Independent Wrestling Results - October 2006

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  1. October 1, 2006--Big Time Wrestling in Gyandotee, West Virginia: JV Insanity def Brian Compton, Smokey C def Kyd, Steven Backlund def Chris Miles, Dain Bramage def C.J. Starr, Brandon Wilkinson def PJ Blake, Austin Styles def Ryan Reed, Daredevil def Spanish Fly, Smokey C & Compton def Parental Advisory, Steven Backlund def Drain Bramage, Brandon Wilkinson def Austin Styles, Next Generation & Freddie Cornell def Dain Bramage & Mint Condition, Chris Miles won a Battle royal, Brandon Wilkinson def Steven Backlund

  2. October 1, 2006--WKWA in Bowling Green, Kentucky: Havoc def Bubba Joiner, David Rose def "Dishonest" Jimmy by DQ when the Dark Circus interfered, Reckless Abandon (Josiah Caine & Sebastien Starrdust) def The Asylum Boys (Trash Kan & Slick Dogg), The Midnight Mafia (Honest Scott & Jimmy) def The Dark Circus (Sicko & Psycho The Clowns), "The Elite" Randall Shane def Kid Honky Tonk in a "Lumberjack Leather Strap" match to win the WKWA Light Heavyweight title, Becky Caine & Tammy Rose def Destiny & Luscious Lisa in a "Ladies Tag Team" attraction, Shane Smalls def Anthony Wayne by DQ to retain the Southern Kentucky title, Generation Xtreme (Johnny Demento & Brian Lawless & Val Joiner) def Otis Bass & Big E & Boy in a 6-MAN Tag match...

  3. October 3, 2006--Full Throttle Wrestling in Elkmont, Alabama at the Country Music Barn: Shawn "The Heete" Peete & Jeremy Flynt b. KG & Lani Kialoha, Freakshow b. Keith Courageous, Charlie Swinger b. Dave Mitchell, Chad Allen b. Cabana Man Dan, The Great Southern Trendkill (Insane Lane & Tony V) b. Chrisjen Hayme & Bregin Holt to retain the FTW Tag Team titles, Chris Lee def Adam Armor...

  4. October 6, 2006--Rapid Pro Wrestling in Big Rapids, Michigan: Gameboy def Jeff Brooks, Jeff King def Bishop, Scarboni Brothers def Absolute Answer, N8 Mattson def Josh Abercrombie, Johnny Dynamo def Keith Creme, Frankie hte Face d Jack Thriller, Jimmy Shalwin def Magnum Conroy

  5. October 6, 2006--Champions of Texas Power Wrestling in Texas: Dark Spector def Mr. B by DQ to retain the Cruiserweight title, The Latin Alliance (El Guapo & Tommy Gun) def Papadon & JOJO Bravo, The Faces of Darkness (Voo & Skull Manson w/Lord Asteroth) def Devastator & Bobby 2 Bad..

  6. October 7, 2006--ABC Wrestling in Brooklyn, New York: Monsta Mack & Bison Bravado def E.C. Negro & K.C. Blade, Mercedes Martinez def Danny Demanto, Archadia def Grim Reefer, Antonio Thomas def Danny Demanto, Mack Daddy Flexx def Jay Static, Joe So Delicious def Don Tito, Jimmy Hustler & Billy Walker def Eclipse, D.C. Diamond def Tony Burma and JMS and Long Island Kid in a 4-WAY, Nick Berk def Slyck Wagner Brown. Billy Reil also beat up a planted heckler

  7. October 7, 2006--C-Pro Entertainment in Walhalla, South Carolina before 175 fans: Backdraft def Havoc, Wayne Adkins def Beau James, Tommy Gibson def Bubba Jones and Black Angel in a 3-WAY, Alan Steele & Rob Harlem (Mo from Men on a Mission, who is now almost as big as Mabel) def The Midnight Express (Brad Thomas & Bobby Eaton), Kishi Fatu (aka Rikishi) def Coach Holman by DQ

  8. October 7, 2006--New World Wrestling in Wareham, Massachusetts before 350 fans: The Brothers in Flight (Camikaze & Eclipse ) def Danny Duggan & Bobby Sharp to retain the Monster Pro Wrestling Tag Team titles, Freight Train def Bobby Flamingo, Mia Love def Barbie, Gino Martino def Moondog Maximus to retain the Undisputed Brass Knuckles Title, "Punisher" Don Vega def "Bionic" Dan Bidondi, The Vachons def The Alden Brothers to retain the Tag Team titles, Texas Outlaw def Pat Gunner, Osirus def Shockwave, The Vachon Brothers vs Slaughterhouse (Crazy Chainsaw Bastard & The Outpatient) ended in a No Contest, Jimmy "Jact " Cash def Jay Jaillette to retain the NWW Heavyweight title, Eric Shred def "Big" Rick Fuller by DQ to retain the United States title..

