Independent Wrestling Results - September 2006

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  1. September 1, 2006--Future Stars of Professional Wrestling - Malenko Cup 2006 in Palmetto, Florida at the Olympia Theater: “The Shooter” Rey Ayala def “Mad Dog” Art Strong in the 1st Round, Vinny Sarducci w/CIA def Stone Cates in the 1st Round, German Heart Throb def “Hot Scot” Devin Dalton in the 1st Round, Diaz Mascaras def The Blue Devil in the 1st Round, Deathrow Jethro vs Barney Rumble vs Jason Sensation ended in a 20-minute time limit draw, German Heart Throb def “The Shooter” Ray Ayala in the 2nd Round, Vinny Sarducci w/CIA def Diaz Mascaras in the 2nd Round, "Super Fan" Mark Zout (as Razor Ramon) def James Morrison (representing "Fed Up North") by DQ, German Heart Throb def Vinny Sarducci w/CIA in the Finals to win the Malenko Cup.

  2. September 1, 2006--West Virginia Wrestling in Matoka, West Virgnia: Rebel def Roger Hamm, Heather Owens def Fast Eddie, Hojo the Hillbilly def Beau James by DQ, Rebel Owens & Hojo def James & Hamm & Eddie, Flex Tolley def Scotty McKeever

  3. September 1, 2006--Ground Zero Wrestling in Modesto, California before 245 fans: Adam Thornstowe won a Battle Royal to face Samoa Joe in the main event, Kenny K def Dana Lee, Puma def Bino Gambino, Joey Harder def Hijo de Chupacabra and Bonzai Bruce in a 3-WAY, Rik Luxury def Ryan Taylor, Cartel def Suburban Commandos in a Tables match, Samoa Joe def Adam Thornstowe

  4. September 2, 2006--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Hypnosis def Insane Luchadore, Fallen Dragon def Willie Loseagain, Fuji Brown def Senor Flamer, The Southern Boys def Caden Ames & Cristen Able, Sean Belushi def Damian Michaels, Cameron Star def Destinee Blade, Osyris & Wyatt Houston def Fuji Brown & Richard Cannon

  5. September 2, 2006--Hoosier Pro Wrestling in Columbus, Indiana before 175 fans: Eddie Felson def Donny Idol, Pastor Pain def Tom Van Zant, Cousin Cooter def Roger Blade, Donny Idol vs Bobby Black ended in a Double Countout, Tank Toland def Average White Guy, Ronnie Vegas def Ox Harley

  6. September 2, 2006--New Era Wrestling in Cincinnati, Ohio: Dave Spears d Dustin Rayz, Dewey Brown & Gotti def Tommy Blaze & Jim Hutchinson, Tom Lutz def Wrestler X, Logan Caine def Brett Grayson and The Phantom in a 3-WAY, Nick LeBeau DKO Chris Reno, Nikita Allanov def Garf Redman in a Chain match, Ronnie Longworth def Brad Callway.

  7. September 2, 2006--Ultra Championship Wrestling-Zero in Provo, Utah: Stevie Slick (w/Tristan Gallo and "Mr. Spectacular" Devan Payne) def Jeff Orcut, Guerrero Azteca def "Mr. Spectacular" Devan Payne, Los Mochi Paco def JMB, Ultra Star def Nice Cross, Tristan Gallo def Alex Brady, Dallas Murdock def Radical Ricky, Derrick Jannetty(w/Radical Ricky) def Cassidy (w/Dallas Murdock), UCW-Zero Heavyweight champion Tristan Gallo (w/Stevie Slick) and UCW-Zero Ultra X champion Kahn Kussion went to a No Contest in a title unification match

  8. September 2, 2006--Big Time Wrestling in Pennington Gap, Virginia: Bobby Fulton def Assassin #2 by DQ, Bambi def Peggy Lee Leather, Barbarian def Buzz, Beau James def Sheik of Araby, Jimmy Golden def Dr. Tom Prichard, Bobby Fulton & Jackie Fulton def The Assassins

  9. September 2, 2006--Global Championship Wrestling in Palmerdale, Alabama: Mudbone def Adam Armor, Cabana Man Dan def "Nino del Oro" Yaki in a 2/3 Falls Match, "Action" Mike Jackson def Nasty Kritter Scum and The InHuman Fly in a 3-WAY, Guff Grayson & Sweet Daddy w/Sweet Pea def Mr. Blurr & Shane Fox to win the GCW Tag Team titles, TIMMY Feldman def "Wild Thing" Will Owens, Buff Bagwell def Theodore Tutwiler III, "Mad Dog" Dan Sawyer & Enigma (Little Person) def The Night Prowler & Howard C. Cross...

  10. September 2, 2006--Plymouth Championship Wrestling in Sioux City, Iowa: Vic Victory def David Diamond, Jake Holmes & Babyface def Jayden Draigo & J.T. Wilcox, Sean Cruz def Egotistico Fantastico, Paul Daniels & Skeeter def Chris Havius & Zac James, Chance Cordova def Hype Gotti, Abu Colussus & Max Magnus def Matt Fitness & D.B. Albright..

  11. September 2, 2006--Mega Championship Wrestling - September Smash in South Amherst Ohio: Johnny Beef def Louis St. Clair, Billy Taylor def Robby Starr, Los Scrubs def Da Munchies after interference from Total Anarchy, Marion Fontaine def Shiima Xion, Shawn Blaze def Dublave to win the MCW Light Heavyweight title, Klub Xtreme def Total Anarchy to retain the MCW United States Tag Team Titles, Shirley Doe def Brandon X to win the MCW Brass Knuckles Title, Chris Kole def J.T. Lightning to retain the MCW United States Title..

  12. September 2, 2006--Championship Pro Wrestling - Fan Appreciation Night in Falling Waters, West Virginia: Damage Inc. def Sin City Syndicate in a Falls Count Anywhere Match to retain the Tag Team titles, Leslie Leatherman def Switchblade to retain the CPW Heavyweight titles, Brian Johnson def Ray Valasco, Bobby Fonta def Griffen by reverse decision Disqualification, The Patriot def Jake Davis, Hyjinx def Richie Stevens to retain the CPW West Virginia title, Warlock def Johnny Logan, Shane Shadows def Mike Ratick..

