Independent Wrestling Results - May 2006

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  1. May 4, 2006--Carolina Classic Wrestling in Columbia, South Carolina: Shane Steel vs Alex Stone ended in a No Contest when Johnny Z & Big Hoss interfered, Bobby Houston & Brad Thomas def Chris Guerrero & Jake Manning, Lodi def Deon Johnson, Brad Armstrong def George South Sr., Demolition Ax def Jay Eagle by DQ, Ricky Morton & Buff Bagwell def C.W. Anderson & David Flair, Greg Valentine def Rick Steiner to retain the CCW title. The city of Columbia gave an award to Del Wilkes, the Patriot.

  2. May 4, 2006--Mercury 1 Wrestling in Green Bay, Wisconsin before 175 fans: Arik Cannon def Angel Armoni, Justin Dredd def Mickey McCoy, Venom & Tony Scarpone def Hillbilly Hills & Rob Norwood, Colt Cabana vs Ego Fantastico ended in a No Contest, J. Cash def Dinn T Moore by Countout, Skullcrusher def John Johnson, Samoa Joe def Silas Young.

  3. May 4, 2006--Lucha Caliente in El Paso, Texas: Mayor def Jacob Ladder, Darren Childs & Rachel def Randy Terrez & Divine, Gallo Tapado Jr. def Nathan Sin, Las Bestias def Rey Escorpion & Muneco Infernal, Hurricane Hector def Mystico (not the original, but the Juarez version), Pretty Boy Tesla def Massive ..

  4. May 5, 2006--Birchfield Promotions in Lancaster, South Carolina: Chris Guerrero & Bobby Houston def Jimmy jack Funk Jr. & Jake Manning and Brandon Stellar & Mike Drove, Morbid def Shea McGrady, Riddleman & Steven Walter def Angels of Anarchy, Sonny Landel & Boomer Payne def Jason Jones & Deon Johnson, Masked Superstar def George South Sr. with Jimmy Valiant as referee, Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens def Kid Chaos & Rex Rumble to win BPW tag team titles.

  5. May 5, 2006--Insane Wrestling Federation in Detroit, Michigan: Loverboy Steve def Jeff Brooks, C.J. Otis def Sonny Scarboni, Larry Sweeney & Eddie Kingston def Zach Gowen & Jimmy Jacobs when Gowen was knocked out by his own leg, Raymond Rowe def Jay Violence, Nigel McGuiness def Deviant, Soul Shooters def Midwest Mafia, Sabu def Necro Butcher, Chris Hero def Claudio Castagnoli.

  6. May 5, 2006--BVUW in Storm Lake, Iowa: Gage Octane def Casanova, Michael Strider won four-way over Darrin Corbin, Matty Fitness and Buck Albright, Sean Cruz def Ryan Cruz, Hype Gotti & Babyface def Chris Havius & Zac James, Jaysin Strife def Arik Cannon

  7. May 6, 2006--TNT Pro Wrestling (Promoted by Marvin Ward) in Lawrenceville, Georgia before 1,000 fans: Bobby Houston def Christopher Idol, Frankie Davis def Travis Lancaster, Ultra Dragon def J-Sinn, The West Hollywood Blondes (Lenny & Lodi) def The Heart Throbs (Romeo Roselli & Antonio Thomas), Buff Bagwell def Barbarian, Ken Aldridge & Ranger Ross def Kamala & Mr. Terrific, The Steiner Brothers (Rick & Scott) def The Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose) and The West Hollywood Blondes (Lenny & Lodi) in a 3-WAY Tag Team Cage Match!..

  8. May 6, 2006--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Frank Stein def Joe Williamson, James Vulgar def Hank Calhoun, Deca def Wildman Rogers, Damien def Todd Ordway, Bob def Noah Lott, Fallen Dragon & Hypnosis won over Locked N Loaded , Unholy Alliance and Johnny & Tommy Tsunami, Osyris def J.T. Zorin.

  9. May 6, 2006--NCWA in Clayton, North Carolina before 130 fans: Dream Lovers def New Age Freebirds, Stro def Zane Dawson, K.C. McKnight def Corey Edsel, Ricky Morton def Demolition Ax, George South Sr. def Ivan Koloff by DQ with Ronnie Garvin as referee

  10. May 6, 2006--Hoosier Pro Wrestling in Columbus, Indiana before 168 fans: Roger Blade def Chuck McRoberts, Pastor Pain def Izzy Stoned, TVZ def Jon Wall & Damien Cole, Average White Guy def Bobby Saxon, Valik def Chris Ikkon, Bobby Black def Donny Idol, Ronnie Vegas & Bobo Brazil Jr. vs Ox Harley & Billy Ray Hickerson ended in a No Contest

  11. May 6, 2006--Plymouth Championship Wrestling in Sioux City, Iowa before 162 fans: Babyface def Skeeter, Abu Collossus & Max Magnus def Chris Havius & Zac James, Mr. White def Casanova, Chippendale Kid def Ricky Sprague, Matty Fitness & D.B. Albright def Paul Daniels & Sean Cruz, Zak Neo def Hype Gotti, Arik Cannon & Darrin Corbin & Ryan Cruz def Jayden Draigo & J.T. Wilcox & Jake Holmes

  12. May 6, 2006--New World Wrestling in Sandwich, Massachusetts with 375 in attendance: Jay Jaillete def Jason Rumble in a U.S Heavyweight Title Tournement Match, Mia Love def Amber, The Vachon Brothers def Southern Extreme (Eric Shred & Texas Outlaw) to win the Tag Team titles, Tim Pittman def Gary Gold, Gino Martino def Dave Showtime in a U.S Heavyweight Title Tournement Match, Don Vega def Cris Blackheart in a U.S Heavyweight Title Tournement Match. FHL Nemesis def Tim Kilgore, Sam Makua def Osirus, Tony Atlas def Outpatient, Jimmy Cash def Beau Douglas to win the Heavyweight title, Paulie Gilmore def Bobby Panther in a Boston Street Fight.

