Independent Wrestling Results - September 2005

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Some Indy Feds have their own results section, smaller indy results appear below:
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  1. September 2, 2005--High Velocity Wrestling in Hendersonville, North Carolina: Livewire def McGruff, Dale Stepp DDQ Kid Country, Vicious V def S.T. Riker, Leroy Dudley def Steve Cronic, Kid Kaos won three-way over Bryan Austin and Jesse Black, Livewire def Vicious V, Viper won four-way over Ken Magnum, Scotty Black and Justin Destruction

  2. September 2, 2005--WAR in La Habra, California: The Reason def Twist & ?, Markus Riot def Junior, Phoenix Star & Zokre won three-way over Young Bucks and Biggie Biggz & Human Tornado, Charles Mercury def Hook Bomberry, El Generico def Top Gun Talwar, Kevin Steen def Davey Richards, Super Dragon & Jack Evans def Scott Lost & Joey Ryan..

  3. September 3, 2005--American Pro Wrestling in Spartanburg, South Carolina: Kaos & Dragon def Disoriented & Flyboy, Morbid & A.J. Frost def Golden Eagle & Shay Shady McGrady, Steve Cronic def Mickey Richards, Rowdy James & Zack Salvation def Jonathan Buffet & Dark Lion, Rev. Slim & Deacon Donnie def Billy Rucker & Eric Thunder, Shane Austin def Krazy K, Doug Hawkins & Bill White def Boomer Payne & Dookie Payne, Ken Magnum def Dexter Poindexter, Mark Slain def Buddy Landel, Nick Fury & Dirty & Bryan Austin vs Viper & Jesse Black & Jimmy Kindred ended in a Double DQ..

  4. September 3, 2005--HPW in Columbus, Indiana before 147 fans: Lotus def Crazy J, Jon Wall def Brad Lamen, Average White Guy def Brian Beech, Bobby Black def Donny Idol, Troy Van Zant def Tom Van Zant, Ox Harley & Brian Beech def BOT..

  5. September 3, 2005--West Coast Wrestling in Pleasant Hill, California before a sellout of 300 fans: Mutacionado I def Sir Samurai, Bonsai Bruce Bukkake won three-way over Flaco Loco and Chance Calloawy, U.S. Steele def Alexis Smirnoff Jr., Technical Terror def Devil Mountain & Bad Apples & Hijo de Chupacabra, Hellfyre won gauntlet over Lance Bermuda, Virgil Rage and Jason Vega..

  6. September 3, 2005--EWF in Marion, Indiana: MIA NC J.D. Blaze, Karen McBride def Wildman Rogers, Rastakhan def Liberty Kid, Matt Shock def 70s Guy, Chance Laredo & Frank Stein def Unrated & Comacide, Fallen Dragon def Hypnosis, Hank Calhoun def Chip Daley, Sikness def Steve Amani, Melliki & Noah Lott def Anarchy & Jay West..

  7. September 3, 2005--Bad 2 The Bone Wrestling in Bardstown, Kentucky from the National Guard Armory: US Champion Brandon Blaze beat Real Sexxxy by DQ ... Maxx Mizery pinned Brent Goodin ... Billy Maverick & Billy Black def JC Bailey & Simon Sezz ... The Prophet pinned Randy Royal ... BBW Champion Vic The Bruiser beat Todd Morton by DQ.

  8. September 3, 2005--Mid South Wrestling Alliance in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Red Dirt Outlaws def New Age Syndicate to retain the Mid-South Tag Team titles, Cody Jones def Sage, Slash def Maniac Mike, Third Rail def Draven Cross, Lone Shining Star def Prophet to win the Tri-State title, John O'Malley def Glenn Steele, Red Dirt Outlaws vs Real Impact Players (Aaron & Se7en) ended in a No Contest, The Outlaw def Angel Williams w/Tommy D in a No Holds Barred match to win the Mid-South Heavyweight title..

  9. September 4, 2005--WPW in Anaheim, California: Candace LaRue & Jim Beam def Karla Jade & Sonvetto, KIDD def Rudy Luna, Kid Karange def Bobby Rios, Lionheart def Sexy Chino, Kid Omega & Junior def Chippy Sanchez & Infernal-DQ..

  10. September 6, 2005--IWA East Coast in South Charleston, West Virginia: Nate Webb def El Drunko, Mickie Knuckles def Sumie Sakai, WARPIG def Trik Nasty, Juggulator def Zach Gowen, Ruckus def Kudo to keep CZW title, 2 Tuff Tony def Sabu, mad Man Pondo def Rude Boy. Gowen replaced an injured Ian Rotten..

  11. September 9, 2005--Tornado Pro Wrestling in Tulsa, Oklahoma: Romero Contreras def D-Day to retain the Television title, Ryan Davidson def The Prophet, The Canadian Luchadore def Cody Jones, Justin Lee def Timmy J, Sexy Bologna vs The Canadian Red Devil & Jon Davis ended in a Double DQ, The Forsaken def The Red Dirt Outlaws to retain the Tag Team titles..

  12. September 9, 2005--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, Texas: Jerry Brown vs Sidd Murder ended in a No Contest, Kit Carson def Spudz McKenzie, Khan def Dave the Rave to win the Iron Man title, Gemini def Ricky Jackson, Action Jackson & Jack Drastic def Manny Fernandez & Eddie Atlas w/Stephanie..

  13. September 9, 2005--HCW Championship Wrestling in Somerset, Kentucky from the National Guard Armory: The Prophet def JV Insanity, Ric Gunner def Shawn Christopher and Alex Walker in a 3-WAY, Shane Mathews def Shawn Christopher ( def ending the title for Xavier Daniels, who could not make it) to win the International title, Billy Maverick def Ric Gunner to retain the Heavyweight title.