  13. September 2, 2006--Great Southern Championship Wresting - Hostile Takeover in Hickory, North Carolina at the Brookford Auditorium: BaJA def Rex Sterling, "Boogie Woogie Man" Jimmy Valiant told crowd he was the new Commissioner of GSCW, Mickey Richards def "Rattlesnake" Rick Jackson, Lil Toni w/Keith Tomasso def Daniel Ocean w/Diamond, DZ Hyde def Sabre w/Big Momma, Chris Hamrick def Sonny Landell, Sit Down With The Don with guest Brittney Ace, Frank "The Tank" Parker & Skull def Stan Lee & Eddie Golden, Tommy Ace & Rev. Slim def KC Thunder & Crazy Kane Adams w/Keith Tomasso ..

  14. September 3, 2006--Exodus Wrestling Alliance in Mooresville, North Carolina: Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. def Ryan Stallone, Jason Jones d Mike Lee, Total Protection def Raymond Helms, Bobby Houston def Chris Guerrero.

  15. September 4, 2006--Ultra Championship Wrestling-Zero in Provo, Utah: Jeff Orcut (w/Kahn Kussion, Radical Ricky, Los Mochi Paco, & Guerrero Azteca) def Stevie Slick (w/Tristan Gallo & Devan Payne), Alex Brady def "Mr. Syclon" Mach Martinez, UCW-Zero Ultra-X champion Kahn Kussion def JMB, Derrick Jannetty & Radical Ricky def Cassidy & Dallas Murdock, Total Control (Tristan Gallo & Devan Payne) (w/Stevie Slick) def UCW-Zero Tag Team champions Los Mochis (Paco & Guerrero Azteca in a Two out of Three Falls match to become the new UCW-Zero Tag Team champions

  16. September 5, 2006--Full Throttle Wrestling in Elkmont, Alabama: Tony V b. Kurt Nickels, Jeremy Flynt b. Lani Kialoha, Dave Mitchell b. "KG" Kolby Garrison, Charlie Swinger b. Insane Lane, Shawn "The Heete" Peete b. Chrisjen Hayme, Chad Alan b. Jeff Jameson, "Canadian Kid" Chris Lee b. Brevin Holt, Adam Armor b. "Freakshow" Iceberg in a no DQ Thumbtack Match to retain the FTW Title...]

  17. September 7, 2006--Championship Wrestling Association in Wayne, West Virginia: Scotty McKeever def Big Bad John, Alaskan Assassin Ice def Xcalubir, Kyd def Eric Steel, Smokey C def J.V. Insanity-DQ, Shane Matthews & Chris Vega def Danny Ray & Brian Compton

  18. September 8, 2006--SAW Entertainment Wrestling in Sevierville, Tennessee at the Sevierville Civic Center: Ray Boaz def Hollywood Whaley and Steve Flynn in a 3-WAY. Chris Powers def Jeff Anderson. Issac Cain def The Canadian. UGA def CC Pee Pee. Trooper T def Big Country. Robbie Race def David Anderson.

  19. September 8, 2006--Mid-South All-Star Wrestling in Memphis, Tennessee: Hitman def Jake the Jackhammer, David Anthony & A.J. Bradley def Jason Skylar & Johnny Morton, Gabriel Stalker w/The Movement def Crime, Jason Richards & Jeremy Killz def Carnage Antwane (his partner Oz no-showed) to win Tag Team titles, Big Ace def Chris Lexx and Reno Diamond in a 3-WAY, Buff Bagwell (heel) def Precious, Precious def Buff Bagwell in a rematch, “Big CA” Carnage Antwane def “The Punisher” Dre Black, Big Country def Rick Steiner in an Anything Goes match.

  20. September 9, 2006--MidWest Wrestling Connection in Elkhart, Indiana: Jeremy Hadley def Dark Lion, Bam Morgan def JyNX, Ryan Rage & Gorilla WarFare def ???? & ???? & ????, Billy Roc def "Simply Stunning" Scotty Young in a #1 Contenders match for the MWWC Cruiserweight Title, Brutus Dylan def SPT Reign in a Last Man Standing Match, Sgt. Peterson def BiPolar in a Non-title match..

  21. September 9, 2006--UWA in Maynardville, Tennessee: Jerry Lee def Donavan Daniels, Dillinger def Billy Marshall, The Heartaches def Mike Ogle & Travis Sawyer, The Boss def Eric Gunn, Jerry Lee vs Jonathan McMurray ended in a No Contest, Death Row Inmates & Jonathan McMurray def Thunder Valley Express & Donovan Daniels

  22. September 9, 2006--American Pro Wrestling in Spartanburg, South Carolina: Phil Shatter def Abel Adams, Mace McMasters def Billy Ray Young, Romeo & Dookie 2 Times def Beach Blonz, Jay Eagle def Brock Von Lichtenstein, Shane Steele def A.J. Frost and Shea Shea McGrady and Evon Force in a 4-WAY, XXL Doug Hawkins def Ian McIntyre, Mack Truck def Brodie Chase, Bobby Diamond def Morbid, Alex Stone def Ostgard

  23. September 9, 2006--Slam All-Star Wrestling in Highgate, Vermont: The Vachons def Ian Daniels & Nick Peak, Michael Monroe def Metal Mercenary, Angel & ????? def Pedro & Mikey Mudd, Shockwave def Franz Roddy by DQ, Lenn Oddity def Mackie Schrody, HEAT def Divine Diversity, Chris Envy def Tom Ugly, Barbie def Miss Montgomery, Maxx Burton & J.P. Black & Green Mountain Grappler def Drake Evans & Vigo & Guillaume Desade

  24. September 9, 2006--Xtreme Maximum Championship Wrestling in Nitro, West Virginia: Raw Talent def J.V. Insanity, Shane Matthews & Chris Vega def Chris Sterling & T-Bone, Unholy & Dallas Michaels def GAY, Wes Lynch def Eric Steel, Smokey C def Cole Cash and El Fangdango and Max Rock in a 4-WAY Ladder match, Allen Lynch def Kyd in a Falls Count Anywhere match..