  13. May 6, 2006--East Coast Championship Wrestling in Upton, Massachusettes at the Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School (attendance 146): Aaron Knight def Bloodstone, Big Rick Fuller def Brian Milonas with a choke slam, Chuck Deep def Buttery Bert Williams w/Kenny Casanova with the razors edge, Sex & Violence (Jeff Starr & Danger) def THE NOW (Vic Delicious & Hale Collins w/Tina Marina) with a double team DDT on Hale Collins off the top rope, Johnny Thunder def Max Bauer and Hollywood Johnny Nash to retain the Triple Threat title, Doink The Clown def Tex McCoy, Mark Gore def Nick Neighborhood to retain the Heavyweight Title (Mark Gore leveled Johnny Fabulous with the belt after the match), Brutus "the Barber" Beefcake def Handsome Johnny with the DDT.

  14. May 6, 2006--IWR - Revolucha 3 in Royal Oak, Michigan at the Royal Oak Music Theatre before 650 fans: The Midnight Society (George Morbid & Harker Dirge) def Dark Skin Productions and Popular Electronics and The Family in a 4-WAY Tag Scrable, N8 Mattson won a Gauntlet Match to win King of Indies (Anthony Rivera def C.J. Otis, Anthony Rivera def Whiplash, Phil Atlas def Anthony Rivera, Phil Atlas def Brad Martin, Eddie Venom def Phil Atlas, Truth Martini def Eddie Venom, Zach Gowen def Truth Martini, Josh Abercrombie def Zach Gowen, Jimmy Jacobs def Josh Abercrombie, N8 Mattson def Jimmy Jacobs), Delirious & P.O.D. def T.J. Hart & Randi, Ultimo Dragon def Curry Man in an International Dream Match (Christopher Daniels was announced as having missed his flight, but that the international superstar Curry Man "took his place"), The Wyld Stallyns def The Bump-N-Uglies to retain the Tag Team titles, Sabu vs Conrad Kennedy III ended in a No Contest (Sabu was double-teamed, leading to a save by Mil Mascaras), Mil Mascaras & Sabu def Conrad Kennedy III & N8 Mattson wih Tommy Star as referee, Dr. Wagner Jr. def Black Tiger III (Silver King) and Rey Misterio Sr. in a 3-WAY..

  15. May 6, 2006--2CW in Syracuse, New York: Matt Hyson def Zachary Springate III, Isys Ephex def Dan Dynasty, All Money is legal def Killer Steves, Gordy def J.D. Love, Loca Vida def Ajax.

  16. May 6, 2006--ACF in Denver, Colorado before 2,000 fans: Reed O'Malley def Rocky Hoffschneider, Cameron Dollar def Chris Cisneros, Cruz Chacon def Noah Thomas, Rafael Dias def Keith Wilson, Dennis Davis def Daniel Betzold, Chilo Gonzalez def Brett Shafer, Jason Brilz def Rob Wince, Donnie Liles def Chris Avila, John Cronk def Ben Call via split decision

  17. May 6, 2006--GWA in Enigma, Georgia: Chris Turner & JJ Ace def Legion Freakin Cage & Marcus Hall after a blinded Cage DDT'ed his partner on accident. "Wrangler" Jamie McKinnon def Wade Daniels. Scotty Biggs def "Wrangler" Colt Gatlin. The Unknown Soldier w/Talia Madison def Igor Beerkoff w/Ronnie the Body (The Soviet tossed Talia into the corner and went in but she kicked him in the groin and Soldier rolled him up for the pin). Rob Justice def Chase Adams to win the Southern States title. Talia Madison def Lexie Fyfe to win the Ladies title. Jarrod Michaels def Mad Dog Miller with help from The Playboy to retain the GWA title in an Open Challenge.

  18. May 6, 2006--United States Wrestling Federation in Stanford, Kentucky from the Lincoln County High School: Dustin P def Masked Superstar, Cuzzin Jed beat Big Daddy Dalton, Billy Maverick pinned JD Thunder, Jay-Ten Lyons def Hamid Jihad, Rated X & Prophet vs. Jack Black & Cujo was a no-contest, Rated X, Billy Maverick, Prophet, Dustin P, Cuzzin Jed, & Jay-Ten Lyons beat Masked Superstar, Cujo, Jack Black, JD Thunder, Big Daddy Dalton, & Hamid Jihad in a 12-Man Stanford Street Fight.

  19. May 7, 2006--New World Wrestling - Clash TV Tapings in Revere, Massachusetts: The Vachons def The Wild Boys to retain the Tag Team titles, FHL Nemesis def Dave Showtime, Craig Trace def The Outpatient by Disqualification, Eric Shred def Don Vega in a U.S Heavyweight Title Tournament Match, Sam Makua def Bobby Panther, Texas Outlaw def Osirus in U.S Heavyweight Title Tournament Match, Jason Rumble def Loco, Tim Pittman def Tim Kilgore, Eric Shred def Gino Martino by DQ in a U.S Heavyweight Title Tournement Semi Final match, The Texas Outlaw def Jay Jailette by Forfeit, Eric Shred def Texas Outlaw in the Finals to become the first United States Champion, Jimmy Jact Cash def Beau Douglas in a 4-Corners Strap Match to retain the Heavyweight title.