  14. September 9, 2005--New Wrestling Horizons in Clinton, Maine: Larry Huntley def Scott Vegas by DQ when Cameron Mathews interfered, BullMoose Calhoun def Johnny Primer & Tim Sabin in a Handicap match, "Mourningstar" Marcus Hall def Hardware to retain NWH Heavyweight Title, Larry Huntley & Sonny Roselli def Scott Vegas & Cameron Mathews & Ric Daniels in a Handicap Tag Team match..

  15. September 10, 2005--Wrestle Reunion in Davie, Florida before an estimated 550: David Isley def Hack Myers, Sumie Sakai def Amy Love, Bugsy McGraw def Warlord, Mike Graham def Kevin Sullivan in a battle of Florida tag team champions during the Nixon administration, Blue Meanie def Kamala, Jake Roberts def Antonio Banks, Greg Valentine def Tito Santana to win the IWA title when Jimmy Hart threw in Brass Knux, Tully Blanchard (with J.J. Dillon) def Outlaw Ron Bass, Team 3-D (former Dudleys) def Dennis Condrey & Bobby Eaton, Dusty Rhodes NC Terry Funk with Mick Foley as ref. Funk turned heel on Foley saying he was pissed because it was the first time he was wrestling where he was getting paid less than the referee. Joey Styles was also there.

  16. September 10, 2005--Carolina Championship Wrestling in Shelby, North Carolina: Tater Kirby def Mike Lee, Brad Thomas won three-way over Jason Jones and Michael Yamaha, Andrew Bain def Miguel Guerrero and Jimmy Jack Funk Jr in handicap match, Madd Maxx def Sheik of Araby, Amber O'Neil def Krissy Vaine, Bobby Fulton def George South Sr., Brad Anderson def David Flair, Ricky Morton def Buff Bagwell (replacing no-show Barry Windham)..

  17. September 10, 2005--PWA in Rainier, Oregon: DeeVaa & Tommy Celcious def Aaron Bolo & Twist, XXX def Laramie Lexow & Hoss Tull in a handicap match, Cedric def Christopher Ryseck-DQ, George Michael def Critter, Drew Gage & Draven def Cadillac Calliss & Wildcard, Steve Rush NC Havoc, C.C. Poison & Thunder vs Chris Del Sol & Matt Farmer ended in a NO CONTEST..

  18. September 10, 2005--Plymouth Championship Wrestling in Sioux City, Iawa: Jake Homes & J.T. Wilcox def Dimitri Kolov & Sebastian Shaw, Sinister def Babyface, Chris Havius & Zac James def Jaysin Strife & Skeeter, Chippendale Kid def Hillbilly Buck, Sean Cruz & Paul Daniels def Max Magnus & Abu Colossus, Hype Gotti def Jayden Draigo in a dog collar match..

  19. September 10, 2005--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Angie def Wildman Rogers by Count Out, Fabuzio def Fallen Dragon, Matt Shock NC Noah Lott & Steve Amani & Frank Stein, Melliki def Hypnosis Sikness & Jay West def Chance Laredo & Chip Daley, Rastakhan def Hank Calhoun, Anarchy def Tracy Smothers by DQ..

  20. September 10, 2005--Unique Championship Wrestling in Rockwood, Tennessee before 70 fans: Bobby Showtime def Chris Shamrock, Sky Adams won three-way over Maximus and Drew Myers, Bert Angle def Sunny Fargo, Blue Intern def Charles Long-DQ, Star def Fantasy, Blue Intern & Dusty Sharpe def Matt Talent & Charles Long..

  21. September 10, 2005--American Pro Wrestling in Spartanburg, South Carolina: Rowdy James def Zack Salvation to retain the Carolinas title, Boomer Payne & Dookie Payne def Disoriented & Terry Lee, Steve Cronic def Chad Colt to retain the United States title, Chief Jay Eagle & Deacon Donnie def Rev. Slim & James McHone, A.J. Frost def Will Snapp, Ethan Cage def Sir Jonathan Buffet, Nick Fury & Kid Kaos & Dark Lion def Viper & Jesse Black & Jimmy Kindrid in a Falls Count Anywhere match, Mark Slain def Ken Magnum to retain the APW title, The Barbarian def Sonny Landel by DQ, Bill White & Doug Hawkins def C.B. Kane & Leroy Dudley by DQ to retain the Tag Team titles..

  22. September 10, 2005--Championship Wrestling in Erwin, Tennessee: Wayne Adkins def Nick Hammonds in a #1 Contenders Match, Tony Givens def Robbie Cassidy by Count Out to retain the Television title, Beau James & K.C. Thunder def Chris Richards & Bryan Wayne in an Erwin Street Fight to retain the Tag Team titles, Chris Richards won Battle royal, Alyx Winters def Wayne Adkins to retain the National title, Steve Fury def The Ramsey Twins in a $5,000 Challenge Handicap Match...

  23. September 10, 2005--Piledriver Pro's debut show in Bound Brook, New Jersey: Soul Brothers def Power Company, Josh Daniels def Rob Eckos, Leatherman def King Kaluha, Julio Dinero def Simon Diamond, Little Louie def King Sleazy, Danny Doring def Crowbar by DQ, The Patriot & Kid USA w/Johnny Valiant def Sheik of Baghdad & Tiger Kahn w/The Iron Sheik..

  24. September 10, 2005--Ultimate Wrestling Alliance in Perryville, Missouri: Nightmare Nick Tyson def European Legend Pierre, Liquid Ice def Kahyman, Billy McNeil def "Wildcat" Gary J, Reid Reign def Reverand Jason Salvation and Trent Stone in a 3-WAY to win the vacant Greater St. Louis title, The Teacher def Playboy Double H to win the UWA title, Hammer def "Hot Stuff" James Micheals in a Best 2/3 Falls match..

  25. September 10, 2005--Pro Wrestling Entertainment in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania: John Cabbie def Jey Graham, Glen Osbourne def Sexy Shane Shadows, Joe Zerbe (Franklintown Firefighter) def Johnny Graham with Brian Kromer (another Franklintown Firefighter) as referee, Doink The Clown def Jackpot w/Max Speed, Lexie Fyfe def Cindy Rogers in DQ to retain the Ladies title when PWE Promoter Tiffani Monroe stopped Rogers from hitting Fyfe with the title belt, Icarus & Gran Akuma def Los Luchador (Skayda & Lance Steele) to retain the Tag Team titles, Larry Sweeney def Hallowicked to retain the PWE title..

