Independent Wrestling Results - June 2006

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  1. June 1, 2006--Northeast Wrestling in Newburgh, New York before 1,200 fans: Josh Daniels def Damian Adams, Outkast Killaz def Cheech & Cloudy, Jim Duggan def Ricky Landell, Chris Sabin def Xavier, Tony DeVito def Ron Zombie (subbing for Tommy Dreamer), Jerry Lawler def Romeo, The Now def Sex & Violence, Christian Cage def Abyss

  2. June 1, 2006--New Wrestling Horizons in Old Town, Maine: Canadian Moondog def Chase San Antone in a #1 Contender's Tournament 1st Round Match, "Too Fit" Eric Atlas and NWH Cruiserweight Champion Scott Vegas def BullMoose Calhoun and Sonny Roselli by DQ, Hardware def Tim Sabin by countout, Hardware def Dangerous Donny, "Killer" Kyle Krup def "Black" Jack Wild by DQ in a #1 Contender's Tournament 1st Round Match, "Enforcer" Larry Huntley def Cameron Mathews, AWA North Atlantic Heavyweight Champion "FTAM" Luke Robinson def Alex Chamberlain

  3. June 2, 2006--North East Wrestling in Danbury, Connecticut before 827 fans: Damian Adams def Josh Daniels, Jim Duggan def Executioner #2, Ricky Landell def Fred Curry Jr., Xavier def Jay Lethal, Ron Zombie def Justin Credible and Tony DeVito in a 3-WAY (Tommy Dreamer was supposed to wrestle but came out and said that due to signing a talent contract with WWE for ECW, he's not allowed to wrestle on the show, but said he is allowed to referee, so he reffed the match; he also put over TNA in his promo saying he's a fan of TNA and watches it), Abyss vs Chris Sabin ended in a No Contest with Tommy Dreamer as referee, The Heart Throbs (Antonio Thomas & Romero Roselli) def Sex & Violence, Christian Cage def A.J. Styles to retain the NWA World title.

  4. June 2, 2006--Appalachian Wrestling Federation in Frenchburg, Kentucky: J.R. Roc def Ric Gunner, Justen Idol def Samurai Warrior, Tiny Tim & Tony Bryant def Larry D & Mike Roach, Lynch Brothers def Gorgeous J.C. & Shane Storm, Donnie Green def Ray Steele, Tuffy vs Shawn Christopher ended in a No Contest... Notes: The promotion is not exactly on best of terms with John Heidenreich. They wrote, "Thanks to former WWE star Heidenreich for canceling on us two hours before the show was to start after literally begging us for two weeks to get to work it."

  5. June 2, 2006--Central States Wrestling in Lawrence, Kansas before 275 fans: Domino Rivera & Michael Barry def Corwin Star & Craig Keesman, Paul Diamond def Hype Gotti, Mason Hunter def Wade Chism, Darrien Sanders def Tony Morales, Michael Strider def Brett Young, Mark Sterling def DerekStone, Jeremy Wyatt def Christopher Daniels using a chain.

  6. June 3, 2006--CWA in Statesville, North Carolina: Deon Davis def George South Sr., Street Sweepers def Brandon Day & Ultra Dragon, Ric Converse def Total Protection, Jesse Ortega def Steve Green, Rob & Chris Guerrero def Homies with Attitudes, Bobby Houston def Jake Manning.

  7. June 3, 2006--PW Elite in Union City, New Jersey drawing only 25 fans: Cheerleader Melissa def Mercedes Martinez, Nikki Roxx won a Battle Royal, J.D. Michaels def Joe Hardway (men's match), Deranged & Shawn Walker def Bison Bravado & Lockdown in a men's match, April Hunter def Nikki Roxx, Nikki Roxx & Alere Little Feather def Sumie Sakai & April Hunter. Shantelle Taylor and ODB were no-shows due to transportation problems. Itsuki Yamazaki of the JB Angels tag team from the 80s was the commissioner in her first time in a U.S. ring in around 15 years.

  8. June 3, 2006--Children’s Benefit Show in Toms River, New Jersey at the Toms River East High School: Petey Williams def Josh Daniels, Crowbar def The Prophet, The Heart Throbs (Antonio Thomas & Romeo Roselli) def Rob Eckos & Damian Adams, Sonjay Dutt def Alex Shelley, Afa Jr. won a 20-Man Battle Royal, Rhett Titus & Abyss def Afa Jr. & Mana the Polynesian Warrior, Mercedez Martinez def Cheerleader Mellisa, Christian Cage def AJ Styles to retain the NWA World Heavyweight title..

  9. June 3, 2006--World Pro Wrestling in Panguitch, Utah at the Triple C Arena: Lucky Ma'Kia def Mr. Showtyme, Erica D'Erico def Morgan, Lucha Reigns def "Miracle" Mike James, Navajo Warrior & Killer Klown def Jerry Grey (80s wrestler) & Mighty Henrich Volkoff, Erica D'Erico won Battle Royal

  10. June 3, 2006--American Championship Wrestling - Deadly Sins in Ogden, Utah: Donovan Denzli (w/Chad Bryant) def Junior X, "JMB" Jeff Matthew Bryant def Thanatos (w/Chad Bryant), Thanatos & Donovan Denzli def Jeff Matthew Bryant & Junior X, Eclipse def Vertabreaker, Eclipse def "Mr. Syclon" Mach Martinez, Fox & Derrick Jannetty def Greatness (Spencer Cage & Brick Alexander w/Psycho), Jimmy Daniels def Zen and Mike Martinez and Psycho in a Deadly Sins 4-WAY to win the Junior Heavyweight title (Daniels & Martinez def Zen & Psycho in a tag team match to eliminate Psycho, Zen def Martinez and Daniels in a 3-WAY to eliminate Martinez, and Daniels def Zen in a Ladder match to win the title)

