Independent Wrestling Results - December 2005

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  1. December 1, 2005--Lucha Caliente in El Paso, Texas: The T-Krew b. Galactico & Impostor, Inferno b. Lobux, Massive & Magno b. Extremo & Chicano Force, Hurricane Hector & El Yanko b. Nathan Sin & Maquina 45 Jr., Mayor & Cassandro b. Las Bestias I&II..

  2. December 1, 2005--ASW in Lewisburg, Tennessee: Charlie Swinger def Devon Domain, Dan Morrow def Tim Renesto, Beau James def Gypsy Joe in a taped fist match, Bobby Lowe & Devon Domain def Mikey Woods & Doug Harrison, Mikey dunn def Kid..

  3. December 1, 2005--New Wrestling Horizons in Old Town, Maine: Scott Vegas def Johnny Primer, "Kidd USA" Jay Jaillet def Robbie Ellis to win the Cruiserweight title, The Glamour Shots (Cameron Mathews & Alexander Chamberlain) def Luke Robinson & Casey Duncan, BullMoose def Eric Atlas, Larry Huntley & Sonny Roselli def The Heartstopper & The Showman, Hardware def Canadian Moondog..

  4. December 2, 2005--New Generation Championship Wrestling in Lancaster, South Carolina: Kid Chaos & Rex Rumble def Myric Moore & Morbid, Tiny Terrific def Super Ninja, Ringlord Speedy def Doug Hawkins, Jason Jones def Texas Ranger, Sonny Landell def Chris Hamrick, Jay Eagle def Jonathan Buffet Shane Austin def Tim Hunter..

  5. December 2, 2005--Pro Wrestling Warfare in Sanford, Florida: Jerrelle Clark & Rip Malibu & Kenny King def Aaron Epic & Altar Boy Luke & Legion Cage (Not only did all the wrestlers, but even the valet and referee did dives), Erick Stevens def Kahagus, Naphtali & Dagon Briggs def Tom Lawlor & J.P. Ace, Chasyn Rance def Jay Fury, Murder One def Sedrick Strong, Andy Douglas def Steve Madison, Frankie Capone & Thump Dupree def The Heartbreak Express, Bruce Steele def Donovan Morgan, Teddy Hart def Roderick Strong..

  6. December 2, 2005--New Wrestling Horizons in Fairfield, Maine: Casey Duncan def Luke Robinson, Robbie Ellis def "Hott Stuff" Paul Hudson, The Glamour Shots (Cameron Mathews & Alexander Chamberlain) def Kidd USA & Iron Eagle, BullMoose Calhoun def "Rugged" Ric Daniels, "Enforcer" Larry Huntley def Makua to retain the Heavyweight title, Marcus Hall def Jon Thornhill, Hardware def Osirus and Canadian Moondog in a 3-WAY Elimination match to win the Maine State title (Osirus was pinned by Canadian Moondog. Then Canadian Moondog was pinned by Hardware)..

  7. December 3, 2005--New Wrestling Horizons in Medway, Maine: BullMoose Calhoun & Scott Vegas def The Glamour Shots (Cameron Mathews & Alexander Chamberlain), Robbie Ellis def "Kidd USA" Jay Jaillet to win the Cruiserweight title, Hardware def Iron Eagle to retain the Maine State title, Canadian Moondog def Osirus and Sonny Roselli in a 3-WAY to become #1 Contender for the Maine State title, "Enforcer" Larry Huntley def T-Bone Jones to retain the Heavyweight title..

  8. December 3, 2005--Pro Wrestling Warfare in St. Petersburg, Florida: Chasyn Rance def Legion Cage, Double Deuce def Heartbreak Express, Otto Weid def Kenny King, Chris Kanyon def Steve Madison, Naphtali & Dagon Briggs won Tag Team Rumble, Murder One def Pat Powers, Sedrick Strong & Erick Stevens def Bruce Steele & Rod Steel

  9. December 3, 2005--Championship Wrestling Association in South Bend, Indiana: The Joker Boyz def The Twin Towers to win the Tag Team titles, SPT Reign def Cyris in a Street Fight, JD Blaze def Blade Flannery, Mazz def DevilEye, Tone C def ICE, Scarry Jerry def Liberty Kid and The Redneck in 3-WAY to capture the CWA Heavyweight Title!