  26. September 11, 2005--Supreme Pro Wrestling in Sacramento, California: Los Despididos won Battle Royal, Drake Smith def Tim Moira, Pogo the Clown def Paul Izadora, Rejected def Lucha Libre Mafia & Dante, Bruce Bukkake def Rik Luxury, Suburban Commandos & Vinnie Massaro def Blanchards & Adam Thornstowe, Seito Hayashi def Sir Samurai, Oliver John def J.D. Bishop in an I Quit match..

  27. September 11, 2005--Vanguard Championship Wrestling in Hampton, Virginia: Ultra Dragon def Chris Escobar, Shorty Smalls def Lance McIntyre, Hall Brothers def 6D6 & Krotsh, Phil Brown def Damien Wayne, Street Sweepers won three-way over Hall Brothers and Sean Lei & Dirty Money, Shane Falco def Southern Diablo, Pat & C.W Anderson def 6D6 & Brandon Day, Sean Lei def Brandon Day..

  28. September 11, 2005--World of Hurt Wrestling in Hudson Falls, New York: Shockwave def Sean Alexander, Barbie won three-way over Kayla Sparks and Mickey the Quickie, Reed James def Steve Kruz, Diablo Santiago def Jerk Jackson, Nick Neighborhood def Texas Outlaw, Scott Scarsdale def Pedro Gonzalez, Chuck Deep won three-way over Swinger Sidusky and Freight Train, Punk def Hoss, Makua & Ka Hoku def Shane Alden & Virus..

  29. September 12, 2005--WXW Wrestling in Fort Greely, Alaska: Tonic def Joe Muraco to win the North American title, Sabian def "Smooth" Tommy Suede and The Dynamic Sensation in a 3-WAY, Mercedes Martinez def Miss Talia by Submission to retain the Woman's title, T-Bolt def Headshrinker Alofa by Disqualification after interference by Headshrinker Samu, T-Bolt & Norman Smiley def The Headshrinkers (Samu & Alofa) in the main event.. (NOTE: On this military tour there is no ring to compete in, so the matches were held on a high school wrestling mat)..

  30. September 13, 2005--Full Throttle Wrestling in Elkmont, Alabama: Chris Castle def Tony Vercetti, "A2" Adam Armor def Insane Lane, Chrisjen Hayme def "Canadian Kid" Chris Lee by DQ in a #1 Contenders match when a returning Chad Taylor interfered, KG def Cabana Man Dan, "Energetic Star" Phil Wilson def Big T to retain the FTW title, Charlie Swinger & Shawn Peete def Keith Courageous & Pogo to become the new Tag Team Champions..

  31. September 13, 2005--AWA APEX Wrestling in Oak Hill, West Virginia: Jason Kincaid def Chris Vega, Shane Storm def Brett Sharp, Allen Lynch def Dice Del Ray, Mr. Black def Sicilian, Allen Lynch def Jason Kincaid, Mr. Black def Shane Storm, Mr. Black def Allen Lynch

  32. September 15, 2005--Championship Wrestling in Bristol, Tennessee: Shane Matthews w/John Hawkins def Cody Ices, The Freak def Matt Scott (After the match, Nick Hammonds & Robbie Cassidy kicked Scott out of "Platinum Stash"), Beau James & KC Thunder def Ricky Morton & Brad Thomas, Ray Idol & Matt Stevens def Steve Fury & John Hawkins, The Bombers def Bryan Wayne & Matt Scott, Nick Hammonds def Menace and Wayne Adkins and Brian Compton and Jowad Wayne (c) in a 5-WAY Ladder match to win the Junior title, Tony Givens & Chris Richards def Robbie Cassidy & Tracy Smothers, AJ Styles def Alyx Winters by DQ (Winters retains National title)..

  33. September 15, 2005--Lucha Caliente in El Paso, Texas:

  34. September 16, 2005--Championship Wrestling in Kingsport, Tennessee: Nick Hammonds def Brad Thomas to retain the Junior title, The Bombers def Sigmon & Marco Kayfabian, Ryan Dookie def Brian Compton, Wayne Adkins & Matt Stevens def Alyx Winters & Steve Fury, Bryan Wayne def Thorn, Wayne Adkins & Ricky Morton def Beau James & Danny Ray (Sub for KC Thunder) to win the Triple Crown Tag Team Titles, Tony Givens (TV Champion) vs Robbie Cassidy ended in a 60 Minute Time limit draw, Chris Richards def Josh Cody in Cody's farewell match (After the match, both men shook hands and Richards hoisted Cody up on his shoulders)..

  35. September 16, 2005--XCW in Denton, Texas: Spudz McKenzie def Bull, Khan def Sidd Murder to retain the Iron Man title, Jeff & Jerry Brown def The Niggaz (w/Steve Moody) to win the Tag Team title, Khan def Brett Barnes to retain the Iron Man title, Action Jackson & Jack Drastic def Iceman King Parsons & Al Jackson by DQ..

  36. September 16, 2005--WFA in Dover, New Hampshire before 75-100 fans: The Mike def Scotty Reed, Nikki Roxx def Ms. Peters, Shane def Vampire, Mike Osbourne def Tim McNeany, Pirates def Mexicals, El Drago def D.C. Dillinger, Danny Jaxx won pole Battle royal, Brian Fury def Steve Bradley in a chain match, Alex Arion def Brad Locke in a street fight..

  37. September 16, 2005--Lucha Caliente in El Paso, Texas: Impostor def Punisher, Green Danger def Nathan Sin, T-Krew def Las Bestias I & II-DQ, Cinta de Oro & Scorpio 2000 def Jacob Ladder & Darin Childs, Lady Apache & Cassandro def Hurricane Hector (Eddie Guerrero's best friend growing up) & Xochitl Hamada..