  11. June 3, 2006--Hoosier Pro Wrestling in Columbus, Indiana before 160 fans: Cousin Cooter def Chris Ikkon, Pastor Pain def Bouncer, Chuck McRoberts def Roger Blade, Valik def Jon Wall, Donny Idol def Izzy Stoned, Bobby Black def Troy Van zant, Ronnie Vegas & Marty Graw def Ox Harley & Billy Ray Hickerson

  12. June 3, 2006--Downsouth Championship Wrestling - The Fight Is On in Abbeville, Louisiana: Big Buddah the Headhunter def Jihad Warrior, Jordan Espinoza def Christian Blake in Round One of the DCW Cruiserweight Title tournament, Retro Thibodeaux def Juantastic in Round One of the DCW Cruiserweight Title tournament, Jazz def Nick Bondage to win the new DCW Louisiana State title, Dapper Dan def Haniel T, Mexican Giant def Sassy Vegas in a Mexican Strap match when Vegas quit (Retro Thibodeaux turned on Giant afterward).

  13. June 3, 2006--Georgia Wrestling Alliance in Enigma, Georgia before 133 fans: Ronnie The Body def Wade Daniels. Wrangler Colt Gatlin def Cowboy Mark Bass. Chase Adams def Marvelous Matt Mercer. Chris Turner def Wrangler Jamie McKinnon. Talia Madison def Jessika Haze to retain the Women's title, The Unknown Soldier def The Soviet in a Hardcore Tables match (This match had barbed wire plywood and was bloody). Scotty Biggs & JT Taylor def Jarrod Michaels & Rob Justice.

  14. June 4, 2006---Downsouth Championship Wrestling - Knock Down Drag Out in Church Point, Louisiana: Jordan Espinoza def "Hitman" Hector Montoya in Round Two of the DCW Cruiserweight Title tournament, Mexican Giant def Retro Thibodeaux in Round Two of the DCW Cruiserweight Title tournament, Nick Bondage def Panama Red, Jazz def "Mr. Entertainment" Tony Vega to retain the DCW Louisiana State title (Jazz's last match before returning to ECW- she has vowed to return "home"), Haniel T def Angel of SIN, Redd Dogg def Jihad Warrior w/Big Buddah the Headhunter (Redd Dogg and Buddah had a staredown and brawl after the match).

  15. June 4, 2006--Pro Wrestling World 1 in Gainesville, Florida: Michael Patrick & Legion Freakin Cage & Marcus Hall & Dave Holiday def Matt Kuma & Machine & Jaison Moore & Kevin Kantrell, Erick Stevens def Alex Porteau, Modern Day Theory def Heartbreak Express-DQ, Bruce Santee def Snow, Leon Scott def Dagon Brigs, Roderick Strong def Scott Davis, Kubiak def LaDuke Jake in a barbed wire death match

  16. June 4, 2006--Mid South Wrestling Alliance in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: AWOL def The Gladiator w/Big Ben Hurt to retain the Tri-State title, Tyler Bateman def Cody Jones to retain the Cruiserweight title, John O´Malley def E-Bone, Ryan Davidson def Slash, Draven Cross def The Outlaw, 3rd Rail def Angel Williams (Mid-South Champion) by DQ, The Spanish Fly Boys def The Real Impact Players to win the Mid-South Tag Team titles..

  17. June 9, 2006--All American Championship Wrestling in Guthrie, Oklahoma at the Goldrush Entertainment Center: Beau Dalton w/Overdose def Shawn Sanders, Kareem Sadat w/Moustafa Sharmoot def Slash, 3rd Rail def Tyson James, Trailer Park Trash (K.C. & J.C. w/Otis) def X-Cal & Dexter Hardaway w/Jessica to retain the Tag Team titles, The Prophet & Glen Steele def Prince Al-Farat & Moustafa Sharmoot in a Kendo Stick Lumberjack Match..

  18. June 10, 2006--All American Championship Wrestling in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at the The Underground Arena: Dexter Hardaway w/Jessica def X-Cal for the vacant Mid-American Light Heavyweight title, Slash w/Outlaw def Kareem Sadat w/Moustafa Sharmout to advance in the TV Title Tournament, Prophet w/Damien Strange def Outlaw w/Slash to advance in the TV Title Tournament, Trailer Park Trash (J.C. & K.C. & Otis) def Beau Dalton & Overdose w/Sahara in a Handicap Match by DQ when Corporate America (Michael James & Terry Pantera & 3rd Rail w/Talon) interfered, Glen Steele def Prince al-Farat (AACW Champion) by Countout

  19. June 10, 2006--Defiant Pro Wrestling - Reckoning in Naugatuck, Connecticut at the Naugatuck Portuguese Club: Smoothe Willie Sheft def Chris Mooch, Thomas Penmanship def Psycho, Del Tsunami def “Twisted Freak” Avil Graves, The Now def The Untouchables to retain the Tag Team titles, Alere Little Feather def Ariel, Natas def Ron Zombie and Jamie Pain and Afa Jr. and Nemisis in a 5-WAY Hardcore match, Kid Makaze def Pat Matterson and Nocturne (c) in a 3-WAY to win the Cruiserweight title, Kris Krude def Dr. Heresy, Talia Madison def Mercedes Martinez to retain the Women's title, Nocturne def Jose Perez to win the DPW Heavyweight title ---- Notes: The match was originally scheduled as a tag team match between DPW Champ Luis Ortiz & Dylan Kage against Perez & Slyck Wagner Brown, where the man who scores the pin wins the title; during the match, Ortiz seemingly injured his leg. Nocturne filled in for Ortiz and scored the victory.