  9. October 7, 2006--MidWest Wrestling Connection in Elkhart, Indiana: Mikey Whiplash def Chris Cronis, SPT Reign def Alex Rase, Fugitive def Ryan Rover and The Special Kid in a 3-WAY, Bam Morgan def Mazz and Seth Clash in a 3-WAY, Brutus Dylan & Ryan Rage def Gorilla WarFare, Sickness def Scotty Young to win the MWWC Cruiserweight title, Sgt. Peterson def Jake Omen..

  10. October 7, 2006--Hoosier Pro Wrestling in Columbus, Indiana before 150 fans: Midnight Rider def Cousin Cooter, Dr. X def Bobby Saxxon, 2 Tough Tony def Average White Guy, Eddie Felson def Donny Idol-DQ, TVZ vs. Bobby Black vs. Donny Idol was no contest, Tank Toland def Chris Maddux, Ronnie Vegas def Michael Myers and friends in a handicap match.

  11. October 7, 2006--Plymouth Championship Wrestling in Sioux City, Iowa: Hype Gotti def David Diamond, Chris Havius & Zac James def Paul Daniels & Skeeter, Stephen Baltazar def Wyatt Conners, Sean Cruz def Vic Victory, Casanova def Gator McGraw, Jayden Draigo & J.T. Wilcox def Jake Holmes & Tony Cortez, Abu Colossus def Chance Cordova..

  12. October 7, 2006--New Generation Wrestling in Tuscumbia, Alabama: Phoenix def The Joker w/The Disciples, Backwoods Brawler def Michael Jacobs, Jeremy Westmoreland def Storm, Jason Fury & Michael Jacobs def The Disciples (Prophet & Syko), Kayden Cross & Taylor Marx (w/Brooke Blaze & Lisa Ann) def P.S.I. (Jamie Idol & Jesse Powers w/Michael Caffero)..

  13. October 7, 2006--IPW in Chesterfield, Indiana before 150 fans: Psycho Cop def Imposter Psycho Cop, Scotty Crew & Halloween def Kid Italy & Justin Tyme, Syndrome won a five-way, Mr. Smiley def C.R. Rage by DQ, A.C. Knight def Quicksilver, Nevaeh def Heather Owens, Dr. Love def Atlas.

  14. October 7, 2006--WCWA in Kokomo, Indiana: Travis Southern won a Battle Royal, Pat Tanaka & White Boy def Dr. Tom Prichard & D.L. Diamond, Shark Boy def Justin Dean with the Dead Sea Drop, Troy Miller def J.R. Hogg, Molly Holly def Johnny Fairplay with a quick low blow and pinfall, Ricky Morton & Demolition Ax def Demolition 6000, Koko Ware def Man in Black, Tito Santana w/Tammy Sytch vs Greg "The Hammer" Valentine ended in a Double Countout, Brutus "Barber" Beefcake def Hank Calhoun

  15. October 7, & Frontier Elite Wrestling - No Second Chances in Vincennes, Indiana: Chapel def Safari Stu Early and Darc Angel and Rob Kincaid in a 4-WAY for a shot at the FEW King of Xtreme Title later, Smoke A def Big Sweaty Mike when Smoke hit Mike with a chain behind the referee's back, Randy Hawkins (Lawrenceville High School football coach) def Robert "Ego" Anthony in an arm wrestling challenge when Boy Toy Bryan cheated to help Hawkins win, Robert "Ego" Anthony def Boy Toy Bryan by pulling the tights, Romeo Roselli came out and shoved ring announcer Doc Young out of the ring and then cut a heel promo (Formed "The New Heart Throbs" with Skip Raddison), Josh Abercrombie def C.J. Otis, Chapel def Chris Kage in an Xtreme Rules match to win the FEW King of Xtreme title, Ro-Z & Gunner Hansen def Romeo Roselli & Skip Raddison (After the match, Romeo fired Skip and said the "New Heart Throbs" were over!)..

  16. October 7, 2006--United Christian Championship Wrestling in Collins, Georgia: Donavan Sweet def Devon Wright to retain the UCCW Television Title, Rouge def SF Treat, Dirty Dawg def David Raines to retain his Georgia National Cruiserweight Title, La Boom Boom def Krazy Kanadian, Drew Blood Bannen def Bad Boy Billy Black when David Raines interfered, James Swat def Mike Margera to retain the UCCW Heavyweight Title

  17. October 7, 2006--CWA Championship Wrestling in Savannah Tennessee before 300 fans: Don Bass def Danny Morris, Neal Taylor def JJ Fuller, Brickhouse Brown def "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore to retain the CWA Heavyweight title, Chris Rocker vs Reno Diamond ended in a draw for the Television title, Christie Ricci def Tasha Simone in a Ladies match, The Family of Pain w/Jimmy Blaylock def "The King" Jerry Lawler & "Mega Man" Rodney Grimes w/Dutch Mantell..

  18. October 7, 2006--Maximum Xtreme Pro Wrestling in Avon Park, Florida at the National Guard Armory: Criag Classic def Nooie Lee, Alex Pourteau def Romeo Valentino, Hack Meyers def Darron Symthe, The Heartbreak Express (Sean & Phil Davis) def Scott Commodity & David Mercuy, Chaz def Scott Davis, Jake "The Snake" Roberts vs Kahagas wrestled to a NO CONTEST due to interference by The Heartbreak Express..