  10. December 3, 2005--Full Throttle Wrestling - IWA Deep South King of the Death Match in Elkmont, Alabama: Mickie Knuckles def Bambi, Insane Lane def Freakshow (1st Round), Tank def Hellaware Assasin (1st Round), Ian Rotten def "Mean" Mitch Page (1st Round), Necro Butcher def Brandon Prophet (1st Round), Adam Armor def Phil Wilson to retain the FTW title, Necro Butcher def Insane Lane (2nd Round), Tank def Ian Rotten (2nd Round), Jeff Jameson & KG def Cabana Man Dan & Chrisjen Hayme is a Texas Tornado match, Tank def Necro Butcher in the Finals to win the First IWA-DS KOTDM Tournament..

  11. December 3, 2005--Carolina Championship Wrestling/Southern Championship Wrestling in Conway, South Carolina: Ryders of the Apocalypse def Team Sky, Brad Thomas def Tony Kozina, Dexter Poindexter def Krazy K, Tracy Brooks def Amber O'Neil, Robert Ginson def Mikey Cruz, Greg Valentine def Doug Gilbert, Jeff Hardy & Kip & B.G. James def Dennis Condrey & Bobby Eaton & Rob Cornette, Dusty Rhodes def Terry Funk in an I Quit match in a Cage..

  12. December 3, 2005--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Osyris def Tommy Tsunami, Fallen Dragon & Hypnosis def Houston Brothers, Chip Daley def Phoenix, Bob def Noah Lott, J.T. Zorin def Rastakhan, Anarchy def Charles Jackson, Johnny & Donnie Tsunami def Frank Stein & Steve Amani..

  13. December 3, 2005--HPW in Columbus, Indiana before 110 fans: Ash def Michael Elgin, Average White Guy def Homer Pyle, Jon Wall vs Sheik Allah ended in a No Contest, Donny Idol def Bobby Black, Troy Van Zant def Tom Van Zant, Brian Beech def Matt Stryker, Ronnie Vegas & Ox Harley DDQ Helvis Osbourne & Sinn..

  14. December 3, 2005--Championship Wrestling in Bristol, Tennessee: Chris Richards def Wayne Atkins, Crusher Bigalow def Cody Ices, Steve Fury def Beau James, Nick Hammonds def Matt Scott, Tony Givens & Robbie Cassidy & Freak def Fury & Richards & Alyx Winters, Matt Scott & Ray Idol def Bryan Wayne & Nick Hammonds..

  15. December 3, 2005--CPW in Keyser, West Virginia: Shawn Fury def Sin 7, Damage Inc. def Jimmy Jessup & Hunter Muhammad, Richie Stevens def Bobby Fonta, Shane Shadows & Bobby Keller def Warlock & Keemo, Cruz Walker def Hyjink, Switchblade DCOR Jake Davis, Shane Shadows won Battle Royal..

  16. December 3, 2005--Texas All-Star Wrestling in Humble, Texas from the Bingo Hall: Dylan Starr def Nate Slater to retain the Hardcore title, Justin Blaze (Cruiserweight Champion) def Bones in a non-title match, ZenZen def "Wild Cat" Scoby Gober, Bubba Lee Travis def Chris Allen, VooDoo def Bobby 2Badd to retain the Heavyweight title with outside interferance from ZenZen.

  17. December 3, 2005--Tornado Pro Wrestling in Tulsa, Oklahoma: Dr. Jon Davis def Ryan Davidson to retain the Heavyweight title, Sudden Impact def The Canadian Luchadore, "The Franchise" Romero Contreras def The Prophet to retain the Oklahoma title, AWOL def Draven Cross, Timmy J w/Bernard Funk def Michael Faith..