  20. June 10, 2006--Southern Championship Wrestling - Legends Reunion! in Anniston, Alabama: "Action" Mike Jackson def The Ultimate Dragon to win the United States title, The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey w/Dark Fire) def The Inferno & Brian Alexander by cheating when Dark Fire threw a chain in to Bobby Eaton, Demolition Ax def Larry Zbyszko, Scrub Kritter & Damon Taz def Sheik O'Mar & Pretty Boy Floyd by DQ, Rick Steiner vs "Big" Shane Anderson ended in a Double Countout, Tito Santana def Greg "The Hammer" Valentine in an Hall of Famer's Collide Match, Lord Humongous def Doink the Clown and Will Owens in a 3-WAY, Lex Luger def Buff Bagwell in the main event..

  21. June 10, 2006--Maximum Championship Wrestling in Smyrna, Delaware: Tristain Spade def Lucid & Randy Masochist, Sam Jones def Massive Mike, Rockin Rebel def Chris Nightmare, Jimmy Dream def Alan Cross, Bazooka Joe def Zac Conner, New Wave def Established, Asian Sinsation def Robby Morrison, Impact Jack def Lumberjack Monroe, E.L. Stanley def Aken Pembrooke & Stay-C Adams.

  22. June 10, 2006--Coastal Championship Wrestling in Coral Springs, Florida before 285 fans: Alex G def Shane McLane, Jackie Haze def Sybil Pageant, Syrian Slasher def Ben Blocker, Dok Rivers & Bobby Hopkins def Modern Day Theory, Bruno Sassi (the promoter) def Ken Thiessen, Shawn Murphy vs Joey Machete ended in a Double DQ, Ram Man def ??????? (supposedly a kid in the audience replacing a no-show as what appeared to be a show-long angle), Jake "The Snake" Roberts def Kahagas ..

  23. June 10, 2006--Slam All-Star Wrestling in Highgate, Vermont: Ian Daniels def Swinger Sidousky, Shockwave def Ian Daniels, Franz Roddy def Shockwave, Northern Studd & Bull def Shane Alden & Virus, Mackie Schrody def Lenn Oddity, Vigo def Nick Peet, Barbie def C.J. Simmons, Maniac Martin def Nero & Chris Envy, Drake Evans def Maxx Burton.

  24. June 10, 2006--CWA/PGWA in Columbia, Tennessee before 70 fans: Tommy Capone def Kid, Susan Morton & Maria Montana def Brittany Love & Baroness Simone, Bobby Love def Jay Phoenix, Susan Morton def Brittany Love, Lawrence & Franklin def Royal Knights, Nikki Roxx def MsChif, Gary Valiant def Mikey Dunn, Mickie Knuckles def Josie, Mike Jablonski def Shane Morton and Arrick Andrews in a 3-WAY..

  25. June 10, 2006--CPW in Moorefield, West Virginia: Keemo def Rob Class, Brian Johnson def Intruder, Jimmy Jessup def Justis Divall, Damage Inc. def Big & Beautiful, Deuce Donatelli def Bobby Fonta, Cody McGraw def Bobby Shields, Bill Bain def Hyjinx, Dr. X vs Radd ended in a No Contest, Shane Shadows & Switchblade & Zubov def Leslie Leatherman & Jake Davis & Richie Stevens.

  26. June 10, 2006--World Professional Wrestling - Summer Extravaganza III (Day Show) in Reading, Pennsylvania: Sinister "X" def Jack Molson in a Cage to win the WPW title, Marshall Law (WPW) def Death Row (RCW) in a Jail House Rules Cage match, "The Original" Hat Guy vs "The Flamingo Kid" Pinky ended in a No Contest in a Cage match, "Playboy" Vince Bono def The Cremator in a "TLC Cage" match, Bodacious Pretty Boy (RCW) def JD Smooth, Cannonball & Steve The Teacher & Mark Mest & Ron Starr def Dr. Ruthless & Gemini Trojan Twins & Glen Osbourne, Debbie Sue vs Luna Vachon ended in a No Contest (Debbie Sue retains the Women's title), The Patriot def Kage and Gemini in a 3-WAY..

  27. June 10, 2006--World Professional Wrestling - Summer Extravaganza III (Night Show) in Reading, Pennsylvania: Tokyo Dragons (RCW) def Gyoza & Din Mak (WPW), Kage def Ron Starr to win the Hardcore title, Salvator Sincere def Doink the Clown, The Super Destroyers def Gemini & Mark Mest, Jack Molson & Luna Vachon def Gemini & Debbie Sue, "Playboy" Vince Bono w/Original Hat Guy def Dirty Deeds Darren Wyse to win the Light Heavyweight title, Pinky & Kamala w/Kim Chee def Marshall Law & Luv Bug, Sinister "X" (WPW) def Mark Zout (RCW) in a Cage to retain the Heavyweight title, Glen Osbourne & The Cremator def Danny Rose & Greg Matthews to retain the Tag Team titles...

  28. June 10, 2006--KSWA in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Shawn Blanchard def Lou Martin Zero def Joey Quervo, Ali Kaida def La Lucha, Justin Sane def Del Douglas, Blanchard def Bloodbeast, The Lost Boyz def Mike Malachi & Bosco Baracus, Anthony Alexander def Biker Al.

  29. June 11, 2006--MSPW in Coal City, Illinois: Dysfunction def Cameron Cage, Justin Dredd def Nick Colluci, Brandon Blaze def Al Barlic, Jason Hades def Egotistico Fantastico, Flannery def Mike Horning, Derek St. Holmes def Adam Evans and Tony Scarpone, Tony Rican def DDS by DQ, Colt Cabana vs Steve Stone ended in a No Contest, Hardcore Craig def Dinty Moore.

