Independent Wrestling Results - March 2006

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  1. March 2, 2006--New Wrestling Horizons in Old Town, Maine: Luke Robinson def "Mr. Muscles" Frankie Armadillo w/Dr. Payne, "Sports Illustrated Legend" Robbie Ellis def Alexander Chamberlain, Kyle Krup & Mason X def The Showman in a Handicap Match, Scott Vegas def Kid TNT to retain the Cruiserweight title, Sonny Roselli def "Heartstopper" Chase San Antone to retain the Heavyweight title, Hardware & BullMoose Calhoun vs The New Glamour Shots (Cameron Mathews & Eric Atlas) ended in a No Contest (The Tag Team titles were declared Vacant, "Enforcer" Larry Huntley def Canadian Moondog w/Vince Coleman in a Bone on a Pole Match to win the Maine State title..

  2. March 2, 2006--Mad-Pro Wrestling in Chillicothe, Ohio: Dirk Extreme & Judas Thorn def Robby Starr & The BeastMaster, Chance Prophet def Crazy J, Matt Stryker w/Neveah def Trik Nasty, Dean Visk def Kris King, Carlton Kaz def Lotus w/Lexi Lane, Jeff Cannon def Matt Mason w/Jayme Braxton, Dean Visk def Carlton Kaz, Matt Stryker w/Neveah def Chance Prophet, Portia Perez def Lexi Lane, Projekt Ego (Juggulator & Ed Crowza) def The Freakshow (Bryan Fury & Shigroth & Josh Hayes) (Chance Prophet joined Projekt Ego and cost Josh Hayes to be pinned after Prophet sprayed red mist into Hayes eyes), Matt Stryker w/Neveah def Dean Visk to become the first ever Mad-Pro Wrestling Champion!

  3. March 3, 2006--TIWF in Brownsville, Tennessee: Maxx Corbin def Madd Roxx, J.R. Rich def Hardknocks Hooligan-DQ, Wildside def Steven Rampage, P.K. Ripper def Way Cool-DQ, R.L. Brimstone & J.R. Rich def Hardknocks Hooligan & Bobby the Butcherman-DQ, Albino Rhino def Lawman Williams

  4. March 3, 2006--Championship Wrestling - 2nd Anniversary SuperShow in Kingsport, Tennessee @ The Civic Auditorium: Matt Scott def Cody Ices and Crusher Bigelow in a 3-WAY to win the Television title, Mike Cooper def Dirty J, Ray Idol def Bryan Wayne in a Kingsport Street Fight, Nick Hammonds & Shane Matthews & Eric Darkstorm def Josh Cody & Wayne Adkins & Matt Stevens, Wayne Adkins def Nick Hammonds in a Hardcore Match (Tony Givens & Robbie Cassidy turned on Nick Hammonds), KMF Inc. (Chris Richards & Steve Fury) def Tony Givens & Robbie Cassidy to win the vacant Tag Team titles..

  5. March 3, 2006--UWF in Norfolk, Virginia: Sonjay Dutt & Spike (Matt Hyson) def Elix Skipper & David Young by DQ, Petey Williams def Matt Bentley, Ron Killings & Rikishi def Shannon Moore & Billy Bain, America's Most Wanted def The Naturals, Mark Jindrak & Jackie Gayda def Rodney Mack & Jazz, The James Gang (BG & Kip James) def Jeff Jarrett & Monty Brown..

  6. March 4, 2006--Southern Championship Wrestling in Lenoir, North Carolina before 700 fans: Dillon Eaton def Brad Thomas, Mike Jackson def Ultimate Dragon, Krazy K def Dexter Poindexter, Tracy Brooks def Amber O'Neal, Ricky Morton def Demolition Ax-DQ, Rick Steiner def Greg Valentine to win SCW title, Dennis Condrey & Bobby Eaton def Warlord & Barbarian (CEO Rob managed the Express down the bringing a tennis racquet), Dusty Rhodes def Jerry Lawler-DQ when Midnight Express and not Jim Cornette attacked Rhodes. Rhodes was actually booed by the younger fan base who only knew Lawler, but Lawler worked heel and the fans turned. Lawler and Morton ended up saving Rhodes at the end and all three issued challenges to the Midnights..

  7. March 4, 2006--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Tommy Gage def Hades, Jerry Draven def Hypnosis, Xavier & Percy Lynn def Big John Hurtz & Wildman Rogers, Fallen Dragon def Hank Calhoun, Gunner Hansen def Phoenix, Locked N Loaded def Tsunamis, Bob & Osyris def Hurtz & Rogers..

  8. March 4, 2006--A-1 Wrestling in Nashville, Tennessee at the Stadium Inn: "Bad Boy" Kevin Dunn def Johnny Demento, "Stylin" Shane Eden def Bishop by DQ, Slacker J w/Rocksan def Kid Scorpion, C-4 & J-5 def Ty Blade & J.C. Crowe, Cassidy Riley def Big Bully Douglas w/K9 Kohl, Hammerjack w/K9 Kohl def L.T. Falk..

  9. March 4, 2006--Global Championship Wrestling in Palmerdale, Alabama: Nasty Kritter b. Kato, Cabana Man Dan b. Shinobi #2, "Canadian Kid" Chris Lee b. Theodore Tuttweiler III, "Machine" Guff Grayson b. Nick Feldman, The InHuman Fly b. Nino del Oro..

  10. March 4, 2006--Alliance Wrestling Force in New Port Richey, Florida: Devin Dalton def Luke Ryder, Pretty Fly def Donnie York Jr., Ray Beez def Mark Zout, The Hell Rebels (Donnie York & Butch Long) def The Ayalas (Armando & Jose), Michael Christopher def Leon Scott, Raymond Snow def Art Strong by DQ, Spanky Malone def Torcher...

  11. March 4, 2006--Tornado Pro Wrestling in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the Owen Park Recreational Center: Romero Contreras & Sudden Impact def Jon Davis & Canadian Red Devil and Draven Cross & D-Day in a 3-WAY Lucha Libra Rules match to retain the Tag Team titles, Mike York def Rancid, Anthony Jackson def Rico Suave, Michael Faith def Ryan Davidson and John O´Malley in a 3-WAY, Bernard Funk def Rocco Valentino by DQ, Justin Lee def Timmy J in a Broken Arrow Street Fight..

  12. March 4, 2006--SCW in DeBarry, Florida before 185 fans: Francisco Ciatzo def Shadow Warrior, Jerrelle Clark def Chasyn Rance, Jaison Moore def Larry Zbyszko-DQ, Dagon Briggs DCOR Ryze, Vito DeNucci def Michael Cade, Victor Creed def Scott Davis-DQ, Jason Hexx & Aaron Epic def Sean & Phil Davis due to interference from George Steele..