  25. September 9, 2006--Old Time Wrestling in Bellmawr, New Jersey: Greg Holsha def Mike Johnson, Pete Nixon & Dan Williams def Luis Martinez & snake Jackson, Ryan Cushman & Mike Reed def Bulldog Colari & Greg Holsha by DQ, Jake Bishop & Dave Logan def Nasty Nick & Blue Bolt, Pete Nixon def Luis Martinez

  26. September 9, 2006--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Frankie the Face def Damian Michaels, The Southern Boys def Senor Flamer & Mini Max, Caden Ames & Cristen Able def Fallen Dragon & Hypnosis, Richard Cannon def Jimmy Shalwin, Fuji Brown def Destinee Blade, Ames & Able def Soul Shooters and Dragon & Hypnosis

  27. September 9, 2006--Appalachian Wrestling Federation - Heavyweight Title Tournament in Frenchburg, Kentucky from the Menifee County High School: Zodiac def Brad Thomas due to interference by Billy Maverick, J.R. Roc def Tommy Lotion, American Eagle def Billy Maverick due to interference by Brad Thomas, eXcalibur def J.R. Roc, Zodiak def American Eagle to become the new AWF Heavyweight Champion, Ricky Morton & Brad Thomas def Shawn Christopher & Billy Maverick

  28. September 9, 2006--Devastation Wrestling Federation in Sewell, New Jersey: Craii Shea def Sensational One, Bobby Piper def Conner Ryan, Sheik Shiel Aliii def Fierce Fuego, Big Slam def Amadeus, Kidd def Problem Child, Patch def Vinny the Fixxer, Angel Gonzales def Frankie Frizzo, Sheik Shiel Ali won Battle Royal

  29. September 9, 2006--SWA War Zone Wrestling in Hattiesburg, Mississippi: Minotaur def The Clown, Mikey won three-way over Adam Hart and Jay Steele, Malik Avalon def Billy Wayne, Pat Patera def F.T. Worth, Ron Horn vs Riki Idol ended in a No Contest, Gen. Payne def Jessie Reynolds, Richtor Rhinehart & 2 Quik won a Battle Royal, Barry Wolf & Rainbow Warrior def Justin Stone & Hoss Garrett, Tony Vegas vs Wade Garrett ended in a draw..

  30. September 9, 2006--Insane Championship Wrestling in Spencer, Wisconsin: Mickie McCoy def Steve Blaynard, Steve Stone def Scotty Pride, Keeping it Gangsta d Esteban Melina & Vato, Dysfunction def Mark Priebe, Xavier Mustafa def Dinty Moore, Bobby Valentino def Justin Dredd

  31. September 9, 2006--Devil Mountain Wrestling in Concord, California before 100 fans: Sgt. Tank Bomber def Loss Widowmaker, Suburban Commandos def The Smirnoffs and Hijo de Chupacabra & Kenny K and Hellfyre & Trent Hemridge in a 4-WAY Tag match, U.S. Steel def Jesus Cruz, Paul Isadora def Rik Luxury, Sir Samurai def Rage, Samurai def Isadora & Steel..

  32. September 9, 2006--United Wrestling Council in Akron, Ohio: Chris the Brain introduced the new UWC President John Potok, "Smooth Operator" Justin Dreams def "Upgrade" Tyrone Evans with the help of manager Bo Smirnow, Jimmy DeMarco def Jason Gory, Chad Lieb def Phattie Dattie, "Superstar" Jamie Starr vs Jack Frost ended in a Double Count-out, "Sexy Beast" Jason Meekins def Frank Furter after interference by manager Tim Shady, Wilber Whitlock def Purple Hooter by DQ, "Fabulous" John McChesney def Kid Rageous, Kano def Patrick Hayes to win the vacant Lightweight title (Patrick Hayes scored the pin, but had a chain given to him by manager Chandler Biggins. The referee found it, and restarted the match. Kano won a cradle DDT), Adam Cage def Mike Hercum to win the UWC Television title with help from Wilber Whitlock, American Muscle (Ray Rowe & Deviant) def The Gambinos by DQ when Vicki Gambino low-blowed Rowe & Deviant, Mikey Showtime vs J-Rocc went ended in a No-Contest after a Clown (who was doing face painting all night for the kids) came in with a chair and made all hell break loose by taking out the referee and setting up Showtime for J-Rocc to get the win, but then the UWC President came down and called the match. The Clown was revealed as J-Rocc's manager Eddy Edwards.

  33. September 9, 2006--Ohio Championship Wrestling in Coshocton, Ohio at Hopewell School: Carlton Kaz def Beastmaster and Christian Vaughn in a 3-WAY to retain the Television title, Robby Starr def "Wild Card" Jack Diamond w/G.Q. Status, Jason Thunder vs Unknown vs Vance Desmond ended in a No Contest, Sherman Tank def "The Bachelor" Richard Carter, "The Feature Attraction" Ryan Midnight def Justin Diaz (sub for Todd Richards), Joe Joe Little def JT Hogg in round 3 of a Special Attraction match, "TNA knockout" Tracy Brooks def "Sexy" Lexi Lane, Abyss def Jeff "Big Guns" Cannon..

  34. September 9, 2006--Battle Ground Wrestling in Newhall, California: Infernal def Markus Riot to retain the Battle Ground Pro Lucha Libre Title, The Stepfamily (Stepdaddy & The Red Headed Stepchild) def Midnight Dynamite (Johnny Paradise & Charles Mercury) and The Awesome Plague & Crayz in a 3-WAY to advance to the Finals of the Tag Team Title Tournament, Joey Harder def Brandon Nitro by Submission, Foob Dogg def "The Professional" Scott Lost w/Jade Chung to win a lifetime contract (Foob Dogg also earns 5 minutes in the ring with Commissioner Jason Bennett on October 14th), Li'l Cholo def "The Role Model" Preston Scott, "The Rock Superstar" Kaos def Hook Bomberry, Disco Machine def Human Tornado and J.T. Hyatt in a 3-WAY, "Brawlin" Bo Cooper (BGPW Champion) def "The Technical Wizard" Joey Ryan (PWG Champion) by DQ (Kaos & the debuting Aaron Aguilera attacked Bo Cooper)..