  38. September 16, 2005--No Name Wrestling in Sanford, Florida before 150 fans: Snow def Sicilian Slasher, Heartbreak Express def Mace & Levi Mullins to keep FIP tag titles, Naphtali def Benny Blanco, Baddboy def Barney Rumble, Rick the Reaper def Wild Man Brodie, Rip Malibu NC Evan Starsmore, Rip Malibu & Evan Starsmore def Kenny King & Hawk from Tough Enough, Jerrelle Clark def Erick Stevens, Sedrick Strong def Mark Stephens..

  39. September 16, 2005--SRW Pro Wrestling in Glensboro, Kentucky from Salt River Landing: Big Gunn def Cujo in a Bull Rope Match, Scott Storm def Big Daddy Dalton, JV Insanity def Brian Lawless, Average White Guy def Kevin Starr, Jay Riggs def Hamid Jihad (US Champion) in a non-title Match, Cody Mathews & Johnny Badd def Shane Mathews & Billy Maverick after Shane Mathews turned on Billy Maverick..

  40. September 16, 2005--PWF in Quincy, Massechusettes before 275 fans: Sheik Farooq Padula def Tad White, Jose Perez def Nice Guy Nat, T.J. Ritcher def Pat Masters, Ariel def Demonica, Pride def American Body Squad, Ebony Blade def Matt Storm in an I Quit match, Evan Siks def Toxic Taltz, Triplelicious def John Walters, Jason Blade def Christopher Daniels ..

  41. September 17, 2005--Blue Water Championship Wrestling in Port Huron, Michigan: Xavier Justice def Young Star, Percy def Romeo, Canadian Bad Boys def Motor City Rollers, Candyman def Mike Zero, Grappler & El Diablo won four-team elimination over Chris Korvis & J.J. Carson, Sebastian Rose & Jack, and Justin Rhodes & Big Josh, Sean Casey def Chris Sabin..

  42. September 17, 2005--Carolina Wrestling Association in Statesville, North Carolina: Texas Justice def Jason King & Kenny James, Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. & Heavy def Mike Hammer & Steve Goines, George South Jr. & Mike Lee def High Impact, Jason Jones & Jake Manning def Untouchables, Texas Justice def Heavy B & Funk Jr., Manning & Jones def Lee & South Jr., Texas Justice def Manning & Jones to win CWA tag titles, Brad Anderson def George South Sr....

  43. September 17, 2005--Southern Championship Wrestling in Debary, Florida before 125 fans: Legion Cage def Jaison Moore, Larry Zbyzsko def Ninja, Green Light District def Scott Commodity & Preston James, Rip Malibu def Phil Davis, Thump Dupree def Sean Davis after interference by a guy in a dancing bear costume, Aaron Epic def Chasyn Rance, Scott Davis won three-way over Vordell Walker and Jason Hexx. Sherri Martel led three Ninjas to attack Zbyszko, claiming she was getting revenge for something or other that took place involving Zbyszko's feud with Nick Bockwinkel in the 80s..

  44. September 17, 2005--Keystone States Wrestling Alliance in Millvale, Pennsylvania: Anthony Alexander def Shawn Blanchard, Lou Martin def Justin Sane, La Lucha def Del Douglas, Mike Malachi def Latin Assassin-DQ, Del Douglas won Battle Royal, Martin def Douglas, Malachi def Blanchard, Joey Quervo & Ali Kaida & Biker Al def Lost Boys & La Lucha, Anthony Alexander def Justin Sane..

  45. September 17, 2005--Slam All-Star Wrestling in Highgate, Vermont: Vigo & Scotty Vegas def Aftershock & Chango, Tim Pittman def Johnny Primer, Alex Chamberlain def Slick, Osiris def Bull, Drake Evans def Northern Studd, Nocturne def Jon Thornhill, Alex Chamberlain def Osiris, Marcus Hall def Michael Monroe..

  46. September 17, 2005--Pro Wrestling Phoenix in Council Bluffs, Iawa: Max Magnus def Jayden Draigo, Daniels Brothers def Gauge & Johnny Jackson, J.T. Wilcox def Chippendale Kid, Chris Havius def Zac James, Darrien Sanders def Babyface, Hype Gotti won three-way over Jaysin Strife and Sean Cruz..

  47. September 17, 2005--American Pro Wrestling in Spartanburg, South Carolina: Jimmy Kindrid & Terry Lee def Disoriented & American Dragon (not Danielson), Ethan Cage vs Ken Magnum ended in a Double Count Out, Steve Cronic (US Champion) vs Shane Austin ended in a Double DQ, Jonathan Buffett def Dark Lion, Billy Rucker def Evan Force, Jay Eagle def A.J. Frost, Bill White & Doug Hawkins def Zack Salvation & Rowdy James to retain the Tag Team titles, Dirty vs Nick Fury ended in a Time Limit draw, Mark Slain def Tommy Gibson to retain the APW title..

  48. September 17, 2005--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Rastakhan def A.C. Jones, Eve def Wildman Rogers-DQ, J.T. Zorin & Frank Stein def New Jack Hustlas, Bob def Ox Harley, Chance Laredo def Hypnosis-DQ, Noah Lott def Hank Calhoun, Anarchy def Chip Daley..

  49. September 17, 2005--Northern Wrestling Federation in Fairfield, Ohio: Ice def Russ Meyers, Weird Science def Zodiacs, Tony Bryant def T-Money, Roger Ruffen & Muldoon DDQ Jesse & Jeremy Hyde, Matt Parks def Pompano Joe-DQ, Ryan Stone & Chad Allegra def Dustin Lillard & American Eagle..