  30. June 11, 2006--Action Packed Wrestling in Pontiac, Michigan: Zach Gowen def Phil Atlas, Jeff King def Mr. Main Event, Vinnie & Sonny Scarboni def DBA & Jaimy Coxxx, Petey Williams & A-1 def Jeff Brooks & Jason Harris, Alex Shelley def Chris Sabin and N8 Mattson in a 3-WAY, Anthony Rivera def Breyer Wellington, Gutter & Truth Martini def Tommy Johnson & Jerome Pruitt, Josh Abercrombie def Tyler Black, Jimmy Jacobs def Conrad Kennedy III, Monty Brown def Rhino and Eddie Venom in a 3-WAY...

  31. June 12, 2006--Wreckless Championship Wrestling Federation in Mishawaka, Indiana: The Canadian Coalition def The Joker Boyz to retain the Tag Team titles, High-C def The DevilEye, Sworn Enemy def White Noize in a Hardcore Rules match, Reggie Dizzle def The Mix Masters in a Handicap match, The Canadian Crippler def Vergil to win the United States title, Scarry Jerry def Blade Flannery to retain the Heavyweight title in a 2/3 Falls match!

  32. June 14, 2006--GOUGE in Raleigh, North Carolina at the Kings Barcade: MudFace (formerly Carrot Juice) def Ostgard, "The German Beef" Otto Schwanz def "Gorgeous" Joey Silvia, The Urban Legends (Luther Thesz & Cowboy Willie Watts) def The Krazy Killer Klowns, Seymour Snott def Scab by Countout..

  33. June 14, 2006--Innovative Wrestling Experience - Collision Course in Tampa, Florida: George Martell & Toxic def Crow & Tony Gunnz, “King of Florida” David Mercury def Diego Raul Vazquez, Legion Freakin Cage w/Gina Marie def “Me So Good” Nooie Lee, "Mr. Entertainment" Freako def Ray Beez w/Gene Beard and Sean Zindell and The Assassin in a 4-WAY, "Latin Sensation" Ricky Romeo def Big Daddy Pimp, “Mr. Viewer’s Choice” Ice def "Mr. Ace" Vinnie Lee, Michael Patrick & Suicide def The Freak Foundation (Sideshow & Torcher), "Raging Bull" Eddie Taurus def Druid w/The Freak Foundation..

  34. June 15, 2006--New Wrestling Horizons in Old Town, Maine: Hardware def "Killer" Kyle Krup in a #1 Contenders Tournament Quarterfinal Match, Alex Chamberlain def Kid TNT in a #1 Contenders Tournament Quarterfinal Match, "Enforcer" Larry Huntley pinned Canadian Moondog in a #1 Contenders Tournament Quarterfinal Match, Eric Atlas & "Hi Flying" Chris Hamrick def BullMoose Calhoun, Sonny Roselli, & Canadian Moondog in a 3 on 2 Handicap Match, JT Wolfen def NWH Television Champion "Heartstopper" Chase San Antone by countout, "Shooter" Cameron Mathews def Scotty Vegas in a #1 Contenders Tournament Quarterfinal Match, Amanda Storm def Kid TNT, AWA North Atlantic Heavyweight Title"FTAM" Luke Robinson def "Boston Bad Boy" Jason Rumble

  35. June 16, 2006--Clash of the Legends III in Jackson, Tennessee before about 650 fans: Kevin White def Johnny Dotson, King Cobra & Bill Dundee def Pork Chop Cash & Mad Dog, Tommy Rich def Brickhouse Brown, Dutch Mantel def Koko Ware by DQ, Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson def Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey, Jerry "The King" Lawler def Doug Gilbert w/Jackie Fargo, Brian Christopher won Battle Royal

  36. June 16, 2006--Pro Wrestling Phoenix in Council Bluffs, Iowa: Zac James & Tyler Pride won three-way over Daniels Brothers and Corwin Star & Domino Rivera, Chris Havius def Vic Victory, Brett Young def Babyface, Michael Strider vs Sean Cruz ended in a draw, Cruz vs Matty Fitness ended in a No Contest, Jaysin Strife def Jeremy Wyatt, Hype Gotti def Abu Collosus

  37. June 16, 2006--New Wrestling Horizons in Belfast, Maine: Canadian Moondog def Kid TNT, Hardware def Mason X, "Enforcer" Larry Huntley def John "The Bomb" Bryer by disqualification, Eric Atlas def Bushito X , Dangerous Donny & John Bryer def Larry Huntley & "Black" Jack Wild, "Boston Bad Boy" Jason Rumble def AWA North Atlantic Heavyweight Champion "FTAM" Luke Robinson by disqualificaiton. Robinson retained the title, JT Wolfen def Sonny Roselli

  38. June 16, 2006--Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws in Crawfordsville, Indiana at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds: "Dangerous Bull" Don Basher def Bumble Bee, Shiloh Hunter def Devon Monroe, Corona def Indiana Kidd Jr. to retain the WCWO Heavyweight title with the help of Don Basher, Apocalipz def Hillbilly Jed, Pogo def Ryan Rich, Don Basher & Shiloh Hunter def George the Animal Jr. and Indiana Kidd Jr. by DQ..

  39. June 17, 2006--New Wrestling Horizons in Belfast, Maine: NWH Cruiserweight Champion Scotty Vegas def Casey Duncan, Eric Atlas def Mason X, Hardware def "Shooter" Cameron Mathews, The Big Islanders def John Bryer & The Northern Outlaw, "Black" Jack Wild def Dangerous Donny, JT Wolfen def Canadian Moondog, AWA North Atlantic Heavyweight Champion "FTAM" Luke Robinson pinned Jason Rumble

  40. June 17, 2006--Maximum Championship Wrestling in Dover, Delaware: Bazooka Joe def Lucid, Adam Ugly def Vulter, Beyond Reality def Frank Savage & Alan Cross, Rockin Rebel def Robby Morrison, Lumberjack Monroe def Great Cerenzio, Dragonfly def Chris Wylde, Massive Mike def Randy Masochist, Aken Pembrooke def Brandon Mercury, E.L. Stanley def Stacy Adams.

