pitt: Roxbury Boyz def Doc Holiday, Mark Evans def Macho Mike, Viktor Tadlock def Frankie Fisher, Khan def Scott Murdoch, Kris Katera def Chris Preston by DQ, Joey Corman def Justin Sane, Miss Laura & Lexi def The Anti Divas

  11. December 2, 2006--All Out Mayhem in South Portland, Maine at the STRIVE Center: "Boston Bad Boy" Jason Rumble def Dollar D, "FTAM" Luke Robinson def Beau Douglas, Spongey the Showman & Christian Redinger def Pro Zach & Eric Atlas and Kid TNT & Dangerous Donny in an Elimination Tag match to win the Tag Team titles, Frankie Armadillo def Palmer Canon, "Heartstopper" Chase San-Antone def Paul Hudson, Tony Atlas def Big Islander Makua w/Rotten Robbie by DQ, C.J. Summers def Eric Atlas

  12. December 2, 2006--MidWest Wrestling Connection in Elkhart, Indiana: Bam Morgan def Michael Thunder, Justin Dean & Seth Clash def Kenny Kage & Ryan Rudifer, Scotty Young def JyNX, Adam Bueller def Jeremy Hadley to retain the MWWC Cruiserweight Title, Gorilla Warfare def Brutus Dillion & Mike Lawson in a No DQ Falls Count Anywhere Match, William Stud def Dark Lion, The YBI def Sgt Peterson & Bam Morgan & The Cosmic Kid in a 6 man tag team match..

  13. December 2, 2006--USWF in Malden, Massachusetts: Tre def Wolfman, Antoine Roy def ????, Richard Byrne def Rick Fuller by DQ, Doink the Clown def Gino Martino, Mr. T.A. def Benny Juxx in a Dog Collar match, John Walters def Antonio Thomas in a 2/3 Falls match

  14. December 2, 2006--EWA in Essex, Maryland: Steve Desire def Dr. X, Stevie Riggs & Champ Champagne def The Club, Mr. E Machine & Goldthumb def Rehobeth Beach Crew by DQ, Niles Young def Derek Frazier, Jim Christian def Neff the Ref, Team AnDrew def Bruiser Maccabi & Apollo Cruz, Varsity def Ryan McBride & Teddy Stigma, Kylie Pierce def Sumie Sakai, D.J. Hyde def The Bruiser..

  15. December 2, 2006--UPWA in Wilmington, North Carolina at the National Guard Armory before nearly 540 fans: K.C. McKnight def Draven, Ringbusters (Dave Renegade & Beast & John Thundercloud) def Bulldozer Brown & Psychadelic Kid & Saber, Hangtime def Eric Evans, DJ. Proc def Pete Nixon, Carnage def Darkstarr, Andrew Anderson def LA Tank..

  16. December 2, 2006--Plymouth Championship Wrestling in Sioux City, Iowa: A Gauntlet match that went 93:00 = Gator Magraw def Jaysin Strife, Gator Magraw def Vic Victory, Cory O'Neill def Gator Magraw, Aaron Corbin def Cory O'Neill, Aaron Corbin def Donnie Peppercricket, J.T. Wilcox def Aaron Corbin, J.T. Wilcox def Chippendale Kid, Zac James def J.T. Wilcox, Sean Cruz def Zac James, Sean Cruz def Brian Sager, Sean Cruz def Chris Havius to win the Gauntlet match that lasted 93-minutes. Hype Gotti def Shimdog, Jake Holmes & Tony Cortez def Paul & Joey Daniels.

  17. December 2, 2006--CIW in Adrian, Michigan before 200 fans: Jack Thriller def Ricky Fontaine, Osyris & Jim Rivard def Van Envy & Christ Clontz, Xavier Justice def Big Will, Clash def Pete Christy & Devon Michaels, Nacho Libre def Muerte Negra, Hoss Monohan & P.J. Flowers def Dave Duponte & Big Will, Nitro def Conrad Kennedy III in a Dog Collar match

  18. December 2, 2006--WAR in Lima, Ohio: Vinnie & Sonny Scarboni def Jeff Brooks & Chris Hybrid, Danny Daniels def Jaimy Coxxx and Marco Cordova and Truth Martini and Poison Apollo in a 5-WAY, Brian Beech def Eddie Venom, N8 Mattson def Nigel McGuiness, Matt Mason def Cody Deaner, Silas Young def Jeff Cannon and Drew Johnson and Marcellus King and Dean Jablonski in a 5-WAY, Steve Stone def Mr. Main Event, Gary Dawson def Elvis Elliott by DQ, Jihad def Delivery Inc., Brian Beech def N8 Mattson, Danny Daniels def Silas Young, Matt Mason def Steve Stone

  19. December 2, 2006--River City Wrestling in San Antonio, Texas at Mission County Park: J.T. Lamotta of The Hardbodies w/Brandon Oliver def Robert Evans, Joey Spector of The Hardbodies w/Brandon Oliver def "Bling King" Quinten Allen to become King of RCW, "One Man" Mike Dell def Andy Dalton of The Hardbodies to win the RCW Cyber title, The Texas Treats (Don Juan & Chris Marval) def The Nerdy Boys (Johnny Ender & Kris Kronie) to retain the retained the RCW Tag Team titles, "The Smashing Machine" Ikaika def Sicodelico Jr. (serving as Hotstuff Hernandez' proxy) to win the RCW Heavyweight title.