  20. May 7, 2006--River City Wrestling in San Antonio, Texas before 275 fans: Hector Montoya def Chuy Martinez, Mike Dell def Showtime Summers, Quinten Allen def Wally Darkmon, Martin Styles vs Joey Spector ended in a draw, Johnny Ender & Kris Kronie def Andrew Dalton & J.T. LaMotta, Allen won over Spector, Dell and Styles to win Ring King tournament, Don Juan def Ikaika-DQ, Konnan & Homicide & Hotstuff Hernandez def Fast Eddie Vegas & Chris Marval & Spiro

  21. May 7, 2006--Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling & Pro Wrestling All-Stars in Warren, Michigan: Sneaky Silver Bullets def Jeff Brooks & Jason Harris, Gameboy def Anthony Rivera, Krystal Banks vs Randi West ended in a No Contest, Conrad Kennedy III def Super Destroyer #2, Truth Martini def Jeff King, Levi Blue def Mike TSG, Sonny & Vinnie Scarboni def Izzy High & Gutter, Jimmy Jacobs def Zach Gowen, N8 Mattson def Chris Chambers, DBA def Don Montoya.

  22. May 7, 2006--Mid South Wrestling Alliance in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Cody Jones def E-Bone, The New Age Syndicate (Scott Sanders & Shawn Sanders) def Apocalypse (Draven Cross & 3rd Rail), Beau Dalton def Kareem Sadat and Dexter Hardaway in a 3-WAY, Ryan Davidson def The Gladiator, Brad Michaels vs Seth Allen ended in a Double Countout, The Patriots (Bad Boy & Glen Steele) def The Brotherhood of Pain (Slash & Outlaw)..

  23. May 11, 2006--Acts Wrestling Alliance in Hurst, Texas: Doink the Clown def Tarzan Taylor w/Mr. Prestigious, Surge w/Roxie def Kid Extreme w/Claudia, Slam Shady def Kit Carson, Chocolate Kiss & Prince w/Johnnie O. Jackson def New Style & Renegade w/Mr. Prestigious, Black Bart w/General Skandor Akbar def Mark Von Erich with the help of Mr. Wrestling III to win the vacant ACTS title..

  24. May 12, 2006--Big Time Wrestling in Newark, California: Kimo Kanaloa def Chico Navarro, J.J. Perez def Kafu (best match), Kid Koolo def Sheik Kahn Abadi, Hop Sing Lee def Mike Silva, Ballard Brothers def L'Emperuer & Shane Kody by DQ, Jason Styles def Jesus (Aaron Aguilera), Dash Riprock def Frankie Kazarian. Post-match saw The Ballard Brothers and Riprock beating on Kazarian and Daniel Puder made the save, starting a Puder & Kazarian program with the twins.

  25. May 12, 2006--Ohio Championship Wrestling in Manchester, Ohio: Abyss def "Big Guns" Jeff Cannon with a Black Hole Slam, Kip James & Robby Starr def Matt Mason & Sherman Tank -- Notes: This event was named Overcoming The Odds, for the honor of Duane Sherman who survived two deadly cancers dating back from 2001. His last surgery was successful in 2005 in late December. After that, he spent six weeks in a hospital, and got two chest tubes and is starting to live a normal life again. But this event was held in his honor, and for a simple ten dollars people along with myself were able to get pictures in the ring with Billy Gunn, which I personally have next to my Miss Jackie Gayda autographed picture. That event showed class as well as heart.

  26. May 13, 2006--Future Stars of Pro Wrestling - May Madness in Ellenton, Florida: Black Knight w/Lady Luck def Bodacious Pretty Boy, Suicide Kings (Suicide & Pretty Fly) def BoneZ the Cutthroat & Tito Cartel, “400 Pound Monster” Torcher w/Arsen def “Gentle Giant” Brian Cokely w/Heater, El Macho def Jason Sensation with Ricky Romeo in a 3-WAY to win the Cruiserweight title, George Rodriguez def James Morrison and Diego Vasquez in a 3-WAY to retain the Florida State title, Sonny Maivia def Son of Sicily and Devin Dalton and Sgt. Vincent Sarducci in a 4-WAY Elimination match, “Superfan” Mark Zout (as Ken Shamrock) def “German Heartthrob” by Submission, Cell Block C (Art Strong & Wolf w/Invictus Aequitas) def Team Europe (VinnDetta & Heater), Barney Rumble def Deathrow Jethro in a 2/3 Falls match to retain the FSPW title..

  27. May 13, 2006--Championship Wrestling in Kingsport, Tennessee @ The Civic Auditorium: Cody Ices def Dirty J to retain the Television title (After the match, Nick Hammonds jumped and bloodied Cody Ices), Thorn w/Kandy def Matt Stevens, Mike Cooper def Dustin Steele, Menace def Shawn Shultz and Shane Andrews in a 3-WAY, Beau James def Matt Stevens, Oleg Romanov's vs Ray Idol in a Bear Hug Challenge was ruled a No Contest when Thorn interfered, Tony Givens & Robbie Cassidy & Wayne Adkins def Nick Hammonds & Eric Darkstorm & Moe Jenkins in a 6-MAN Ladder Match, KMF Inc. def John Heidenreich & Josh Cody to retain the Tag Team titles..

  28. May 13, 2006--SCWA in Irvington, Kentucky before 200 fans: Hardrock Higdon def Alex Cross, Jail Break won three-way over Gay Jones and Brian Lawless, Hellena Heavenly & Randall Shane def Knockoff Express, Ryan Rushmore def Trent Richards, Chuck Taylor def Jake Crist-DQ, David Crist def Brian Beech, Matt Stryker def Ali Hussein.