  13. March 4, 2006--Southern Wrestling Association in Lafayette, Tennessee at the National Gaurd Armory: Billy Ray Valentine def Blue Amigo, Loose Cannon def Anthony Wayne, Damien Payne def Matt Korbaine to retain the United States title, American Psycho & Tony Grande vs Tim Scruggs & Loose Cannon was thrown out when Tony Grande blew out his knee and Anthony Wayne came out to substitute but turned on Psycho, Ray Spears & Jason Nesmith def Dale Dangerous & John Watts to win the Tag Team titles..

  14. March 4, 2006--American Wrestling Empire in Brenham, Texas from Silver Wings Ballroom: The Fu Man Kru def The Pipe Line X-Press, "Sexy" Shawn Stern def Roxy, Chris James vs Panther ended in a Double Countout, ZenZen def Max Muscles (AWE Champion) in a non-title match, Tony Vega & Rocco Carmanooch def Hector Montoya & Leo Palooza..

  15. March 4, 2006--Championship Wrestling International in Reading, Michigan: Ash def Daniel Sigma, J.T. Playa def Brian Bender, Chuck Wagon & P.J. Flowers def Sugar-n-Spice, Milwaukee Mauler def Snake Man, Mini POD def Brian, Dave Duponte def Hoss Monahan in a Barbed Wire match, Mayhem def Elvis Elliott and Sinn in a 3-WAY TLC match, Honky Tonk Man def Dr. Feelgood by DQ..

  16. March 4, 2006--Eastern Wrestling Alliance in Essex, Maryland: Champ Champagne def Dr. X, Larry Sweeney def Bob Starr, D.J. Hyde def Damien Ryder, Jawbreakers def Angela & Kaydin Kayge, Sabian def Bruce Chan and Drew Gulak and Jimmy Starz in a 4-WAY, Robby Mireno def Buster Maccabi, Devon Moore def Steve Desire and Zack Matthews and Eagle in a 4-WAY, Club def Legion of Ungood and Jaxx Craven, Derek Frazier vs Ruckus ended in a No Contest (Larry Sweeney then stole the title belt)

  17. March 5, 2006--Hoosier Pro Wrestling in Columbus, Indiana before 231 fans: TAZ def Damien Cole & Chris Ikkon, John Wall def Izzy Stoned, Bobby Black def Dewey Brown, Pastor Pain def Drake Denny, Vaughn Lilas d Bam Bam Penders, Ronnie Vegas def Roger Blade, Donny Idol def Bobby Black, Ox Harley def Marty Graw by DQ..

  18. March 5, 2006--PWA in Astoria, Oregon: Wage Reichtein def Drew Gage, Critter def Dr. Kliever, C.C. Poison & Thunder vs Will Walker & Tod Ruhl ended in a Double DQ, Lil Nasty Boy def Christopher Ryseck, Cedric def Steven Rush by DQ, Caden Matthews & Buddy Wayne def Chris Del Sol & Matt Farmer by DQ, Reason def George Michael by DQ..

  19. March 5, 2006--South Central Wrestling Alliance in Bowling Green, Kentucky at The Hands Club: Slick Dogg w/Mick Graham def Sharpie, Boy def Anthony Wayne to retain the Southern Kentucky title, Kid Dynamite & Vinnie J & Jonny Demento def Hades & Mephisto & David Rose, Damien Payne def "Pretty" Paul to retain the SCWA title, Otis Bass vs Chris Michaels ended in a Double Count-out --- In the special gauntlet challenge Tony Falk def TK Desire followed by Psycho Sam, Val Joiner & The Proud Redneck def Randall Shane & Magnum Smalls..

  20. March 9, 2006--New Wrestling Horizons in Old Town, Maine: Eric Atlas def John Bryer, Luke Robinson def "Killer" Kyle Krup, The Glamour Shots (Cameron Mathews & Alexander Chamberlain & Robbie Ellis) def Hardware & BullMoose Calhoun & Scott Vegas, "Enforcer" Larry Huntley def Tim Sabin to retain the NWH Maine State Title, "Heartstopper" Chase San Antone def The Canadian Moondog, Casey Duncan def Kid T.N.T., Sonny Roselli def The Showman in a Managers Throw in the Towel NWH Heavyweight Title Match

  21. March 10, 2006--AWF in Frenchburg, Kentucky: Tuffy def Brian Gilbert, Donnie Green def J.R. Rocc, Justen Idol def Dustin Lillard, Tony Bryant & Tiny Tim def Jeremy & Jesse Hyde, Pompano Joe def Allen Lynch, Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens def Ryan Stone & Pepper Parks..

  22. March 10, 2006--World 1 Wrestling in Valdosta, Georgia for the first night of a two-night tag team tournament before 150 fans: Dillon Eaton def Michael Patrick, Ricky Landell & Christi Ricci def Brad Thomas & Sweet Lips, Sean & Phil Davis def Jerrelle Clark & Bonez the Cutthroat, Kirby Mack & T.J. Mack def Chasyn Rance & Kevin Kantrell, Dennis Condrey & Bobby Eaton def Simon Sermon & Tommy Too much, Ricky Morton & The Nightmare def Cru Jones & Chad Barfield, A.J. Styles won three-way over Jimmy Rave and Salvatore Rinauro, Matt Kuma def Dave Holiday....

  23. March 10, 2006--Insane Wrestling Federation in Detroit, Michigan: Chad Collyer def Whiplash, Truth Martini def C.J. Otis, Raymond Rowe def Allister, Eddie Kingston def Deranged, Poison Apollo & Drew Johnson NC Robert Anthony & Raymond Rowe, Bryan Danielson def Excalibur, Colt Cabana def Nigel McGuiness, Necro Butcher def Mr. Insanity..

  24. March 10, 2006--Dangerous Women of Wrestling - RevHolutoin in Danbury, Connecticut at Tuxedo Junction before 500 fans: The Maes def Cristol & Jana to retain the Tag Team titles, Missy Samsonite def Liz Savage in a Danbury Street Fight, Ariel def Della Morte, The Blue Meanie (w/Jana & Cristol) def Missy Samsonite and Smoke and The Sound Guy in a 4-WAY Danbury 6 Scramble to retain the Woman's title (Highlights saw Cristol perform a jump off the 15' balcony onto Smoke & Sound Guy) --- Notes: Show featured two "fan participation" matches included an Oil match and a Shaving Cream match that was more like porn than wrestling..