  19. October 10, 2006--Full Throttle Wrestling in Elkmont, Alabama: Chad Allen def Keith Courageous, Jeremy Flynt & Shawn Peete def Kolby Garrison & Lani Kialoha, Freakshow def Charlie Swinger, The Great Southern Trendkill def Chrisjen Hayme & Brevin Holt to retain the FTW Tag Team titles, Chris Lee def Adam Armor by Count out, "Krazy K" Kirby Mack def Cabana Man Dan...

  20. October 12, 2006--AIW in Cleveland, Ohio: Ribis def Thomas Von Erich, Mike Krease def Matt Lowry, Flip Kendrick def Bryon Lynden, Chris Cronus def Raymond Rowe by DQ, Sterling James Keenan def J-Rocc, Starless won six-way, Tyrone Evans def Thrillbilly, The Cut Throat Crew def Revelation 13 and Alpha Beta Duke and The Virgin Slayers in a 4-WAY, Low Ki def Sonjay Dutt, Vincent Noting vs Michael Hutter ended in a No Contest..

  21. October 12, 2006--UWA in Alcoa, Tennessee: Ryan Dookie def Donavan Daniels-DQ, Steve Dillinger def Jeremy, Outlaws & Kodee Kash & Eric Gunn def Juggaloz & Rogue & Violet Adams, Mike Ogle & Travis Sawyer & Rip O'Kelly def Boss & Charles Long & Kaissie Raines, Tom Prichard & Jeff Anderson def Jerry Lee & Devon Drake.

  22. October 13, 2006--CWA in Statesville, North Carolina: T.J. & Kirby Mack def Ken Magnum & Stony Hooker, Bobby Houston def Ethan Cage, Total Protection & K.C. McNight def Chris Guerrero & Jesse Ortega, Jake Manning def Deon Davis, Bobby Houston won a Battle Royal

  23. October 13, 2006--Future Stars of Wrestling in Palmetto, Florida: “Hot Scot” Devin Dalton def Dan Blocker, VA Hampton def Stone Cates, German Heart Throb def “Dragon Warrior” Craig Classic (from Big Japan) to win the FSPW Cruiserweight title, Cougar 5 Star def Son of Sicily and Tony in a 3-WAY No Holds Barred match, “Best Ever” Sonny Maivia def Diaz Mascaras to retain the FSPW Florida title..

  24. October 14, 2006--Northeast Wrestling in Milford, Pennsylvania drew a sellout 943 fans: Mike Quackenbush def Hallowicked, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan def Ricky Landell, Rob Zombie def The Executioner, Jay Lethal def Josh Daniels, Dynamic Sensation def Mikey Batts, Christian Cage def Chris Sabin, Nikki Roxx def Ariel, Jerry "The King" Lawler def "Heart Throb" Romeo Roselli

  25. October 14, 2006--Central States Wrestling in Lawrence, Kansas: Craig Keesman def Corwin Star and Darrien Sanders in a 3-WAY, Domino Rivera def Mason Hunter, Derek Stone def Brett Young, Hype Gotti def Tyler Cook, Michael Strider & Steve Fender vs Jeremy Wyatt & Wade Chism ended in a No Contest, Mark Sterling d Dingo

  26. October 14, 2006--Southern Wrestling Alliance in Fairview, Tennessee: Taka the Angry Redneck def Jeremy Breaks, Jeremy Young def Frankie Laine, Matt Morris def Texas Rebel, Kevin Ages def Big Hammer, Tomahawk def White Scorpion, Omen def Jason Scott and Da Studd in a 3-WAY, The Outlaws def The Dalton Brothers

  27. October 14, 2006--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Ames & Able def Southern Boys, Fuji Brown def Senor Flamer, Dark Lion def Damian Michaels, Apollo Starr def Bob, Johnny Tsunami def Just Justin, Cameron Star def Destinee Blade, Pat Tanaka & Dylan Right def Hypnosis & Fallen Dragon, Richard Cannon def Tank Toland-DQ, Osyris def Jimmy Jacobs.

  28. October 14, 2006--GZW in Modesto, California: Dana Lee def Kenny K in a qualifying match, Petey Williams def Joey Ryan in a qualifying match, Hijo del Chupacabra def Rik Luxury in a qualifying match, Adam Thornstowe def Frankie "The Future" Kazarian, Kassy Summers def Candace LaRae, The Cartel def Honor Society, Kenny K def Brian Cage, Hijo del Chupacabra def Dana Lee and Petey Williams in a 3-WAY to win the GZW Heavyweight title..