  29. May 13, 2006--FEW in Melbourne, Florida with a big crowd, maybe as much as 2,000: Doink the Clown def Chainz, Nooie Li def Legion Cage, Koko Ware def tommy Marr, Haku def Bryan Manson, Jimmy Snuka def Brian Gamble, Jake Roberts def Doc Rivers, Victor Creed & Bam Bam Mancuso def Brutus Beefcake & Greg Valentine-DQ, King Kong Bundy def ?. Jim Neidhart missed his flight as he was to face Bundy in the main event. A local guy filled in. Devon of Team 3-D was there doing a promo telling people to watch TNA and that there was a PPV the next day./

  30. May 13, 2006--Pro Wrestling Evolution in Waleska, Georgia before 150 fans: Regular Guys def Pure Breed, Nigel Sherrod (Deep South TV announcer) & Simon Sermon def Carl Wilson, Ace Rockwell def Sal Rinauro, Darin Childs def Francisco Ciatso, Kid Ego Jr. won over Adrian Hawkins, Jonathan Davis and Amen Raddick, Shawn Tempers def Biohazard, Murder One & Andrew Alexander & Kyle Matthews def Glacier & Johnny & Joe Slaughter, Tank def Terry Lawler, Kory Chavis def Jacob Ladder. Lawler was in a light tubes match and had to be hospitalized when glass got in his eye.

  31. May 13, 2006--Southern Wrestling Alliance in Huntsville, Tennessee: Kevin Ages def James Cody, Omen def Da Studd, Dillinger def Kevin Ages, J.C. Steele & Da Studd & Ages def Tom Prichard & Dillinger & Cody

  32. May 13, 2006--Southern Pro Wrestling in Crestview, Florida before 330 fans: Cameron Frost def Chris Teigh, Kevin Northcutt def Southern Assassin, Minotaur def John Ryker, Dan Delicious def Curtis Leroy, Dirty Dalton & Eddie G def Bullet (Bob) & Scott Armstrong, Road Dogg def Mr. Fantasy.

  33. May 13, 2006--Powerhouse Wrestling in Worcester, Massachusetts, 500 FANS in attendence: Rick Fuller def Avril Graves, Eric Shred def Osirus, Big Business def G Q Smooth, Doink The Clown def The Skunk, Jimmy Cash & Rick Fuller def French Connection, Larry Zybysco def Brick House Baker, Don Vega def Jay Jaillette in A Boot Camp match, Jimmy Cash & Rick Fuller def Danny Jaxx & Danny Doring, Gino Martino & Ron Zombie def Justin Credible & The Sandman in Beds of Nails Death Match (Martino took some nasty looking moves on the Nails)

  34. May 13, 2006--Tornado Pro Wrestling in Tulsa, Oklahoma: Sexy Bologna def Rico Suave & Poo Bear to retain the Tag Team titles, Draven Cross w/Shadow of Death def Jogo, 3rd Rail w/Shadow of Death def Mike York, TPW Champion AWOL def The Canadian Red Devil, Romero Contreras & Justin Lee def Texas Inc. (Bernard Funk & Timmy J w/Flamon Raymon)..

  35. May 13, 2006--Wresting With God in Tulsa, Oklahoma: Brandon Groom w/Summer Rain def Tommy Smash w/Lily Mckenzie, Cade Sydal def Luc Lapointe & Diablo 67 in a Handicap Match, Timmy J. def Anthony Jackson, Bobby Dalton def Bobby Burns, Tyler Bateman def Shane Morbid, X-Cal def Seth Allen, Dirty Harry Sanchez def Mitch Carter, Kenny Campbell & Big Daddy Moore def Jack Legacy & Bernard Funk..

  36. May 13, 2006--Battle Ground Pro Wrestling in Newhall, California at American Legion Hall: Silver Tyger & R2K def Markus Riot & Junior 2, The Plague def The Stepfather, Slick Nick & Mr. Instant Replay def Johnny Paradise & Charles Mercury respectively in separate matches by DQ, Nikki def Disco Machine by DQ, Joey Harder def JT Hyatt and Brandon Nitro in a 3-WAY, Li'l Cholo def Infernal to retain the Lucha Libre Title, Bo Cooper def Alex Koslov to retain the BGPW Title.

  37. May 13, 2006--MSPW in Coal City, Illinois: Steve Jordan def Mickie McCoy, Tony Scarpone def Stryc 9, Flannery won over Dysfunction, Bobby Valentino, Jason Hades and Justin Dredd, Tony Rican def Mike Horning in a tables match, Cameron Cage def Adam Evans, Hardcore Craig def Dinty Moore, Shark Boy def DDS, Steve Stone def Brandon Blaze in a fans bring the weapons match

  38. May 13, 2006--United States Wrestling Federation in McKinney, Kentucky from the Old School Gym: JD Thunder pinned Lance Valentine, Dustin P def Big Daddy Dalton in a Semi-Final United States Title Tournament Match, Masked Superstar beat Stevie Phillips in a Semi-Final United States Title Tournament Match, Tag Team Champions Cuzzin Jed & Hyzaya def JD Thunder & Cujo, Billy Maverick and Hamid Jihad battled to a double count-out, Dustin P pinned Masked Superstar in the Final Match of the United States Title Tournament to win the title, Rated X & The Prophet beat The Fat & The Furious (Jack Black & Vito Andretti) to allow a pre-match stipulation giving Short Dawg five minutes in the ring with Fat & Furious Manager Mickey O'Dell, Short Dawg def Mickey O'Dell.

  39. May 14, 2006--TNT Pro Wrestling (Promoted by Marvin Ward) in Spotsylvania, Virginia before 1,200 fans and raising $10,000 for Courtland High School: Talia Doll def April Hunter, Sonjay Dutt def Ultra Dragon, "Coach" Mike Moon def Kamala, Buff Bagwell def The Barbarian, The Steiner Brothers (Rick & Scott) def The Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey & Bobby Eaton) in a Steel Cage match

  40. May 17, 2006--Gimmicks Only Underground Grappling Entertainment in Raleigh, North Carolina at Kings Barcade: Carrot Juice & Ostard def The Brokeback Express (T-Dawg HG), Otto Schwanz def Yuk, Go Go the Gay Gorilla def Napolean Dole-O-Mite (w/his Ho Alyssa), Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride def Duke Richards, The Urban Legends (Luther Thesz & Cowboy Willie Watts) vs the KKK (Krazy Killer Klowns) ended in a Double Countout, Scab w/Captain Grog Albano def Seymour Snott (match was stopped due to cake icing in Snott's eyes)..