  50. September 17, 2005--IPW Hardcore Wrestling's Reunion Show in St. Petersburg, Florida drew a sellout of 275 fans: Sedrick Strong def Jerrelle Clark, James Hendrix & Bolles Azules & Mark Zout & Pretty Fly & Amy Love def Erick Stevens & Kenny King & Kat LaRue & Pat Powers & Bug, Tommy & Johnny Vandal def Dagon Briggs & Naphtali, Axis & Python def Dr. Heresy & Don Juan DeSanto, Mikey Tenderfoot def Rod Steel, Steve Madison def Antonio Banks,Corky won Battle Royal, Cuban Assassin def Navy Seal, Mike Sullivan won four-way over Lex Lovett, Buck Quartermain and Bruce Steel, Chaotic Cult def Southern Posse..

  51. September 17, 2005--River City Wrestling in San Antonio, Texas before 188 fans: Johnny Ender def Chris Marval, Joey Spector def Mike Dell, Kris Kronie def Don Juan, John Hope def Rudy Russo, Texas Treats & Mike Dell def Nerdy Boys & Joey Spector..

  52. September 17, 2005--West Coast Wrestling in Pleasant Hill, California before 300: Mutacionado Uno def Kenny K, Bad Apples def Sir Samurai & Hot Stuff Hayashi, Alexis Smirnoff Jr. def Virgil Belmont, Flaco Loco def Jason Vega, Apollo Green def One Eyed Jack, Technical Terror def Chance Calloway & D.J. Rizz, Risa de Muerte def Rage by DQ..

  53. September 17, 2005--Global Championship Wrestling in Palmerdale, Alabama: Nino del Oro b. "Wild Thing" Will Owens, Cabana Man Dan b. Mudbone, Theodore Tuttweiler III w/ Howard C. Cross b. Jesse Paine, Night Prowler b. Adam Armor, GCW Title Match: Inhuman Fly & Nasty Kritter go to a No Contest due to interference, The Asian Assassins b. "Mad Dog" Dan Sawyer & Seth Skyfire..

  54. September 17, 2005--Christian Wrestling Alliance in Columbia, South Carolina: Minion def Adam Owens and Malachi in a 3-WAY, Nick Kismet def Brandon Paradise, Sonny Landel def Chris Hamrick, Josh Magnum def Rufio Rush and 2D Extreme in a 3-WAY Ladder match, Cali Casanova & The Widow Maker def Johnny Flex & Lt. Dan, Johnny Blaze def Xavier Night to win the CWA Cruiserweight title, J.J. Jackson def Hollow Wicked to win the CWA Heavyweight title, Kirk Prodigy def Brian Linder in Hardcore Rules match..

  55. September 17, 2005--Southern Wrestling Association in Lafayette, Tennessee: "Impressive" Anthony Wayne def "Pale Rider" Damien Payne w/Onyx to win the Light Heavyweight title; Kevin Dunn def Jason Nezmith in the grudge match; Loose Cannon def Chris Havoc to win the United States title; Hot & Dangerous ("Hot Shot" John Watts & Dale Dangerous) def The Metal Militia (American Psycho & Tony Grande) to win the Tag Team titles in the hair vs. titles match; "Suicidal High Flyer" Matt Korbaine def Big Digger to win the Heavyweight title..

  56. September 17, 2005--Columbia Wrestling Alliance in Columbia, Tennessee: Angel def Susan Morton in a non-title street fight match; Tommy Capone def Shane Morton to retain the Heavyweight title; Yukon Jack def Richard Ezell; Gypsy Joe & Shane Morton def Brawler Rex & Tim Renesto by DQ, Tim Renesto & Lawrence def Southern Justice (Maxx Hatter & Big T)..

  57. September 17, 2005--New England Championship Wrestling in Framingham, Massechusettes: Rave def Rob Impact & Evan Always, Mike Bennett def Frankie Arion, Johnny Idol def Joe Chece, Nikki Roxx def Jade, D-Unit def Sonny Goodspeed & Scott Ashworth, Pride NC Execution, Danny Diaz def Tony Montana, Michael Sain def Fred Curry Jr., A-List def Afterburn-DQ, Lombardi def Chris Venom..

  58. September 18, 2005--WPW in Anaheim, California: Sexy Chino def Kid Sensation, Steve Pain def Markus Riot, Kidd & Green Meanie & Biggie Biggz def Lionheart & Jim Beam & Kid Karnage, Rudy Luna & R2K & Candice LaRae def Silver Tyger & Hurricane Havana & Kid Omega, Genio & Conquistador def Tornado Negro & Mandingo, Lil Cholo & Junior def Infernal & Chippy Sanchez..

  59. September 18, 2005--ACPW in Upland, Pennsylvania: Devon Moore & Drew Blood def Aramis & Eric Chapel, Teddy Fine DCOR Zac Connor, Mark Smart def Norm the Barfly,Flex Wheeler def John Cabbie, Chris Wylde def Jude, Maverick def Greg Spitz by DQ, SUV def Gemini Trojans, Ron Starr def Gemini by DQ ..

  60. September 18, 2005--New Image Wrestling in Revere, Massechusettes: Sexy Shawn Styles def Dollar D (Cruiserweight Title), Big Paulie Gilmore & Italian Ice def Southern Extreme, Angel def Outpatient by DQ, Pride def The Big Islanders, CJ Summers def Cemetery Stalker, Eric Egoh (aka Mizery) & Chico Suave def Black Lotus & Plague, Stunning Shawn Stevens def Reaper (Global Title)..

  61. September 19, 2005--New Wrestling Horizons in Rochester, New Hamphire: BullMoose Calhoun won a #1 Contenders Battle Royal, Tommy Mack def Christian Angers w/Stephen Marriott, The Big Islanders def Rick Daniels & Johnny Vegas, Larry Huntley & Sonny Roselli w/Robert Sinclair def Chris Hammrick & Cameron Mathews w/Quentin Michaels, Jason Rumble def Flash Farenhyte, BullMoose Calhoun def "Mourningstar" Marcus Hall by DQ (Hall retains NWH Title),

  62. September 20, 2005--Full Throttle Wrestling in Elkmont, Alabama: Little E def Brandon Smith & Voodoo in a 3-WAY, Cabana Man Dan def KG, "A2" Adam Armor def Insane Lane, Charlie Swinger & Shawn Peete def Pogo & Keith Courageous to retain the Tag Team titles, "Energetic Star" Phil Wilson def Chrisjen Hayme to retain the FTW Title..