  29. October 14, 2006--MEWL - WICKED in Alliance Ohio at the Alliance National Guard Armory: Brian Biggs def Sergi Khurkov, Vincent Nothing def "The Feature Attraction" Ryan Midnite, Lones Oaks def Sherman Tank by Submission to win the MEWL North American title, Marion Fontaine def Jasin Blaze, Blaze's older brother a marine proposed to his girlfriend in the ring, BET (Kano & Tyrone Evans) def Shane Sensation & "Chris Kole by DQ to retain the MEWL Tag Team titles, (Part #1) There was a Battle Royal with the Final-Four advancing to "Part 2" (Included: Wrath Child, Brandon X, "The Reject" Richard, Durty The Clown, Psycho, Christian Faith, Christian Vaughn), (Part #2) Christian Faith and Christian Vaughn were co-winners over Wrath Child and Psycho in a 4-WAY, (Part #3) Christian Vaughn def Christian Faith in a Last Man Standing match to win the Hardcore title, Robby Starr def Justin Diaz (c) and Matt Mason and Jeff Cannon in a 4-WAY to win the MEWL Heavyweight title (Starr pinned Diaz)

  30. October 14, 2006--United Christian Championship Wrestling in Collins, Georgia: Donovan Sweet def JB. Ryder to retain the UCCW Television Title, Drew Blood Bannen def Ronnie Blaze, Marvelous Matt Mercer def Krazy Kanadian, David Raines def La Boom Boom, James Swat def Rouge to retain the UCCW Heavyweight Title afterwards Matt Mercer attacked Swat to lead to an impromptu title match; James Swat def Matt Mercer to once again retain the UCCW Heavyweight Title

  31. October 14, 2006--Ultra Championship Wrestling-Zero - Hallowicked in Salt Lake City, Utah: Radical Ricky def "Mr. Spectacular" Devan Payne by DQ, Alex Brady def "Mr. Syclon" Mach Martinez, Ultra X champion Stevie Slick def Jeff Orcut in a Bullrope Match, Heavyweight champion Tristan Gallo def Derrick Jannetty, Los Mochi Paco & Guerrero Azteca def Dallas Murdock & Cassidy in a #1 Contender match, Khan Kussion def "JMB" Jeff Matthew Bryant in an Extreme Rules Ultra X #1 Contender match

  32. October 14, 2006--Pro Wrestling Phoenix in Council Bluffs, Iowa: Hype Gotti def Damien Van Horn, Joey Daniels won three-way over Ricky Reynolds and Mr. Jones, Zac James def Chris Havius, Abu Collosus def Donnie Peppercricket, Sean Cruz def Jaysin Strife, Tony Cortez def Vic Victory

  33. October 14, 2006--Championship International Wrestling in Adrian, Michigan: Conrad Kennedy III def Ricky Fontaine, Chuck Wagon & Jack Thriller def Groucho & Sebastian Rose, Tommy Titus def Big Will-DQ, Xavier Justice def Hades, The Clash def War Machines to keep tag titles, P.J. Flowers def Dave Duponte, Dr Feelgood def Hoss Monohan

  34. October 14, 2006--MSPW in Coal City, Illinois: Bobby Valentino def ADD, Jason Hades def Justin Dredd and T.C. Washington in a 3-WAY, Tracy Brooks def ODB, Silas Young def Steve Stone, Tony Rican def Derek St. Holmes, DDS def Mike Horning by DQ, Mike Flannery def Mickey McCoy, Xavier Mustafa & Chris Black def Steve Stone & Hardcore Craig.

  35. October 14, 2006--Battle Ground Pro Wrestling in Newhall, California: Hook Bomberry def "The New York Knockout" Nikki, The Stepfamily (Stepdaddy & The Red Headed Stepchild) def Midnight Dynamite (Charles Mercury & Johnny Paradise), Joey Harder def Ray Kejimura by DQ, Foob Dogg def Commissioner Jason Bennett in a 5 Minute Challenge Match, Markus Riot def Preston Scott in a Street Fight, The Awesome Plague & Crayz def The Young Bucks (Slick Nick & Mr. Instant Replay) and Devilishly Sexy (Diablo & Sonny Samson) in a 3-WAY, J.T. Hyatt def Disco Machine, Infernal def King Faviano to retain the Battle Ground Pro Lucha Libre Title, Bo Cooper & Li'l Cholo def The Santino Bros. (Kaos & Mongol).

  36. October 14, 2006--QFC/Champions of Texas Power Wrestling in Austin, Texas: Darkstar JR (formally known as Lonestar JR) def Monje Deabolico, Papadon (now refered to as Papichulo) def Psycho Simpson, Ebony X (Mikey 13 & GQ Knight) def Jose Valiente & Von The Velocity Kid, Ironwill Anderson vs Demonseed ended in a No Contest in a Hardcore match, Mr. B def JOJO Bravo, Adrianne Sensation (male) def Jessica James (female) in an Intergender match, Dark Spector def Steve Damaro to retain the CTPW Cruiserweight title, Devastator def Tommy Gun, Skull Manson def El Guapo to win the CTPW Heavyweight title, "Xtreme Bulldawg" Rexx Reed vs Bobby 2 Badd ended in a Double Countout in a Dog Collar match (neither answered the 10-count)..