  25. March 10, 2006--Appalachian Wrestling Federation in Frenchburg, Kentucky before 200 fans: Donnie Green def J.R. Rocc, Justen Idol def Dustin Lillard, Tiny Tim & Tony Bryant def Jesse & Jeremy Hyde, Pompano Joe def Allen Lynch, Tuffy def Brian Gilbert, Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas def Pepper Parks & Ryan Stone..

  26. March 11, 2006--USA Main Event in Norton, Virginia before 325 fans: Bobby Houston def Chris Guerrero, Drillers def The Barbarian & El Degato, Lorelei def Lexi Fyfe, Scott Sterling def Tracy Smothers, Iron Cross & Rich Mansfield def K.C. Thunder & Eddie Golden, Stan Lee def Jerry Lawler..

  27. March 11, 2006--Supreme Pro Wrestling in Sacramento, California before a small crowd: Steele def Jesus Kruze, Mike Rayne def Ryan Drago, Pogo the Clown def Jason Vega, Rik Luxury def Seito Hayashi, Hijo de Chupacabra NC Sir Samurai, Big Ugly & Virgil Flynn & Hijo de Chupacabra def Sir Samurai & Timothy Thatcher & Deacon Frost, Bruce Bukkake def D.J. Rizz, Flaco Loco def D-Unit..

  28. March 11, 2006--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Donnie & Bobby Tsunami def Wildman Rogers & Big John Hurtz, Johnny Dollar def Drake Younger, Gunner Hansen def Fallen Dragon, Brandon Prophet def Diehard, Evan Alexander & Seth Clash def Colt Justice & William Studd, Phoenix NC Anarchy, Hank Calhoun def Hypnosis, Johnny Dynamo def Frankie the Face, Jack Thrller def Gameboy, J.T. Zorin & Noah Lott def Osyris by DQ..

  29. March 11, 2006--Pro Wrestling Warfare - Still Ragin' in St. Petersburg, Florida: Francisco Ciatso def Pretty Fly, Naphtali def Kahagus, Pat Powers & Jalapeno Montana III & Heater def Jacob & Aaron Epic & Wikid, Erick Stevens def "The Soul Assassin" Kory Chavis, Dagon Briggs def Legion Freakin Cage w/Gina Marie, The Down Boys (Tom Lawlor & J.P. Ace w/Amy Vitale) def Buck Quartermaine & Lex Lovett, Sedrick Strong & Ciatso def Love Society (Rod Steel & Bruce Santee (formerly Bruce Steele) w/Amy Love). Kanyon was billed but wasn't there and Amy Love came out pretending to be Kanyon..

  30. March 11, 2006--UCW in Michigan at the Bay County Community Center before 740 fans: Rastakan def Xaiver Justice, Bull Wheeler def Bender, "Viper" Pete Christie def Rastakan, Big Chuck Wagon def Kevin Baker to retain the Midwest title, Rick Steiner vs The Masked Grappler ended in a No Contest when Elvis Elliot & Eddie Venom interfered (Scott Steiner made the save!), The Connecticut Experience def The Chunkindales to retain the Tag Team titles, SKy Devian def Sebastian Rose with help from The Hatebreeder, Dyson Pryce def Alcatraz by DQ, Viper Pete Christie def Bull Wheeler to win the UCW title, The Steiner Brothers def Elivis Elliot & Eddie Venom in the main event!

  31. March 11, 2006--Rising Phoenix Wrestling in Mesa, Arizona: Peter Goodman def Mr. Showtyme, The Young Bucks def Diablo & Sonny Sampson, The Navajo Warrior def Joey Ryan, Payed Daily & Mike James def Top Gun Talwar & Ron Kilbourn, Frankie Kazarian def "XXX" Lawrence Tyler, "Hawaiian Lion" John Williams def Lil' Nate and Human Tornado in a 3-WAY..

  32. March 11, 2006--Mid-States Wrestling in Harrison, Arkansas before 200+ fans: "Sensational" Seth Allen def "The Real Deal" Aaron Neil, Gary Gram def "Handsome" Jack Dalton, "Big Country" Jake Boulder def Se7en, Tyler Bateman def Kenny Campbell and Mitch Carter in a 3-WAY, Christopher Vincent def Phil Lawrence, "Pimptight" Kevin Lovejones won a $5000 Battle Royal, "Hacksaw" Butch Reed def "Mr. Saturday Night" Michael Barry w/Stephen E to retain the Heavyweight title..

  33. March 11, 2006--PCW in Sioux City, Iowa: Chance Cordova def Casanova, John Johnson & Aaron Corbin & Corey O'Neill def J.T. Wilcox & Chippendale Kid & Cody Jacobs, Babyface NC Max Magnus, Paul Daniels & Sean Cruz def Matty Fitness & Buck Albright and Chris Harvius & Zac James, Jayden Draigo def Shimdog, Stephan Baltezar def Wyatt Conners, Abu Collossus def Hype Gotti...

  34. March 11, 2006--Packerland Pro Wrestling in Menasha, Wisconsin before 1,200 fans: Frat Boy & Mike Anthony def Nightbreed, Cliffhanger vs Guilty as Charged ended in a No Contest, Nickie Sixx def Steve Boz by DQ, Adrian Lynch def Buddha the Beast, Trilogy def Guilty as Charged, Tough Tom def Adrian Lynch and King Kong Bundy in a 3-WAY, The Assassin def Poison in Tables match, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan def Cobra by Countout..

  35. March 11, 2006--Southern Wrestling Alliance in Huntsville, Tennessee: Omen def Jason Scott, Josh the Krazed One def Ryder, Josh def Omen, Dillinger def Da Studd..

  36. March 11, 2006--Pro Wrestling World 1 - Tag Team Tournament in Valdosta, Georgia: Ricky Morton & Nightmare def Dillon Eaton & Jake Slater, Dennis Condrey & Bobby Eaton def Steve Madison & Brad Thomas, C.W. Anderson & Ricky Landell def Kirby Mack & T.J. Mack, Kirby Mack def Kevin Kantrell, Tully Blanchard & Glacier def The Heartbreak Express, Dennis Condrey & Bobby Eaton def Buddy Landell & C.W. Anderson, Tully Blanchard & Glacier def Ricky Morton & Nightmare, Dave Holiday def Matt Kuma to win the Southern title, Dennis Condrey & Bobby Eaton def Tully Blanchard & Glacier to win the Tag Tournament

  37. March 11, 2006--PWF New Jersey in Lyndhurst, New Jersey: The Angus Brothers def The Silver Bullets, Ken Scampi def Minyon, Damian Dragon def Pinkie Sanchez and Dan Barry in a 3-WAY, Oscar & Mikey Whipwreck def The Long Island Blondes by DQ, Slim Jenkins def Mac Daddy Flexx, Trent Acid def Bandido Jr., Mana won Battle Royal..