  35. September 9, 2006--Defiant Pro Wrestling - Broken Dreams in Naugatuck, Connecticut at the Portuguese Club: Brian Fury def Kid Mikaze to win the DPW Cruiserweight title, Cindy Rogers def Ariel and Nikki Roxx in a 3-WAY by KOing Ariel with a sitting dragon sleeper, Afa Jr. def Tony DeVito in a #1 Contenders No DQ match, The Untouchables & Missy Sampson def The NOW & Tina Marie after Primal Impact interfered to win the DPW Tag Team titles, Natas & An "unnamed fan" def Ron Zombie & Jamie Pain in a Hardcore Tag Team match (Natas pinned Zombie, therefor Zombie must leave DPW), Talia Madison def Mercedes Martinez in a Last Woman Standing match to retain the Women's title (Primal Impact interfered), Bull Dredd & Ryan Cox & Pat Gunner def Jason Knight & Avil Graves & Del Tsunami w/Paulie J with DPW Owner Mike E. Milano as referee (Avil Graves & Del Tsunami turned on Jason Knight), Nocturne vs Slyck Wagner Brown ended in a double pin draw, Primal Impact (Dylan Kage & Luis Ortiz) def Nocturne & Slyck Wagner Brown.

  36. September 9, 2006--AAW in Berwyn, Illinois: Zero def Mikey Lovemuffin, Stu Early def Bailey Mannix, Eric Priest def Bryce Benjamin, Tyme Page & Charly Manson Jr. def Danny Daniels & Chandler McClure, Hunter Matthews NC Krotch, Derek St. Holmes def Weston Benton, Zach Gowen def Eddie V and Jason Dukes and C.J. Otis in a 4-WAY, Silas Young def Jimmy Jacobs, Shane Hollister def Trik Davis, Nigel McGuiness def Marek Brave, Ryan Boz & Dan Lawrence def Truth Martini & N8 Mattson, Tyler Black def Robert Anthony

  37. September 9, 2006--Next Era Wrestling - End of Days Part 1 in Rochester, New York: Rex Atkins def Kriptic, Texas Outlaw def IB Green and Big Pappa Chill and Pyscho Jack in a 4-WAY, Tyger Smith def Aaron Alexander, SuperBeast def Billy Brooks, Tank def Terry Kadillac by Submission to win the N.E.W. Tap Out title, Dynamite Derek def Al Jihad, Blackjack Phoenix def Kazz, JC Money def Trip to retain the North Eastern title, Johnny Swift def Romeo Roselli

  38. September 9, 2006--UCCW in Collins, Georgia: David Raines def Draven by Submission, Mike Margera def Devon Wright, Killer Keith Steinborn def Col. Ivan Parker, Donovan Sweet def SF. Treat to retain UCCW Television title, Bad Boy Billy Black def Drew Blood Bannen..

  39. September 10, 2006--Maximum Championship Wrestling in Smyrna, Delaware: Chris Wylde def X-Man, Massive Mike def Lumberjack Monroe, S&M def Shaka & Katsume, Rockin Rebel def Bazooka Joe, Alan Cross def Frank Savage, Johnny Logan def Scotty Ice and Nikky Skitties and Kevin Michaels in a 4-WAY, Adam Ugly def Jimmy Dream, E.L. Stanley def Aken Pembrooke.

  40. September 10, 2006--Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling in Warren, Michigan: Jimmy Whiplash def Kamikaze, Breyer Wellington def Jimmy Shalwin, Eddie Venom def Zach Gowen, DBA def Josh Abercrombie, American Kickboxer def Gutter, Jeff King won three-way over Jason Harris and Jeff Brooks, Levi Blue & Gameboy def Vinnie & Sonni Scarboni and Truth Martini & Jaimy coxx, DBA def Eddie Venom, Conrad Kennedy III def N8 Mattson.

  41. September 12, 2006--Full Throttle Wrestling in Elkmont, Alabama: Enigma (Little Person) def Taylor Marx, "Canadian Kid" Chris Lee def Brevin Holt, Chad Allen & Chrisjen Hayme def Jeremy Flynt & Shawn "The Heete" Peete, David Mitchell def Kolby Garrison, Adam Armor (FTW Champion) vs Ricky Landell (AWA World-1 Champion) ended in a 30-Minute time limit draw, The Great Southern Trend Kill (Insane Lane & Tony V) def Charlie Swinger & Kurt Nickels in a 4 Corner Dog Collar Match to retain the FTW Tag Team titles...

  42. September 13, 2006--Pro Wrestling Xplosion (debut) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the ECW Arena drawing 350 fans: Christopher Daniels def Jay Lethal, The SAT & Altar Boy Luke def Sonjay Dutt & Ruckus & CA Elliott, Claudio Castagnoli def Delirious, Mike Quackenbush & Equinox & Shane Storm def Gran Akuma & Hydra & Ice Cream Man in a Lucha Libre Rules match, Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon) def Rhino & Abyss after Rhino gored Abyss through a table and Rhino got the 3-D, Chris Hero def Arik Cannon (sub for Davey Richards), Ian Rotten & Amy Lee def Mana & Mickie Knuckles in a brutal and bloody Hardcore match, “The Phenomenal” A.J. Styles def Homicide (MOTN), Steve Corino w/Jack Victory def Teddy Hart w/Ruckus with a Screwjob finish (Teddy Hart threw a fit after the match, similar to uncle Bret at Survivor Series;)..