  41. June 17, 2006--EWF in Converse, Indiana: Hypnosis won Battle Royal, Tommy Gage won three-way over Shawn Cook and Devon Fury, Phoenix & Anarchy def Brian Bender & Gary Dawson, Tsunamis def Southern Boys, Fallen Dragon def Opie Clampett, Kamala & Damien def Koko Ware & Bob in a tables match. Nikita Koloff, Ware and Kamala all talked about Jesus Christ after the show

  42. June 17, 2006--Carolina Classic Wrestling in Columbia, South Carolina at the Jamil Temple: Sheik of Arabia def Deon Johnson, Brad Thomas def Jason Jones, The Barbarian def Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. American Eagle (George Hines) w/Del Wilkes def Bobby Fulton, The Masked Superstar def George South Sr., Tracy Brooks def Crystal Carmichael, Unholy Alliance (Ace & Big Hoss) def Tommy Landel & Sonny Landel. ---- (Comtributed by Kevin Davis of Columbia, SC)..

  43. June 17, 2006--Larry Sharpe's Old Time Wrestling in Westville, New Jersey: Mike Reed def Bobby Jenkins, Jake Bishop def Billy Body, Dave Logan def Snake Watson, Darkside vs Ralph Van Duers ended in a No Contest, Luis Martinez def Dan Williams

  44. June 17, 2006--King Kong Bundy's Devastation Wrestling Federation in Sewell, New Jersey: Crazy Shea def Problem Child, Big L & East L.A. def Saw the Universe & Frankie Rizzo, Trent Acid won three-way over Pete Hunter and Devon Moore, Gary Wolf def Equalizer, Big slam def Breaker Morant, Vinny the Fixer def Tommy Force, Patch def Angel Gonzalez, East. L.A. won Battle Royal

  45. June 17, 2006--WCWO in Crawfordsville, Indiana: Don Basher def Bumble Bee, Shiloh Hunter def Devon Monroe, Corona def Indiana Kidd Jr., Apocalipz def Hillbilly Jed, Pogo def Ryan Rich, Don Basher & Shiloh Hunter def George the Animal Jr. & Indiana Kidd Jr.-DQ

  46. June 17, 2006--ICW Wrestling with Hunger in Tacoma, Washington: Jason Jackson def Rad, Sex Ed def Mr. GQ, Tim Flowers def Mike Falcone, Chef won three-way over Matt Farmer and Chris Del Sol, Michael Santiago & Marvelous Matt def Sloth & Chunk.

  47. June 17, 2006--Pro Wrestling Evolution in Canton, Georgia before 125 fans, one of the smallest crowds of the year for the group: Maul def Lamar Phillips, Kyle Matthews & Andrew Alexander won over Devin & Mason Cutter, Caleb Conley & Famous Shamus and Adam Jacobs & Bobby Hill, Carl Wilson def Nigel Sherrod, Biohazard def Amen Rios, Kid Ego Jr. won three-way over Jonathan Davis and Kameron Kade, Brad Armstrong & Darin Childs def Murder One & Jacob Ladder, Kory Chavis def Low Ki

  48. June 17, 2006--SWA War Zone in Poplarville, Mississippi: Damian LaVaye def Steve Punk, Minotaur def Todd Calhoun, Jessie Reynolds & Hoss Garrett def Richtor Reinhart & ?, Barry Wolf & Rainbow Warrior def Tony Vegas & Riki Idol, Wade Garrett def Ron Horn ..

  49. June 17, 2006--MSPW in Romeoville, Illinois: Tony Rican def Justin Dredd, Derek St. Holmes def Adam Evans, DDS def Al Barlic, Steve Stone def Mike Flannery, Brandon Bishop def Hardcore Craig, Jason Hades def Mike Horning, Derek St. Holmes & Mike Flannery def Steve Stone & Adam Evans.

  50. June 17, 2006--Victory Pro Wrestling in Long Island, New York before 200 fans: Danny Demanto def Ashe Samuels, Grim Reefer def Demanto, Richie Tyler def Sabotage, April Hunter def Alicia, Jason Static def Papadon, Eclipse def James Sullivan & Chopsaw, D.C. Diamond def Eug Perversion. Backseat Boys no-showed said to be due to transportation problems.

  51. June 17, 2006--3XWrestling in Waukee, IA : Mason Hunter def Devin Carter, Zach Thompson def Aaron Masterson, Tony Sly def Mikey, Jeremy Wyatt def Buck Albright, Matty Fitness & Kid Krazy def Brian Ash & Austin Bayliss, Ben Sailer & Nate Bash def Darin Corbin & Ryan Cruz, Mark Sterling def Casanova, Gage Octane def Jerry Lynn, Tony Scarpone def Egotistico Fantastico to win the 3XW Heavyweight title.

  52. June 17, 2006--Mid West Wrestling Connection in South Bend, Indiana Bi-Polar b. Alex Wheat & Craig Muffins in a 2 on 1 handicap match, JD Blaze b. Scarry Jerry, Liberty Kid b. Kryptonite, Kip James b. Dustin Thomas, Jay West b. Jake Omen and The Sickness in a 3-WAY, Cosmic Kid b. Meliki in a Falls Count Anywhere Match.

