Independent Wrestling Results - October 2005

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Some Indy Feds have their own results section, smaller indy results appear below:
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  1. October 1, 2005--American Pro Wrestling in Spartanburg, South Carolina: Bryan Austin def Evan Force, Jimmy Kindrid w/Ricky Lee def Eric Thunder, Sir Jonathan Buffett def The Dark Lion by DQ, Jason "Tower" Swords def Kaos, Chief Jay Eagle def "Loaded Gunz" Ken Magnum, Preston Orion def "Freak Daddy" AJ Frost, Dookie & Boomer Payne def Doug Hawkins & Bill White"Boogie" Mickey Richards def Steve Cronic by DQ, Morbid def Shea Shea McGrady, "Romeo" Mark Slain def Don Matthews to retain the APW title, Nick Fury def Rowdy James and Zack Salvation to win the Carolinas Title..

  2. October 1, 2005--West Coast Wrestling in Pleasant Hill, California before 300 sellout: Bruce Bukkake def Kenny K, D.J. Rizz won three-way over Sir Samurai and Virgil Belmont, Rage def Alexis Smirnoff Jr., Hellfyre def U.S. Steele, Mutacionados Dos def Hot Stuff Hayashi, Technical Terror def Bad Apple, Hellfyre NC Rage..

  3. October 1, 2005--River City Wrestling in San Antonio, Texas before 93 fans: Chris Marval won Royal Rumble, El Latino def Darin Childs, Jacob Ladder def Spiro, Kris Kronie & Johnny Ende & Spector def Chris Marval & Don Juan & Mike Dell, Kazushi Miyamoto def Jeremy Lopez..

  4. October 1, 2005--Fort Meade Wrestling in Fort Meade, Maryland before 400 fans: The Slackers & Jason Static def Holy Rollers & Genesis, Marcus Jordan def Buck Child, Josh Daniels def Andrew Ryker, Patriot (Tom Brandi) & Romeo Valentino def Eagle & King Kahlua, Ruckus def Derek Frazier in a double tables match, No winner of a Battle Royal when Bruiser interfered, Axl Rotten def Bruiser, Kylie Pierce def Angela, Jerry Lawler def Kip James. They pushed this as WWE vs. TNA and both did mic work putting over USA and Spike. James, who played heel, said you should watch Spike on Monday to see Lance Hoyt (nice reaction), Petey Williams (nice reaction), Monty Brown (nice reaction) and Jeff Jarrett (not so nice reaction). Lawler then said to watch USA and see Kurt Angle, Steve Austin, John Cena and HHH. Fans cheered Angle a lot, Austin blew the roof off the place, and some cheers and a lot of boos for both Cena and HHH ..

  5. October 1, 2005--Maven Bentley Association/CHIKARA - Insurance (Hurricane Katrina Benefit Show) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: The Complaint Department (Sean & Cornell Bishop w/Maven Bentley) def Jon Dahmer & DJ Hyde, Tank Thomas & John Kermon vs Hellaware Assassin & Scott Dukes ended in a Double Count Out, Heretic & Danny Havoc def Slacker Martin & Cory Kastle, Blackout (Ruckus & Sabian w/Robbie Mireno def Drew Gulak & Andy Sumner, Niles Young def Eddie Kingston with distraction from Gran Akuma, Blackout (Sabian by himself) def Havok & Heretic (Heretic jumped Havoc after the match), The Complaint Department received a bye to the finals (Dahmer & Hyde attacked and injured Cornell Bischop), Skayde def Chuichiro Arai (Toryumon/CMLL/CHIKARA), Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw & Shane Storm & Sumie Sukai def Gran Akuma & Icarus & Dr. Chung & Hallowicked, Blackout (Sabian & Eddie Kingston w/Robbie Minero) def Sean Bishop & Maven Bentley (sub for Cornell Bishop) to win the Maven Bentley Association Tag Team titles..

  6. October 1, 2005--Alliance Wrestling Force in Dover, Florida. Otto Weid d. Donnie York, Scott Davis pinned Dave Mercury to earn an Australasian title match in the main event, Amy Action b. Bliss, Ray "killing machine" Snow pinned the Chalupas, Jaison Moore b. Aaron Epic, Dean Draven retained the australian title by beating Scott Davis when Dave Mercury interfered..

  7. October 1, 2005--Bad 2 The Bone Wrestling in Russell Springs, Kentucky from Russell County Middle School: Billy Black def K-Lo to earn a shot at the Tag Titles for him & Billy Maverick, Brent Goodin def Maxx Mizery, Light-Heavyweight Champion JC Bailey def Simon Sezz, Tag Team Champs K-Lo & Randy Royal def Billy Maverick & Billy Black, Heavyweight Champion Vic The Bruiser def Todd Morton by DQ after he was attacked by Maverick & Black..

  8. October 1, 2005--Mid South Wrestling Alliance in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The New Age Syndicate def 3rd Rail & Draven Cross, The Outlaw def Jason Sanchez to retain the Mid South title, Cody Jones def John O´Malley by DQ, The Oklahoma Bad Boys def Prince al-Farat & Slash, Aaron Neil (w/Tommy D) def Devon Monroe..

  9. October 2, 2005--Supreme Pro Wrestling in Sacramento, California: Seito Hayashi def Tim Moura, Brian Raymond & D.J. Rizz def D-Unit & Tito Aquino, Adam Thornstowe & Steel Luxury def Dante & Vinny Massaro, Sir Samurai & Dub C def Hector Comote & Rik Luxury, J.D. Bishop & Chico Esquila def Bruce Bukkake & Mike Rayne, Thornstowe & Steel def Samurai & Rizz, Thornstowe & Steel def Bishop & Raymond to win tag title tournament, Oliver John def Flaco Loco..