  38. March 11, 2006--Texas All-Star Wrestling in Angelton, Texas: Nick Daniels def Justin Blaze, ???????? def Nark the Nevulon to retain the Cruiserweight title, C.J. West def "Wildcat" Scoby Gober, Nate Slater def Bobby 2 Badd, Zen Zen def "Party Boy" Brandon Biggs to retain the TASW title, "Nasty" Nick Daniels won Battle Royal..

  39. March 11, 2006--New Wrestling Horizons in Brewer, Maine: Candian Moondog def The Showman, "Enforcer" Larry Huntley def Makua to retain the NWH Maine State Title, Robbie Ellis def Luke Robinson, Rugged Rick Daniels def Kid TNT, "Killer" Kyle Krup pinned Osirus, BullMoose Calhoun & Hardware def The Glamour Shots to become the NEW NWH Tag Team Champions, Sonny Roselli def "Heartstopper" Chase San Antone to retain the NWH Heavyweight Title, Luke Robinson def Jason Holiday, Scotty Vegas def Eric Atlas to retain the NWH Cruiserweight Title, Sonny Roselli & Canadian Moondog def Kid TNT & Tim Sabin, Scotty Vegas def Alex Chamberlain to retain the NWH Crusierweight Title, "Enforcer" Larry Huntley def Rugged Rick Daniels by DQ to retain the NWH Maine State Title, Sonny Roselli & Canadian Moondog & Cameron Mathews & Alexander Chamberlain & Eric Atlas def Hardware & BullMoose Calhoun & Osirus & Scott Vegas & Luke Robinson in an Elimination Match

  40. March 12, 2006--Empire Wrestling Federation - Old School Justice in Covina, California: "The So-Cal Kid" Ryan Taylor def Dave The Bruiser, "Brawlin'" Bo Cooper def Markus Riot, Jason King def Angelas, Los Chivos & Human Tornado def Bino Gambino & X-Torm & Black Metal by DQ, Chavo Sr. & Mando Guerrero def Joey Harder & Dan Kobrick, "Handsome" Johnny Starr def Brandon Nitro, "The Classic Legend" Chavo Guerrero def Bino Gambino and Syrus in a 3-WAY to win the vacant EWF World title!

  41. March 16, 2006--United Wrestling Association in Alcoa, Tennessee before 100 fans: Karam def C.M. Sigmon by DQ, Jonathan MacMurray def Ercules, Dillinger def Donovan Daniels, Robbie Race & Eric Adamz def Shaun Shultz & Ryder, Devin Driscoll def C.M. Sigmon, Tom Prichard & Tracy Smothers & Mike Ogle def The Thunder Valley Express & Dave Pillman, Charles Long & Romeo (Roselli) def Menace & Lance Stark..

  42. March 16, 2006--New Wrestling Horizons in Old Town, Maine: Casey Duncan def Showman, "Killer" Kyle Krup def Tim Sabin, "Heartstopper" Chase San Antone def Alex Chamberlain, Cameron Matthews def Luke Robinson, BullMoose Calhoun & Hardware def Sonny Roselli and Canadian Moondog to retain the NWH Tag Team Titles, Scott Vegas def Robbie Ellis to retain the NWH Cruiserweight Title

  43. March 17, 2006--Carolina Wrestling Association in Statesville, North Carolina: George South Sr. def Little Sting, George South Jr. def John Thornhill, Ric Converse def Roy Wilkins, Jason Jones & Jesse Ortega def Jake Manning & Total Protection, Tracy Smothers def Bobby Houston, Chris & Rob Guerrero def Ethan Cage & Kenny James by DQ.

  44. March 17, 2006--Wrestling Witness Ministry in Cupertino, California before 120 fans: Rik Luxury def Kenny K, J.T. Hyatt def Vennis DeMarco by DQ, Sonny Samson & CK def Diablo & Tarantula, Akuma def Seito Hayashi and Virgil Flynn in a 3-WAY, D-Unit & DJ Rizz def Slick Nick & Mr. Instant Replay, Hijo de Chupacabra def Bonzai Bruce and Dana Lee in a 3-WAY, J.T. Hyatt def Watkins and Vennis DeMarco and Killer J in a 4-WAY..

  45. March 18, 2006--Downsouth Championship Wrestling - The Thrill in Abbeville in Abbeville, Louisiana at American Legion Hall: Sassy Vegas def Jordan Espinoza, Sidd Murder def Mexican Giant to retain the XCW T.N.T. title, Malik Avalon def Brett Barnes and Retro Thibodeaux in a 3-WAY, Nick Bondage def "Mr. Fantastic" Jack Drastic, Haniel T & Alvin Breaux vs Dark Alliance (Gulf Coast Tag Team Champions) ended in a draw, Angel of Sin def Omega Storm, Redd Dogg def Scott Mackenzie.

  46. March 18, 2006--Future Stars of Pro Wrestling - RumbleMania 2 in Ellenton, Florida at the Ellenton Ice & Sports Complex: El Macho def CIA (Jason Sensation & Son of Sicily) in a Handicap match, "Superfan" Mark Zout (as Triple H) def The Black Knight w/Lady Luck by DQ, Cell Block C (Art Strong & Wolf) def The Natural Blondes to capture the Tag Team titles, "The Irish Destroyer" Heater def The Bodacious Pretty Boy, The Suicide Kings (Pretty Fly & Suicide) def BoneZ The Cutthroat & Tito Cartel, Snow vs Torcher ended in a No Contest, George Rodriguez def Barney Rumble (FSPW Champion) by DQ, Deathrow Jethro won the RumbleMania match and becpme #1 Contender to the FSPW Title (Included: Son of Sicily, Deathrow Jethro, BoneZ the Cutthroat, VinnDetta, Black Knight, George Rodriguez, Tito Cartel, Jason Sensation, Ray Deez, El Macho, Snow, Torcher, James Morrison, Wolf, Suicide, Pretty Fly, Heater, German Heartthrob and Art Strong)..