  18. December 4, 2005--Supreme Pro Wrestling in Sacramento, California: Trent Hembridge def Kenny K, Rik Luxury won Street fight Battle Royal, Sir Samurai & Timothy Thatcher & Mr. Frost def Kassy Summers & Virgil Flynnn & Seito Hayashi, Rik Luxury def Pogo 2000, Bruce Bukkake NC Hijo del Chupacabra, Vinny Massaro def Brian Raymond, Suburban Commandos def Luster the Legend & Dante, Shane Dynasty def Ryan Cade, Oliver John & Malachi NC Adam Thornstowe & Steel..

  19. December 5, 2005--Championship Wrestling Association - Tag Team Title Tournament in South Bend, Indiana: Canadian Coalition def The Destruction Crew, Joker Boyz def Enforcers, Dark Angels def The American Kids, Twin Towers def Los Mexicans | Canadian Coalition def Dark Angels, Twin Towers def Joker Boy | Canadian Coalition def Twin Towers to capture the CWA Tag Team Titles!

  20. December 6, 2005--ACW - King of Florida in New Port Richey, Florida: 10-bell salute for Eddie Guerrero, Hack Myers def CJ Connors and VinnDetta in a 3-WAY, Legion "Freakin" Cage (w/Gina Marie) n "Morning Star" Marcus Hall, State Line (Eddie Taurus & Damien Angel) def The Stable (Big Daddy Pimp & Ricky Romeo) to retain the Tag Team titles, T-Bolt def "The Canadian Dream" Joshua Masters (w/Fetish) to retain the Internet Television title, David Mercury def Mark Zout and Cousin Jose and Suicide and Sean Hill and Pretty Fly in the King of Florida 6-WAY Elimination match, Sideshow (w/Ana Mosity) def Aaron Epic in a No-DQ match to retain the Cruiserweight title, "Lonestar" Dustin Rhodes def Ralph Mosca in a No-DQ match to retain the Heavyweight title..

  21. December 8, 2005--Lucha Caliente in El Paso, Texas: Las Bestias def Chicano Force & Extremo, Trimijistro def The Medic & Galactico in a three way, Los Escorpios def Massive, MAYOR, & El Impostor, Cassandro & Magno def T-Krew, Maquina 45Jr, Baby Solis def Hurricane Hector & El Angel. Happy Holidays from Lucha Caliente..

  22. December 8, 2005--New Wrestling Horizons in Old Town, Maine: Robbie Ellis def Scott Vegas to retain the Cruiserweight title, "Enforcer" Larry Huntley def The Showman to retain the Heavyweight title, Hardware def The Heartstopper by DQ to retain the Maine State title, BullMoose Calhoun def the El Gordo, Luke Robinson & Casey Duncan def The Glamour Shots (Cameron Mathews & Alexander Chamberlain), Sonny Roselli def Canadian Moondog..

  23. December 9, 2005--Carolina Wrestling Association in Statesville, North Carolina: George South Sr. def Canadian Bulldog, Rob & Chris Guerrero def Tony Kozina & Diablo Rojo, Jake Manning NC Ric Converse, Texas Justice def Colossal Connection, Homies with Attitude def Texas Justice, Jake Manning & Jason Jones def Ric Converse & Jesse Ortega..

  24. December 9, 2005--Great Lake Wrestling in Oak Creek, Wisconsin before about 975 fans: Silas Young def Angel Armoni in a Diaper match, King Kong Bundy & Adam Evans def Dinn T. Moore & Steve Stone, Diamond Dallas Page def Buff Bagwell (Bagwell subbed for Jerry Lawler, who cut a promo on the screen saying there was a family emergency so he couldn't appear, and then intro'd Bagwell as an unannounced replacement). Mad Dog Vachon did a big promo on Crusher, saying that at the age of 75, after a heart bypass and two knee replacement he could still bench 350 | Tracy Brooks def ODB, Eric Priest & Matt Longtime def Adrian Serrano & Brian Christopher, Raschke Brown def Al Snow, Brian Christopher won Battle Royal ---- The show was scheduled as a tribute to The Crusher, but his family would not approve of it...Nick Bockwinkel, King Kong Bundy, Al Snow and Mad Dog Vachon all appeared doing autographs..