  20. December 2, 2006--SCW - Season's Beatings in Debary, Florida: Jason Sensation def Flashback Jack (SCW Debut) to retain the Cruiserweight title, "The Shooter" Vordell Walker def Kenny King, "The" Thomas Marr w/Amy Vitale def Francisco Ciatso w/Cannon by DQ, Lorelei Lee def Rain in a League of Ladies match refereed by Lexie Fyfe, Team Vision (Chasyn Rance & Mister Saint Laurent) def Nooie Lee & Scott Commodity, J. D. def Dagon Briggs w/Se7en to retain the Southern Heavyweight title..

  21. December 2, 2006--Ultra Championship Wrestling-Zero - Season's Beatings 5 in Salt Lake City, Utah: "JMB" Jeff Matthew Bryant def Kid Courage, Jeff Orcut def Dallas Murdock, Khan Kussion def Stevie Slick to win the Ultra X title, Paco def "Mr. Syclon" Mach Martinez, Cassidy Jung def Guerrero Azteca, Derrick Jannetty & Radical Ricky def Total Control (Tristan Gallo & Devan Payne) in a 30 minute Ironman match to win the Tag Team titles (Gallo pinned Jannetty, Ricky pinned Payne, and Jannetty pinned Payne)

  22. December 3, 2006--New Revolution Wrestling in Gresham, Oregon at the Recreation Center: Derek Drexl def James Freeman, Quiz def Cameron Star w/Erik Hanson, Nate The Great def Astro Imperial, Dash Venture def Mike Santiago, Ritchie Magnett def Chris Payne, J-Sin Sullivan & Derek Drexl def Skag Rollins in a Handicap match..

  23. December 3, 2006--Midsouth Allstar Wrestling - State of Emergence in Memphis, Tennessee at the New Daisy Theatre: Blalok The Blazer w/Big Ace def Void with a 3rd Degree Burn, Jason Skyler def Shawn Reed w/Anita Page to retain the Television title, Gabriel Stalker w/The Movement def A.J. Bradleyto retain the Junior Heavyweight Title, Reno Diamond w/Big Badd Steve def The Crime in a Knockout/Submission match to retain the TCW Heavyweight title,Raven def Big Country in a Raven’s Rules match, High Society (Jason Richards & Jeremy Killz) vs Johnny Morton & Dave Anthony ended in a No Contest, "Punisher” Dre Black def "Big CA” Carnage Antwane to win the MAW Heavyweight title, Chris Lexx def Big Ace in an Anything Goes match.

  24. December 5, 2006--Louisiana Championship Wrestling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana : Ace Lando def Ravager in a 30 Minute Iron Man match, Ace Lando def Bolt, Axle def Blitz, Immortal def Dominator Cam to retain Hardcore title..

  25. December 7, 2006--Arkansas Mountain Wrestling in Barling, Arkansas @ Jakes Center: JP Brutal & Sgt Hurtem def The Roxbury Boys. Heath Trenchcoat def SB1, New Breed vs Youth Of Today ended in a draw, Spoiler 2000 def Slam Shady, Joey Corman & Lexi def Mike paige & Miss Laura

  26. December 8, 2006--BAW (Backed Against the Wall) Championship Wrestling in McMinnville, Oregon at the National Guard Armory: Sir Latte w/Barbie Dahls def The Amazing Ty and Flaming McD in a 3-WAY "Future Stars" pre-show match. Michael Blade def "Superstar" Shane Mathews, Jason Vega def The Enigma, Alexis Smirnoff Jr. & Sheik Khan Abadi def Chico Navarro & Kimo Kanaluha, "Pryme Tyme" Amy Lee def Kassy Summers by Submission with a rear naked choke, Helfyre def Antonio Santiago, JB Luce was attacked during a promo spot by Terry Bull & Lonestar before Spike Dudley made the save, Mike Modest def Wage Richton, Bubba Blanchard def Big Ugly and Jeremy Blanchard in a 3-WAY, "Texas Hangman" Lonestar w/Miss Penelope def Spike Dudley w/Molly Holly, "Tennessee Brat" Terry Bull def New Jack to win the World Extreme Championship in the "Holiday Hardcore Match" (blood fest)