  53. June 17, 2006--Impact Zone Wrestling in Lawton, Oklahoma at the Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club: Dexter Hardaway def Brad Michaels, Kenny Campbell def Pork Chop, John O'Malley def Cody Jones to retain the Cruiserweight title, The Party Express (Mitch Carter & Cade Sydal) def Impact, Inc (Bernie Donderwitz & John Zorthos) to win the Tag Team titles, Aaron Neil def Michael Barry to retain the IZW title, Ryan Davidson def Tyler Bateman w/Sassy Merlot in a Lawton Street Fight (thus tying the Best-of-5 series for the IZW Impact Division Title at 1-1)..

  54. June 17, 2006--Connecticut Championship Wrestling - Heatwave in Bridgeport, Connecticut at The Cardinal Sheehan Center: Madden Fisher def Tired Guy, Brian Anthony w/Liz Savage def Chris Camero (After the match Anthony demanded a Northeast Title shot), Iron Eagle def Bad Leroy Brown, The Canadian Superstars w/The Idol def The Arcangels to win the CCW Tag Team titles, Ron Zombie def Justin Credible, Brian Anthony def Dylan Kage and Jose Perez in a 3-WAY Ladder match to win the New Northeast title, Tookie Tucker & Barnyard Bill def Kevin Landry & Purty Kurty, Romeo Roselli def Antonio Thomas when referee Talia gave a fast count, Tony DeVito def Slyck Wagner Brown in a Lumberjack match, Jake "The Snake" Roberts def "Dirty" Don Montoya...

  55. June 17, 2006--Battle Ground Pro Wrestling in Newhall, California at American Legion Hall: Disco Machine def Markus Riot, Devilishly Sexy (Sonny Samson & Diablo) def The Stepfather & Robbie Phoenix, Mikey Nichols def Bobby Joe Marshall (both Australian guys training at the NWA Inoki Dojo in Santa Monica), Sexy Chino def The Plague (w/Commissioner Jason Bennett) by Countout, The Young Bucks (Slick Nick & Mr. Instant Replay) vs Midnight Dynamite (Johnny Paradise & Charles Mercury) ended in a No Contest in a Double Strap match when no one could answer the 10 count, Joey Harder def Hook Bomberry and Alex Koslov in a 3-WAY, "Brawlin" Bo Cooper def "The Rock Superstar" Kaos thanks with help from The Messiah to retain the Battle Ground Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Title..

  56. June 17, 2006--Western Alliance Entertainment - Rock N Wrestling in Mesa, Arizona: Alamak (Kamala rip-off) def "Miracle" Mike James, Khaos def "Outlaw" David Taylor, Adrenalyn def Morgan to become the first WAE Women's Champion, Team Hardcore (Hardcore Kidd & Justin Sane McCully) def The Ballard Brothers to become first WAE Tag Team Champions, Lil Cholo & Silver Tiger def Playboy R2K & Infernal, Tony Gunn & Gary Gram def Jack Durango & Top Gun Talwarr, Lucha Reigns def Lil Nate to become first WAE Cruiserweight Champion, The Navajo Warrior def Tim Warcloud to become the first WAE Inter-Tribal Champion, Horshu (Luther Reigns) def Sheik Hussein in an impromptu brawl, GQ Gallo def Redrum (Johnny Stamboli in a mask) by DQ to retain United States title, Scott Norton def "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton to retain the WAE title, Kahn Kusion def Nameless wrestler for the WAE Hardcore title (this match felt like it was made after the show was technically was 1 minute long)

  57. June 17, 2006--CWF - Collision Course (Robert K. Dench Memorial Tournament 1st Round Matches) in Monessen, Pennsylvania: Jason Gory def Special-Sith, Lightning def The Masked Assassin, Jason Cage def Sugar Steve Flash, Ethan “$mooth-X” Price def Devil Bhudakahn, Jimmy “Delicious” DeMarco def Van Hughes by forfeit, Bobby Shields def Aaron “UnReal” Gibbs, Powerhouse Hughes def Zubov. Muscle Inc. (Brian O & Blade) def Mickey Gambino & Jimmy DeMarco in a Tag Team Grudge match..

  58. June 17, 2006--Championship Wrestling in Kingsport, Tennessee: Mike Cooper def Kelly Charles, Gypsy Joe def Matt Scott, Beau James & Ray Idol def Oleg Ramonov & Thorn by Countout, Tony Givens & Robbie Cassidy & Wayne Adkins def Scotty McKeever & The Drillers (Eddie Browning & The MVP), Nick Hammonds w/Moe Jenkins def Cody Ices to win the Television title, KMF Inc. (Chris Richards & Steve Fury w/John Hawkins) def Josh Cody & John Heidenreich in a Chicago Street Fight. David Flair did a run-in on the show in an interpromotional angle where he was from a rival company invading the show. -- NOTES: After the six-man tag match, David Flair and Jeff Tankersley representing rival promotion, Iron Ring Wrestling hit the ring and jumped Givens, Cassidy & Adkins... Givens promised that Championship Wrestling will show up at IRW's annual Fun Fest Show next month.

  59. June 17, 2006--Hardcore Championship Wrestling in Jackson, Kentucky from the National Guard Armory: Chosen One & Johnny Jordan def J.R.Roc & Vince Vanzant, Mike Harris and Alex Walker battled to a double count-out, HCW International Champion Shawn Christopher def Ric Gunner in a Pole Match, Shane Matthews def HCW World Heavyweight Champion Billy Maverick by disqualification, Billy Maverick won a six man elimination match that included Shawn Christopher, Mike Harris, Ric Gunner, Alex Walker, and Shane Matthews.

  60. June 18, 2006--American Pro Wrestling in Chester, South Carolina before 150 fans: Mickey Richards def Mexican Jumping Bean, Phil Shatter def Truitt Fields, Derik Flair def Kid Khaos, Blixx def Turbo in minis match, Ostgard def Zack Salvation.