  10. October 2, 2005--Prime Time Wrestling in Belleville, Michigan: Chris Sabin def Alex Shelley, Bobby Roode def Trytan, Petey Williams def Amazing Red, Monty Brown def A-1, Conrad Kennedy III & Eddie Venom def Gutter & N8 Mattson, Rhino def Abyss, Bobby Roode def Chris Sabin, Monty Brown def Petey Williams, Monty Brown def Bobby Roode to become PTW champion. Rhino gored Monty Brown after he was presented the belt to set up a January show..

  11. October 4, 2005--Exodus Wrestling Alliance - Wahoo McDaniel Tribute Show in Mooresville, North Carolina: Jake Manning def Jimmy Jack Funk Jr., High Impact def Bobby Houston & Canadian Bulldog, Masked Superstar (Bill Eadie) def Jason Jones, Jay Eagle def Mark Slain, George South def The Assassin..

  12. October 6, 2005--Powerslam Wrestling in Red Jacket, West Virginia: Ice def Dan Richards, Kris King def Brian Compton, Ricky Morton def Scotty McKeever, Jowad Wayne def Beau James, Brad Thomas def Shane Matthews, Eric Darkstorm & Aaron Draven won three-way over Hawaiian Heartthrobs and Chance Prophet & Juggulator..

  13. October 6, 2005--Lucha Caliente in El Paso, Texas: Timijistro def Punisher, Scorpio Jr. def Cinta de Oro-COR, Rocky Star def Scorpio 2000, Darrin Childs & Jacob Ladder def Randy Terrez & Jimmy Tesla, Cassando & Chucky def Rey Escorpion & Yanko, Nathan Sin def Green Danger in a hair vs. mask, so Danger was unmasked..

  14. October 7, 2005--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Gameboy def Jeff King, Fallen Dragon def Dexter Alliaceous Jones, Sybil Star def Mike Martin, Osyris def Tonto, Hank Calhoun def Evan Alexander, Wildman Rogers def Hypnosis, Anarchy & Rastakhan & Bob def J.T. Zorin & Chip Daley & Steve Amani..

  15. October 7, 2005--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, Texas: Spudz def Bull Action Jackson def Darin Childs, Jacob Ladder def Hugh Rogue, Jeff & Jerry Brown def Sidd by DQ to retain the Tag Team titles, Jack Drastic def Jared Steele to win the NT title, Al Jackson def Kit Carson to win the XCW Title..

  16. October 7, 2005--Pro Wrestling Warfare in Sanford, Florida before 75 fans: Dagon Briggs def Naphtali, Vito DeNucci def Rip Malibu, Chasyn Rance def Ryan Tillman, Delirious def Vordell Walker, Buck Quatermain & the Saint def Tom Lawler & J.P. Ace, Sedrick Strong def Ricky Reyes, Frankie Capone & Thump Dupree def Aaron Epic & Omega Vega, Bruce Steele def Tom Carter..

  17. October 7, 2005--Ground Breaking Wrestling in Hanover, Pennsylvania: The Fan def Hryu Takeshi, Lucky def Bruce Chan, Blaine Barret def Mr. Excellent, 3XS def Scott Adams, Untouchables def Ian Cross & Core, Untouchables def New Jersey Indy All-Stars, Derek Frazier def Rorshach, J.T Roberts def Ron Wake

  18. October 8, 2005--Pro Wrestling Warfare in St. Petersburg, Florida before 80 fans: Frankie Capone & Thump Dupree def Pretty Fly & James Morrison, Ricky Reyes def Vordell Walker, Chasyn Rance def Auto Weed, Buck Quartermain & The Saint def Peter & Chris Rage, Navy Seal def Suicide, Navy Seal def Dagon Briggs, Delirious def Naphtali, Sedrick Strong & Tom Carter def Bruce Steele & Ron Niemi & Amy Love, Chaos & Havok def LaDuke Jakes & Pat Powers..

  19. October 8, 2005--Ultimate Wrestling Alliance in Smithton, Illinois: Future def Ian Storm, James Michaels & Michael Stan Handsome def Joker & Irish Bomb Douglas O'Shea, Reid Reign def Trent Stone to retain the Greater St.Louis Title, Dice def Kahyman & Steve Ketterer in a Handicap match, Harsh & Cory Pillman def VIP (Spoiled Steven Kennedy & Shane Marx), Liquid Ice def The Teacher (c) and Playboy Double H in a 3-WAY to retain the UWA Heavyweight Title..

  20. October 8, 2005--HPW in Columbus, Indiana: Dewey Brown def Zodiac, Death Wish def Billy Ray Hickerson in a first blood match, Brian Beech d Vaughn Lilas, Average White Guy def Roddy Holly, Donny Idol def Mr. Big-DQ, Ox Harley def Sheik Allah..

  21. October 8, 2005--IPWA in Vicksburg, Missouri before 100 fans: Fuel def Dark Ranger, Jack Drastic & Spuds McKenzie def Mr. Wrestling III & Manny Fernandez, Malek Avalon & Travion def Brother Heaven Lee Love, Kevin Northcutt def Calvin Rose, John Saxon d Adrian Whisper, Bobby Lambert DCOR Minotaur, Joe Kane def Steve Anthony..

  22. October 8, 2005--American Pro Wrestling in Spartanburg, South Carolina: Sir Jonathan Buffet def Dark Loin, Bill White & Doug Hawkins def Big Country & Chad Colt, Rowdy James def Nick Fury, Dookie & Boomer Payne def Jeff Lewis & Brandon P, Dirty def Scotty Black, Shane Austin & Boogie Woogie Richards def Preston Orion & Hardcore Hunter, A.J. Frost def James McHone, Zack Salvation def Will Snapp, Ken Magnum def Mark Slain to win APW title..