  27. December 8, 2006--New Revolution Wrestling - Season's Beatings: Christmas Carnage in Gresham, Oregon at the Recreation Center: Aaron Bolo def Ritchie Magnet by DQ (the main event was supposed to be Bolo and Caden Mathews vs Magnett and Matt Farmer, due to injury Mathews couldn't be there. Bolo challenged Farmer for the NRW Title but Farmer said he had to go through Magnett first, Farmer interfered causing the DQ), Breakneck def Cameron Star w/Katrina Royale, Mike Santiago def Nate The Great, Quiz def Cedric The Hitman, Skag Rollins def "Hearthrob" Erik Hanson w/Katrina Royale, Dash Venture w/Derek Drexl def Critter, "Mr. Wrestling" Matt Farmer w/Ritchie Magnet def Aaron Bolo to retain the NRW Pacific Coast title..

  28. December 8, 2006--VPW in Long Island, New York: Sabotage def Chopsaw, J.D. Michaels & April Hunter def Danny Demanto & Tina Marina, Mack Daddy Flexx def Kevin Matthews, Deranged def Javi-Air and Azrieal in a 3-WAY, The Dead Presidents def Eclipse, Johnny Suburban def D.C. Diamond, Papadon def Richie Tyler, Eug Perversion def Scotty Rio & JMS & LI Kid, Jason Static def Grim Reefer

  29. December 8, 2006--Great Lakes Championship Wrestling in Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Demolition Ax def Derek St. Holmes, Skullcrusher vs Jack Berzerker ended in a Double DQ, Kamala def Matt Longtime, Tito Santana & El Vato def Angel Armani & Scorpion, Doink the Clown def Local Radio Guy, The Mississippi Militia def Steve Stone & Tommy Courageous, King Kong Bundy w/Bobby "The Brain" Heenan def Mason Quinn

  30. December 9, 2006--Great Lakes Championship Wrestling in Grafton, Wisconsin: Steve Stone w/Baron Von Raschke def Jason Dukes, Demolition Ax def Dysfunction, Tough Tom def Dinty Moore, Tito Santana & El Vato def Matt Longtime & Mason Quinn, Skullcrusher def Tommy Courageous, The Mississippi Militia def King Kong Bundy & Dave Hero, A Local Gym Teacher def Doink the Clown

  31. December 9, 2006--New World Wrestling in Attleboro, Massachusetts before 150 in attendance: Osirus def Benny Juxx, Chris Blackheart & Mysery def The Islanders (Ka Hoku & Makua), Gary Gold def Moondog Maximus by DQ, Rick Fuller (managed by John Cena Sr.) def Chris Green, "Mr. T.A" Terry Allen def Travis Burn, The Alden Brothers def Chico Sauve & Tom Kilgore, Barbie def Timothy Pittman, Eric Shred def Jim Tanner to retain the NWW United States title, Don Vega def Dan Bidondi in a Strap match, Jimmy Jact Cash def Texas Outlaw to retain the NWW Heavyweight title, The Slaughterhouse def The Vachons (Pierre & Damien Vachon) in a Christmas Carnage Hardcore Match to win the Tag Team titles.

  32. December 9, 2006--Northeast Wrestling - Holiday Havoc in Terryville, Connecticut at the Terryville High School: "Rocket" Fred Curry vs Shane Valentine ended in a No-contest when The Outcast Killaz attacked both men, Ron Zombie & Nikki Roxx def Kurt Adonis & Ariel, The NOW (Hale Collins & Vic Delicious w/Tina Marina) def Mikey Batts & Jeff Starr, Josh Daniels def Antonio "The Promis" Thomas, Sgt. Slaughter def Michael Sane, Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon) def The Outcast Killaz w/Big Daddy in a Tables match, Xavier def A.J. Styles and Jay Lethal in a 3-WAY to win the vacant Northeast Wrestling Title.

  33. December 9, 2006--UWC - Toys for Tots Show in Pemberton, New Jersey at the Burlington County College: Section 8 proposed to his valet Majoe Burns and she said yes, Section 8 w/Major Burns def Joe Rules (w/Taylor Nicole & Liz Savage) by Submission, Andy Christ def Robby Morrison, Don Montoya & Twiggy Ramirez w/Liz Savage def Bill Ding & Chocolate Boy Wonder with help from Joe Rules, Bobby Piper def Eric Cooper, Old School Blonds (Steve Corino & Ricky Landell) def Mike Reed & Tommy Force to retain the AWA World Tag Team titles, Silver Bullets def Philly Madison & Taylor Nicole (w/Joe Rules & Liz Savage) to win the UWC Tag Team Titles, CB4 08015 def Lt. Warhed by DQ, Reckless Youth (w/Joe Rules & Liz Savage) def The Orphan with help from Don Montoya, Colby Corino (Steve's 10-year-old son) def Don Montoya using a crossface submission

  34. December 9, 2006--Carolina Championship Wrestling in Statesville, North Carolina: Charlie Dreamer def Derrick Ryze, Jake Manning def Stormy Hooker, Mike Lee def Canadian Bulldog, Ethan Cage & T.J. & Kirby Mack def Kenny James & Chris Guerrero & Jesse Ortega, Bobby Houston def Ryan Stallone, K.C. McKnight & Total Protection def George South Sr. & Deon Davis.