  61. June 18, 2006--Mid South Wrestling in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at the City Beats Auditorium: Michael Faith (Tornado Pro Wrestling Oklahoma Champion) def Cody Jones and E-Bone in a 3-WAY, Jeff Jett def Frank Thornton, Tyler Bateman def Ryan Davidson to become the #1 contender to the MSWA Mid-South Title due to interference from champion Angel Williams, Ryan Davidson def Angel Williams to win the MSWA Mid-South title, Glen Steele def Outlaw by reverse decision, John O'Malley & Brad Michaels def Tyson James & Kareem Sadat, The Real Impact Players (Aaron Neil & Se7en) def Apocalypse (Draven Cross & 3rd Rail), Ricky Morton def Doink the Clown

  62. June 23, 2006--New Wrestling Horizons in Bangor, Maine: "Supernatural" Mark Rage won the Battle Royal, Alex Chamberlain def Hardware in the #1 Contenders Semi-Final Tournament Match, Scott Vegas def Casey Duncan to retain the NWH Cruiserweight title, "Too Fit" Eric Atlas def The Northern Outlaw, "Enforcer" Larry Huntley def "Supernatural" Mark Rage in the #1 Contenders Semi-Final Tournament Match, Canadian Moondog def "Heartstopper" Chase San Antone to win the NWH Television Title, BullMoose Calhoun def Kid TNT, "Heartstopper" Chase San Antone def Amanda Storm, Alex Chamberlain def Larry Huntley by Countout in the #1 Contenders Tournament Finals, Hardware & Eric Atlas & Scott Vegas def Northern Outlaw & Dangerous Donny & John Bryar, Kyle Krup def Kid TNT, Alex Chamberlain def Luke Robinson (AWA North Atlantic Champion) by DQ..

  63. June 24, 2006--Icon Championship Wrestling - Major Vendetta in ???????: Viktor Belfore def 2 Ton JuanBelfore in a No Holds Barred match, Lance Davis def Saigon to win the Cruiserweight title, Koshak & Kabal def Zameon & Urchin, Sally Jane Hatfield & Saffron & Melody def Frannie Silva & Vivian Batalli & Syndel Van Ryan in an Elimination match, Jeremy "The SuperBeast" Fresquez def Bova Bajah Satain by DQ, Alexander Insane Mugatu def Coon~Tang to retain the ICW Heavyweight title..

  64. June 24, 2006--Florida Pro Wrestling Association - Which Side Are You On? in Pinellas Park, Florida: Suicide won a Gauntlet Match (Ricky Romeo def Toxic. Legion Freakin Cage def Ricky Romeo. Nooie Lee def Legion Freakin Cage. Suicide def Nooie Lee), Decca & Marcus Hall def Jamie Starr & Big Daddy Pimp, Austin Amadeus def Diego Ryu Vazquez and German Heartthrob in a 3-WAY, Heater & Bruce Santee & Rod Steel w/Amy Love def James Morrison & Jerome Hendrix & Pretty Fly & VinnDetta, Aaron Epic def Jerrelle Clark to retain the Florida State title, "The 400 Pound Monster" Torcher def Black Knight to retain the FPWA Title..

  65. June 24, 2006--Southern Championship Wrestling in Cocoa Beach, Florida before 1,500 fans: Ryze def Thomas Marr, Jason Hexx def Chasyn Rance, Dagon Briggs def Billy Kidman, Victor Creed def Kevin Sullivan, Ron Killings & Kip James def J.P. Ace & Tom Lawlor, Jake "The Snake" Roberts def Rick the Reaper, Sultan Ali def Jaison Moore, A.J. Styles def Raven with Larry Zbyszko as referee, Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon) def Matt Bentley & Joey Machete, Scott Steiner def Monty Brown

  66. June 24, 2006--Larry Sharpe's Old Time Wrestling in Bellmawr, New Jersey: Mike Reed def Gavin Quest, Bulldog Colari def Cory Fulton, Dave Logan def Dan Williams, Nasty Nick def Bobby Jenkins, Ralph Van Duers def Pete Nixon by DQ, Repeat Offender & Pete Nixon def Gavin Quest & Ryan Cushman, Bobby Jenkins def Ralph Van Duers, Mike Reed vs Bulldog Colari ended in a draw, Luis Martinez def Jake Bishop by DQ

  67. June 24, 2006--Mid-States Wrestling in Harrison, Arkansas at the Fairgrounds Indoor Expo: Thomas Thorn (w/Stephen E, Michael Barry & Kevin Lovejones) def Gary Gram, "The Real Deal" Aaron Neil def "The Vulture" Kenny Campbell, "Mr. Saturday Night" Michael Barry (w/Stephen E, Kevin Lovejones & Thomas Thorn) def Tanker when Tanker passed out while in the Sharpshooter, "Pimptight" Kevin Lovejones (w/Stephen E, Michael Barry & Thomas Thorn) def Phil Lawrence, "Nature's Fury" J.C. Thunder def Tommy Snow, "Big Country" Jake Boulder def Jim Fallon to retain the All-Star Wrestling title, Christopher Vincent def Johnny Z, Sassy Merlot def "Handsome" Jack Dalton in a Battle of the Bodies Swimsuit Contest by unanimous decision, "Space Cowboy" Jason Jones vs Kraig "The Krow" Keesaman never began because Jones refused Stephen E's offer to join his group and attacked him. Michael Barry, Kevin Lovejones, and Thomas Thorn then attacked Jones and Keesaman, who were then saved by Gary Gram. It turned into a 6 Man Tag Team Match won by Jones, Keesaman, and Gram.