  23. October 8, 2005--Southern Wrestling Alliance in Stearns, Kentucky: Dan Richards def Scotty McKeever, Da Studd DCOR Wild Willy D, Richards & Wild Willy D def Da Studd & Omen, Omen won Battle Royal..

  24. October 8, 2005--AWA WSW in Stratford, Connecticut: Matt Turner def Porter, El Boricua def Chris Camaro, Johnny Ova def Joe Sloan, Samir Ahmid II & Jaime Vanlearner def Chris Forzat & Lou Valentino, Justyn Glory def Bellial..

  25. October 8, 2005--Carolina Championship Wrestling in Clyde, North Carolina: Brad Thomas def Jason Jones, Bobby Houston & Mike Lee def Roberto & Miguel Guerrero, Tater Kirby def George South Sr., Eddie Golden def K.C. Thunder, Greg Valentine def Jay Eagle, Bobby Eaton def Ricky Morton with Jimmy Valiant as referee..

  26. October 8, 2005--MXPW in Sebring, Florida: Outlaw Billy Gunn won Battle Royal, Hack Meyers def Billy Gunn, Chaz def Joe Gomez, Warlord DCOR Tower, Kahagus def Johnny Vandal, Preston James & Scott Commodity def Brian Gamble & Frankie Lancaster, Rip the Reaper def Howie Godwin, Blackheart def Aaron Epic..

  27. October 8, 2005--Ultimate Pro Wrestling and Empire Wrestling Federation - Hurricane Katrina Clean-up Benefit in San Bernardino, California: UPW: Kid Vicious def Andrew Hellman, EWF: Mr. Nitro2Go def "Mad" Max Martin, Lil Nate def Shawn Riddick to retain the UPW Light Heavyweight title, EWF: Syrus & Jason King def Bino Gambino & Dan Kobrick, EWF: Los Chivos def The Plague & T.J. Perkins to retain the EWF Tag Team titles, UPW: Big Babi Slymm def Chance Montana, Antonio Mestre (UPW) def Vizzion (EWF) in a UPW vs EWF match..

  28. October 8, 2005--Lethal Wrestling Alliance in Columbia, Illinois: Evan Gelisto def Paul Parker, XXX Jordan Lacey def Eric Delbuano, Nick Tyson def C.J. McManus, European Scumbag won three-way ladder match over Billy McNeil and Gary the Barnowl, Adam Raw def Dingo Machete, Frankie Big Balls def Ryan Ash.

  29. October 8, 2005--TIWF in Brownsville, Tennessee: Boogeyman def Cowboy Frazier, Way Cool def A.C. Havoc, Psycho & Extreme Machine def A.C. Havoc & Albino Rhino, Bobby def Tank Turner, P.K. Ripper def Wildside, Lawman Williams def Jesse Dee and Hardknoxks Hooligan, Lee Masters def Will Chaos, Ricky Dudley & Extreme Machine def Albino Rhino & Teven Rampage..

  30. October 8, 2005--AWA Great Lakes / Ultimate Championship Wrestling in Bay City, Michigan: Chuck Wagon won gauntlet match, Ricky Landell def Daniel Sigma, N8 Mattson def Gary Dawson, Noah Lott def Sky Devian, Alcatraz & Sebastian Rose def Mr. Main Event & P.J. Flowers & Theodore Segeddi in a handicap match, Elvis Elliot & Original Sinn def Nitro & Chainsaw, Daniel Sigma & Gary Dawson def Bull Wheeler & Dyson Price, Quinton Valentino def Eddie Venom, N8 Mattson DCOR Ricky Landell, Rude Boy def Chuck Wagon-DQ, Sigma & Dawson def Sinn & Elliott, Pete Christie def Landell..

  31. October 9, 2005--North American Wrestling in Modesto, California: Alexis Smirnoff Jr. def Rage, Otis def Tito Aquino, J.D. Bishop & Vinny Massaro won over D.J. Rizz & D-Unit, Hellfyre & Trent Hemridge and Adam Thornstowe & Oliver John, Pogo won three-way over Seito Hayashi and Jason Vega, Flaco Loco won over Sir Samurai, Jesus Kruze, Ryan Cayde, Virgil and Tommy Tsunami, Malaki won over Paul Isadora and Luster the Legend, Rik Luxury def Bonzai Bruce Bukkake, Vega def Marce, Vic Grimes def Brian Raymond, Dante vs. Steel vs. Mike Rayne was no contest when Vic Grimes interfered

  32. October 13, 2005--American Pro Wrestling - Night 1 in Spartanburg, South Carolina: Evan Force def All-American Dragon, Dusty Money & AJ Frost def Kaos & McGruff, "Boogie Woogie" Mickey Richards def Bryan Austin, Dookie Payne def Jimmy Kindrid, Dirty def Jason "Tower" Swords, Bill White & Doug Hawkins w/James McHone def Mark Slain & Chief Jay Eagle to retain the Tag Team titles, "Loaded Gunz" Ken Magnum w/James McHone b. Zack Salvation to retain the APW title..

  33. October 14, 2005--American Pro Wrestling - Night 2 in Spartanburg, South Carolina: "Big Country" Billy Rucker def Jimmy Kindrid, Sir Jonathan Buffett def The Dark Lion, Ken Magnum w/James McHone def Chief Jay Eagle by DQ to retain the APW title, Mark Slain & Shane Austin & Mickey Richards def Bubba Hogg Jr & Evan Force & Bryan Austin, Boomer & Dookie Payne def Bill White & Doug Hawkins to win the Tag Team titles, AJ Frost def Kaos, Jason "Tower" Swords w/James McHone def "Primetime" Brian Linder, Rowdy James def Zack Salvation and Brandon East in a Triangle Ladder match to retain the Carolinas Title..