  41. May 18, 2006--All Out Mayhem in South Portland, Maine: Show began with a 10 bell salute to Dan "Spider" Quirk and "Dancing Devil" Damian Houston (Palmer Canon's younger brother, recently killed in an accident), Tim Sabin def Danny Dangerous, G.Q. Smooth w/Rotten Robbie def C.J. Summers, Palmer Canon def "Boston Bad Boy" Jason Rumble, The Big Islanders w/Rotten Robbie def Beau Douglas & Dollar D, Romeo Roselli vs Antonio Thomas ended in a No Contest in a Battle of Heart Throbs, Christian Redinger & Sponge the Showman & Chase San Antone def Makua & Frankie Armadillo & Paul Hudson w/Dr. Everette Payne, CJ Summers won a Battle Royal to become the 1st All Out Mayhem Champion, Demolition Ax def King Kong Bundy

  42. May 19, 2006--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Skip Raddison def Wildman Rogers, Brandon Prophet def Dayton Suave, Hank Calhoun def Snake, Fallen Dragon def Drake Younger, Damien def Brandon Prophet, Zack McGurie def Hypnosis, Osyris & Bob def Unholy Alliance. .

  43. May 19, 2006--ICW in Tacoma, Washington: Ritchie Magnett def Sex Ed, Jason Jackson def Chunk, Chino def Mr. G.Q., Tim Flowers def Avalanche, Michael Santiago & Marvelous Matt def Chris Del Sol & Rad, The Chef def Sloth in a Hardcore match.

  44. May 19, 2006--New Frontier Wrestling Association in Clayton, Georgia before 130 fans: Mike Mangera & Halo & White Lightning vs Mr. Mystery & All-American & Randall Johnson ended in a No Contest, Brandon Phoenix def Andrew Alexander & Kyle Matthews-DQ, Carl X def Hallowicked, Salvatore Rinauro def Larry Sweeney, Simon Sermon def Mr. Tibbs, A.J. Summers def Adrian Hawkins, Eddie Kingston & Joker & Hallowicked def Murder One & Tank & Carl X, Jeff Lewis def Kameron Kade.

  45. May 19, 2006--X Jam Pro Wrestling in Minot, North Dakota: Darin Corbin def Ryan Cruz, Red Lightning def Max Malibu w/Ms. Primrose, Arik Cannon def Ben Sailor, The Dirty Ones def Sammy Savard & Beautiful Bobby , Buddah Mustafa def Patriot 3, Ann Thraxx def Ms. Primrose, Ben Sailor & Ann Thraxx & Torrac def Arik Cannon & Darin Corbin & Buddah Mustafa, Animal Sam def Mentallo by DQ..

  46. May 19, 2006--WSU in Flushing, New York before 350 fans: Monsta Mack def Romeo Roselli, Xavier def Prince Nana, Boogalou def Homicide, John Walters def E.C. Negro, Masked Maniac & Jac Sabboth vs Ken Sweeney & New Dynamite Kid ended in a No Contest, Ron Sampson def John Justice, Xavier def Mack, Walters def Boogalou, 6-way with Azraieal vs. Jose Maximo vs. Joel Maximo vs. Reefer vs. Low Ryda vs. Heretic was no contest, Xavier def John Walters to win the tournament to become the first WSU champion, Rhino won three-way over Raven and Steve Corino. Sabu no-showed.

  47. May 19, 2006--World of Hurt Wrestling in Amersterdam, New York before 350 fans: Doink the Clown def Jersey Devil, Missing Link (the original, Dewey Robertson--well, the modern original because Pampero Firpo used that name in the 60s in Hawaii) def Max Moon (who was neither Konnan nor Paul Diamond), Little Jeannie def Lady Victoria, Scott Campeone def Demolition Ax-DQ, Little Louie def King Sleazy, Danger & Jeff Starr def Vic & Hale, Matt Hyson def Judas Young. Nick Bockwinkel, Mae Young and Fabulous Moolah were all there as guests, as this was the night before the Hall of Fame ceremony in that area. Greg Valentine no-showed because he got another booking. He did call in advance to cancel.

  48. May 20, 2006--Ultra Championship Wrestling-Zero - Final Retribution in Salt Lake City, Utah: Alex Brady def Blitz (w/JMB), Cassidy def Sean Boy, Derrick Jannetty def UCW-Zero Heavyweight champion JMB (w/Blitz) in a UCW-Zero Death Match to become the new UCW-Zero Heavyweight champion, Tristan Gallo (w/Stevie Slick) def Guerrero Azteca, "Mr. Syclon" Mach Martinez def Junior X, UCW-Zero Ultra-X champion Khan Kussion def David Young (w/Stevie Slick)

  49. May 20, 2006--Florida Professional Wrestling Association - A Florida Revolution 2006 in Pinellas Park, Florida: Legion Freakin Cage & Nooie Lee & Sideshow & Sedrick Strong (w/Peter Dragon & Erick Stevens & Aaron Epic) def Evan Starsmore & Marcus Hall & Kamakazi Kid & Dagon Briggs in an 8-MAN Lethal Lottery match, The Siberian Wolf w/Heater def Diego Vazques, “Superfan” Mark Zout (as Kane) def “The Irish Destroyer” Heater in a Best of Five Series match, DJ Arnold def Toxic, Decca def “Superstar” Jamie Starr, Aaron Epic w/Peter Dragon def Suicide, “400 Pound Monster” Torcher w/Arsen def the Black Knight w/Lady Luck to retain the FPWA title, The Cuban Assassin w/Fantasy def Seal in a Respect match, Team Canada (Johnny Devine & A1) def The Psychedelics (James Morrison & Jon Davis), Punk & Disorderly (Pretty Fly & VinnDetta) & Matt Bentley w/$o Cal Val def Bruce Santee & Rod Steel & Amy Love.