  25. December 9, 2005--ESW in Wheatfield, New York: Cade Cassidy def Bret Mednik, Jake O'Reilly def Kevin Grace, Cody Steele def Crazy Steve, Randy Walker & Ice def Ron Falco & Eric Everlast & Gabriel Saint, Trent Acid & Johnny Kashmere def Benjamin Smythe & Brandon Thurston, Jake O'Reilly def Cade Cassidy, Will Christiansen def Chris Cooper..

  26. December 9, 2005--Mid States Wrestling/All-Star Wrestling in St. Joseph, Missouri at the National Guard Armory: Red Phoenix def P.M. Money by Submission, Payday def Darrian Sanders, Mark Sterling def Jeremy Wyatt, Dean Smith & J.C. Thunder def Jake Boulder & Jason Jones, Craig "The Krow" Keesman def Tae-Ki-On The Korean Warrior, Mason Hunter def Michael Strider by DQ, "Mr. Saturday Night" Michael Barry def Derek Stone..

  27. December 10, 2005--Championship Wrestling in Kingsport, Tennessee at the Civic Auditorium: Bill Bigelow def Matt Scott to retain the Television title, Tony Givens def Matt Stevens, Wayne Adkins def Nick Hammonds (Junior Champion) by DQ in a 2/3 Falls Match, The Freak def Alyx Winters (National Champion) by DQ, Tony Givens & Robbie Cassidy vs Chris Richards & Steve Fury ended in a No Contest when Josh Cody interfered and joined John Hawkins promotions..

  28. December 10, 2005--SWA in Layfayette, Tennessee: Tony Grande w/Miss Innocent def "Impressive" Anthony Wayne to retain the Light Heavyweight title, Demented def Jason Nesmith to retain the United States title, American Psycho def Damien Payne, Joey Luciano & Johnny Chambers def Hot & Dangerous to win the Tag Team titles, Anthony Wayne & Matt Korbaine & American Psycho w/Chris Havoc def The Metal Militia (Tim Scruggs & Rockhead Ray Spears & Damien Payne w/Miss Innocent)..

  29. December 10, 2005--East Coast Championship Wrestling in Shrewsbury, Massechusettes at the Mass Health and Fitness: Tex McCoy & Alex Payne def Jeff Star & Danger, Big Scott Grimez vs Freight ended in a Double DQ, Della Morte def Travis Blackchurch in an Intergender match, Intermission (During intermission St. Nick came out and passed out candy canes to the fans. Chuck Deep came out for an interview and St. Nick said he had a present for Chuck. St. Nick pulled the World Heavyweight belt out of his sack and clobbered Chuck. Turns out that St. Nick was Nick Neighborhood. Get it? St. Nick -- Nick Neighborhood), Jason Blade def Psycho and Lance Silva in a 3-WAY Qualifying match, Hollywood Johnny Nash & Mike Phoenix def The Vachon Brothers in a non-title match, Mark Gore def Brian Milonas and Johnny Thunder to retain the Triple Threat title, Nick Neighborhood def Chuck Deep to retain the ECCW title..

  30. December 10, 2005--Queen City Clash in Charlotte, North Carolina at the Cricket Arena: Dark Lion def Sir Jonathan Buffet, George South Sr. def Jason Jones, Shark Boy def Brian Linder, Lodi & Scotty Matthews def Brad Attitude & George South Jr., Greg "The Hammer" Valentine def The Barbarian, Chris Guerrero & Bobby Houston & Matt Hyson def Mordecai, David Flair & Brad Anderson def Sonny Landell & Mark Slain, Shannon Moore def Chris Hamrick, Kip James def D-Lo Brown in a 2/3 Falls match, Sandman def Justin Credible in a Street Fight..

  31. December 10, 2005--EWF in Marion, Indiana: El Vato & Dinn T. Moore def Mickey McKay & Scotty Pride, Tommy Gage def Steve Amami, Rastakhan def Charles Jackson, Hypnosis def Chip Daley, Chance Laredo def Anarchy-DQ, J.T. Zorin def Bob..