  34. October 14, 2005--Carolina Wrestling Association in Statesville, North Carolina: Jason King def Steve Goins, Ric Converse def 13th Floor, Homies with Attitudes DCOR High Impact, Bobby Eaton def Jake Manning, Jesse Ortega def Diablo Rojo Jr., Texas Justice def Heavy B & Jimmy Jack funk Jr., Jason Jones def Brad Thomas..

  35. October 14, 2005--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, Texas: Brett Barnes def Bull, Larry Conyunga def Gemini, Hugh Rogue def Drunk Adam in Stage One of the Seven Stages Of Violence, Jack Drastic & Spudz def Jeff & Jerry Brown, Al Jackson def Kit Carson, Sidd Murder def Iceman King Parsons..

  36. October 14, 2005--New Wrestling Horizons in Fairfield, Maine: Alex Chamberlain def Mark Moment, BullMoose Calhoun def Johnny Primer & Tim Sabin in a Handicap Match, Marcus Hall & Ric Daniels def Hardware & Scott Vegas, Cameron Mathews def L.A. Warren, Nick Santone def Quentin Michaels to regain Ownership of New Wrestling Horizons. Also due to the stipulations of the match, Quentin Michaels was forced to leave New England wrestling.

  37. October 15, 2005--American Pro Wrestling - The Aftermath in Spartanburg, South Carolina: Bryan Austin & Kaos def Brandon Paradize & Nick Ismet, "Big Country" Billy Rucker def Sir Jonathan Buffett, Diry & Zack Salvation def Cali Casanova & Johnny Blaze, "Romeo" Mark Slain def Jesse Black & Evan Force, Boomer Payne & Chief Jay Eagle vs Doug Hawkins & Bill White ended in a Double DQ, Shane Austin def Ken Magnum (APW Champion) by DQ, Rowdy James def The Dark Lion in a Ladder Match to retains the Carolinas title, Leroy Dudley def Jimmy Kindrid by DQ..

  38. October 15, 2005--Christian Wrestling Entertainment in Tulsa, Oklahoma before 200 fans: Matt Morgan (managed by Jim Cornette) squashed Timmy J and Jet Asher (local wrestler The Prophet) in a Gauntlet match and then choked-slammed Terry Taylor, Shark Boy def Delirious and Amazing Blue (local wrestler "X-Cal" subbing for Amazing Red) in a 3-WAY, Dragon Fantastico def Caprice Coleman, Vordell Walker def Matt Stryker by DQ, Chris Sabin def Matt Sydal, A.J. Styles def Petey Williams and Jimmy Yang in a 3-WAY to become the first CWE World Heavyweight Champion --- Charlie Haas and Kevin Kelly were announcers and Dave Penzer was ring announcer. Tom Prichard was working backstage. Steve Williams' return was heavily pushed but he wasn't there, said to be due to an illness. Hope it's nothing serious..

  39. October 15, 2005--UCW in Hartford, Kentucky before 300-400 fans: Kez won three-way over Sigmon and Brian Dookie, Sonny Siaki def Jerrelle Clark., Shayne Maddox def Shaun Maddox, Sean Casey def Al Steele, Chris Michaels def Eric Young, Bill Dundee & Tracy Smothers def Mordecai & Russell Simpson, Billy Gunn def Test. The wrestlers in question where all introduced by their WWE names. Gunn came out to the "Assman" song and had his Mr. Ass trunks on. There was a billboard in town advertising the show listing Billy Gunn vs. Test..

  40. October 15, 2005--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Fallen Dragon def Hank Calhoun, Gameboy def Wildman Rogers, Frank Stein def Rastakhan, Evan Alexander def Snake, Hypnosis def Jay West, Sikness, Johnny and Donnie Tsunami, Hypnosis def Sikness, Osyris def J.T. Zorin, Bob def Steve Amani, Anarchy def Chip Daley..

  41. October 15, 2005--Championship Wrestling in Kingsport, Tennessee: Nick Hammonds def Matt Stevens to retain the Junior title, Ray Idol vs The Freak ended in a draw in a Falls Count Anywhere match, Beau James def Scotty McKeever, The Bombers def Wayne Adkins & Jowad Wayne to win the Tag Team titles, Alyx Winters def Robbie Cassidy and Tony Givens in a 3-WAY to retain the National title, Steve Fury vs Chuck Richards ended in a Double DQ..

  42. October 15, 2005--CPW in Romney, West Virginia: Jack Daniels def ?, Sheik Hunter Muhammad def Hyjinx, Damage Inc. def Pacific & Staten Islanders, Switchblade def Bill Bain, Red Dogg def Bobby Fonta, Zubov def Scott Fowler, Shane Shadows & Bobby Keller def Highwaymen to win tag titles with Jimmy Valiant as referee..

  43. October 15, 2005--Eastern Indiana Pro Wrestling in Conersville, Indiana: "Bad Boy" Bobby Black def "Pure Dynamite" Billy Roc to win the EIPW Cruiserweight title, Troy Van Zant def Chris Morrus w/Russ Ray, Guy Lombardo def Apocalypz, "Dangerous Bull" Don Basher def Jon Deer, The Hawaiian Hot Bodies (Hotstuff Kris & Cholo) def The Fallen (Damien Divine & Chris Blayze), "Wildcat" Chris Harris def "Sexy" Shawn Cook..