  50. May 20, 2006--Connecticut Championship Wrestling - Naugatuck Knockout in Naugatuck, Connecticut at Naugatuck High School: Mike Reed def ?????, The Arcangels def Up in Smoke (Cheech & Cloudy) in a Semi-final Tag Title Tournament, Tookie Tucker def Don Montoya, Crossbones & Ultra Mantis Black & Nocturne def Jigsaw & Rorschach & Equonox, Justin Credible def Christian Frost, Brian Anthony w/Liz Savage def Joey Bricco, The Wild Rave Boys vs The Silver Bullets (Fighting Crime One Beer at a Time!) ended in a No Contest, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka def Kevin Landry, Ron Zombie def Tony DeVito (NY Champion) and Slyck Wagner Brown in a 3-WAY by Countout (DeVito retains his title)..

  51. May 20, 2006--Slam All-Star Wrestling in Highgate, Vermont: Divine Diversity def High 5, Franz Roddy def Angel, Shockwave def Bobby Flamingo, Lenn Oddity def Mackie Schrody, Maxx Burton def Ian Daniels, Mark O'Mack def Nero & Maniac Martin, Drake Evans def J.P. Black-DQ

  52. May 20, 2006--Outlaw Championship Wrestling in Dallas, Georgia before 35 fans: Billy Jack Calhoun def El Perez, Josh Storm def P-Nut, Johnny Slater & Slick Nic def Mike Cross & Kid Dynamite, Stalker def Danny Rose, J.W. Christian def Ali Akbar Saddam, Samurai def Human Tank.

  53. May 20, 2006--Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws in Greenburg, Indiana: Boy toy def Twist, Devon Monroe def Timmy Turner, Stew def Johnny Showtime Corona def Billy Bart, Tank def Dan Basher, Rob Ramer & Indiana Kidd Jr. def Apocalypz & Pogo.

  54. May 20, 2006--EWF 8th Anniversary (Day Show) in ????????: Hank Calhoun def Skip Raddison, Unholy Alliance def Hypnosis & Fallen Dragon, Damien def Raddison

  55. May 20, 2006--EWF 8th Anniversary (Night Show) in ????????: Dollars def Nick A.V., Southern Boys def Insane Luchadore & Ninja Joe, Drake Younger def Diehard by DQ, Bob def Skip Raddison, Damien def Diehard, Unholy Alliance def Hypnosis & Fallen Dragon

  56. May 20, 2006--World Pro Wrestling in Acoma, New Mexico from Sky City Casino: Johnny Goodtime def "Bad Seed" Shawn Osborne, Erica D'Erico def Cynthia Garcia, Lucha Reigns def Mr. Showtyme and "Miracle" Mike James in a 3-WAY, The Ballard Brothers def Jerry Grey & Heinrich Volkoff to retain the Tag Team titles, The Navajo Warrior def The Hawaiian Lion to win the American title, Kip James def Buff Bagwell to retain the WPW Heavyweight title..

  57. May 20, 2006--Impact Zone Wrestling in Lawton, Oklahoma at the Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club: Matt Garza & Shane Morbid def The Party Express (Mitch Carter & Cade Sydal), John O´Malley def Lil Joe & Timmy J in a Handicap Match, Aaron Neil def Michael Barry w/Sassy Merlot to retain the IZW title, Impact Inc. (Bernie Donderwitz & John Zorthos) def The Old School Assassins (Seth Allen & Brad Michaels) to win the Tag Team titles, Tyler Bateman def Ryan Davidson in a Submissions match..

  58. May 20, 2006--AWS at the City of Industry, California: Babi Slymm def Karl Anderson, Crayz & Plague def Slick Nick & Mr. Instant Replay, Lil Cholo def T.J. Perkins by DQ, Aaron Aguilera def Adam Pearce, Charles Mercury & Johnny Paradise def Bo Cooper & Sexy Chino-DQ, Alex Koslov def Scorpio Sky, Al Katrazz def Human Tornado ..

  59. May 20, 2006--MWWC in South Bend, Indiana: Liberty Kid def J.D. Blaze, Shawn Cook def Meliki, Jay West def Billy Roc and Sikness in a 3-WAY, Dustin Thomas def Mark Houston, Nigel McGuiness def Cosmic Kid, Shark Boy def B.J. Whitmer

  60. May 20, 2006--3XWrestling - Devastation in Des Moines, Iowa before 175 fans: Matty Fitness def Arik Cannon and Jaysin Strife in a 3-WAY to win the Cruiserweight title, Brian Ash def Tony Sly, Devin Carter & Casanova def Tony Scarpone & Cousin Mikey and Ben Sailer & Kid Krazy and Darin Corbin & Ryan Cruz in a 4-WAY to retain the Tag Team titles, Gage Octane def Mark Sterling, Jeremy Wyatt def Vin Cross and Hype Gotti in a 3-WAY, Egotistico Fantastico def Austin Bayliss to retain the 3XW Heavyweight title.

  61. May 20, 2006--Windy City Wrestling - Battle Of The Belts 18 in Chicago, Illinois: Team Tennent def ?????, Nikki Sixx def Jason Dukes, Isasis Velazquez def Marche Rockett (c) and Petey Williams in a 3-WAY to win the Lightweight title, Dymond def Cheeks Manson to win the Ladies title, Mike Anthony def Jayson Reign to retain the Middleweight title, Lord Cassius XL def D.T.A. to retain the UAPW Inner-City title, "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown def Vito "2 Fingers" Fontaine by Countout, "The New Messiah of Wrestling" Frankie Valiant def "Mad Dog" Ivan Manson in a "Doom Board" match with help from Abyss to win the Brass Knuckles title, Dameon & Devlin Dunn def The Danny Boyz w/Barney Stone to win the Tag Team titles, Baltazar def "The Monster" Abyss w/Psycho by DQ, Acid Jazz def Abbadon to retain the League title, "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels def Steve Boz .....