  35. December 9, 2006--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Frank Stein def Hypnosis, Jake Omen def Sami Callihan, Dark Lion def Fallen Dragon, Senor Flamer def Chance Laredo, Nate Phoenix def Nick Braxton, Ames & Able def Aaron Williams & Alan Wasylynchyn, Klunk the Klown def Matt Lowry, Bob def Johnny Tsunami, Sabbath def Wildman Rogers by DQ, Buff Bagwell def Richard Cannon.

  36. December 9, 2006--Coastal Championship Wrestling in Coral Springs, Florida before 465 fans: J.B. Kool def Shane McLane, Dantastic def Kolby Stern, Dok Rivers def Ram Man, Cakka Voodoo def Jack Manley, The Cash Money Brothers def Kahagus & Taliban & Syrian Slasher and Dok Rivera & Super Destroyer in a Christmas Tree Hardcore match (weapons in Christmas presents under the tree), Chasyn Rance def Naphtali, Dustin Rhodes & Kip James def Phi Delta Slam

  37. December 9, 2006--Next Generation Wrestling in South El Monte, California: Sonny Samson & CK & Diablo def Ronnie Tsunami & Ryan Mason & Tarantula, Disco Machine def Chimaera, Slick Nick & Mr. Instant Replay def Markus Riot & Leo Blaze, Ronin def Charles Mercury, Joey Ryan def Bino Gambino, Zokre & Phoenix Star def Nemesis & Guerrero de Sangre

  38. December 9, 2006--MACW in Easley, South Carolina before 315 fans: Michael Yamaha def Sexton Tyler, Persephone def GeeStarr, Amber O'Neal def Lexie Fyfe, Drew Bane def Danny Dollar, Rick & Scott Steiner def Chris Hamrick & Rikki Nelson

  39. December 9, 2006--Maximum Championship Wrestling in Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania: Matt Turner def Hunter, Massive Mike def Louis Rich, Beyond Reality def Shawn Raymond & Great Kitsume, Stacy Adams def Alan Cross, E.L. Stanley esq. def Jason G.I. Marks.

  40. December 9, 2006--Pro Wrestling Phoenix in Council Bluffs, Iowa: Sean Cruz def Preston Maxwell, Donnie Peppercricket def Jake Knox, Daniels Brothers def Chris Havius & Damien Van Horn, Jeremy Wyatt def Brett Young, Jaysin Strife def Vic Victory, Darrien Sanders & Mark Sterling def Pride & Passion, Michael Strider DCOR Abu Colossus, Tony Cortez def Hype Gotti.

  41. December 9, 2006--Main Event World League - Holiday Beatings in Alliance, Ohio at the Alliance National Guard Armory: Kano Carter def "Megastar" Marion Fontaine to retain the Cruiserweight title, "The Natural" Christian Vaughn def Durty The Clown to retain the Hardcore title, Chris Kole & Jazin Blaze vs Faith In Nothing (Christian Faith & Vincent Nothing) ended in a No Contest due to interference from Brandon X & Louis Diamante, Chris Kole & Jazin Blaze def Brandon X & Louis Diamante and Faith in Nothing in an imprompt 3-WAY to retain the Tag Team titles,"Sexy" Lexi Lane def Neveah, Rageous def "Big Guns" Jeff Cannon, Wilbur Whitlock def Lones Oaks by DQ , Robby Starr def "The Upgrade" Tyrone Evans by DQ to retain the MEWL Title.

  42. December 10, 2006--ICW in Bowling Green, Kentucky: Otis Bass def Medic, Dave Brown def David Rose, Randall Shane & Anthony Wayne def John Watts & Black Magic, Haze def Bounty Hunter, David Rose & Dishonest Jimmy def Bishop & Otis Bass, Generation Xtreme & Becky Caine def Reckless Abandon & Roxy Lunnar.