  43. September 15, 2006--Carolina Wrestling Association in Charlotte, North Carolina: Diablo Rojo Jr. def J-Sin and Kamikaze Kid in a 3-WAY, Chris Guerrero def Gregory Vercetti, Jason Jones & Deon Davis def K.C. McKnight & Total Protection, Ethan Cage def Jesse Ortega, Bobby Houston def Jake Manning in a Lumberjack match, George South Sr. def Ryan Stallone

  44. September 15, 2006--Future Stars of Pro Wrestling in Palmetto, Florida: “Hot Scot” Scott Dalton def "Super Fan" Mark Zout (as Shawn Michaels) by reverse decision, “Latin Sensation” Ricky Romeo def “Italian Stallion” Jason Sensation, German Heart Throb def Sonny Maivia, Barney Rumble def Cougar Star, Son of Sicily def “Atomic Conquistador” Tony, VinnDetta & Heater def Pretty Fly & Austin Amaedus, Deathrow Jethro def Shooting Star to retain the FSPW Heavyweight title..

  45. September 16, 2006--Coastal Championship Wrestling in Coral Springs, Florida: Chris Nelson def Wade Koverly, Shane McLain & Cybil Pageant def Jessica Haze & Alex G, Dok Rivers vs Big Money Ram ended in a Double DQ, Syrian Slasher & American Taliban def Tony Ricco & DeNucci, Bobby Hopklins def Cliff Anderson, Chasyn Rance def Daron, Bruno Sassi def Dantatsic and Scott Commodity in a 3-WAY, Kahagas def Joey Machete..

  46. September 16, 2006--Carolina Wrestling Association in Statesville, North Carolina: Mike Lee & Jason Jones def Ethan Cage & Kenny James, George South Sr. def Ryan Stallone, Kamikaze Kid def Total Protection, Chris Guerrero & Jesse Ortega def Street Sweepers, K.C. McKnight def Deon Davis, Jake Manning def Bobby Houston

  47. September 16, 2006--Revolutionary Championship Wrestling in Portsmouth, Ohio: Nikki Tyler & Flash Fury def Tyson Rogers & Chuck Chronic, Trik Nasty def Rocky Rich, Randy Allen def Ace Gigolo-DQ, Judas Thorn & Ricochet def Dirk Extreme & Tank Runyon, Father Ted def Lord Arion

  48. September 16, 2006--Alliance Wrestling Force in Newberry, Florida: “Sensational” Scott Davis def Robbie Chance, “Latin Sensation” Ricky Romeo def Jaison Moore, “Devastator” Dustin Davis def Fyrebird in a "Teacher vs Student" match, Ray “Killing Machine” Snow def “Hot Scot” Devin Dalton, The Hell Rebels (Butch Long & Donnie York Jr.) def Colby Myers & Double D, “Juggernaut” Leon Scott def Raymond Beasley III (aka Ray Beez), The Heartbreak Express (Sean & Phil Davis) def The Hillbillies (Whiskey Willie & Coleslaw Slim) to retain the Tag Team titles, “Explosive” Erick Stevens def “Modern Miracle” Steve Madison in a Human Cage match.

  49. September 16, 2006--Rock-N-Shock Benefit Show in Atlanta, Georgia: Iceberg won a NWA Anarchy Battle Royal, Simon Sermon def Black Pegasus, Chris Kanyon def Onyx, Ron Reis & Luther Biggs def Gilligan & Scotty Beach, Justin Dirt def Rob Adonis and Frankie Valentine in a 3-WAY, Brad Armstrong vs Sergeant Buddy Parker ended in a No Contest when David Young & Elix Skipper interfered, Brad Armstrong & Buddy Parker def David Young & Elix Skipper ---- Notes: Rock-N-Shock was in honor of veteran indie wrestler Sean “Shocker” Evans, a non-smoker who was recently diagnosed with an advanced case of lung cancer. WWE Women's Champion Lita performed with her band "The Luchagores".

  50. September 16, 2006--Main Event World League - September to Dismember in Alliance, Ohio from the Alliance National Guard Armory: Sherman Tank def Lones Oaks w/Sexy Lexi Lane to retain the MEWL North American Title, Logan "The Tool" Scott vacated the MEWL Hardcore title due to medical issues, Brandon X def Durty the Clown (w/Time Traveler & Psycho) in a Hardcore Loser Must Wear a Dress match, Kano def Louis Diamante, "The Natural" Christian Vaughn def "The Feature Attraction" Ryan Midnight, Jazin Blaze def Marion Fontaine, "The Upgrade" Tyrone Evans def Mitch Otoole, Chris Cole & Shane Sensation def Team X in a #1 Contenders match, Robby Starr vs Matt Mason ended in a No Contest due to outside interference by the Apostles of Light.

  51. September 16, 2006--SWA Xtreme in Westminster, South Carolina: Southern Outlaw vs Dark Angel ended in a Double DQ, Rebel Kid def Bad Jack and Chocolate Thunder in a 3-WAY, Zero def Bobby Holbrooks by DQ, Jason Kid def Bad Jack J.C. Stone & Joshua Austin vs Draven & Chris Damian ended in a draw, Backdraft vs Havoc ended in a draw.

  52. September 16, 2006--Gimmicks Only Underground Grappling Entertainment in Stem, North Carolina: 10-bell salute to deceased ring crew member David Smith. A plaque was presented to his mother by the local fire department. Muddface def Leroy Zbyszko, Jaheem the Dream def Gluteus Maximus, Seymour Snott def Otto Schwanz w/Count Grog, Trailer Park Heat w/Roxxy vs Wallabee Joe ended in a Double Countout, Scab w/Count Grog def Little Peter Snott to retain the GOUGE Title.

  53. September 16, 2006--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Josh Calisto def Jimmy Jones, Fallen Dragon & Hypnosis def Southern Boys, Damian Michaels def Senor Flamer, Caden Ames & Cristan Able def Shawn Cook & 2-Low, Dark Lion def Jay Bliss, Destinne Blade def Cameron Star, Richard Cannon def Wyatt Houston, Tank Toland def Richard Cannon, Osyris def Marc Houston

  54. September 16, 2006--Brew City Wrestling in Waukesha, Wisconsin: Vic Rauter def Scotty Pride, Frankie DeFalco & Angel Armani d Silas Young & Bobby Valentino, Dinty Moore & Xavier Mustafa def Cuba Andrews & Mick Colluci, Steve Stone def Mason Quinn, DDS & Derek St. Holmes def South Shooters by DQ, Mickie McCoy def Chris Black, Dysfunction def Greg Valentine by DQ

  55. September 16, 2006--Keystone Wrestling in Millvale, Pennsylvania: La Lucha def Joey Quervo, International Thugs def Lost Boyz, Lou Martin def Blood Beast, Shawn Blanchard def Justin Sane, Anthony Alexander def Mike Malachi, Del Douglas won Battle Royal.