  37. October 14, 2006--Defiant Pro Wrestling - Bitter Reality in Naugatuck, Connecticut at the Portuguese Club: Guillaume de Sade def Chris Mooch and Tiger Mulligan in a 3-WAY, Missy Sampson def Melissa Stripes after a face buster, “The Promise” Antonio Thomas def Dr. Reginald Heresey w/Nurse Kiki Van Dyke, “The Mutilator” Jamie Pain def Natas after a Michinoku Driver onto a chair, Jason Knight & Tony DeVito w/Mike E. Milano def Pat Gunner & Del Tsunami & Bull Dredd w/Paulie J, Kid Mikaze def “Straight Edge” Brian Fury (DPW Cruiserweight Champion) by DQ, Primal Impact (Dylan Kage & Luis Ortiz) def The Untouchables (c) and The NOW and The Canadian Superstars to win the DPW Tag Team titles, “East Coast Intensity” Jose Perez def “Samoan Gangsta” L.A. Smooth by DQ, “Samoan Storm” Afa Jr. w/Alere Little Feather def “The Lurking Fear” Nocturne to win the DPW title! (Dylan Kage, Luis Ortiz, Alere Little Feather & Afa Jr. declared themselves “the most dominate faction in New England wrestling history!”)..

  38. October 17, 2006--Full Throttle Wrestling in Elkmont, Alabama: Kolby Garrison & Lani Kialoha b. Jeremy Flynt & Shawn Peete, Charlie Swinger b. Chris Lee, The Freakshow b. Chad Allen, The Great Southern Trendkill (Insane Lane & Tony V) vs Chrisjen Hayme & Brevin Holt ended in a No Contest, Adam Armor b. Dave Mitchell by DQ to retain the FTW Title, Keith Courageous & Phil Wilson b. The 939 Express...

  39. October 19, 2006--Maximum Xtreme Pro Wrestling in Hollywood, Florida at the Seminole Gymnasium: Craig Classic def Chasyn Rance, Wade Koverly def Fantastic Dantastic, Chaz def Scott Commodity, Hack Meyers def Darron Smythe, Black Market (Shawn Murphy & Joey Machete) def The Cash Money Brothers, Romeo Valentino def Bobby Hopkins Jr...

  40. October 20, 2006--Coastal Championship Wrestling in Fort Pierce, Florida: Afternoon Show: Bruno Sassi def Chasyn Rance, Cliff Sheats def Chris Nelson, Dok Rivers def Daron Smythe, Big Till def The Varsity Kid, Joey Machete def Bobby Hopkins Jr. ----- Night Show: Joey Machete def Wade Koverly, Sheats def Smythe, Kahagus def Rance, Syrian Slashers def Rivers & Nelson by DQ, Shawn Murphy def Dantastic, Hopkins Jr. & Dustin Rhodes def Phi Delta Slam.

  41. October 20, 2006--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, Texas: Dave The Rave w/Steve Moody def Ricky Jackson and Gemini in a 3-WAY, Kevin Paine def Justin 2 Fine, Convict 187 def B.J. Turner, Lance & Chance Romance w/Original D-Money def Scott McKenzie & Danny Matthews, Drunk Adam & Hugh Rogue & Louie The Hand def The Texas Treats (Don Juan & Chris Marval & J.T. LaMotta), Jack Drastic def Gregory Symonds to retain the XCW Heavyweight title

  42. October 21, 2006--Coastal Championship Wrestling in Coral Springs, Florida before 200 fans: Wade Koverly def Davon, J.B. Cool def Shaka Voodoo, Big Till def Dantastic by DQ, Bobby Hopkins vs Ram Man ended in a Double Countout, Shane McClain def Alex G, Chasyn Race def Varsity Kid and Naphtali in a 3-WAY, Black Market (Joey Machete & Shawn Murphy) vs Syrian Assassin & Kahagas ended in a Double DQ, Bruno Sassi vs Goldust (Dustin Rhodes) ended in a Double DQ

  43. October 21, 2006--Florida Professional Wrestling Association - Ring of Horror 3 in Pinellas Park, Florida: Austin Amadeus def Suicide, “Irish Destroyer” Heater def “Superfan” Mark Zout (as the Gimmick Taker) in match #4 of the Best of Five (2-2), VinnDetta def “Next Level” Jon Davis w/Amy Vitale by DQ, The Ring Crew Express (Dunn & Marcos w/Evan Starsmore) def The Psychedelics (Jerome Hendrix & James Morrison w/Amy Vitale), “Classic” Colt Cabana and Pretty Fly def Dagon Briggs and Nick Fame, Roderick Strong def Nooie Lee, Torcher & Steve Corino vs Seal & The Cuban Assassin w/Fantasy ended in a No Contest, Aaron Epic def Delirious to retain the Florida State title, Modern Day Theory (Preston James & Scott Commodity w/Jimmy Hart) def Rod Steel & Bruce Santee w/Amy Love to win the FPWA Tag Team titles!