  63. September 23, 2005--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, Texas: Spudz McKenzie def Bull, Khan def Davidian Guy to retain the Iron Man title, Jack Drastic def Dusty Wolfe, Sidd Murder def Ricky Jackson, Larry Canyunga def Brett Barnes, Action Jackson def Jared Steele (TNT Champion) by DQ..

  64. September 23, 2005--American Pro Wrestling in Gastonia, North Carolina: Kaos & Hillbilly Hank & McGruff def The Iraqi & Evan Force & The Assassin, Dookie Payne def Viper, Scotty Piper & Blackjack Dalton def The Beach Blondes (Shane Austin & Mickey Richards), Fuzzy Bass def Scotty Blackm, Rowdy James def Zack Salvation and Patrick Wright in a 3-WAY to retain the Carolinas title, "Romeo" Mark Slain def "Big Country" Billy Rucker to retain the APW title, Doug Hawkins & Bill White def Steve Cronic & Preston O'Ryan by DQ to retain the Tag Team titles, Dirty def El Serpiente, Sir Jonathan Buffett def Ethan Cage, DL Kool & Ken Magnum w/James McHone def Chief Jay Eagle & Johnny Eagle..

  65. September 23, 2005--World of Hurt Wrestling in Hudson Falls, New York: Reed James def Timmy Wright, Bobby Flamingo & Steve Kruz def Pedro Gonzalez & Hound Dog, Diablo Santiago def Sgt. DeRocca, Islanders def Shane Alden in handicap match, Scott Scarsdale def Texas Outlaw, J.P. Black def Swinger Sidusky, Punk def Pierre Vachon, Nick Neighborhood & Chuck Deep def Jeff Starr & Shockwave..

  66. September 23, 2005--New Wrestling Horizons in Oakfield, Maine at the Community Center: Hardware & Scotty Vegas def Johnny Primer & Tim Sabin, Bullmoose Calhoun def "Italian Superman" Sonny Roselli by DQ in a #1 Contenders match, "Hi Flying" Chris Hamrick def Cameron Mathews, T-Bone Jones def Sonny Roselli, Larry Huntley & Mark Moment def Jason Holiday & Chris Carter (sub for CN Power) in a Double Dog Collar Match (Due to the stipulations of the match, Holiday Tag Team Title Carter were forced to eat dog food. NWH Owner Quentin Michaels then announced that due to the substitute, Carter, being pinned and not Holiday, the titles would not change hands), Marcus Hall def Bullmoose Calhoun Calhoun to retain the NWH Heavyweight Title..

  67. September 24, 2005--New Wrestling Horizons in Brewer, Maine at Dino's Subs and Seafood: Scott Vegas def Tim Sabin, Chris Hamrick & Hardware def Jason Holiday & Cameron Mathews, Mark Moment def Johnny Primer, Sonny Roselli def Chris Carter, Larry Huntley def Marcus Hall to become the NEW NWH Heavyweight Champion!

  68. September 24, 2005--FPWA - Souled Out in Pinellas Park, Florida: Suicide & Evan Starsmore def Aaron Epic & Erick Stevens, Lorelei Lee def Amy Action and Bliss in a 3-WAY Womans match, The Powers of Pat (Pat Powers & Pat McGroin) def James Morrison & Havok, Sideshow w/Ana Mosity def Pretty Fly in a "No Rules, No Limits, Anything Goes" Match, Dean Draven def Ricky Romeo to retain the AWF Austral-Asian title, Jerome Hendrix def The Black Knight w/Lady Luck, WiKid w/Ana Mosity def VinnDetta in a Submissions match, The Entourage (Heater & Killian & 'Sonny Maivia) def "The 400 Pound Monster" Torcher w/Arson, Dagon Briggs w/Se7en def Stash to retain the Florida States title, "Superfan" Mark Zout (as Sting) vs The Black Knight ended in a No Contest (Zout retains FPWA title)..

  69. September 24, 2005--EWF in Covina, California: Vizzion won three-way over Mad Max Martin and Dan Kobrick, Bruiser Dave def Nitro 2 Go, Bino Gambino & Brandon Nitro def Jason King & Ryan Taylor, Joey Harder def Kid Karnage, Syrus def Jason Lee, Gambino & Harder & Kobrick & Nitro & Dave def King & Karnage & Vizzion & Martin & Taylor..

  70. September 24, 2005--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Rastakhan def Chance Laredo, Steve Amani def Hypnosis, Nadia def Wildman Rogers-DQ, Nadia def Rogers, Johnny & Donnie Tsunami def Jay West & Sikness, Noah Lott won Rumble..

  71. September 24, 2005--AWS at the City of Industry, California: Johnny Paradise & Charles Mercury def Hook Bomberry & Lionheart, Scott Lost won over Scorpio Sky, Ronin and Passion Hasegawa, Quicksilver def Lil Nate, Kayam & Enigma de Oro & Plague def Junior & R2K & Steve Pain, Jose Moreno def Sexy Chino, Antonio Meistre def Alex Koslov, Human Tornado def Chris Bosh..

  72. September 24, 2005--AWA Maximum Championship Wrestling & Dynamite Championship Wrestling in Dover, Delaware: Established def Impact Jack & Hallow Wicked, Southern Grizzly & Lumberjack def Brandon Mercury, Archie Bowman def Blue Lightning, Stacy Adams won over Eric Chapel, Larry Sweeney & Shane Storm, Zac Conner def Bazooka Joe, Kendo Sai & Dragonfly def Chris Wylde & Crazy Shea, Chris Wylde def Slacker Martin, E.L. Stanley esq. & Sam Jones def Jimmy Dream & Shawn Fury, Massive Mike & Shaka vs Gemini Trojans ended in a No Contest..