  62. May 20, 2006--Blackball'd Wrestling Organization - Spring Cleaning in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania: Sgt. Smooth def Porter and Mr. Jester in a 3-WAY, Jason Static def Frizzo (Jason Static complained about lack of decent challengers), Justin Cage def Jason Static by Countout, Norm the Barfly & Angus the Caveman & Kid Kaos def Draven & Dark Angel & Korpse, Salvation 2K6 (Judas Gray & Mike Brown) def Pelle Primeau & Eric Matlock to retain the Tag Team titles, Maverick def Dr. Spider to win the Interstate title, Rockin' Rebel def C.J. O'Doyle in a Qualifying match, J.T. Moses def Teddy Fine in a Qualifying match, Rebecca Payne vs Autumn Breeze ended in a No Contest when Salvation 2K6 interrupted, Danny Rose def Greg Matthews in a Qualifying match.

  63. May 20, 2006--East Coast Championship Wrestling in Shrewsbury Massachusetts: Tex McCoy w/Julius Sweet def Rob Hagan and Derek Destiny in a 3-WAY, Freightrain def "Big" Scott Grimez in a rematch from their Lumberjack match a few months ago, Max Bauer def Red Hot Russ to advance in the Road to the Championship Tournament, The Now (Vic Delicious & Hale Collins) def Travis Blackchurch & Aaron Knight, Della Morte def Sienna Blaze to retain the Billion Dollar Women's title, In a rematch from 5/6: Brian Milonas def Rick Fuller to advance in the Road to the Championship Tournament, Nick Neighborhood & Johnny Nash & Johnny Thunder def The Vachons & Mike Pheonix w/Julius Sweet.

  64. May 20, 2006--International Wrestling Alliance in Ohio: "Cranial Damage" Chris Chruit def Jimmy "Freakboy" Maloy and "Reenforcer" Devlin Anderson in a 3-WAY #1 Contenders match, The Crow def Wild Bull Miller, "Feature Attraction" Mike Stryker w/Ms. McKenzie def Justin Gage by throwing salt Gage's eyes to win the Cruiserweight title, Jimmy "Freakboy" Maloy def "Hardcore Legend" G-Moe with a double-arm DDT, "Alpha Male" Zach Avery def "Cranial Damage" Chris Chruit Falls Count Anywhere match retain the IWA Heavyweight title.

  65. May 20, 2006--Downsouth Championship Wrestling in Abbeville, Louisiana: Jazz def Roxy w/Austin Rhodes, The Dark Alliance def JT Lamotta and Maleek Avalon w/Prince Travion to retain the GCW Tag Team titles, Andrew Dalton def Jordan Espinoza (Nick Bondage was guest referee), Angel of SIN def Christian Blake, Mexican Giant def Sassy Vegas in a Strap Match, Tony Vega def Haniel T, Jihad Warrior and Retro Thibodeaux fought to a no contest when the entire locker room emptied (The scheduled Redd Dogg vs. Austin Rhodes match did not take place)

  66. May 21, 2006--Price of Glory Wrestling in Coldwater, Michigan: Keith Creme & Chip Daley & Steve Armani def Whiplash & Jeff & Jason Brooks, Johnny Dynamo def Mike Roberts, Jamie Enteral & Sikness & Jeff King def Ninja Joe & Terk Tickler & Perosis, Ernie Ballz & J.T. Zorin def Bump n Uglies, Johnny Dynamo def Mick Veasy, Rastakhan def Noah Lott, Johnny Dynamo def Firecracker Gameboy & Jimmy Shalwin vs Scarbonie ended in a No Contest, Jimmy Jacobs & N8 Mattson def Josh Abercrombie & Dan Severn.

  67. May 24, 2006--Dangerous Women of Wrestling in Dover, Delaware: Ref Dance def Just Joe and Ginger and Dee in a 4-WAY, Cris The Cross Dresser def Angela, Commissioner Smoke striped the Women’s World title from The Blue Meanie, Candie def Kylie Pierce to win the vacant DWOW Women’s World title! -- Angela def Cris The Cross Dresser in a Evening Gown match, Missy Samsonite def Liz Savage, The Sound Guy & Smoke & Missy Samonsite def Lucky The Cripple Guy & Yager-man (Lucky gets a new hair cut, as The Smoke shaved his head at the command of The Sound Guy). Cristol & Jana & Tara Bush & Killer Joe def Davey & Taylor Mae & The Smoke & Missy Samsonite, Ginger def Dee in an Oil match, Mikki def Morgan and Killer Joe in a 3-WAY..

  68. May 25, 2006--United Wrestling Association in Alcoa, Tennessee: Menace won four-way over Willie B. Badd, Jason Maxx and Lance Stark, Shaun Shultz & Shane Andres def Jonathan McMurray & Ryder, Thunder & Miller def Twisted & Gorgeous, Barry Allen def Dillinger, Donovan Daniels & Charles Long def Terry Wright & Travis Sawyer, Mike Ogle & Lance def C.M. Sigmon & Eugene, Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas def Tom Prichard & Shane Williams.