  56. September 16, 2006--Southern Wrestling Association in Lafayette, Tennessee: Damien Payne def Alejandro Del Negro; "Impressive" Anthony Wayne w/Miss Lekisha def Tony Grande; Rockhead Ray Spears vs "Hot Shot" John Watts went to a Double DQ; Devin Green def American Psycho w/Ashley; The Black Assassin w/Tim Scruggs def Loose Cannon; Dale Dangerous def Big Digger in a Dog Collar Match to become the new SWA Heavyweight Champion.

  57. September 16, 2006--Big Time Wrestling in Granite Quarry, North Carolina: Big Cat def Bobby Houston, Jason Jones def K.C. McKnight, Jackie Fargo & Jeff Justice & Greg ???? def Beau James & Tom Prichard & Sheik of Araby, Mike Lee def George South Sr., Bobby Fulton def Dr. Tom Prichard.

  58. September 16, 2006--United Christian Championship Wrestling in Collins, Georgia: Donovan Sweet def Jayson Taylor to retain UCCW Television title, David Raines def Malibu Kid by Submission, Paul & Steven Warfield vs James Swat (UCCW Champion) ended in a No Contest, The Warfield Brothers def Jayson Taylor & James Swat, Big Men Express def David Raines & Drew Blood Bannen due to outside interference..

  59. September 16, 2006--Western Alliance Entertainment in Mesa, Arizona before 400 fans: Tim Warcloud def Gary Varner by pulling the tights, Blue Thunder & Thunder def Black Angel & Veneno Negro in a Lucha Libre Rules match, Navajo Warrior def Hawaiian Lion, Joey Ryan def Black Tiger (Rocky Romero), Romeo Roselli def Ryan Sakoda (1st match back in a year), Horshu (Luther Reigns) vs Aaron Aguilera ended in a No Contest when Scott Norton interfered, Scott Norton & Aaron Aguilera def John Heidenreich & Horshu (Luther Reigns)..

  60. September 16, 2006--VPW in Centereach, Florida: Papadon def Richie Tyler, Monsta Mack & Bison Bravado def The Dead Presidents, Javi-Air def Sabotage and Deranged in a 3-WAY, Danny Demanto & Alicia def J.D. Michaels & April Hunter, Mad Daddy Flexx def Eric Adams, Chopsaw def Eug Perversion & JMs, Eclipse def L.I. Kid & D.C. Diamond, Grim Reefer def Jason Static

  61. September 16, 2006--World-1 Wrestling in Bay City, Michigan: PJ Flowers def Big Hoss Honahan, Team Macktion def Team Smart, Pete Christie def Julius Augusta, N8 Matdson def Shark Boy, The Blue Meanie & Zack Gowen def Team Clash, Monty Brown def Chris Hamrick...

  62. September 17, 2006--Big Time Wrestling in Newark, California: Mike Silva def Chico Navarro, Kimio Kanaloa def Sheik Kahn-Abadi, J.J. Perez def Kafu, Nattie Neidhart def Ivory, Ballards def Shane Kody & Kid Kool, Dash Riprock def L'Empereur, Jason Styles & Frankie Kazarian def James Gang

  63. September 20, 2006--Gimmicks Only Underground Grappling Entertainment in Raleigh, North Carolina: Kid Sidie def Dick Foley, Yuk def Dead Lee, Bobby Eating def K.C. McKnight and Rusty Commodes in a 3-WAY, Tennessee Ernie Nord lost a drinking contest to a fan, Seymour Snott def Luther Thesz, Trailer Park Heat vs Wallabee Joe ended in a No Contest, Scab w/Grog E Dangerously vs Cham Pain ended in a draw.

  64. September 21, 2006--Championship Wrestling in Kingsport, Tennessee at the Civic Auditorium: Adam York & Ryan Dookie def Beau James & Dirty J, Nick Hammonds & Wayne Adkins def Allen King & Cody Ices, Ricky Morton def Bobby Eaton to earn five minutes with Jeff Tankersley (Eaton rescued Tankerskley after only a few seconds), Ray Idol def Russian Assassin #2 in a #1 Contenders match for the National title, Thorn def Bad Thomas, Tony Givens & Robbie Cassidy def Chris Richards & Alyx Winters to win the Tag Team titles!.

  65. September 22, 2006--World Championship Wrestling of America in FairMount, Indiana: Justin Dean & Wildman Rogers def JyNX in a Handicap match, Bam Morgan & Just Justin def Nate Pheonix & Bob, HillyBilly Jedd & Indiana Kidd Jr. def The Vegas Connection, BiPolar & Hank Calhoun def Brutus Dylan & Liberty Kid, Jason Automatic def Justin Dean, J.H. Hogg & Cousin Bubba def The Armed Forces..

  66. September 22, 2006--Future Stars of Professional Wrestling in Palmetto, Florida: The Psychedelics & Brian Copely def VinnDetta & Heater in a Handicap match, “Hardcore Conquistador” Tony def Son of Sicily, “Super Fan” Mark Zout (as Diesel) vs Cougar 5-Star & Stone Cates ended in a time limit draw, “Latin Sensation” Ricky Romeo def “Hot Scot” Devin Dalton, George Rodriguez def German Heart Throb by DQ, Deathrow Jethro def Shooting Star in a “Prison Yard Rules” match....