  73. September 24, 2005--EWA in Baltimore, Maryland: Prep Club def Legion of Ungood, Chris Nightmare def Jason Stone, Zach Matthews def Steve Desire, Jim Christian & Jaxx Craven def JawBreakers, Ruckus def D.J. Hyde and Tank Thomas and Shawn Bishop ub a 4-WAY, Devon Moore def Jimmy Starz and Drew Gulak and Bruce Chan in a 4-WAY, Eagle vs Stevie Riggs ended in a No Contest..

  74. September 24, 2005--Championship Wrestling in Kingsport, Tennessee: Wayne Adkins & Jowad Wayne def Brian Michaels & Marco Kayfabian, Freak def Cody Ices, Ray Idol def Matt Scott, Bombers def Bryan Wayne & Brian Phoenix, Chris Richards NC Alyx Winters, Shane Andrews def Matt Stevens, Nick Hammonds def Menace, Robbie Cassidy def Tony Givens..

  75. September 24, 2005--Pinnacle Wrestling in Pacific, Washington: Caden Matthews won four-corners match over Nick Sully, Aaron Bolo and Skag Rollins, Cadillac Callis & WildCard def Diafullah the Butcher & Marion Gein-DQ, Seth Knight def Cedric, Beau James & Super Destroyer def Draven Vargas & Hoss Tull, Juggernaut & Nelson Creed & Twist def Laramie Lexow & Mac'z Payne & Davey Richards, Reason def Jack Evans..

  76. September 24, 2005--3XW in Des Moines, Iawa: Gage Octane def Havyk, Tony Scarpone def Krow Wild Child Matty Fitness def Mic Meyhem-COR, Egotistico Fantastico def Vin Cross, Second Coming def A.J. Smooth & Montoya X, Casanova won three-way over Christian Moore and Bryce Benjamin, Brian Ash def Mr. Destiny..

  77. September 24, 2005--Midwest Wrestling Alliance in Carter Lake, Iawa: Preston Maxwell & Vince Black def Gauge & Johnny Jackson, Eric Fantasbulous def Shawn North, Blade def Donnie Peppercricket, Austin Storm def Sean Xavier, Troy Roberts & Mr. Jones def Preston Maxwell & Vince Black-DQ, Chris Havius def Jaysin Strife, Jeremy Wyatt def Hype Gotti..

  78. September 24, 2005--Bad 2 The Bone Wrestling in Elizabethtown, Kentucky: Light-Heavyweight Champ JC Bailey def Simon Sezz by submission, Andre Justice def Todd Morton- DQ, Ox Harley def The Prophet, Billy Maverick & Billy Black NC Tag Team Champs Randy Royal & K-Lo, Heavyweight Champ Vic The Bruiser def Real Sexxxy-DQ..

  79. September 24, 2005--IWR in Riverview, Michigan: Harker Dirge def J.J. Carson, Jeff King def Frankie the Face, Jeff Brooks & Chris Korvis won over Gameboy & Jimmy Shalwin and Jerome Pruit & Tommy Johnson, Elvis Elliot & Mike Kelly def Vinnie & Sonny Scarboni, Phil Atlas & El Reverso def Klunk the Klown & Badunkadunk, Homeless Jimmy won Battle Royal, Eddie Venom & Stevie Lee def Anthony Rivera & Breyer Wellington, Johnny Dynamo & Jack Thriller def Josh Movado & Bubba McKenzie, Homeless Jimmy def Brad Martin, Zach Gowen won four-way over N8 Mattson, Eddie Venom and Gutter..

  80. September 24, 2005--Millennium Wrestling Federation - Road To The Gold 2005 in Lynn, Massechusettes: The Islanders def Southern Extreme, Todd Hanson & Beau Douglas def Canadian Sensations, Tiger Mulligan def Nocturne, The Outpatient def Paulie Gilmore, "Latin Fury" Luis Ortiz def "Sudden Impact" Dylan Kage by DQ in a Lumberjack match, Jon Thornhill def "The Crafty Veteran" Leo Venis, Tiger Mulligan vs Jimmy Jact Ca$h ended in a Double Count Out, Osirus vs Nick Narcisstic ended in a time limit draw, Gino Martino def Kamala to win the AWA Brass Knucks title..

  81. September 24, 2005--New England Championship Wrestling (Afternoon Show) in Somerville, Massechusettes: Sid Momentum def Jon Thornhill, Bryce Andrews & B.K. Jordan def Dan Freitas & Brian Nunes, Mike Bennett def Pat Masters, Fergal Devitt & Joey Cabray def Mat Kai (England) & Ricky Reyes, Joe Chece def Johnny Idol-DQ, Rocco Abruzzi & Clip O'Reilly def Sonny Goodspeed & Scott Ashworth, Frankie Arion def Alex Arion, Fred Curry Jr. def Michael Sain, Mark Bourne & Andre Lyonz def Ray Diamond & P.C. Cruz, Bob Evans def Tony Montana, Paul Lombardi vs Chris Venom ended in a Double DQ..

  82. September 24, 2005--New England Championship Wrestling (Evening All-Womans Show) in Somerville, Massechusettes: Alere Little Feather def Jade and Tanya Lee in a 3-WAY, Violet Flame def Amy Lee, Della Morte def Alex Breslin (Ireland), Kayla Sparks & Miss Deville def Cindy Rogers & Alicia, Nikki Rox def Luscious Lily, Natalia def Mercedes Martinez to win the Women's title..

  83. September 24, 2005--East Coast Championship Wrestling in Shrewsbury, Massechusettes: Kid Pyro def Aaron Knight and Joey Cabray in a 3-WAY #1 Contenders match (Triple Threat title), Brodie Lee def Jensei Sasaki and El Mexicano in a 3-WAY #1 Contenders match (Triple Threat title), Chuck Deep def Evan McCloud (McCloud out in def initely with knee injury!), The Olsen Twins def The Vachon Brothers in a 2/3 Falls match to retain the Tag Team titles, Jade def Della Morte and Alex Breslin and Synndy and Lady Diana and Shawn Candido to become the first Billion $ Women's Champion, Johnny Nash & Julius Sweet & Shawn Candido def Mark Gore & BIG Scott Grimez & Johnny Fabulous, Nick Neighborhood def Tex McCoy in a Texas Bull Rope Match and retain the Heavyweight title..