  32. December 10, 2005--Coastal Championship Wrestling in Coral Springs, Florida before 200 fans: Logan Fernandez def Dylan Knight, Wade Koverly def Dragon Warrior, Scott Commodity & Preston James won three-way over Market Crashes and Cash Money Boys, Sean Allen & Bad Dog Bullock def Syrian Assassin & Shane McClane, Sassi won elimination match..

  33. December 10, 2005--UWC in Pemberton, New Jersey: Reckless Youth & Don Montoya def Silver Bullets, Ed Kazar def Andy Christ, Taylor Nicole def Allison Danger (Joe Rules proposed to Taylor Nichole after the match and she agreed), Section 8 & Dave Patera def Super Jocks, Bill Ding (yes, somebody finally did Disco Inferno's idea) & Chocolate Boy Wonder def Philly Madison & Max Gaeta-DQ, Reckless Youth def Orphan, Bobby Piper def Don Montoya..

  34. December 10, 2005--Impact Zone Wrestling in Lawton, Oklahoma: Ryan Davidson def Tyler Bateman (Impact Division Champion) by DQ, Lil Joe b. The Jihad Kid, Kenny Campbell def Carnage for the Hardcore title, The Party Express (Cade Sydal & Mitch Carter) def Brandon Bishop & Julian Wolfenbarger, Aaron Neil & John Zorthos & Bernie Donderwitz vs Big Van Vader & The Old School Assassins (Dexter Hardaway & Brad Michaels) ended in a Double DQ..

  35. December 10, 2005--Mid South Wrestling Alliance in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Draven Cross def Se7en, 3rd Rail def Kid Colt, Devon Monroe vs Kevin James ended in a No-Contest, Tyler Bateman & Ryan Davidson def Cody Jones & Jason Sanchez, Michael Faith def The Prophet to retain the MSWA Heavyweight title, Big Van Vader & The Angry Americans (Bad Boy & Glen Steele) def Prince al-Farat & Slash bin Rotten & The Outlaw (w/Moustafa Sharmout)..

  36. December 10, 2005--World Wide Wrestling Alliance in Slatington, Pennsylvania: Ken Andrews (Street Fighter Gimmick) def Arkham, Primal Impact (Heartbreaker Tyler Syms & Too Sweet Logan) def The Super Destroyers, Nitro def New Wave, Little Jeanie def Alere Little Feather, Dogs of War def Iron Horse Riders by DQ, Little Justice def Puppet the Psycho Midget, Jack Hammer def Bodacious Brad by Submission, Nikolai Volkoff def Kage w/Capone Guy, Demetrius Arion (World Champion) vs Glen Osbourne (Heavyweight Champion) ended as a No Contest..

  37. December 15, 2005--New Wrestling Horizons in Old Town, Maine: Scott Vegas def The Showman, "Enforcer" Larry Huntley def Alexander Chamberlain to retain the Heavyweight title, Robbie Ellis def Luke Robinson to retain the Cruiserweight title, Casey Duncan def Cameron Matthews, Canadian Moondog & Heartstopper def Hardware & Sonny Roselli, BullMoose Calhoun won the 15-Man Royal Rumble..

  38. December 15, 2005--HRW night in Victorville, California: Antonio Mestre & Bonzai Bruce def Team SPW, C.K. & Blessing def Tyler Durken & Kid Karnage, Diablo def LTP, MIR def Ronnie Tsunami, MOM d Anc, Sonny Samson def Chris Kanyon

  39. December 16, 2005--Vince Russo's Ring of Glory in Rome, Georgia drawing about 700 people: David Young def Elix Skipper, D-Lo Brown & Glen Gilberti def Erik Watts & Mike Sanders, Sean Waltman def Kevin Northcutt, Matt Hyson def Mark Jindrak, Rain def Jazz, Jimmy Rave def Air Paris and Sal Rinauro and C.J. Summers in a 4-WAY Stairway to Heaven match, A.J. Styles def Abyss (Styles lip was busted open again and Abyss's arm bled again), B.G. James def Jeff Jarrett (NWA World Champion) in a Non-title match. Scott Hudson worked as announcer. Terry Taylor worked backstage. Percy Pringle III played heel manager all night long. Lex Luger, Ron Killings, Tracy Brooks, Chris Harris, Sonny Siaki, Jerry Lynn and Brad Armstrong were all no-shows. Ron Simmons was honored at the show for his contributions to football and wrestling..