  47. March 18, 2006--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Xavier Cross def Marc Houston, Mike Curiell def Mike Anthony, MIA & Snake def Frank Stein & Polisher, Drake Younger def Stryc-9, Lucky O'Reilly NC Little Vinnie in a midgets match, Locked N Loaded def T.J. Kemp & Gary Cherry, Ninja Joe def Dollars-DQ, Tommy Gage def Brandon Prophet, Zack McGuire def Steve Amani, Fallen Dragon & Hypnosis def Gunner Hansen & Hank Calhoun, Ladder matches: Osyris def Wildman Rogers & Big John Hurtz, Osyris def Dollars, Osyris def Frank Stein, Osyris NC J.T. Zorin..

  48. March 18, 2006--Pro Wrestling Phoenix in Council Bluffs, Iowa: Michael Strider def Corwin Star, Daniels Brothers & Preston Maxwell def Sean Cruz & Matty Fitness & Donnie Peppercricket, Chris Havius def Tyler Pride, Mark Sterling won three-way over Babyface and Brett Young, Jeremy Wyatt def Mason Hunter, Abu Colossus def Domino Rivera, Michael Strider def Max Magnus, Jaysin Strife def Zac James, Darrien Sanders def Hype Gotti-DQ..

  49. March 18, 2006--????????? in Palmerdale, Alabama before 100 fans: Nasty Critter def Chris Lee, Gruff Grayson def Cabana Man Dan, Blue & Nick Feldman def Shinobi & Kato, Inhuman Fly def Chrisjen Hayme, Dan Sawyer won Battle Royal..

  50. March 18, 2006--AWS & NWA Pro at the City of Industry, California: Biggie Biggz def Carlos del Naranja, Lionheart def Markus Riot, Shamu Jr. def Massive Fabuloso, Karl Anderson DCOR Bo Cooper, Lil Cholo def Lil Nate, Johnny Paradise & Charles Mercury def Kayam & Enigma de Oro and Junior & Chippy Sanchez, Alex Koslov def Scorpio Sky, Aaron Aguilera & Human Tornado & Babi Slymm & Sexy Chino def Adam Pearce & Al Katrazz & Plague & Crayz in a War Games..

  51. March 18, 2006--New Blood Wrestling in Huntington, West Virginia: Parental Advisory def Smokey C & Bizzaro, Shane Matthews def Eric Steel, Ace Prime def Chance Prophet, Chris Vega def Flash Fury, GAY def Chris Phoenix & Ryan Reed, Brian Masters won four-way over Billy Masters, Curtis Nuthouseman and Jarrett Cage, Chris Vega won three-way over Shane Matthews and Ace Prime..

  52. March 18, 2006--AWF in Noma, Florida: Ryan Fury def All Star, Death row def Lightning Larry, Street Bandit def A.J. Stokes, Steve Goins def Shane Youngblood, Confederate Kid & Kamikaze Kowboy def Tatums..

  53. March 18, 2006--Tornado Pro Wrestling in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the Owen Park Recreational Center: The Canadian Red Devil def J.P. Steele to retain the Light Heavyweight title, Poo Bear def Rico Suave, Jon Davis def Timmy J to retain the TPW title, "The Broken Arrow Bad Boy" Justin Lee def The Canadian Luchador, Dexter "Hard Times" Hardaway def Rancid, "The TPW Franchise" Romero Contreras def Shawn Sanders to retain the Oklahoma title, "The Forsaken One" Michael Faith def Draven Cross to become the #1 contender to the Oklahoma Title..

  54. March 18, 2006--Impact Zone Wrestling in Lawton, Oklahoma at the Great Plains Coliseum: Lil Joe & Captain America & Doink the Clown def Matt Garza & Prince al-Farat & The Jihad Kid, Butch Reed def Julian Wolfenbarger, John O´Malley def Carnage and Kenny Campbell in a 3-WAY to win the Hardcore title, Tyler Bateman vs Ryan Davidson ended in a draw in a Tables Match when they both went through the table at the same time, Gary Tool def Brandon Bishop in a Dog Collar Match, Al Snow def Chris Matthews, Aaron Neil def Big Van Vader to win the Impact Zone title, The Old School Assassins (Brad Michaels & Seth Allen) def Impact Inc (John Zorthos & Bernie Donderwitz) to win the Tag Team titles..

  55. March 18, 2006--River City Wrestling in San Antonio, Texas before almost 300 fans: Rudy Russo def Roxy, Ikaika def Mr. Showtime, Quinten Allen def Spiro, Nerdy Boys def Texas Treats and Natural Athletes in a ladder match, Fast Eddie Vegas def Masada 2/3 fall in 45:00, Hotstuff Hernandez def Hugh Rogue in no holds barred..

  56. March 18, 2006--UCW in Owensboro, Kentucky before 604 fans: Ryan Dookie def C.M Sigmon, Lollipop def Christie Ricci, Shayne maddox won Battle Royal, Chris Michaels def Shawn Shultz, B.G. & Kip James def John Heidenreich & Mordekai ..

  57. March 18, 2006--Championship Wrestlign Productions in Mineral Wells, Texas: "The Modern Day Cowboy" Randy Wayne def Xander Wylde, Brett Bonz def The Mercenary and Jason Black and Tejano Kid, Mace def Rexx Reed, The New Age Cowboys w/Chuck West def Marshall Law & Kyzer Douglas w/Paul Lewis by DQ, Seth Shai w/Paul Lewis def Sensei to retain the United States title, Pendragon won the Texas Stampede Battle Royal to get a US Title shot.

  58. March 19, 2006--Full Effect Wrestling - Genesis in Beaumont Texas; Scott McKenzie (w/Lance Romance & Nicole) def Jack Drastic, Joseph def J. T. Lamotta to retain the NWA Texas Jr. Heavyweight title, Gemini def Khan in a #1 Contenders match, Sidd Murder def "Fast" Eddie Vegas and Brett Barnes w/Nicole in a 3-WAY to retain the X-Title, Brett Anthony & Nikko def The Children of Pain (Jacob Ladder & Darin Childs w/Rachel Putski) to retain the Tag Team titles, Hotstuff Hernandez def Hugh Rogue w/Steve Moody in an Anything Goes match to retain the FEW title..

  59. March 19, 2006--Mid-South Wrestling Alliance in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at the City Nights Events Center: AWOL def Ryan Davidson to retain the Tri-State title, Al Snow def Chris Matthews, The New Age Syndicate def The Brotherhood of Pain, Prince al-Farat def The Prophet, Doink the Clown def Brad Allen, Seth Allen def Cody Jones to win the Cruiserweight title, Butch Reed def 3rd Rail, Big Van Vader & Michael Faith & Bad Boy def Angel Williams & The Real Impact Players (Aaron Neil & Se7en)..