  43. December 10, 2006--Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling in Warren, Michigan: Jason Harris def Kris Korvis, Zach Gowen def Anthony Rivera, Joe Byrd def Jimmy Whiplash, Chuck Wagon def Chris Hybrid, Dylan Knight def Kamikaze, N8 Mattson def Jeff Brooks, C.J. Otis def Gutter, Anti-American Kickboxer & Eddie Venom def DBA & Jaimy Coxxx

  44. December 12, 2006--Full Throttle Wrestling - Fan Participation Match in Elkmont, Alabama: Insane Lane def "Regulator" Stan Hill, "Mad Dog" Eddie Paul def Jeff Jameson, "The Anarchist" Arik Cannon def Chrisjen Hayme, Freakshow def Kurt Nickels, Keith Courageous def Phil Wilson in a Fan Lumberjack Strap Match, Shaun Peete & Jeremy Flynt def Great Southern Trendkill (Insane Lane & Tony V) & Sons of Beaches (Cabana Man Dan & Lani Kialoha) in a 3-WAY to retain the FTW Tag Titles, Charlie Swinger def Dave Mitchell in a 2/3 Falls Match by DQ...

  45. December 13, 2006--Gimmicks Only Underground Grappling Entertainment - Holiday Hell in Raleigh, North Carolina: Seymour Snott w/Cinnamon Snott vs Wallabee Joe w/Felicia O ended in a Double DQ, Otto Schwanz def Kid Sydye with the Russian Sickle (The valets started to fight and Toni Monroe attacked both girls!), Jaheem the Dream & Trailer Park Heat & D.Z. Hyde & Yuk & Toni Monroe def Krazy Killer Klowns & K.C. McKnight & Bobby Eating & Dead Lee in a 10-Person Elimination match (Jaheem the Dream & Trailer Park Heat were the final survivors), Urban Legends (Cowboy Willie Watts & Luther Thesz) vs Tennessee Ernie Nord & Rusty Comoads ended in a Double Countout, Scab def Cham Pain to retain the GOUGE Title.

  46. December 13, 2006--Prime Time Wrestling in Belleville, Michigan: Tyson Dux & A-1 def Gutter & Brad Martin, Johnny Dynamo vs N8 Mattson ended in a draw, Jaime D (Sirelda) def Sonny Scarboni, Eddie Venom def Conrad Kennedy III, Johnny Devine def Tyler Black, Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley def Petey Williams & Phil Atlas, Robert Roode def Abyss and Scott D'Amore in a 3-WAY with Shane Douglas as referee

  47. December 14, 2006--West Virginia Pro Wrestling in Mullens, West Virginia: Hojo the Hillbilly def Jeremy Cline, Smoke def Cyclops, Lance Erikson def Ryan Reed, Sarah Lynn def Nicole Starr by DQ, Dave Scott & Mike McCabe def Parental Advisory and Private Parts in a 3-WAY, Eric Steel def Jason Kincaid by DQ

  48. December 14, 2006--Arkansas Mountain Wrestling in Crosett, Arkansas at The Rec Center: JP Brutal & Sgt Hurtem def Heath Trenchcoat & Pete Marshall, Mike Paige def SB1, The Roxbury Boys def Youth Of Today, Spoiler 2000 def Slam Shady, Joey Corman def Big John Murder to retain the AMW title

  49. December 14, 2006--UWA in Alcoa, Tennessee: Dillinger & Cyrus Aranum def Juggaloz, Eric Adamz def Eric Gunn, Lance Stark & Rip O'Kelly def Boss & Mike Ogle, Outlaws & Jerry Lee def Death Row Inmates & Travis Sawyer, The Heat Seekers def The New Heartaches, Robbie Race def Dr. Tom Prichard

  50. December 15, 2006--1PW (Free Show) in Muncie, Indiana: Syndrome def Harley Steel, Psycho Cop def Chip Heartbreaker, Quicksilver def Kid Italy, C.R. Rage def Jimmy Jay Saylors, "Pitbull" Rodney Fultz won a Blindfold Battle Royal, Pastor Pain def Rodney Fultz, Atlas & A.C. Knight def Team RPM, Mr. Smiley def Dr. Love w/Justin Tyme in a Casket match with Trish Stratus as a ringside enforcer --- Notes: Trish Stratus was there filming scenes for a reality show called "Armed and Famous". Trish was originally scheduled to referee the main event, but since she was working on duty as a member of the police department, she wasn't allowed to take off her gun belt. She did punch Love's manager, Justin Tyme, sending him into the casket !