  44. October 15, 2005--Elite Championship Wrestling in Ozark, Alabama: Twisted b. Cabana Man Dan & The Inhuman Fly, #1 Contendors Match for ECW Impact Title: "The Role Model" Brian Sterling b. Jeff Jameson, Street Bandit b. Jason Hero, ECW Impact Title Match: Forsaken (c) b. Rainman via DQ, ECW Heavyweight Championship: Michael Steele b. "Primetime" Elix Skipper & David Young to become the new Heavyweight Champion

  45. October 15, 2005--EWA (Day Show) in Glen Burnie, Maryland: Zack Matthews def Bruce Chan by DQ; Greg Excellence & Simon Ryme def The Legion of Ungood and Jaxx Craven & Apollo Cruz in a 3-WAY; Jimmy Starz def Steve Desire and Ruckus in a 3-WAY to win the Cruiserweight Champion; Derek Frazier def Stevie Riggs and Eagle and Jim Christian in a 4-WAY to retain the Heavyweight title..

  46. October 15, 2005--EWA (Night Show) in Baltimore, Maryland: Fate def Dr. X; Chris Nightmare def Apollo Cruz and Zack Matthews in a 3-WAY; Devon Moore def Bruce Chan; Greg Excellence & Simon Ryme def The Legion of Ungood and The East Coast Connection in a 3-WAY; Stevie Riggs def Tank Thomas; Jimmy Starz def Steve Desire and Jaxx Craven in a 3-WAY to retain the Cruiserweight title; Sabian def DJ Hyde and Drew Gulak in a 3-WAY; Jim Christian def Derek Frazier to win the Heavyweight title..

  47. October 15, 2005--Pro Wrestling Phoenix in Council Bluffs, Iawa: J.T. Wilcox def Max Magnus-DQ, Zac James & Daniels Brothers def Chris Havius & Buck Albright & Jake Holmes, Jaystin Strife def Darrien Sanders, Payday def Babyface, Hype Gotti def Chippendale Kid, Jayden Draigo def Abu Collosus, Payday def Strife, Gotti def Draigo, Payday def Gotti to win the Heavyweight title..

  48. October 15, 2005--West Coast Wrestling in Pleasant Hill, ?????? before 250 fans: D.J. Rizz def Kenny K, Paul Isadora def Hot Stuff Hayashi, Flaco Loco def Virgil Belmont, U.S. Steele def Sir Samurai, Technical Terror def Bad Apples, Hellfyre def Jason Vega and Rage and Alexis Smirnoff Jr. in a 4-WAY..

  49. October 15, 2005--Pro Wrestling Express in McKeesport, Pennsylvania: Armageddon & Devil Bhudakahn def Tri Chi Fraternity & Daron Smythe, Chris Taylor & Scott Venom def Sabotage & Teddy Fine, Eric Extasy def Seth James by DQ, Quinn Magnum & Brandon K def Endangered Species, Bigg def Paul Atlas, Nikita Allanov def Devin Devine, Devil Bhudakahn won Battle Royal, Scottie Gash def Justin Idol and Crusher Hansen and Mad Mike in a 4-WAY..

  50. October 15, 2005--Keystone Wrestling in Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania: Ali Kaida & Joey Quervo def Lost Boys, La Lucha def Great Toyota, Mike Malachi def Asian Persuasion, Biker Al def Bob Atlas, Justin Sane def Shawn Blanchard, Del Douglas & Shawn Blanchard def Anthony Alexander & Justin Sane, Lou Martin def Latin Assassin..

  51. October 15, 2005--Elite Championship Wrestling TV Taping in Ozark, Alabama before 100 fans: Twisted def Cabana Man Dan and The Inhuman Fly in a 3-WAY, "The Role Model" Brian Sterling def Jeff Jameson in a #1 Contenders match, Street Bandit def Jason Hero, Forsaken def Rainman by DQ to retain the Impact title, Michael Steel def David Young and "Primetime" Elix Skipper in a 3-WAY to win the ECW Heavyweight title..

  52. October 15, 2005--Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling in Cherryville, North Carolina at the High School before 304 fans: Jeff Justice def Tommy Gunn, Amber O'Neal def Lollipop, Andrue Bane def Brad Thomas, Rikki Nelson DDQ Bobby Eaton, Rick Steiner def Barbarian..

  53. October 15, 2005--Mid South Wrestling Alliance in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Cody Jones & Tyler Bateman def The Lone Shining Star & Ryan Davidson, 3rd Rail def Scott Sanders, Prince Al-Farat & Slash def The Patriots, The Outlaw def Jason Sanchez to retain the Mid-South title, The Red Dirt Outlaws def The Real Impact Players by DQ to retain the Mid-South Tag Team titles.

  54. October 15, 2005--American Championship Wrestling in Salt Lake City, Utah: Junior X def Mike Martinez, Brick Alexander def Adrenaline by DQ after The Assassin interfered, Jaden Japan def Mach Martinez, The Assassin def Brick Alexander, Thanatos def Kid Chaos to retain the ACW title..

  55. October 16, 2005--NWS in East Windsor, New Jersey: Tony Flow def Goah Dah, Slayer def Nicky Oceans, Patriot def Kaibutzu, Tony Flow def TNT-DQ, Antonio Malave def Slayer, Patriot def Saddam Insane ..

  56. October 18, 2005--Outlaw Wrestling Alliance in Beckley, West Virginia before 112 fans: Eric Steele def Mike McCabe, Ice def Chris King, Cuban Assassin def Dan Richards, Jazz-E & El Stu Pidasso def Buddy Love, Kid Apollo def Scotty McKeever, Big John & Joe Simon def Dave Scott & Eric St. Clair, Frank Parker def Dan Richards, Jack Miller def Chris Gilbert in a falls count anywhere match

  57. October 20, 2005--Lucha Caliente in El Paso, Texas: Extremo def Mike G, Galactico def Nathan Sin, Los Escorpions I & II & El Pirata def Maglino & Mayor & Hijo de Marquez, Massive & Rocky Star def Hurricane Hector & Angel, Maquina 45 & Chucky def Inferno & Yanko-DQ..