  60. March 19, 2006--UAW & TMW in Knoxville, Tennessee before 200 fans: Howie Gibson def J.T. Coalminer, Sammy V def Star, DG 2000 def Dusty Sharpe, Mike Hansen def Stan Lee, Scott Sterling & Donnie Dallas def Bob & Scott Armstrong, Dirty White Boy vs Mike Hanson ended in a No Contest, Robert Fuller & Chris Powers vs Stan Lee & Howie Gibson ended in a No Contest. Ron Garvin is playing the role of owner of the group and Dirty White Boy plays commissioner..

  61. March 19, 2006--EWF in El Monte, California at the Knights of Columbus: Johnny Starr def Sexy Sonny Samson, Bo Cooper def Ron Kilborn, Joey Harder def Ryan Taylor to retain the EWF Cruiserweight title, Candice LaRae def Carla Jade, Johnny Starr won a Battle Royal to become the #1 contender for the EWF title, Syrus def Chavo Guerrero Sr. to win the EWF title, Los Chivos def Black Metal & X-Torm to retain the EWF Tag Team titles, T.J. Perkins & Brandon Nitro def Jason King & Dan Kobrick, Joey Ryan def Bino Gambino..

  62. March 21, 2006--Full Throttle Wrestling in Elkmont, Alabama: Charlie Swinger b. Jewdis, KG b. Shawn "The Heete" Peete & Curt Nickles in a #1 Contender's Match, Sinn City b. Canadian Impact to retain the FTW Tag Titles, Jeff Jameson & Jason Adams b. Dave McKewan & Kahuna Davis, "Tennessee Cowboy" James Storm b. Chrisjen Hayme, "A2" Adam Armor b. Cabana Man Dan with Traci Brooks as Guest Referee, The Unforgiven (Keith Courageous/Freakshow) b. Insane Lane & Tony V in a Streetfight...

  63. March 23, 2006--UWA in Alcoa, Tennessee before 110 fans: Dillinger def Billy Marshall, Dave Pillman & Eric Adamz def Tom Prichard & Ryder, Shaun Shultz def Donovan Daniels, C.M. Sigmon & Mike Ogle def Boss & Devin Droscoll, Charles Long def Jim Miller, Menace & Lance Stark def Thunder Valley Express, Devon Drake & Robbie Race def Lance Stark & Ryder-DQ.

  64. March 23, 2006--New Wrestling Horizons in Old Town, Maine: The Glamour Shots-Cameron Mathews & Alexander Chamberlain def The Bomb Squad-John Bryar & Kid TNT, Robbie Ellis def Tim Sabin, NWH Cruiserweight Champion Scotty Vegas def "Killer" Kyle Krup, Sonny Roseilli & Moondog def Bullmoose Calhoun to become the NEW NWH Tag Team Champions, "Heartstopper" Chase San Antone def Casey Duncan

  65. March 24, 2006--Pro Wrestling Elite in Boonton, New Jersey before less than 100 fans: The SAT (Jose & Joel Maximo) def Quiet Storm & Grim Reefer w/Julius Smokes, Javi-Air def Envy and Nick Berk and Bandido Jr. in a 4-WAY, Sumie Sakai def Daizee Haze, E.C. Negro & Monsta Mack def Chris Idol & Mana, Mana def Homicide, AMIL & Bison Bravado def The Outkast Killaz & Ricky Landell, The Briscoe Brothers def John Walters & Josh Daniels, Chris Hero def Azrieal, Chris Sabin def Silas Young and Danny Daniels in a 3-WAY, Charlie Haas def Xavier, Milano Collection A.T. def Jay Lethal, A.J. Styles def Harry "Bulldog" Smith

  66. March 24, 2006--Downsouth Championship Wrestling in Church Pt., Louisiana: Mexican Giant def Sassy Vegas, "The Outlaw" Andrew Dalton def Jordan Espinoza, Jordan Espinoza def Andrew Dalton when the crowd asked for 5 more minutes, Gemini def "Downsouth Samurai" Haniel T, Angel of Sin def Gil "The Thrill" Gracie, Nick Bondage and Mustang Mike def Retro Thibodeaux and Jazz by DQ when Redd Dogg interfered..

  67. March 24, 2006--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in DENTON, Texas: Al Jackson def Miguel Hernandez Gonzalez De La Cruz, Greg Symonds def Jeff Brown, Larry Canyunga def Sidd Murder to win the TNT title, Brett Barnes def Jerry Brown, Jacob Ladder def Scott McKenzie by DQ, Jacob Ladder & Jeff & Jerry Brown def The True Life Playas (Bret Barnes & Greg Symonds & Scott McKenzie)..

  68. March 24, 2006--Hard Core Wrestling in Jackson, Kentucky from the National Guard Armory: British Champion Madd Dogg Maxx def Johnny The Body, International Champion Shawn Christoper def Ric Gunner in a Ladder Match, HCW World Heavyweight Champion Billy Maverick def Johnny Jordan, Eric Darkstorm won the "King of the Mountain" Battle Royal.

  69. March 25, 2006--Main Event Wrestling League in Alliance, Ohio: Christian Vaughn def the Unknown, Wilbur Whitlock def Durty The Clown w/The Time Traveler, Lones Oaks def Jaizn Blaze, Robbie Starr def Sherman Tank, Virus def Jason Thunder, Tyrone Evans & Kato def Chris Kole in a Handicap match (Kole's partner no-showed), Matt Mason w/Jaime Braxton def Kid Ohio, Witlock def Oaks and Vaughn and Starr in a 4-WAY to retain the MEWL title, Justin Diaz def Jeff Cannon..

  70. March 25, 2006--American Championship Wrestling - Breaking the Rules in South Ogden, Utah: Psycho def Mike Martinez (c) and Eclipse and Jimmy Daniels and Zen in a Gauntlet match to win the Junior Heavyweight title (Jimmy Daniels def Eclipse, Mike Martinez def Jimmy Daniels, Mike Martinez def Zen by DQ, and Psycho def Mike Martinez), Fox def Uggly Ryder, Tristan Gallo def Jaden and Brick Alexander and Derrick Jannetty (Gallo pinned Jannetty) in a 4-WAY to retain the Midwest title, Eclipse & Jimmy Daniels def Thanatos & Donovan Denzli to retain the United States Tag Team titles, "Assassin" Spencer Cage def Billy V to retain the ACW title.