  40. December 16, 2005--Southern Wrestling Alliance in Stearns, Kentucky: Aaron LaMotta def Cracker Jack, Da Studd def Cornbread, John the Krazed One def Man Beast, Mitch Mangus def Neurosis, Willy D def Rage-DQ..

  41. December 16, 2005--Classic Championship Wrestling in Clarksville, Indiana: Prophet def Chris Morrus, Elmore Fudd def Nic Noble-DQ, Apollo & Dynamite Derrick def Matt Maverick & J.T. Stone, Vito Andretti won Battle Royal, Karma def Courtney Hill, Kliff Hanger def K-Lo, Fat & Furious def Chris Blayze & Damien Devine..

  42. December 16, 2005--Pro Wrestling Phoenix in Council Bluffs, Iowa: Michael Strider def Paul Daniels, Mark Sterling def Matty Fitness, Chance Cordova def Big Dog Barber, Chris Havius def Jayden Draigo, Jeremy Wyatt def Babyface-DQ, Sean Cruz def Zac James, Max Magnus NC J.T. Wilcox, Joey Daniels def Buck Albright, Sonjay Dutt & Jaysin Strife & Hype Gotti def Darrien Sanders & Michael Strider & Sean Cruz..

  43. December 17, 2005--Global Championship Wrestling in Palmerdale, Alabama: "Canadian Kid" Chris Lee def Yaki, Mudbone def Cabana Man Dan, "Wild Thing" Will Owens def "A2" Adam Armor, The Night Prowler def Chrisjen Hayme, Seth Skyfire def The InHuman Fly to win the GCW title, Fist Full of Dollars (Rastas Polk & Theodore Tutweiler III) def The Asian Assassins (Shinobi 1 & 2) in a Lumberjack match to win the Tag Team titles..

  44. December 17, 2005--PWE - Tournament of Deuces in Canton, Georgia before 175 fans: Joe & Johnny Slaughter def Ted Allen & Ranger Ross and Notorious D.O.G. & Lamar Phillips in a 3-WAY, Biohazard & Jacob Ladder def Darrin Childs & Sidd Murder w/Rachael Putski and The Regular Guys (Tyler Smith & Billy Hill) in a 3-WAY, Murder One & Scott McKinzie def The Hollywood Brunettes (Andrew Alexander & Kyle Matthews) and Kid Ego Jr. & Nick Rampage in a 3-WAY, Allen Funk & Sonny Siaki def Double Deuce (Frankie Capone & Marcus Dillon) and Black Pegasus & Raddick in a 3-WAY, Biohazard & Ladder def Slaughter Brothers by DQ, Biohazard & Jacob Ladder def Blackout (Murder One & Kory Chavis) and Tank & Iceberg in a 3-WAY to win the Tag Team titles, Scott Steel w/Mercedes def Buff Bagwell..

  45. December 17, 2005--All-American Wrestling in Berwyn, Illinois: ODB def Rain, Truth Martini & N8 Mattson (w/Zach Gowen) def Gary Havok & Golden Ninja, Botch def Super Ninja, Danny Daniels def Dan Lawrence, Ryan Boz def Bailey Mannix, Tyler Black & Marek Brave def Brad Bradley & Robert Anthony, Jayson Reign & Marco Cordova & Silas Young def Jason Dukes & Bryce Benjamin & Chandler McClure, Trik Davis def Tristin Hayze, Safari Stu & Machine def Derek St. Holmes & Weston Benton, Mike Venom def Danny Dominion, Eric Priest def Tony Scarpone in a "Loser Leaves Town" match..