  44. October 21, 2006--Championship Wrestling in Kingsport, Tennessee @ the Civic Auditorium: Moe Jenkins def Dirty J, Beau James def Matt Scott, Ryan Dookie & Adam York def Kid Flash & Grunge, Cody Ices def Mike Cooper, Tony Givens & Robbie Cassidy & Wayne Adkins & Nick Hammonds def Chris Richards & Brad Thomas & Eddie Golden & Allen King by DQ, Thorn def Ray Idol after guest referee Commissioner Rob Knight turned on Idol, John Heidenreich vs Chris Richards ended in a Double DQ

  45. October 21, 2006--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Cameron Star def Destinee Blade, Marc Houston def Jeremy Hadley, Tsunamis def Fallen Dragon & Hypnosis and Justin Dean & Seth Clash, Just Justin def Senor Flamer, Bob def Damian Michaels, Dark Lion def Fuji Brown, Jimmy Snuka & Caden Ames & Cristen Able def Richard Cannon & Hank Calhoun & Wildman Rogers

  46. October 21, 2006--NAW in Modesto, California before 144 fans: Jason Vega def Seito Hayashi, Hellfyre def Sir Samurai and Secretions and Rik Luxury and J.R. Oldschool in a 5-WAY, Mark Vega def Kenny K, Brian Raymond def Jesus Kruze, Mike Rayne def Brian Cage, Suburban Commandos def Pogo the Clown, Hijo de Chupacabra def Markus Riot, StepFamily def Honor Society, Carnage def Youth Suicide, Robby Phoenix vs Virgil Flynn ended in a Double DQ, Steele def Virgil Flynn.

  47. October 21, 2006--Minnesota Independent Wrestling in Monticello, Minnesota at JP's Jala Peno Bar & Grille before 300 fans: Tommy "Spiderbaby" Saturday def 2-LO, "Playboy" Pete Huge vs Big Daddy Hoofer ended in a No Contest, Robbie Thunder def "Tantilizing" Travis Hilton, The Vindicator def Jonny Goldengate, Magnus Maximus (heading to OVW in November) def "Beautiful" Bobby Jay, "The Natural" Matt Burns def Mitch Paradise, The Big Gunns (Big Daddy Hoofer & James Thomas) def The Junk Squad (Pete Hughe & Chris Jordan) to retain the MIW Tag-Team titles...

  48. October 21, 2006--Midwest Championship Wrestling in St. Paul, Minnesota at the Salvation Army Rec Center: Paul Van Dyke def Johnny Goldengate, The Jackal def Bobbi Mafi, Team Danger def Josh Calisto/Kid Extreme, Sam Haine def Johnathan Fury, "The Icon" Sean Russell def "Beautiful" Bobby Jay, Horace The Psychopath def Shimdog in a Street Fight, Kamikazi Klecker def Phoenix, El Bano def Derrick Fury..

  49. October 21, 2006--Eastern Wrestling Alliance in Orange, Massachusetts before 159 fans: Ch Chi Cruz & Kid Mikaze def Kid Krazy & Frankie Armadillo, Kevin Landry def Brian Milonas, Nick Steel & Larry Huntley & Dr. Heresy def Psycho & Sonny Goodspeed & Tony Omega, Dan Chesterfield def Maverick Wild by DQ,Kelly Valentine def Moondog Barron, Luis Ortiz def Eddie Edwards, Michael Sain def Max Bauer by DQ, Antonio Thomas vs Brian Black ended in a No Contest..

  50. October 22, 2006--AWS - Halloween Slaughterhouse 3 at the City of Industry, California: Joey Ryan & Karl Anderson def Charles Mercury & Johnny Paradise and Zokre & Phoenix Star and Shawn Riddick & Peter Goodman in a 4-WAY Tag match, The Plague def "Brawlin'" Bo Cooper (Tournament), "Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce def Babi Slymm by DQ (Tournament), Human Tornado & Scorpio Sky def The Crayz & Al Katrazz, Tommy Wilson def Scott Lost, "Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce def The Plague in the Finals to win the NWA Heritage title, Mil Mascaras & Los Chivos def Shamu Jr. & Chilango & Durango, Lionheart def Lil Cholo in a Steel Cage match

  51. October 25, 2006--Gimmicks Only Underground Grappling Entertainment in Raleigh, North Carolina at the Kings Barcade: Count Grog & Commissioner Stevie Charles segment, Bobby Eating & Dennis Laundry (K.C. McKnight) def Rusty Comoads & Tennessee Ernie Nord, Dick Foley def Krono and Kid Sydye in a 3-WAY Hardcore match, Derek Ryze def Krazy K when Dick Foley interfered, The Urban Legends (Luther Thesz & Cowboy Willie Watts) def Cham Pain & Seymour Snott w/Cinnamon Snott, Trailer Park Heat def Wallabee Joe w/Felicia O in an I Quit match with the Blind Commissioner Stevie Charles as the referee, Scab w/Count Grog def Yuk in a chair vs. chair match.

  52. October 26, 2006--Exodus Wrestling Alliance in Pageland, South Carolina: Chris Guerrero def Raymond Helms, Bobby Houston def Jake Manning, Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. def Jesse Morris, The Barbarian def George South Sr. with Jimmy Valiant as referee, Jim Heffner def The Assassin

  53. October 26, 2006--International Championship Wrestling from El Centro, California: "XXX" Lawrence Tyler (IZW) def Black Dragon (IZW), Morgan (IZW) def Erica D'Erico (IZW), "Miracle Mike James (IZW) def Lil' Nate (IZW/UPW), GQ Gallo & Payed Daily (IZW) def Navajo Warrior & Hawaiian Lion (IZW), Virgil def Doink, Konnan & Navajo Warrior & Hawaiian Lion def Disco Inferno & GQ Gallo & Payed Daily.