  84. September 25, 2005--Pinnacle Wrestling in Pacific, Washington: Laramie Lexow d Reason, Davey Richards & Seth Knight def Twist & Nelson Creed, Juggernaut def Hoss Tull, Juggernaut won Battle royal..

  85. September 25, 2005--Hurricane Katrina Benefit Show (125 Wrestlers & 9 Promotions Participated in Westminster, South Carolina: Ethan Cage def Jonathan Buffet, Wicked & Morbid def Yoshi Hiroshima & Roxi Nagasaki, Jason Swords def Tommy Sawyer, Justin Destruction def Scotty Black, Brodie Ray chase & Voodoo Daddy & David Cody def Ox & Skunk Dozer & Revolution, Matt Sells d J.T. Chase, Ken Magnum def Dirty, Manchild & Kid Kwik & Brock Phoenix def Will Snapp & Abe Adams & Thug, Golden Eagle def El Draco, Bobby Holbrooks & Panhead Nelson & Billy Starr def Terry Lee & Draven & Juggernaut & Dark Angel, Viper & Jesse Black def Kaos & Ryan C, Krazy K d Shannon Moore by splitting two falls in an AWA light heavyweight vs. Omega heavyweight title match, Jay Eagle & E.Z. Money def Mark Slain & Dookie Payne, Toni Monroe def Brandy Scotch, Roxi Nagasaki won 25 man Battle Royal, Jeff Lewis & Brandon P def Dexter Poindexter & Preston Orion..

  86. September 25, 2005--SRW Pro Wrestling in Glensboro, Kentucky from Salt River Landing: Kasey Kaos def JV Insanity, Brain Lawless def Hot Rod, JT Money def Cody Matthews, Kevin Star & Johnny Bad def Average White Guy & Big Daddy Dalton, Big Gunn NC Cujo in Lumberjack Match (Time Limit Draw), Shane Mathews def Billy Maverick after hitting him with a chain..

  87. September 25, 2005--Enigma Pro Wrestling in Holton, Indiana: Scott Magnum def Aaron Williams, Ryan Thunders def Fuji X, Crazy J & Lotus def "Bad Boy" Bobby Black & "Sweet Sexy Sensation" Andre Heart, "Simply the Best" Carlton Kaz def Brad Lamen, Diehard & Donny Idol def Hillbilly Jed & Indiana Kidd Jr., "Pure Dynamite" Billy Roc def "The Ladykilla" Chris Morrus to retain the Enigma Pro title..

  88. September 27, 2005--Midwest Pro Wrestling in Minneapolis before 200 fans: Nate Bash def Animal Sam, Chris Jordan def Cody O'Neil, Rain def ODB-DQ, Kid Krazy def Arik Cannon, Magnum Maximus def Punisher, J.B. Trask def Mitch Paradise..

  89. September 27, 2005--Big Time Wrestling in Kinston, North Carolina: Cold Cash D def Pitbull, Mike Yamaha def George South, Sheik of Araby (now where did he get that name?) def Brad Thomas, Krissy Vain def Amber O'Neal, Ricky Morton def Bobby Eaton, Brad Thomas & Ric Converse def Beau James & Sheik of Araby ..

  90. September 30, 2005--High Velocity Wrestling in Hendersonville, North Carolina: McGruff def Cpl. Knight, ST Ryker def Evan Force, Neil Nitro & Ryan C. def Dynamite Kid & Bryan Austin, Kid Kountry def David Steel, Justin Destruction def Steve Cronic, Live Wire def Kaos to retain the Flyweight Title, Ken Magnum & Sir Jonathan Buffett def Jesse Black & Leroy Dudley, Scotty Black def Shane Austin, Viper def Mr. Electricity in a Barbed Wire match to retain the HVW title..

  91. September 30, 2005--New Millennium Championship Wrestling in Lancaster, South Carolina: Money Man def Crazy Train, Jay Eagle def Doug Hawkins, Jason Jones def Mikal Adryan, Rex Rumble def Myric Moore, Andy Chavis def Lodi-DQ, Tim Hunter def Shane Austin..

  92. September 30, 2005--ICW in Tacoma, Washington: Ritchie Magnett def Chunk, Rad def Marvelous Matt, Cheno def Sloth, Mr. Q def Avalanche, Prince Nahal & Chef Hassan Akbar def Michael Santiago & Jason Jackson, Honky Tonk Man def Tim Flowers-DQ..

  93. September 30, 2005--Adrenaline Unleashed in the City of Industry, California before 68 fans: Human Tornado def Hop Sing Lee, Lawrence Tyler def Billy Kim, Michelle Morgan def Hurricane Havana, Christopher Daniels def Hardkore Kidd, Johnny Goodtime def Passion Hasegawa, Ballard Brothers def Native Blood, Davey Richards def Oliver John ..

  94. September 30, 2005--XCW Wrestling in Denton, Texas: Sidd Murder def Jeff Brown, Larry Canyunga def Spudz McKenzie, Al Jackson def Jerry Brown, Bull def Action Jackson, Eddie Atlas & Adrian Sensation def Jack Drastic & Brett Barnes, Kit Carson def Drunk Adam for the XCW Heavyweight Championship..

  95. September 30, 2005--SRW Pro Wrestling in Glensboro, Kentucky from Salt River Landing: Big Gunn def Hot Rod, Johnny Bad def Big Daddy Dalton DQ, Cujo def Brian Lawless, Average White Guy def Kliff Hanger, Billy Maverick def Prophet, Kevin Star def US Champ Hamid Jihad to win the title..