  71. March 25, 2006--FPWA - Desperate Measures! in Pinellas Park, Florida: Ben Hogan vs James Morrison ended in a No Contest when Peter Dragon (representing Aaron Epic, Sedrick Strong and Erick Stevens) interrupted, Big Daddy Pimp def Killian, Suicide def Reckless and Twizted in a 3-WAY to become #1 Contender to the Florida title, The Black Knight w/Lady Luck def Deca, The Wrecking Crew (DJ Arnold & Barney Rumble) def Fahrenheit 420 (Stash & David Mercury), “Miami Pound Machine” Rod Steel w/Amy Love def “Sensational” Jamie Starr, Punk N’ Disorderly (Pretty Fly & VinnDetta) def Sedrick Strong & Erick Stevens w/Peter Dragon, “The Irish Destroyer” Heater def “Superfan” Mark Zout with Sonny Maivia as referee, Aaron Epic w/Peter Dragon def Dagon Briggs w/Se7en to win the Florida State title, “400 Lb Monster” Torcher w/Arson def Bruce Santee w/Amy Love..

  72. March 25, 2006--TIWF in Ripley, Tennessee: Reno def Hardknocks Hooligan, R.L. Brimstone def Weasel, Wildside def Carnage Antwone-DQ, Steven Rampage def Lawman Williams, P.K. Ripper def Kaution, Tank Turner & Weasel def Hardknocks Hooligan & Bobby Butcherman

  73. March 25, 2006--North East Wrestling in Bristol, Connecticut before 1,200 fans: Josh Daniels def Ricky Landell, Executioner II def Kurt Adonis, Adonis def Executioner II, Mikey Batts def Romeo Roselli, Sex & Violence def Chuck Deep & Nick Neighborhood, Tommy Dreamer def Ron zombie, Xavier def Chris Sabin (Sabin suffered a concussion and spent 3 hours in the hospital), Jerry Lawler def Simon Dean, Christian Cage def Billy Kidman.

  74. March 25, 2006--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Dollars def MIA, Gunner Hansen def DOA, Brandon McGuire def Mike Curelli, Johnny Mac def Phoenix, Stryc-9 def Anarchy by DQ, Hank Calhoun def Hypnosis, Zack McGuire def Fallen Dragon, Drake Younger def Frank Stein, Bob def Noah Lott by Count Out

  75. March 25, 2006--3XW in Des Moines, Iowa before 220 fans: Vin Cross def Gage Octane, Ann Thraxx def Traci Brooks, Devin Carter & Casanova def Matty Fitness & Tony Sly, Buck Albright def Kid Krazy, Freak DCOR Havok, Nate Bash & Ben Sailer def Darin Corbin & Ryan Cruz, Brian Ash def Chance Cordova

  76. March 25, 2006--ACPW in Roseboro, North Carolina: Bobby Houston & Adam Amor def Mikael Yamaha & Aaron Ridix, Amber O'Neil def Naudia, Josh Hunter won ladder Battle Royal, Corey Edsel & Donny Dollars def Tracy Smothers & K.C. McKnight, Mr. Hughes def Amie Radick, Soul Reaper def Ivan Koloff in a chain match, ECBH & Dennis Condrey def Ricky Morton & Bad Company, Hangtime def George South Sr., Dream Lovers def New Age Freebirds, Naturals def Perfect Creation to win the Tag Team titles, Zane Dawson def Stro by DQ, Buff Bagwell def Larry Zbyszko

  77. March 25, 2006--East Coast Championship Wrestling in Shrewsbury, Massechusettes: Tex McCoy def Johnny Thunder in a Texas Bullrope match, Matt Logan vs Chase Del Monte ended with a double-pin, Big Scott Grimes def Derek Destiny and Travis Blackchurch in a 3-WAY, Matt Logan & Chase Del Monte def Lance Silva & Mark Gore in a "Mis-matched" match (Gore turned on Silva), The The Vachon Brothers def The Now (Vic Delicious & Hale Collins) and Hollywood Johnny Nash & Mike Phoenix in a 3-WAY to win the Tag Team titles, Della Morte def Jade and Miss Deville in a 3-WAY Tables & Ladders & Chairs match, Johnny Thunder (sub for Max Bauer) def Brian Milonas and Tex McCoy to win the Triple Threat title..

  78. March 25, 2006--All Star Pro Wrestling in Elizabeth City, North Carolina at Elizabeth City State University: Danny Dollar def The Fabulous Playboy, Cannonball Jones & L.A. Tank w/Iceberg Kool def A.D.D., Diego Garcia def The Patriot to win the ASPW United States title, Tommy Gibson & Sonny Landell def RC & RD (The Luvin Brothers) with help from Doink the Clown, The Black Angel def "Notorious" Michael Devine by DQ (Devine retains ASPW title), "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes def Lord Everette Devore..

  79. March 25, 2006--Supreme Pro Wrestling in Sacramento: Jesus Kruze def Kenny K, Mike Rayne & Seito Hayashi def Jason Vea & Mr. Frost, Ryan Drago def Timothy Thatcher, Paul Isadora def Steel, Trent Hemridge def Flaco Loco-COR, Hijo de Chupacabra def Tenacious Tim, Shane Dynasty & Luster the Legend def Suburban Commandos, Virgil Flynn def Sir Samurai-DQ, Big Ugly & Vinny Massaro def Rik Luxury & Adam Thornstowe.

  80. March 25, 2006--AAW in Berwyn, Illinois before 225 or so fans: Tyler Black & Marek Brave def Safari Stu & Machine, Zach Gowen & Eddie V and Truth Martini & N8 Mattson, Trik Davis def Dan Lawrence, Silas Young def Jason Dukes, Zero & Bailey Mannix def Jayson Reign & Marco Cordova, Tyme Paige def Charly Manson, Lady Thrillaz def Rain & Shane Hollister, Chandler McClure def Bryce Benjamin, Jimmy Jacobs def Nate Webb, Ryan Boz def Derek St. Holmes, Tyler Black def Silas Young and Danny Daniels and Eric Priest in a 4-WAY

  81. March 25, 2006--Battle Ground Pro Wrestling in Newhall, California: Joey Harder def Markus Riot, Commissioner Jason Bennett announced that Battle Ground Pro heavyweight champion Scott Lost was injured and unable to appear. He was thereby stripped of the title. The Stepfather & "Wholesome" JT Hyatt def King Faviano & Unholy, Crayz def Foob Dogg, "The New York Knockout" Nikki def "The Canadian Goddess" Candice LeRae, Midnight Dynamite (Charles Mercury & Johnny Paradise) vs The Young Bucks (Mr. Instant Replay & Slick Nick) ended in a 15-minute draw, Alex Koslov def Hook Bomberry by Submission, Silver Tyger & Infernal & Nemesis def Li'l Cholo & Zokre & Phoenix Star, Bo Cooper def The Plague w/Jason Bennett to win the vacant Battle Ground Pro title..