  54. October 26, 2006--United Wrestling Association in Alcoa, Tennessee: Mr. Tennessee (Ricky Morton) def Tom Prichard in a cage match, Devon Drake def Jerry Lee, Billy Marshall & Dave Pillman def Chris Dalton & Jason Dalton, Eric Adams def Killer Dillinger, Charles Long & Jim Miller def Mike Ogle & Travis Sawyer, Donovan Daniels def Lance Stark, Jeff Anderson def Bobby Eaton, Roy Vandal def Big Al, Kassie Rains & Destiny def Violet & Fantasy, Robbie Race def Killer Kyle-DQ, Shane Andrews & C.M. Sigmon def Tank Toland & Chris Pavone, Rip Kelly & Rogue def Terry Wright & Ryder, Shane Williams def Brent Albright, Willie B. Badd & Jason Maxx def Shawn Shultz & Chris Michaels, Menace def Brad Thomas.

  55. October 27, 2006--Future Stars of Pro Wrestling in Palmetto, Florida: “Hot Scot” Devin Dalton def Remix (debut), German Heart Throb def “Hardcore Conquistador” Tony to retain the Cruiserweight title, V.A. Hampton def Nick Fame (debut), "Super Fan" Mark Zout (as The Boogeyman) def Cougar 5-Star and Austin Amadeus in 3-WAY, Deathrow Jethro def Jason Sensation to retain the FSPW Title, Sonny Maivia (dressed as a Floridian) won a 10-Man Elimination Gimmick tag match (Also in the match with some of the FSPW trainees were: Son of Sicily as the Sandman, “Hardcore Conquistador” Tony as Jeff Hardy, Cougar 5 Star as the Hurricane, Stone Cates as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and Diaz Mascaras as Mil Mascaras)

  56. October 27, 2006--New Revolution Wrestling in Gresham, Oregon at the Recreation Center before 55 fans: Nate "The Great" def Quiz, Cameron Star vs Hearthrob Eric Hanson ended in a 20 minute time limit draw, Ritchie Magnett def Critter, Dash Venture def Thrash Kincaid, Skag Rollins vs J-Sin Sullivan ended in a Double DQ, Thrash Kincaid won a 10-Man Revolution Rumble to become the #1 Contender and face Matt Farmer next week for the NRW Pacific Coast title.

  57. October 27, 2006--Brew City Wrestling from in Waukesha, Wisconsin: Xavier Mustafa def DDS, Steve Stone def T.C. Washington by DQ, Aristocrats def Super Mario & Scotty Pride, Dysfunction def Bobby Valentino & Justin Dredd, Trevor Adonis def Angel Armani, Chris Black def Harker Dirke, Jimmy Snuka & Din T. Moore & Frankie DeFalco def Foreign Franchise

  58. October 27, 2006--Division I Pro Wrestling in Davie, Florida at the PAL Gymnasium before 175 fans: Craig Classic w/Blare Rogers def Chasyn Rance, The Lifeguards (Daron Smythe & Wade Koverly) def Nooie Lee & Logan Fernandez, Scott Commodity w/Fabulous Frank def Fantastic Dantastic, David Mercury w/Fabulous Frank def Johnny Vandal, Casey Thompson w/Amy Vitale def J.B. Cool, Kenny King def Steve Madison, Black Market (Joey Machete & Shawn Murphy) def Cash Money Brothers after interference from Casey Thompson and Amy Vitale..

  59. October 27, 2006--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, Texas: Kevin Paine d. Drunk Adam after a powerbomb, B.J. Turner d. Dave The Rave when Turner made Dave submit, Fans Bring The Weapons Match:The Necro Butcher d. Chuey Martinez (with Mr. Steve Moody) after a chairshot to the head, Masada d. Sidd Murder, Playaz Street Fight: Chance Romance (with D-Money) d. "The Total Playa" Scott McKenzie (with D-Skrilla) when Chance nailed McKenzie with the Steel Chain, Non-Title Match: Team Extreme (Khris Germany & Kit Carson) d. XCW Tag Team Champions The Texas Treats (Don Juan & Chris Marval with J.T. LaMotta) when Carson used an airplane spin followed by the jumping DDT from Germany.

  60. October 28, 2006--Midwest Wrestling Connection in Elkhart, Indiana: Justin Dean & Seth Clash def Liberty Kid & Mazz, Jake Omen def Jay West, Shark Boy def Billy Roc, The YBI's def Gorilla Warfare, Dark Lion def Bam Morgan, The Sickness def Tony X and Scotty Young in a 3-WAY to retain the MWWC Cruiserweight Title, William Stud def Sgt. Peterson by DQ but Peterson retained the MWWC Title ..