  46. December 17, 2005--Tornado Pro Wrestling in Tulsa, Oklahoma: Romero Contreras def Ryan Davidson and The Canadian Luchadore and Dr. Jon Davis in a 4-WAY Elimination match to retain the Oklahoma title, Draven Cross vs The Prophet ended in a draw, The Canadian Red Devil def Timmy J and Kid Mascara in a 3-WAY to retain the TPW Light Heavyweight title, Sexy Bologna (Anthony Jackson & Sudden Impact) def Michael Faith & Justin Lee to win the Tag Team titles, AWOL def Brandon Groom, Brian Lakewood & Butch Dalton def Dexter Hardaway & Rico Suave..

  47. December 17, 2005--Mid States Wrestling/All Star Wrestling in Pittsburgh, Kansas before 300 fans: Griz def Stiff Jackson, Gary Gram def Phil Lawrence, "The Bruiser" Jeff Locke def Jake Boulder when manager Jim Fallon turned on Boulder, Thomas Thorn def "The Krow" Craig Keesaman, "The Shadow" Mark Johnson def Christopher Vincent, "Mr. Saturday Night" Michael Barry def "Space Cowboy" Jason Jones, "Hacksaw" Butch Reed def Tim War Cloud to retain the MSW title..

  48. December 17, 2005--American Championship Wrestling - Christmas Chaos in South Ogden, Utah: Jimmy Daniels won a Battle Royal (Including: Mike Martinez, Mach Martinez, Super Destroyer, Adrenaline, Donovan Denzli, Ugly Rydder, Dink Cain, Jon Frost, & Thanatos), last eliminating Mach & Mike Martinez, Eclipse & Jimmy Daniels def The Martinez Boys (Mach & Mike Martinez) to win the vacant United States Tag Team titles, Donovan Denzli def Dink Cain, "Mr. Syclon" Mach Martinez def Thanatos in a #1 Contenders match, Super Destroyer def Junior X in a Fans Pick the Stipulation match (the fans chose Last Man Standing), Morgan def Ugly Rydder in an Intergender match, Jaden def The Navajo Warrior and Tristan Gallo in a 3-WAY to retain the Midwest title, The Assassin def Zen in a Lumberjack match to retain the ACW title..

  49. December 17, 2005--River City Wrestling in San Antonio, Texas before 175 fans: Spiro def Mike Dell, Johnny Ender & Kris Kronie def Rudy Russo & Quinton Allen, Ikaika def Aguila Negra, Joey Spector won three-way over Hector Montoya and Eddie Vegas, Jose & Joel Maximo def Don & Chris Marval, Hotstuff Hernandez def Kazushi Miyamoto to win RCW title in tables match..

  50. December 17, 2005--Dirtysouth Championship Wrestling- Holiday Havoc in Rayne, Louisiana: Juantastic def Sexy Shawn Stern, Retro Thibodeaux def Braxton, "Apostle" Alvin Breaux def "Havok" Haniel T, Austin Rhodes def Chris James, Double Trouble def Pipeline Express, Minotaur def Joe Kane, Rodney Mack def The Cecilia Posse in a "White Boy Challenge," Rodney Mack def Al E. Gator in an "impromtu" White Boy Challenge, Jazz def Hank in an Intergender match by Submission.

  51. December 18, 2005--South Central Wrestling Alliance in Bowling Green, Kentucky at the Hands Club: Anthony Wayne def Magnum Smalls, David Rose def Hades w/Big Daddy J in a Bullrope match, Max Meanie def The Medic, Derrick Neal & Magnum Smalls def Anthony Wayne & Joey Houston when Houston turned on Wayne, Tony Falk def Terry England & Big Daddy J by DQ in a $2,000 Bounty match, Damien Payne def Kid Dynamite and Jeff Crowe in a 3-WAY to retain the SCWA title..

  52. December 18, 2005--Fellowship Of Christian Wrestling in Muskogee, Oklahoma: Bobby Burns def The Canadian Red Devil, Michael York def Mitch Carter, Taylor Made def Ryan Davidson and The Corpse in a 3-WAY, Angel def John O'Malley and Cade Sydal and Timmy J by Count Out in a 4-WAY, Shane Morbid def Matt Emerald, Brandon Groom won a Gauntlet Battle Royal..