  51. December 15, 2006--Insane Championship Wrestling in Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Jerry Styles def Jack Spade, Dinty Moore & Mickie McCoy def American History Next, Mason Quinn def Scotty Pride, Tommy Gunn def El Vato, Skullcrusher def Tommy Gunn, Araya Davari def Silas Young, Dysfunction def Jesus Ramirez, T.C. Washington & Chris Black def Super Mario & Playboy Troy, Skullcrusher def Big Daddy Hoofer, Xavier Mustafa def Bobby Valentino and Rocky Kisses in a 3-WAY, Justin Dredd def Esteban Molina and Jerry Lynn in a 3-WAY

  52. December 16, 2006--Southern Wrestling Alliance in Huntsville, Tennessee: Cornbred def Lennox Lightfoot, American Dreams def Big O & Mountain Man, Jeremy Break & Matt Break & Superstar Chase & Zach Meece def Curtis Black & Derrick Black & Breed & Sick-O, Bad Company def Tomahawk & Smokie, Outlaws def Da Studd & Ivan Von Raschke, Omen vs Kevin Ages ended in a Double DQ, Kevin Ages won a Battle Royal

  53. December 16, 2006--West Virginia Pro Wrestling in Caretta, West Virginia: Cousin Aaron def Sgt. Simms, Sarah Lynn def J.V. Insanity-COR, Hillbillies def Insanity & Simms, Jason Kincaid def Joey Morton

  54. December 16, 2006--Midwest Chamionship Wrestling in St. Paul, Minnesota at the Salvation Army: Daredevil Derick Fury def El Bano in a First Finisher to win the Television title, Hollywood Seager def Goldgate, Renni D. def Lumberjack, Team Danger (Joe Alexander & Ryan Cooke) def Ryan Sax & Josh Calisto to win the vacant Tag Team titles when illegal wrestler Ryan Cooke pinned Calisto with his feet on the rope, "Cowboy"vGator McGraw def Kamikaze Klecker, Ann Thraxxx def Alison Wonderlan, B3 and Jackyl were the final two at the end of a 20-Man Rumble, B3 def Jackyl to win the MCW World title..

  55. December 16, 2006--Midwest Wrestling Alliance in Carter Lake, Iowa, Austin Storm def Zac James, The Pain Syndicate def Sean Cruz & The Anomoly, Blade def "The Phantom" Carson Rockwell, Vash Heartley def Preston Maxwell, Ricky Reynolds def Shawn North, Mr. Jones def Donnie Peppercricket, The Pain Syndicate won a 4-WAY to become the new MWA Tag Team Champions, Eric Fantabulous def Blade to become the new MWA Heavyweight Champion

  56. December 16, 2006--Extreme Wrestling Federation from Marion, Indiana at the EWF arena: Osyris def Chip Daley to retain the EWF title, Senor Flamer def Noah Lott, Frank Stein def "The Insane Luchadore" Snake, Dark Lion def Seth Clash w/Justin Tyme, Andy "Hypnosis" Santos def Fallen Dragon and Johnny Tsunami in a 3-WAY, Caden Ames & Christin Able & Just Justin & Bob & Nate Pheonix b. JT Zorin & Big Richard Cannon & Damian Michaels & The Southern Boys in a 10 Man Survivor Match. Order of elimination: Hank Calhoun by Pheonix; Nate Pheonix by Zorin; Caden Ames by Zorin; Damian by Able; Able after Zorin's drones fought Ames & Able to the back causing a count out; Wildman Rogers by Bob; Bob by Cannon; Zorin by Justin after Ames & Able interfered dressed as the drones; Cannon by Justin.

  57. December 16, 2006--AAA Lucha Libre in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the First Avenue Nightclub before 300 fans: Mil Mascaras & Principe Franki def Mano Negro & Halcon Oriental, La Parkita & Xochima Hamada def Mini Oriental & Kaora Maeda, El Pistolero & El Justicero def El Rio & Malericio, Apostle 13 & Animal Sam vs Asylum & Black Boy ended in a No Contest, Golden Star def Rey Fuego

  58. December 16, 2006--Eastern Pro Wrestling in Moosup, Connecticut from VFW Post #10281: Bryan & Matt Logan def P.C. Cruz & Ray Diamond, "Revolution" Chris Venom def "Heart Attack" Tommy Mack, Chase Del Monte def B.K. Jordan by DQ (B.K. retains TV title), Sweet Scott Ashworth & D.J. Baron def Thomas Penmanship & Max Bauer to retain the Tag Team titles, Steam Roland Martinelli & Grayson Alexander & Rocco Abruzzi & Steven Weiner & Owen w/Joe Chece def Preston Patrick & Shaun Stanley & Clip O'Reilly & Doug Summers & Johnny Idol & Thom Kane in a 2/3 Falls Handicap Tag match, Michael Sain def "The Pinnalce" Paul Lombardi by DQ (Lombardi retains EPW Title), Brandon Locke def Bob Evans and Fred Curry and Maverick Wild in a 4-WAY 60-Minute Elimination Iron Man match..