  61. October 28, 2006--Ultimate Ring Wars in Somerset, Massachusetts at Multiplex Sports: Dan Biondi w/The Mind def The Crazy Chainsaw Bastard, Amber & Kid Mikaze def Ariel & Jon Thornhill in a mixed tag match, Widowmaker Eric Shred def The Texas Outlaw to retain the New World Wrestling United States title, 2D Edge (Pat Masters & Jose Perez) def All Money Is Legal (K-Murda & K-Pusha w/Dizzie), Headshrinker Samu def "The Extreme Strongman" Gino Martino to win the New World Wrestling Undisputed Brass Knuckles title, Nocturne def Dizzie and Jason Rumble in a 3-WAY, The Big Islanders (Makua & Ka Hoku) def Pierre Vachon & The Crazy Chainsaw Bastard, Ron "The Truth" Killings def Slyck Wagner Brown, Abyss def Michael Sain in a Casket match

  62. October 28, 2006--Maximum Championship Wrestling in Dover, Delaware: Chucky Wynn def Great Kitsume, Hunter def Chris Wylde, Massive Mike def Robby Morrison, Josh Trojan def Bazooka Joe & Andrew Steele, Lance McIntyre def Crazii Shea, Established def Beyond Reality, 38 Proof def Cobra & Louis Rich, Alan Cross def Shawn Raymond, Eric Chapel def Randy Masochist, E.L. Stanley vs Aken Pembrooke ended in a No Contest.

  63. October 28, 2006--Insane Championship Wrestling in Spencer, Wisconsin: Bobby Valentino def Steve Stone, Dysfunction def Jason Hades, Din T. Moore def Scotty Pride, Justin Dredd def Chris Black, Jerry Styles def Jimmy Dragons, Justin Dredd def Bobby Valentino, Dysfunction def Din T. Moore, Justin Dredd def Dysfunction

  64. October 28, 2006--Championship International Wrestling in Waldron, Michigan: Xavier Justice def Van Envy, Jack Thriller DCOR Devon Michaels, Bill Will def Milwaukee Mauler, Hoss Monahan def Joe Doering, Clash def Helvin & Sinn, Conrad Kennedy III def Nitro, Xavier Justice def Dylan Knight, Dr. Feelgood def P.J. Flowers..

  65. October 28, 2006--3XWrestling in Waukee, Iowa at the Waukee Middle School: 3XW Cruiserweight champion Ben Sailer b. Shane Hollister, Brian Ash b. Cousin Mikey by DQ, Marek Brave b. Jaysin Strife, 3XW Tag Team Champions Ben Sailer & Nate Bash b. Krotch & Mike Maxim, Danny Daniels vs. Egotistico Fantastico ended in a draw, Gage Octane b. Matty Fitness, Dan Lawrence & Tony Sly b. Casanova & Devin Carter, Bryce Benjamin b. 3XW Heavyweight champion Tony Scarpone in a non-title hardcore match.

  66. October 29, 2006--Lucha Libre Mexicana in Phoenix, Arizona at Dos Hermanos Hall: Phantom I & Phantom II & Black Angel def Fly Boy Jr. & Arlequin & Eric Balboa, Navajo Warrior & Lucha Reigns & El Sinaloense def Payed Daily & Mike James & Estruendo, El Chucky & Rudy Escobedo & Guero Cota def El Marquez & Huracan Ramirez Jr. & Caudillo, Peluchin def Fantacia El Exotico in a Mask vs Mask match, Mascarita Sagrada & Tzuki def Espectrito & Mini Pierrothito

  67. October 29, 2006--Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling - 6th Anniversary Show in Warren, Michigan: Gutter def Jeff Brooks, Jeff King & invisible partner (claimed to be the ghost of Lou Thesz) def Game Boy & Levi Blue, Eddie Venom def Whiplash, Anti-American Kickboxer def Jason Harris, Kamikaze def Kris Korvis, Jaimy Coxx def Breyer Wellington, Johnny Dynamo def Truth Martini by DQ, C.J. Otis def Josh Abercrombie, Conrad Kennedy III def DBA in a Dog Collar match

  68. October 29, 2006--Severe Attitude Wrestling in Sevierville Tennessee. "The Widowmaker" Ray Boaz and Trooper T b. "The Wild Man" Jeff Anderson and Chris Powers. Steve Flynn b. Scotty Polo. UGA b. Jason Owens. Robbie Race b. Steven Dillinger. Hollywood Whaley b. Helga. Trooper T wins battle royal.

  69. October 31, 2006--Full Throttle Wrestling in Elkmont, Alabama presents Halloween Special: Insane Lane (as Harley Race) and Tony V (as Chrisjen Hayme) ended in a Double Count Out, Chris Lee (as Chad Grey) & Chad Allen (as Jeffrey Nothing) b. The Freakshow & Shawn Peete (as Team 3-D) by DQ, Phil Wilson (as HBK) b. Dave Mitchell (as Ricky Morton), Jermey Flynt (as Steve Austin) b. KG (as The Rock), Charlie Swinger (as Hulk Hogan) b. Cabana Man Dan (as Roddy Piper)...