  67. September 23, 2006--Championship Wrestling Association in Wayne, West Virginia: Brian Compton def Vance Desmond, Cole Cash def J.D. Escalade, Smokey C & The Kyd def J.V. Insanity & Eric Steel, Shane Matthews & Chris Vega def Danny Ray & Xcalibur

  68. September 23, 2006--Blackball'd Wrestling Organization in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania: Living Dead (Dark Angel & Jason Karloff) def Maverick & Boriqua, N.S. Johnson def Mark Griffin in a Ref vs Ref match, Chris Wylde def Niles Young, Dr. Spider won a #1 Contenders Battle Royal, Danny Rose def Dr. Spider to retain the BWO Heavyweight title, Mercedes Martinez & Pelle Primeau & Kid Kaos def Nikki Roxx & Mike Brown & Judas Gray, Jason Static def Justin Cage in a 30-Minute Iron Man match, Hard Candy def The Gemini Trojans, Rockin' Rebel & Greg Matthews def Sgt. Smith & Mr. Jester.

  69. September 23, 2006--MidWest Wrestling Connection in Elkhart, Indiana: Jeremy Hadley def Unknown Star, Bam Morgan def Seth Clash & Justin Dean in a Handicap Match, The Fugitive def Michael Joshua, Scotty Young def Billy Roc and SPT Reign in a 3-WAY to win the MWWC Cruiserweight Title, Jake Omen & The Sikness def Gorilla Warfare and Kenny Kage & Bo Lightning and Brutus Dylan and Ryan Rage in a 4-WAY Tag match, The Cosmic Kid def Diego, Sgt. Peterson def Adam Evans by DQ to retain the MWWC Heavyweight Title..

  70. September 23, 2006--UCCW in Collins, Georgia: Rouge def Charles C. Titan, Killer Keith Steinborn def Malibu Kid, Devon Wright def Mike Margera, Donovan Sweet def Matt Mercer to retain UCCW TV Title, Dirty Dawg def Dave Powers, Bad Boy Billy Black def Drew Blood Bannen, James Swat def David Raines in 40 minutes by submission to retain the UCCW Heavyweight Title

  71. September 23, 2006--Powerhouse Wrestling of New England, Worcester, Massachusetts before 603 fans: Bones def GG Glacier and Leon Mathews in a 3-WAY to retain the Cruiserweight title, Eric Shred def G.Q. Smooth, Amber def Mia Love to win the Powerhouse Women's title, Angel & Iron Eagle def Nero & Maniac Martin, Jay Jaillette def Don Vega & Big Business in a Handicap match, King Kong Bundy def The Outpatient, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine def Gino Martino in a Dog Collar Match, Slyk Wagner Brown def Texas Outlaw, The Heart Throbs (Antonio Thomas & Romeo Roselli) def Men Of Business (Jimmy Jact Cash & Danny Jaxx)

  72. September 23, 2006--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Osyris def Gunner Hansen, J.T. Zorin & Frank Stein def Indiana Kidd Jr. & Hillbilly Jed and Spyral & Kaos, Jack Thriller won three-way over Jay West and Donnie Tsunami, Southern Boys & Cameron Star def Ames & Able & Destinee Blade, Shark Boy def Richard Cannon-DQ, Zorin on Rumble.

  73. September 23, 2006--Eastern Wrestling Alliance in Essex, Maryland: Zachary Shane & Link Kory def The Gemini Trojans, Derek Frazier def Chad Bowman, Drew Gulak & Andy Sumner def Club, D.J. Hyde def Bruiser by DQ, Tyler Hilton def Blood, Bruce Chan def Dr. X by DQ, Kylie Pierce def Sumie Sakai, Blackout def Christian Academy

  74. September 23, 2006--MSPW in Coal City, Illinois: Hardcore Craig def Phil Atlas, Gutter def Jamie Coxx, ADD def Steve Jordan, Jason Hades & Steve Stone def Alex Shelley & Mike Horning, Katie Syren def Mia Martinez, Mike Flannery def Derek St. Holmes, Tony Rican def DDS

  75. September 23, 2006--Pro Wrestling Phoenix in Council Bluffs, Iowa: Darrien Sanders def Corwin Star, Abu Collosus def Donnie Peppercricket, Pride & Passion def Gauge & Johnny Jackson, Jaysin Strife def Chris Havius, Daniels Brothers def Jeremy Wyatt & Brett Young, Sean Cruz def Vic Victory, Tony Cortez def Hype Gotti

  76. September 23, 2006--DCW in Eunice, Louisiana: Tony Vega def Panama Rhedd, "Apostle" Alvin Breaux & Haniel T def Angel of SIN & "Disciple" w/The Dark Deacon by DQ when Lord Humongous (Gary Nations) interfered, DCW Cruiserweight Champion Kevin Douglas def Retro in a non-title match, Minotaur def Tony Vega in an impromptu match, Chris James def Hector Montoya, Nick Bondage def Jordan Espinoza in a #1 contender match for the Cruiserweight title, Jazz and "Pitbull" Rodney Mack def Mercury (not WWE wrestler) and Passion...

  77. September 23, 2006--Severe Attitude Wrestling (SAW Entertainment Wrestling) in Sevierville Tennessee. Chris Powers def "The Wild Man" Jeff Anderson to retain the Intercontinental title, "The Widow Maker" Ray Boaz def Hollywood Whaley to retain the Heavyweight title, Trooper T def UGA, Edward Idol def Robbie Race, David Anderson def Steven Dillinger, The Canadian def Issac Cain and Sean Stallings in a 3-WAY, CC Pee Pee & Steve Flynn def Big Country & Jason Owens.

  78. September 26, 2006--Full Throttle Wrestling in Elkmont, Alabama: Charlie Swinger b. Jeremy Flynt, Lani Kialoa b. Keith Courageous by DQ, The Great Southern Trendkill (Insane Lane & Tony V) b. Brevin Holt & Chrisjen Hayme, Shawn "The Heete" Peete b. Kolby Garrison, Adam Armor & Dave Mitchell b. Chris Lee & Chad Allen...

  79. September 28, 2006--Exodus Wrestling in Jefferson, South Carolina: Chris Guerrero def Jake Manning, K.C. McKnight d Bobby Houston, George South Sr. def Jason Jones, Bobby Houston & Jimmy Jack funk Jr. def Jake Manning & K.C. McKnight, Bambi def Peggy Lee Leather.