  53. December 20, 2005--Full Throttle Wrestling - Season's Beatings in Elkmont, Alabama: Tony V def "Energetic Star" Phil Wilson, Chrisjen Hayme def "Wild Thing" Will Owens, Sinn City (Dave Mitchell & Brandon Smith) def K.G. & Billy Ray Grant to retain the Tag Team titles, Little E def Jeremey Flynt, Cabana Man Dan def Shawn "The Heat" Peete in a Submissions match, "A2" Adam Armor def Chris Castle to retain the FTW title, Charlie Swinger def Curt Nickles in a Fans Bring The Strap match, Insane Lane def Freakshow's Iceburg in a Hardcore match..

  54. December 23, 2005--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Ruin def MIA, Hypnosis def Silence, Houston Brothers def Tsunamis, Tommy Gage def Fallen Dragon, Steve Amani def Homeless Hank-DQ, Evan Alexander def Rastakhan, Bob & Anarchy & Phoenix & Big Cheez def Noah Lott & Frank Stein & Chance Laredo & Charles Robinson, J.T. Zorin d Todd Ordway. .

  55. December 23, 2005--AWS at the City of Industry, California: Marcus Riot & Obi Matt & Sexy Chino def Biggie Biggz & Extreme Loco & Viper, Mick & Jacko Kerrigan def King Faviano & Chippy Sanchez, Johnny Paradise & Charles Mercury def R2K & Junior, Alex Koslov def Bo Cooper, T.J. Perkins & Lil Cholo & Human Tornado def Joey Ryan & Top Gun Talwar & Plague..

  56. December 25, 2005--American Pro Wrestling in Spartanburg, South Carolina: Jimmy Kindrid & Sid Savage def Golden Eagle & Eric Thunder, Dookie Payne def Morbid, D.L. Kool def Tommy Gibson, Shea McGrady & Pure Player def Kid Kaos & Evan Force, Billy Rucker def Scottie Velvet, Jay Eagle def Boomer Payne by Count Out, Doug Hawkins & Mack Truck def Nick Fury & Zack Salvation, Sonny Landel def Ken Magnum by DQ, Rowdy James vs Mark Slain ended in a Double DQ, Mickey Richards def Shane Austin..

  57. December 27, 2005--Full Throttle Wrestling in Elkmont, Alabama: Insane Land & Charlie Swinger def Curt Nickles & Shawn Peete, K.G. b. Chris Castle, Chrisjen Hayme b. Tracy Smothers by DQ, Cabana Man Dan vs Jeff Jameson ended in a Double Knockout, Sinn City def Little E & Keith Courageous to retain the Tag Team titles..

  58. December 31, 2005--American Pro Wrestling in Spartanburg, South Carolina: Sid Savage def Jailbird, Travis Blackwelder def Scottie Velvet, Dookie Payne def Deon Johnson by DQ, Jimmy Kindrid & Morbid & Shea Shea McGrady def Kid Kaos & Evon Force & McGruff, Mickey Richards def Shane Austin by Count Out to retain the United States title, Boomer Payne def Ken Magnum and Chief Jay Eagle in a 3-WAY to win the APW title, Rob Guerrero & Bobby Houston def Bobby Ramone & Jake Manning, Bill White vs Doug Hawkins ended in a time limit draw, Team Ego (Abel Adams & Will Snapp) vs Muscle Madness (Phil Shatter & Truitt Fields) ended in a draw, Mack Truck def Nick Fury, Mark Slain won the New Year's Battle Royal to become the #1 Contender to the APW title..

  59. December 31, 2005--AWS at the City of Industry, California: Bo Cooper def Sexy Chino, T.J. Perkins def Johnny Paradise-DQ, Lil Cholo & Chippy Sanchez & R2K def Lil Nate & Antonio Mestre & Pete Goodman, Kayam & Enigma de Oro won over Rocky Romero & Alex Koslov, Mick & Jacko Kerrigan and Koko & Razz Mansour, Human Tornado & Skulu vs Plague & Crayz ended in a No Contest, Adam Pearce def Aaron Aguilera