  58. October 21, 2005--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, Texas: Adrian Sensation w/Rachel Putski def Darin Childs, Hugh Rogue def Dave the Rave, Jacob Ladder def Kit Carson by DQ, Jack Drastic def Bull by DQ to retain the TNT title, Black by Popular Demand (Sidd & Gemini) def Larry Conyunga & Officer Mike, Eddie Atlas vs Brett Barnes ended in a Double Count Out..

  59. October 21, 2005--United States Wrestling Organization in Nashville, Tennessee: Big Bad Rollo def The Flea; John Caesar def The Saint; Slacker J w/Rocksan vs LT Falk ended in a Double Countout; LT Falk & Bill Dundee def Shane Eden & Hammerjack; Ryder def Dan Morrow (w/The Goddess Athena & Matt Catalano); Arrick Andrews def AM Vision by Disqualification..

  60. October 2?, 2005--HWA/NWF joint card in Fairfield, Ohio with 242 fans split between the two sides: Chad Allegra NC Cody Hawk in the battle of the big name from each group, Dustin Lillard & American Eagle def Sin D's Thugs, Pompano Joe & Jesse Hyde def Weird Science, Matt Parks & Ryan Stone def Zodiacs, TNT won three-way over Roger Ruffen and Muldoon, TNT def Joe & Jeremy Hyde (replacing Jesse), Parks & stone def Lillard & American Eagle, TNT def Parks & Stone..

  61. October 22, 2005--Championship International Wrestling in Adrian, Michigan: Unrated won Battle Royal, Dr. Feelgood def Milwaukee Mauler, Mayhem def Elvis Elliot & Sinn, Dave Duponte def Gary Dawson, CK 3 def N8 Mattson, Big Will & Snake Man def P.J. Flowers & Mr. Main Event, Elliott & Sinn def Hoss Monohan in handicap match to win tag titles, Josh Abercrombie def C.J. Otis, Napoleon Dynamite def Mr. Main Event..

  62. October 22, 2005--Southern Wrestling Alliance in Huntsville, Tennessee: J.C. Chambers def J.J. Jackson, Rage def J.B. Evans, Keith Michaels def Bert Angle, Josh the Krazed One def Corporal Dillinger, Willy D def Da Studd, Shane Williams & Rich Kavana def Edward Idol, Omen def Eric Adamz..

  63. October 22, 2005--Blackball'd Wrestling Organization in Springfield, Pennsylvania: Draven Blayze def Drew Blood and Scott Fowler in a 3-WAY, Nikita Allanov def Justin Idol, Salvation w/Seemor Money def Qeenan Creed & Tyler Hilton and Bradley & Pele in a 3-WAY, Blackball'd (Rockin Rebel & Greg Matthews) def Salvation w/Seemor Money to win the Tag Team titles, Dr Spider def "Downtown" Mike Brown by DQ, Judas Gray won a Battle Royal, Teddy Fine def Kris Krude and Jason Static and Greg Spitz and Judas Gray and JT Moses to win the BWO title..

  64. October 22, 2005--River City Wrestling in San Antonio, Texas: Amazing Red def Don Juan, Kazushi Miyamoto def Chris Marval, Eddie Vegas def Jeremy Lopez, Rudy Russo & Mike G def Matt Mayor & Nathan Sin, Spector def Mike Dell, Spiro def Russo..

  65. October 22, 2005--Riverside Wrestling Alliance in Jeffersonville, Indiana: James Reed def Kita w/Amatuar Slam, The Angels forfiet the Tag Team titess to The Dutchmasters, CaK def Madd Goat with help from Sonny, J-Dizzie def Grim Reaper for the J Title, Sonny def The Announcer in a Loser Leaves RWA Match, Tazz Hardy def Mic Johnson & The Immortal to retain RWA Title..

  66. October 22, 2005--IWA Deep South - King of the Death Match Tournament in Childersburgh, Alabama: Police shut the show down after five matches. The promoter wouldn't give refunds and tried to hide from the wrestlers, but was found by wrestler Alan Martin hiding in the bushes. Death matches that did take place -- Brandon Prophet def Die Hard in a Light Tube match, Spydar Boodrow def Marty Schiftbower in a Barbed Wire Ladder match, Iceberg def Freakshow, Iceberg def Johnny 8Ball, Mad Man Pondo def Insane Lane in a Forks & Pizza Cutter match..

  67. October 22, 2005--Mid South Wrestling Alliance in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Ryan Davidson def Cody Jones and Lil Joe in a 3-WAY to become the first Mid-South Cruiserweight champion, The House of Strange (w/Damien Strange) def The New Age Syndicate (w/Moustafa Sharmoot), Vader def John O´Malley & Striker in a Handicap match, Doink the Clown def Brandon Groom (w/Summer Rain), The Lone Shining Star (w/Woman Servant) def Tyler Bateman for the Tri-State title, Michael Faith (w/Tommy D) def The Outlaw for the Mid-South title, The Real Impact Players def The Patriots and Prince al-Farat & Slash (w/Moustafa Sharmoot) and The Red Dirt Outlaws in an Elimination match for the Tag Team titles..

  68. October 22, 2005--Texas All-Star Wrestling in Humble, Texas from the Bingo Hall: Justin Blaze def Humongous, Nate Slater def Dylan Starr, Nasty Nick Daniels def Wildcat Scoby Gober, Dylan Starr def Mr. Mayhem to win the Hardcore title, ZenZen vs Bobby 2Badd ended in a Double DQ, VooDoo def Mr. Mayhem to retain the Heavyweight title..