  68. June 24, 2006--EWA (Day Show) in Glen Burnie, Maryland: Dr X def Chris Nightmare, Tyler Hilton def Warpig, King Kong Bundy vs The Patriot ended in a No Contest, Buster Maccabi def Stevie Riggs, Champ Champagne vs Eagle vs Core vs D.J. Hyde ended in a No Contest

  69. June 24, 2006--EWA (Night Show) in Essex, Maryland: Bruiser def Stevie Desire, D.J. Hyde def Champ Champagne, Dr. X def Jimmy Starz and Robbie Marino in a 3-WAY, Eagle def Core, Ruckus def Drew Gulak, Bruce Chan & Zach Matthews def Gregory Excellence in Handicap match to win the Tag Team titles, Derek Frazier def Tyler Hilton, Eagle def D.J. Hyde, Kylie Pierce def Candie, King Kong Bundy & The Patriot def Marcus Jordan & Stevie Riggs.

  70. June 24, 2006--Bay Area Wrestling in Hayward before 170 fans: Jason Styles def Kid Kool, Sheik Albani def Mike Silva, Hardcore Missy def Cassie Summers-DQ, Scott Snott & Cyanide & Angel the Hardcore Homo def Vic Grimes & Joe Applebaumer, Shane & Shannon Ballard & Aaron Aguilera def Woody Farmer (71 year old 60s star) & Shane Kody (actually his son Rex Farmer) & Riot (Woody's grandson)-DQ

  71. June 24, 2006--All American Championship Wrestling in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at the The Underground Arena: The Outlaw def Beau Dalton, Sentaya def El Assassinino, The Prophet def Slash to become the 1st AACW Television Champion, Corporate America (3rd Rail & Michael James w/Talon) def Trailer Park Trash (J.C. & K.C.) by DQ, Glen Steele def Prince al-Farat in a Hardcore Match..

  72. June 24, 2006--Blackball'd Wrestling Organization in Pennsylvania: Draven def Kid Kaos, Sgt. Smith & Norm the Barfly def Porter & Mr. Jester, Eric Matlock def J.D. Michaels, J.T. Moses def Talia w/Gia Savitz, Judas Gray def April Hunter, Mercedes Martinez def "Downtown" Mike Brown (per Commissioner Cody's stipulation, Brown is no longer a part of BWO!!!!!!), Maverick def Dr. Spider to retain the Interstate title, Angus the Caveman def Ravage, C.J. O'Doyle def John Cannon (aka Cabbie) and Greg Matthews in a 3-WAY, Jason Statis vs Justin Cage ended in a time limit draw, "Doomsday" Danny Rose def Rockin Rebel

  73. June 24, 2006--Ultimate Ring Wars (debut) - Disturbing The Peace in Somerset, Massachusettes drawing 73 fans: Chris Hero def "Hurricane" John Walters, Ariel def Kayla Sparks, "The Pinnacle" Paul Lombardi w/The Mind def Osirus, Angel def Nero and Maniac Martin in a 3-WAY, The Outcast Killaz def All Money Is Legal to retain the JAPW Tag Team titles, Heart Throb Antonio vs Heart Throb Romeo ended in a draw, Michael Sain def Dizzie (of All Money Is Legal), The Outcast Killaz def The Big Islanders and All Money Is Legal in a 3-WAY to retain the JAPW Tag Team titles, Slyck Wagner Brown def "East Coast Intensity" Jose Perez, Jason Rumble w/Mikey Montana def Larry Sweeney and Arik Cannon and Nocturne and Kid Mikaze to win the 5-WAY Leadership Challenge, J.P. Black def Damien "the Pit Bull" Vachon by DQ, Gino Martino def Pierre "the Beast" Vachon to retain the Undisputed World Brass Knuckles Title -- Notes from the promoter (Ron Valliere): there was a torrential rain storm that started a couple of hours before bell time which caused local flooding and then 20 minutes before bell time there was an accident in which a car slammed into a utility pole causing a 25 minute blackout in the surrounding area including us! At one point my partners and I were making preparations to cancel the show. I was a complete mess to say the least. The show started about ten minutes late but at the end of the night I think most went home happy. The show had mixed reviews in the internet community. My next show is on October 28 and is being headlined by Abyss, King Kong Bundy, & Headshrinker Samu. I'm hoping for much better results and much better weather!

  74. June 24, 2006--Ultra Championship Wrestling-Zero - Summer Assault in Salt Lake City, Utah: Dallas Murdoch def Jeff Orcut, Alex Brady def Junior X by DQ, Radical Ricky def Cassidy, High Rollers (JMB & Blitz) def UCW-Zero Tag Team champions Los Mochi Paco & Guerrero Azteca to become the new UCW-Zero Tag Team champions, "Mr. Spectacular" Devan Payne w/Stevie Slick def "Mr. Syclon" Mach Martinez, Derrick Jannetty def Brick Alexander to retain the UCW-Zero title, Kahn Kussion def G.Q. Gallo and David Young in a 3-WAY to win the Extreme-X title..

  75. June 28, 2006--United States Wrestling Federation in Lancaster, Kentucky from the Garrard County Fairgrounds: Billy Maverick def Adam Marks, Cujo def Jay-Ten Lyons, Stevie Phillips & The Prophet def J.D. Thunder & The Masked Superstar, The Patriot vs Hamid Jihad fought ended in a Double Countout, Country Cuzzin Jed & Hyzaya def The Fat & The Furious by DQ, Rated X & Country Cuzzin Jed & Jay-Ten Lyons & Doink The Clown def Jack Black & Vito Andretti & JD Thunder & Cujo.

  76. June 29, 2006--Mercury 1 Wrestling in Green Bay, Wisconsin: Arik Cannon def Jigsaw and Silas Young and Danny Daniels in a 4-WAY, Rob Norwood def Larry Sweeney, Hillbilly Hills def Keith Walker by DQ, John Johnson def Derek St. Holmes, Ego Fantastico def Delirious, Skullcrusher def Colt Cabana