  59. December 16, 2006--MSPW in Coal City, Illinois: Mike Horning def Dinty Moore, Mickie McCoy def Alto, Tony Rican def Ducetrey, XXXplicit Content def Playboy Troy & Bam Morgan, Justin Dead def ADD, Urban Horseman def American History Next, Jason Hades def Mike Flannery..

  60. December 16, 2006--AAW in Berwyn, Illinois: Mike Maxim def Jeffrey Hightower, Stu Early & Hunter Matthews def Jeff Brooks & Chris Hybrid, Mini Charly Manson & Tyme Paige def Jason Dukes & Derek St. Holmes, Zero def Krotch, N8 Mattson & Truth Martini def Bryce Benjamin & Shane Hollister, Zach Gowen def Eric Priest, Chandler McClure def Nigel McGuiness and Jayson Reign and Trik Davis in a 4-WAY, Jimmy Jacobs & Skullcrusher def Ace Steel & Silas Young, Ryan Boz & Dan Lawrence def Tyler Black & Danny Daniels, Marek Brave def Jerry Lynn..

  61. December 16, 2006--Outlaw Championship Wrestling in Moulton, Alabama: "The Hero" Dusty McWilliams def The Ghetto Cowboy to retain the OCW Heavyweight title; Mitch Toretta & Impressive Anthony Wayne def Reckless Abandon (Josiah Caine & Sabastain Stardust); Loverboy Billy Star def Big Bull Lee; The Southern Wreckin' Crew (Vinnie Mac & Michael J. Plezing) & Roxy Lunnar def The Shiek & Jay Blade & Becky Caine; Damien Payne w/Fetish vs. "Impressive" Anthony Wayne went to a Double Count-out.

  62. December 17, 2006--New Breed Wrestling Alliance in Danville, Illinois at Digital City Night Club: Jason Vendetta & Aaron Matthews won a tag team Battle Royal for a shot at the NBWA Tag Team Titles, Jason Vendetta & Aaron Matthews def Rough Riders (Wild Bill & Jef Harris) in an Electric Fence Match to win the NBWA Tag Team Titles, Cheapshot Mcgrot def Kid Crush, Issan Hadeev def Jasxon Pride in a Unlucky 13 Match to retain the Midwest Championship, Bloody Harker Dirge def Jeckel by Knockout, DaCobra def Diego Corleone, Jon Divosi def "DDT" Dangerous Drew Thomas and Slick Nick Lugwig in a 3-WAY to retain the NBWA Heavyweight title..

  63. December 17, 2006--Power League Wrestling in West Warwick, Rhode Island from the High School: T.J. Richter def Duke Maximum to win New England title, Tim Kilgore w/Trixie def Derrick Destiny w/Tammy, Kid Pyro & A.J. Fuego def The Kreeper & Iraqnid (w/The Kreep & Taylor) to retain the Tag Team titles, Don Vega vs Vain battled ended in a Double Countout, Nick Steel & Sonny Goodspeed & D.J. Baron def Chris Venom & Kid Krazy & Dr. Reginald Heresy, Garry Apollo def The Pink Assassin, Jason the Slasher def Mr. Chris Blackheart to retain the Heavyweight title, Mr. Chris Blackheart won a Battle Royal.

  64. December 17, 2006--Exodus Wrestling in Mooresville, North Carolina: Mike Lee def Jimmy Jack Funk Jr., Canadian Bulldog def Toronto Bulldog, Chris Guerrero def Jake Manning, Bobby Houston def George South Sr.

  65. December 19, 2006--ICW in Bowling Green, Kentucky: Johnny Demento def Val Joiner, David Rose & Honest Jimmy def J.T. Ledbetter & Diablo, Mark Anthony def Medic, Reckless Abandon def Max Meanie & Diablo, Kid Dynamite & Shane Smalls def Boy & Otis Bass.

  66. December 19, 2006--Full Throttle Wrestling in Elkmont, Alabama: "Mad Dog" Eddie Paul b. Keith Courageous, Shaun Peete & Jeremy Flynt b. Charlie Swinger & Kurt Nickels to retain the FTW Tag Titles, Chrisjen Hayme b. Phil Wilson, Insane Lane b. Cabana Man Dan after a reversed decision after CMD wouldn't break the submission, Dave Mitchell b. Freakshow by DQ to retain the FTW Title...\

  67. December 19, 2006--American Combat Wrestling in New Port Richey, Florida: Austin Amadeus def Diego "CPO" Vazquez, Jaison Moore def Twizted, "The Canadian Dream" Josh Masters (w/Fetish & Sedrick Strong) def Dany Only of Dogmatika w/Sideshow, Nooie Lee def Nick Fame to retain the ACW Cruiserweight title, Sideshow of Dogmatika def Sedrick Strong (w/Fetish & Joshua Masters).