  69. October 22, 2005--AWS in Los Angeles, California: R2K & Junior won three-way over Los Chivos and Scott Lost & Joey Ryan to win tag titles, Alex Koslov def Ronin, Aaron Aguilera & Al Katrazz def Davey Richards & Tony Kozina, Antonio Mestre def Scorpio Sky-DQ, Hook Bomberry & Lionheart def Johnny Paradise & Charles Mercury, Lil Nate def Quicksilver, Plague NC Slymm, Human Tornado def Adam Pearce in a cage match..

  70. October 22, 2005--EWF in Anaheim, California: Plague def Ryan Taylor, Darkside def Bruiser Dave, Brandon Nitro def Kid Karnage, Mad Max Martin def Mr. Nitro 2 Go Super Kendo def El Diabolico, Joey Harder won three-way over Dan Kobrick and Ryan Taylor, Vizzion def Kid Karnage, Los Chivos def Joey Harder & Dan Kobrick..

  71. October 22, 2005--Southern Pro Wrestling in Dothan, Alabama: Extreme G won three-way over Ryan Phillips and Brian Pro, Chuck Thunder def Danny Sensation, Just Insane def T.J. Afflis, Unknown NC Raging Beast, Miss Fire def Dark Rage-DQ, Little Bear & Lightning Jack def The Medics, Bob Armstrong & T.J. Afflis def Nightcreatures..

  72. October 22, 2005--Columbia Wrestling Alliance in Columbia, Tennessee: Gypsy Joe def Brawler Rex; Arrick Andrews def Tim Renesto; Shane Morton def American Assassin (James Storm's Mystery Man); Chris Oliver & Richard Ezell def Murder Inc.; Buzz Dupp def Tommy Capone to retain the CWA Heavyweight title; Tim Renesto & Lawrence w/Kyle vs Southern Justice (Big T & Maxx Hatter) was ruled a no contest.

  73. October 22, 2005--East Coast Championship Wrestling - Fight or Fright Night in Shrewsbury, Massechusettes: Shockwave def Bobby Flamingo, Shawn Candido def Schoolboy Derrick Destiny, Johnny Thunder def Mike Phoenix and Aaron Knight in a 3-WAY #1 Contenders match (Triple Threat title), Hollywood Johnny Nash def Big Scott Grimez, Jade def Della Morte to retain the Woman's title, Mark Gore def Kid Pyro and Tex McCoy to retain the Triple Threat title, Nick Neighborhood def Chuck Deep (After the match Chuck deep is suspended for injuring Nick Neighborhood), The Vachon Brothers def The Olson Twins in a Casket match to win the Tag Team titles..

  74. October 23, 2005--Supreme Pro Wrestling in Sacramento, California before 130 fans: Dub C def Deacon Frost, Vinnie Massaro (as Terry Funk) won Halloween Ball Battle Royal, Seito Hayashi def Kassy, Suburban commandos def Tarantula & Diablo & Sexy Sampson, Rejected def Champions Unlimited, Cartel def Vic Grimes & Dante, Los Espididos def Hijo de Chupacabra I & II, Bruce Bukkake won three-way over Sir Samurai and Mike Rayne, Shane Dynasty def Flaco Loco in a casket match..

  75. October 25, 2005--American Combat Wrestling - Hellbound in New Port Richey, Florida: Midnight Assassin won a 21-Man #1 Contenders Battle Royal (Included: Mark Zout, Pretty Fly, Suicide, Power Company Twins, Cousin Dale, Cousin Jose, David Mercury, Eddie Taurus, Damien Angel, Ricky Romeo, Big Daddy Pimp, T-Bolt, Joshua Masters, Sean Hill, Sideshow, Twizted, Reckless, Cousin Earnhardt, George Martell & Midnight Assassin), The Power Company Twins def The Super Fans (Mark Zout as Edge & VinnDetta), Mosca def George Martell, Big Daddy Pimp def Reckless (w/Twizted & The Crypt Keeper), T-Bolt def Joshua Masters (w/Fetish) and Sean Hill in a 3-WAY to retain the Internet Television title, State Line (Taurus & Damien Angel) def Pretty Fly & Suicide to retain the Tag Team titles, Sideshow (w/Ana Mosity) vs David Mercury ended in a No Contest in an Anything Goes match, The Midnight Assassin def Mosca to win the Heavyweight title! (Midnight Assassin was then unmasked, revealing Dustin Rhodes!)..

  76. October 26, 2005--Midwest Pro Wrestling in Minneapolis, Minnesota before 300 fans at $1 tickets: Chris Jordan def Kid Crazy, Rain & Jimmy Jacobs def ODB & Arik Cannon, Animal Sam def Nate Bash, Cody O'Neil def Punisher, Mitch Paradise def Rob Ivey, J.B. Trask def Tommy Saturday (who writes Scooby Doo comics). Molly Holly was at the show..

  77. October 27, 2005--Lucha Caliente in El Paso, Texas: Hurricane Hector def Extremo, Mike G. def Nathan Sin, Rey Escorpion & El Pirata def Punisher & Shark 14, MAYOR & Magno & Massive def Las Bestias & El Angel, Cinta De Oro & Rocky Star def Los Escorpios..

  78. October 27, 2005--Exodus Wrestling Alliance in Mooresville, North Carolina: Rob Guerrero def Canadian Bulldog, Jake Manning def Ethan Cage, Jason Jones NC Jason King, George South Sr. def Chris Guerrero..