  80. September 29, 2006--Top Rope Promotions in Fall River, Massachusetts before 369 fans: Lexus & Huey McGraw def Big Daddy Bravo & Luscious Latasha, Romeo Roselli def Nick Steel & Gino Giovanni, Gregory Edwards def Joe Chece, Nick Ogan def Brickhouse Baker, Rick Fuller def Michael Sain, Steve Ricard & Johnny Angel & Vain def Grayson Alexander & Paul Lombardi & Mr E, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka vs Tito Santana ended in a No Contest, Spike Dudley def Mike Bennett in a Loser Leaves Town TLC Cage match

  81. September 30, 2006--New World Wrestling in Attleboro, Massachusetts: Osirus def Jim Tanner, The Vachon Brothers def Mizery & Blackheart to retain the Tag Team titles, Gary Gold Beat def Leon Mathews, Amber def Mia Love, Moondog Maximus def Gino Martino (Brass Knuckles Champion) in a Non-title match, Tim Kilgore def Tim Pittman, Shane M def The Outpatient by DQ, Eric Shred def Texas Outlaw by Count Out to retain the United States title, Jimmy "Jact" Cash def "Punisher" Don Vega to retain the NWW Heavyweight title..

  82. September 30, 2006--Liberty States Wrestling in Bridgeport, Connecticut before 75 fans: Matt Ledge def McDonald & Douglas, Lark Anderson def ?, Judas Young def ?, Rock & Roll Express def Midnight Express, Crowbar def Josh Daniels, Ace Steel def John Walters, Kamala def American Dragon DQ in an ROH title match.

  83. September 30, 2006--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Dark Lion def Wildman Rogers, Mr. Main Event def Kris Konflict, Richard Cannon def Senor Flamer & Insane Luchadore, Soul Shooters def Jimmy Whiplash & Chris Korvis, Damian Michaels def Hank Calhoun, Tsunamis def Fallen Dragon & Hypnosis, Osyris def Fuji Brown

  84. September 30, 2006--AWS at the City of Industry, California: Zokre & Phoenix Star def Peter Goodman & Shawn Riddick, Paul Tracey def Webster Dauphiney, Babi Slymm def Sonny Samson, Bo Cooper & Sexy Chino def Charles Mercury & Johnny Paradise to win the Tag Team titles, T.J. Perkins & Rocky Romero & Plague def Tommy Williams & Mr. Instant Replay & Slick Nick, Human Tornado def Al Katrazz by DQ, Wilson & Lil Cholo def Adam Pearce & Lionheart.

  85. September 30, 2006--Bill Ash's Mid-South Wrestling in Paris, Arkansas before 80 paid fans: Wes Jones def Krusher Kanine, Frank Thornton vs Steve Anderson ended in a No Contest, Prince Al Farat def Eric Rose, Matt Riviera def Mark Johnson, Jeff Jett def Cody Jones, Shane Rollings vs Eric Rose ended in a No Contest, Ace def Wes Jones, Prince Al Farat def Mark Johnson, Tom Jones & Cody Jones def Matt Riviera & Jeff Jett. Danny Hodge made a special guest appearance.

  86. September 30, 2006--United Christian Championship Wrestling in Collins, Georgia: UCCW Heavyweight Champion James Swat def Rouge, Bonekrusher Smith def David Raines by DQ, Roadblock Rex def Rouge by DQ, The Big Men Express def David Raines and Malibu Kid to win the UCCW Tag Team Titles

  87. September 30, 2006--Funkdafied Wrestling Federation - Funk And Mayhem in Delaware at the National Guard Armory: Funky White Boy announced that his knee needed surgery after the July cage match (Pro Wrestling Unplugged wrestlers Johnny Kashmere & Trent Acid & Devon Moore & Teddy Fine attacked Funky White Boy until J.D. Smooth made the save. J.D. Smooth chellenged The Backseat Boyz to a match later against him & a mystery partner), Crazed & Dave "Spyder" Webb def The Hate Breed (Ryme & Arkam) to retain the Tag Team titles, Dark Karnival member Chio w/Jo-Jo def Big L w/Big Daddy Wayne, White Lotus def Angel Rodriguez and Teddy Fine in a 3-WAY, Self Employed (J.D. Smooth & Funky White Boy) def The Backseat Boyz (Trent Acid & Johnny Kashmere), Lumberjack Monroe def Ruff Ryder w/Mad Dog (Mad Dog turned on Ryder and distracted the referee), Devon Moore def Detox in a PWU match, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka def Dark Karnival member Jo-Jo w/Chio..

  88. September 30, 2006--North Shore Wrestling - Unfinished Business in Beverly, Massachusetts: "The Sleeper" Atlee Greene def Steven Nexus in a Grand Prix semi final match, "Turbo" Tim Fury def Derek Simonetti in a Grand Prix semi final match, Egomaniac" Jonny Idol def Chico Suave, "Mr. CPW" Craig Trace def "El Boricua" Danny Diaz with his feet on the ropes, Pizzazz def "Switchblade" Shane Shape to become the first NSW Television champion, Chunky but Funky def B.K. Jordan & Aaron Morrison, Devin Raines & Plague vs Richy (sic) & Jon "The Natural" Wilson ended a Double DQ, B.K. Jordan won the Beverly Brawl as he last eliminated Jon "The Natural" Wilson who had been announced as the winner, "Turbo" Tim Fury def "Egomaniac" Jonny Idol in the Grand Prix finals to become the first NSW Heavyweight Champion after Idol injured Atlee Greene preventing him from competing in the finals.

  89. September 30, 2006--3XWrestling in Waukee, Iowa at the Waukee Middle School: Marek Brave b. Mike Maxim & Krotch in a 3 way, Shane Hollister b. Austin Bayliss - after the match Keith Walker made his 3XW debut destroying both wrestlers, Devin Carter & Casanova b. Tony Sly & Buck Albright, Danny Daniels b. Bryce Benjamin, Ben Sailer b. Matty Fitness & Nate Bash in a 3 way to win the 3XW Cruiserweight title, Gage Octane b. Egotistico Fantastico, Brian Ash b. Tony Scarpone by DQ.