  68. December 21, 2006--Booker T's Pro Wreslting Alliance in Passadena, Texas: Booker T & Sharmell presented appreciation awards to the mayor and other local figures, VIP w/MVP [on crutches] def Santana (VIP was billed as MVP's younger brother), Chris Adams def Jared Steele, Samson def Dog (a blatant Dog the Bounty Hunter rip off), Tank Bishop def Manny Torres, Torrie Wilson and Spirit Squad Mikey had a confrontation during intermission with Mikey getting crotched, The Boogeyman def Mike B. Nasty, The Hollier Borthers def KYRLL, Umaga def Steve DeMarco, Booker T def Charlie Haas (Shelton Benjamin attacked Booker T after the match until Rene Dupree & Rob Conway made the save --- Rene Dupree vs Shelton Benjamin was advertised but didn't happen)..

  69. December 21, 2006--United Wrestling Association from Alcoa, Tennessee before 140 fans: Billy Marshall vs Dave Pillman ended in a No COntest, Travis Sawyer & Dillinger def Chris Daltonn & Jerry Lee, Deal or No Deal def Shane Williams & Rip O'Kelly, Shawn Shultz def Menace, Heat Seekers def The New Heartaches, Mr. Tennessee (Ricky Morton) def Dr. Tom Prichard to get Ricky Morton reinstated for the 12/28 show..

  70. December 22, 2006--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Mr. Main Event def Senor Flamer, Indiana Kid Jr. def Jake Omen, Damian Michaels def Mr. Happy, Richard Cannon def Hillbilly Jed, Louis Linaris def Andy Santos, Dark Lion def Ernie Ballz, Apollo Starr & Fuji Brown def Konflict & Envy, Nate Phoenix def Fallen Dragon, Justin Dean def Just Justin, Osyris def Hank Calhoun.

  71. December 23, 2006--MidWest Wrestling Connection in Elkhart, Indiana: "The Sickness" Adam Bueller def Andrew Valentino, Alex Rase def Russ Jones, Gorilla Warfare def Ryan Epic & Lightning Kenny Kage, Mazz def Brutus Dillion, Ryan Rage def Michael Thunder, "The Sickness" Adam Bueller def SPT Reign and Scotty Young and Mike Lawson in a 4-WAY to retain the MWWC Cruiserweight Title..

  72. December 23, 2006--Severe Attitude Wrestling in Sevierville Tennessee: UGA def Jason Owens, Robbie Race def The Juicer, Steve Flynn def Al Catraz, Trooper T def David Anderson in a Lumberjack Strap match, Ray Boaz def Chris Powers and Jeff Anderson in a 3-WAY to win the Heavyweight title with Henry O. Godwinn as the "Special Enforcer", Scotty Polo def Hollywood Whaley in a #1 Contenders match.

  73. December 25, 2006--Southern States Wrestling in Kingsport, Tennessee: Wayne Adkins def Scott Raines, Tony Givens def Adam York, Adkins & Chris Richards def Nick Hammonds & Robbie Cassidy, K.C. Thunder & Josh Crawford def Thorn & Adam York, Beau James def Tracy Smothers, Ricky Morton def Bobby Eaton in a Bullwire match with Jimmy Valiant as referee

  74. December 30, 2006--Extreme Wrestling Federation in Marion, Indiana: Hillbilly Jed won a Battle Royal, "Hype" Jimmy Shalwin def Bobby Bambino, Indiana Kidd Jr. def Frank Stein, Ames & Able def The Southern Boys, Seth Clash def Dark Lion, Destinee Blade def Cameron Star, Senor Flamer def Noah Lott, Andy Santos & Andy Hales def Fallen Dragon & Johnny Tsunami, Jimmy Jacobs def Justin Dean and Just Justin in a 3-WAY, Osyris def Hillbilly Jed in a Last Man Standing match

  75. December 30, 2006--Northern Wrestling Federation in Walton, Kentucky: Chad Allegra (Karl Anderson on the West Coast) def Crybaby, Tiny Tim def Michael Lotus, Ice & Stewie Backlund def The Thugs by DQ, Tony Bryant def Austin Meddle and Zodiac in a 3-WAY, Lady Victoria def Sin D, The Hippies def King Kahuna & Muldoon by DQ, Melvin Winkleman def Bodacious, Chris Harris & Abyss def Roger Ruffen & Ryan Stone.

  76. December 30, 2006--Devastation Wrestling Federation in Sewell, New Jersey before 100 fans: Sheik Ali def Breaker Morant, Crazii Shea def Detox, Krash Krew def Aramus & K.J. Hellfire, Pete Hunter def Teddy Fine, Angel Gonzalez won a 10-Man Battle Royal, Vinny the Fixer & Frankie Frizzo def Jo Jo & Mike Trash, Patch & Tara Murphy def Glen Osborne & Amy Lee by DQ