  69. May 25, 2006--Mad Pro Wrestling - One Year Anniversary in Chillicothe, Ohio at Cardo's Restuarant & Bar: Neveaeh vs Lexi Lane ended in a No Contest when Matt Stryker interfered, Jon Moxley def John Thornhill, Matt Mason w/Jayme Braxton def Lotus and Crazy J and Robby Starr in a 4-WAY to become the First Ever MX Champion!, Trik Nasty def Eric Darkstrorm, J.T. Stahr def Brad Smith and Ala Hussein in a 3-WAY, Cody Hawk def Dick Rick, Irish Airborne (Dave & Jake Christ) def The Mavericks, Chance Prophet vs Shigroth ended in a No Contest in a No DQ match, Matt Stryker w/Nevaeh def Pepper Parks to retain the MPW title..

  70. May 25, 2006--New Wrestling Horizons in Old Town, Maine: Sonny Roselli def Ricky Rice & Frankie Parker, "Enforcer" Larry Huntley def Dangerous Donny in a #1 Contender's Tournament 1st Round Match, Camerons Mathews def "Too Fit" Eric Atlas in a #1 Contender's Tournament 1st Round Match, NWH Cruiserweight Champion Scotty Vegas def Mason X in a #1 Contender's Tournament 1st Round Match, Sonny Roselli and Canadian Moondog def AWA North Atlantic Heavyweight Champion "FTAM" Luke Robinson & NWH TV Champion "Hearstopper" Chase San Antone

  71. May 26, 2006--Blue Water Championship Wrestling in Belleville, Michigan at Sumpter Country Fest: The Motor City Highrollers (Deuce Diamond & Rob Clooney) def Daniel Sigma & Sebastian Rose, Xavier Justice def Patriot, "The One and Only" Jaime D def Tianna Taylor, Doink the Clown & The Candyman def Kato & The Masked Grappler, POD def Meatball to retain the Micro title, Koko B. Ware def Nitro in a Grudge match, "Too Tough" Tommy Titus def "The Fire Breathing Phenom" El Diablo in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

  72. May 26, 2006--Pro Wrestling Legends in San Bernadino, California in front of 1,000 fans: Diablo def Wama, Bino Gambino def Syrus, Los Chivos def Jason King & Dan Kobrick to retain the Tag Team titles, Demolition Ax def Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine def The Barbarian, Rey Mysterio Sr. def The Punisher in a Street Fight, Sgt. Slaughter def The Warlord. Iron Sheik was interfering in the main event until Greg Valentine stopped him. Sheik went nuts on a promo yelling about Slaughter, Hogan, Vince McMahon, the Olympics and everything else. He told Valentine that he never drew a dime and was just a bleached Hulk Hogan wannabe fag. -- Notes: EWF's Jesse Hernandez worked as referee. Mando Guerrero was a guest speaker during intermission.

  73. May 27, 2006--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Nic AV def Ninja Joe, P-Roc def Hypnosis, Damien def Fallen Dragon, Bob def Dollars, Phoenix & Anarchy def Hank Calhoun & Wildman Rogers, Osyris def Gunner Hansen

  74. May 27, 2006--Richmond Lucha Libre - Jive Nyce Tribute Show in Richmond, Virginia: Adrian Blaze def Fighty McIrish, AKA & Spok Holly def The Amazon & Devil Kimura, El Sucio vs Horrorshow ended in a draw in a Last Man Standing match when neither man answered the count, Kamikaze Kid def Dave to retain the RLL title, The Amazon won 20-Man High Treason Battle Royal to become #1 Contender ----- Notes: Jive Nyce was a local wrestler who died in a car accident on 5/24 -- he will be the 1st inductee into their Hall of Fame later this summer..

  75. May 27, 2006--Hybrid Pro Wrestling in Kalamazoo, Michigan: Josh Abercrombie def Keith Creme, Frankie the Face def N8 Mattson, Adam Reynolds def Whiplash and Steve Amani in a 3-WAY, Magnum Conroy def Jeff King, Bull Wheeler def Jonny Lawless, Josh Movado & Bubba McKenzie & Johnny Dynamo def Jack Thriller & Jimmy Shalwin & Max Morrison, C.J. Otis def Harker Dirge

  76. May 27, 2006--High Velocity Wrestling in Hendersonville, North Carolina: Colin Knox def Supreme, Darkness & Serial Killer & James Drake & Leviathan def Vicious V & Michael Frehley & Ace Armstrong & Chris Crucifix, Thomas Simpson def S.T. Ryker, Stoney hooker def Brad Thomas and Robert Killjoy and Ryan Chaos in a 4-WAY, Kirby & T.J. Mack def Ken Magnum & Ostgard and Derek Rave & Mike Storm in a 3-WAY, Justin Destruction def Steve Cronic, The Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey & Bobby Eaton) def Kid Country & Jason Jett, The Barbarian def Law in a Street Fight ..

  77. May 28, 2006--SWA Warzone Wrestling in Hattiesburg, Mississippi: Richtor Reinhart def Rainbow Warrior, ? def Night Rider, Ron Horn def Lil Shooter, Barry Wolf def Riki Idol, Wade Garrett def Jessie Reynolds, Garrett's Army vs The Clique ended in a No Contest

  78. May 29, 2006--Vandalia Wrestling Association in Hurricane, West Virginia at Valley Park: Billy Shakespeare & Ernie Hemmingway def Porky & Big Brandon, John Paul Riley def Hometown Hero, Shock & Awe def Electric Sex, Erin Everly def Shelly Shock, Tyle Thomas def Evan Knight and Brian Baker and Freak Show and Jimbo in a 5-WAY, Buckshot w/12 Guage def Herb to retain the VWA Lightweight title, Elder Jacobs (w/Sister Katie & Sister Jenny) def Vance Vaughn, Pedro Marqueza won a 10-Man Battle Royal (Included: JJ Taylor, Joyride, Skippy, Ton of Fun, Garrison Gagne, Tyton, Rick Jagger, Zydeco, and The Daddy's Man), Jimmy Manbone def Ronny Stylez to win the VWA Heavyweight title..