  79. October 28, 2005--New Generation Championship Wrestling in Lancaster, South Carolina: Tiny Terrific def Super Ninja, Rex Rumble def Kid Chaos, Texas Ranger def Sir Jonathan Buffett, Chris Hamrick def Sonny Landell, George South Jr. won three-way elimination match over Jason Jones and Mikal Adrian, Bobby Eaton & Brad Thomas def Thunderfoots I & II, Shane Austin & Ringlord Speedy def Andy Chavis & Tim Hunter..

  80. October 28, 2005--Heartland Wrestling Association in Cincinnati, Ohio: Jon Moxley def Alan Waslychyn, A.J. Sparxx def Hellena Heavenly-DQ, Rory Fox def Pepper Parks, Lotus def Crazy J, Brian Beech def Gotti, Tack & Matt Stryker won three-way over Foreign Intelligence and Brian Jennings & Benjamin Kimera, Cody Hawk NC Chad Allegra in a HWA vs. NWF title unification match..

  81. October 28, 2005--Xtreme Championship Wrestling - Halloween Doom in Denton, Texas: Jack Drastic & Spudz vs Bull & Lance Romance ended in a No Contest, Action Jackson def Iceman King Parsons, Eddie Atlas def Brett Barnes in a Kendo Stick Match, Al Jackson w/Steve Moody def Larry Conyunga w/Officer Mike by DQ, Hugh Rogue w/Steve Moody def Drunk Adam in a Lucky 21 Match, Jeff & Jerry Brown vs Black by Popular Demand (Sidd & Gemini) ended in a Double DQ..

  82. October 28, 2005--SCW 7th Anniversary Show in Altamonte Springs, Florida: Green Light District def Kenny King & Tom Lawlor & Jaison Moore, Shark Boy def Rip Malibu, Violence Club def Freak Foundation, Michael Cade def Vito DeNucci, Jerrelle Clark def Tony Mamaluke, Heartbreak Express NC Double Deuce, Chasyn Rance def Larry Zbyszko, Vordell Walker def Scott Davis..

  83. October 28, 2005--Empire Wrestling Federation in Covina, California: Joey Harder def El Dorado to retain the Cruiserweight title, Kryptonite def Max Martin and Brian Raymond in a 3-WAY, Vizzion def Iceman, Ryan Taylor def Syrus (American Champion) by DQ, Plague def Darkside, Jason King vs Brandon Nitro ended in a 15-minute draw, Los Chivos def Dan Kobrick & Guerrero Negro in a Super Lucha Match to retain the Tag team titles..

  84. October 29, 2005--IWR in Detroit, Michigan: Breyer Wellington & Anthony Rivera won tag team Battle Royal, Mascarita Sagrada def Tsuzki, Josh Movado & Bubba McKenzie def Johnny Dynamo & Jack Thriller, Shark Boy def Super Parka 2/3 falls, Truth Martini won six-way over N8 Mattson, Gutter, Chris Sabin, Eddie Venom and Zach Gowen, Conrad Kennedy III def Blue Panther to keep IWR title. L.A. Park def El Hijo del Santo in a cage match..

  85. October 29, 2005--CWA in Columbia, Tennessee: Gypsy Joe def Tommy Capone, Shane Morton def Big Country, Johnny Gilbert def Backwoods Brawler, Chris Oliver & Richard Ezell def Murder Inc. (Scotty McKeever & Dan Richardson) to retain the Tag Team titles, Forsaken w/Chris Danger def Shane Morton, Buzz Dupp def The Assassin to retain the CWA Heavyweight title, Southern Justice (Big T & Max Hatter) def Tim Renesto & Sharp Dressed Man Lawrence..

  86. October 29, 2005--3XW in Des Moines, Iowa: Vin Cross vs Chance Cordova ended in a draw, Annthraxx def Ashlee Adams, Casanova & Bryce Benjamin def Christian Moore & Nate Bash, Havyk & Devin Carter def A.J. Smooth & Mic Meyhem & Montoya X, Arik Cannon won three-way over Tony Sly and Matty Fitness, Tony Scarpone def Jimmy Jacobs, Frankie Kazarian def Egotistico Fantastico, Gage Octane & Mr. Destiny def Brian Ash & Big Dog Barber..

  87. October 29, 2005--American Championship Wrestling - Harvest of Sorrow in Kearns, Utah: Junior X def Mike Martinez in a Junior title Tournament semifinal, Zen def Jimmy Daniels in a Junior title Tournament semifinal, The Assassin def Jaden in an ACW title Tournament semifinal, Kid Chaos def Thanatos in an ACW title Tournament semifinal, Zen def Junior X to win the vacant Junior Heavyweight title with Eclipse as the guest referee, The Assassin def Kid Chaos to win the vacant ACW Heavyweight title with Psycho as the guest referee..

  88. October 29, 2005--WWSA in Sewell, New Jersey: Kid Styles def J.G. Wright, Unholy NC Salvatore Soprano, Barbie the Behemoth won Halloween Battle Royal, Soul Brothers def Creamator & Man-Thing, Man won three-way over Steve the Teacher and Dirty Money, Pat Shamrock def Vinny, Nikolai Volkoff def Angel Gonzalez, Chris Steele def Tommy Force..

  89. October 30, 2005--Empire Wrestling Federation in Playa Del Rey, California: Dan "The Man" Kobrick def Kid Karnage by Submission, Plague def Max Martin by Submission, Vizzion def Alex Pinchek, Joey Harder def J.C. Castro to retain the Cruiserweight title, Candice LeRae def Cotton Candy in an Inter-Gender Match, Bino Gambino def Big Babi Slymm to retain the Heavyweight title, T.J. Perkins def Scorpio Sky..