  82. March 25, 2006--Southern Wrestling Association in Lafaytte, Tennessee at the National Guard Armory: Billy Ray Valentine vs Blue Amigo ended in a No Contest, Ray Spears & Jason Nesmith def John Watts & Dale Dangerous to retain the Tag Team titles (Dale turned on Watts after the match), Tony Grande def Anthony Wayne by reverse decision, American Psycho & Steve Slaughter def Tim Scruggs & Loose Cannon by DQ, Damien Payne def Matt Korbaine to retain the United States title..

  83. March 25, 2006--Impact Championship Wrestling - Resurrection in Rapid City, South Dakota: Zain def Cylus w/Chasity Erins in a Lumberjack match, Hollywood JDT w/Reggie Styles def Paul Diamond, Dustin Uhrich vs. Tony Morales ended in a No Contest, Lakota Warrior def Danny V, Busta Brown & Tony Morales def Dustin Uhrich & Jack Mecidol, Cylus w/Chasity Erins vs Chris Chabert ended in a No Contest in a Lumberjack match, Reggie Styles def Paul Diamond, Dragon def Jason Ray and Juntsu and Raheem in a 4-WAY..

  84. March 25, 2006--Coastal Championship Wrestling - Anniversary II in Coral Springs, Florida: Modern Day Theory (Scott Commodity & Preston James w/Amy Vitale) def The Heartbreak Express (Phil & Sean Davis) to retain the Tag Team Titles, Kenny Theisson def Brian Burley, Wade Koverly def Shane McLane (McLane Orginal Winner Ref Reversed the Decision after McLane Refused to let go of the Sharpshooter), Shawn Murphy def Bruno Sassi to Win the CCW Title, Cash Money Bros def Bad Dog & Sean Allen, Blackhart def Dok Rivers, Joey Machete def Jake the Snake Roberts to become the 1st SEC Champion (Machete's wins gives him a CCW title shot vs Tag Partner Shawn Murphy June 10th 2006...

  85. March 25, 2006--Hard Core Wrestling in Versailles, KY from the Woodford County Park: Tournament to crown New Tag Team Champions... Round One: Simply Marvelous def Prophet & Rated X, The UK Freebirds def The Fat & The Furious, Billy Maverick & Shawn Christopher def Ric Gunner & Alex Walker, Round Two: Simply Marvelous def Hillbilly Jed & Indiana Kidd, Jr, The UK Freebirds def Billy Maverick & Shawn Christopher, Final: The UK Freebirds def Simply Marvelous to become HCW World Tag Team Champions.

  86. March 28, 2006--Eddie Sharkey's Midwest Pro Wrestling in Minneapolis, Minnesota: Craven Knight def Tony Money, Asylum def Corporal Alexander (Authentic current Iraq war vet), Big Daddy Hoofer def Chris Jordan, Mitch Paradise def Kid Krazy, Rain announced she had no challenger because ODB Jessica Dalton was not there tonight (A guy came out in a mask claiming to be Rain's biggest fan. The match was scheduled as a lumberjack match originally. The format was kept. When Rain was thrown out the ring, the lumberjacks brawled who was going to throw her back. Rain won the bout), Magnus Maximus def Playboy Pete Huge, Nate Bash def Zero Kincaid --- Nora Greenwald in attendance.

  87. March 30, 2006--EWA in Mooresville, North Carolina: Jake Manning def Ethan Cage, Raymond Helms won three-way over Jesse Morris and Jailbird, Rob Guerrero def Jimmy Jack Funk Jr., Chris Guerrero def George South Jr., George South Sr. def Bobby Houston.

  88. March 30, 2006--New Wrestling Horizons in Old Town, Maine: Casey Duncan def Tim Sabin, NWH Cruiserweight Champion Scotty Vegas wrestled Cameron Matthews to a double countout, "Killer" Kyle Krup def Masked Wrestler #88, "Too Fit" Eric Atlas def Frankie Parker, Alexander Chamberlain with Vernon Envy def "Heartstopper" Chase San Antone, Hardware & Bullmoose Calhoun def Sonny Roselli and Canadian Moondog in a "Fans Bring the Weapons Match" to become the NEW NWH Tag Team Champions

  89. March 31, 2006--Scott Country Wrestling in Davenport, Iowa: Trik Davis & Chandler McClure & Lightning Zig Zag Kid & Eric Ruffington went to a no contest, Woody Maguire & Mikey Lovemuffin def Mississippi Madman & Tank Roberts and Tony Scarpone & Robert Anthony in a three-way, Nick Stonewall won 30 man Rumble, Tyler Black def Shane Alatore in a street fight ..

  90. March 31, 2006--ICW in Tacoma, Washington: Michael Santiago def Sex Ed, Chef def Prince Abdullah Nahal-DQ, Mike Falcone def Avalanche, Sonny O'Mara & Red def Chunk & Sloth, Jason Jackson def Marvelous Matt in a hair vs. hair match, Tim Flowers won Iron man match over Mr. GQ & Chino. .

  91. March 31, 2006--High Velocity Wrestling - Lethal Lottery Tag Tournament in Hendersonville, North Carolina: Steve Cronic & Ryan C def Michael Frehly & BK Victory, Jesse Black & Law def Neil Nitro & Yoshi Hiroshima, Manslaughter & Kid Kwik def Dirty & Roxi Nagasaki, Viper & Ken Magnum def Leroy Dudley & Kid Country, Thomas Simpson & ST Ryker def James Drake & Brice Anthony, Justin Destruction & Darkness def David Austin & Grappler, Black & Law def Cronic & C, Viper & Magnum def Manslaughter & Kwik, Thomas Simpson & ST Ryker def Destruction & Darkness, Viper & Ken Magnum def Black & Law, Thomas Simpson & ST Ryker def Ken Viper & Magnum to win the Tournament and the Tag Team titles..

  92. March 31, 2006--AWA in Casa Grande, Arizona before 1,863 fans: John Williams def Shawn Osborne, Derrick Jannetty def Kahn Kussion, Don Yates def Lynn Denton (The Grappler), Jesus Aguilera (managed by Roddy Piper) def Jonnie Stewart (managed by Bill Anderson), Big Buddah & J.T. Wolfen won a 4-WAY to retain the AWA Tag Team titles..