Independent Wrestling Results - July 2005

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  1. July 2, 2005--EWF Title Tournament in Marion, Indiana: Noah Lott def Sikness, Anarchy def CP, Chance Laredo def Johnny Dollar, Matt Shock d Osyris, Chip Daley def Jack Thriller and Brad Lamen and Fabuzio and Steve Armani and Frank Stein in a 6-WAY, Anarchy def Noah Lott, Jay West def Chip Daley, Anarchy def Chance Laredo to win vacant title

  2. July 2, 2005--American Pro Wrestling in Spartanburg, South Carolina at the American Coliseum: Viper def Jimmy Kindrid and Disoriented in a 3-WAY, Steve Cronic def Jesse Black, "Honest" Doug Hawkins & Bill White def Major DeBeers & "Handsome" D.L. Kool to retain the Tag Team titles, Ostgard def Kid Kaos to retain the US title, "Romeo" Mark Slain & Ken Magnum def Nick Fury & "Big Country" Billy Rucker, Zack Salvation vs Jonathan Buffet ended in a NO CONTEST, Shane Austin def Rowdy James to retain the Heavyweight title, Armageddon w/James McHone def David Duke & Boomer Payne..

  3. July 2, 2005--Razorback All-Star Wrestling in Ward, Arkansas: Don Bass def Dustin Nazareth, The Scufflin' Hillbilly def Acid-DQ, Matt Riviera def The Jamaican Kid, Frank Thornton def The Madd Chef in a 2/3 Falls match by DQ in the 3rd fall, The Jamaican Kid def Acid, The Madd Chef def Dustin Nazareth, Matt Riviera vs Frank Thornton ended in a Double Count Out, The Madd Chef won a 10-man battle royal to become the first RAW TV Title Trophy Champion..

  4. July 2, 2005--West Coast Wrestling in Pleasant Hill, California before 150 fans: Hellfyre def Bad Apple Adam, Eric West def Risa de Muerte, Alexis Smirnoff Jr. def Chance Calloway, Rik Luxury def D.J. Rizz, Jason Vega def Sir Samurai, Bad Apple DD def Apollo Green, Bonzai Bruce Bukkake def Hijo de Chupacabra, U.S. Steele def Bukake..

  5. July 4, 2005--Dynamite Championship Wrestling in Smyrna, Deleware before 900 fans: Slacker Martin def Archie Bowmen to retain the No Limit title, The Gemini Trojans def Kento Sai & Jamie Rage to retain the Tag Team titles, Archie Bowmen won 20-Man Battle Royal, "The Rook" Zac Conner w/Noel Harlow def Chris Wylde..

  6. July 4, 2005--WPW in San Diego, California: Lil Nate def Antonio Meistre, Jerry Grey & Mighty Heinrich Volkoff def Ballard Brothers, Al Katrazz def Lawrence Tyler, Navajo Warrior def John Williams, Billy Gunn def The Clown..

  7. July 4, 2005--Southern Wrestling Alliance in Huntsville, Tennessee: Omen def Rico Guerrero, Rage def Bad Medicine, jack Diamond def Eric Adams..

  8. July 6, 2005--National Wrestling Superstars in Wildwood Beach, New Jersey: Kevin Knight def The Equalizer with help from Justin Cage, Tommy Force def JD Smoothie, Funky White Boy def Chris Steel, King Kong Bundy def Justin Cage w/Kevin Knight..

  9. July 7, 2005--National Wrestling Superstars in Wildwood Beach, New Jersey: Tommy Force def Funky White Boy, JD Smoothie def Chris Steel, King Kong Bundy & Equalizer w/Tammy Sytch def Kevin Knight & Justin Cage..

  10. July 7, 2005--Bad 2 The Bone Wrestling in Monticello, Kentucky from the Wayne County Fair: Billy Maverick def Maxx Mizery ... Brent Goodin def Todd Morton ... Simon Sezz def JC Bailey (Light Heavyweight champion) by DQ ... Vic The Bruiser def Tracy Smothers (Heavyweight champion) by DQ..

  11. July 8, 2005--High Velocity Wrestling in Hendersonville, North Carolina: S.T. Ryker & McGruff def Tequila Cousins, Scotty Black def Johnny Buffett, Kaos def Leroy Dudley, Jesse Black def Live Wire, Cat Daddy & Johnny Danger def David Duke & Kid Country, Steve Cronic def Scotty Black, Ken Magnum def Viper..

  12. July 8, 2005--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, Texas: Brett Barnes def Bull (w/Lance Romance & Nicole), Manny Fernandez vs Spudz McKenzie ended in a NO CONTEST, Sidd Murder & Gemini vs The Brown Brothers ended in a NO CONTEST, Jack Drastic def Kit Carson, Terry Funk was there signing autographs and was insulted by XCW Champion Eddie Atlas..

  13. July 8, 2005--All World Wrestling League in Mason, Michigan: Jerome Pruitt def Frank Stein, Mike Rivers def Randy West, Unknown Commentator def Unreal Justice, Dragon Terzis won three-way over N8 Mattson and Conrad Kennedy III, Bump n Uglies def Gutter & Judge Dredd, Quinson Valentino def Eddie Venom ..

  14. July 8, 2005--Alabama Wrestling Federation in Semmes, Alabama: 2 Quick def Rikki Rocket, Booger the Bruiser def Billy Wayne, Chad Cheetum def Wade Garrett, Steve Armstrong def Marcel Pringle, Buff Bagwell def Road Dogg..

  15. July 9, 2005--American Pro Wrestling in Spartanburg, South Carolina: Kid Kaos def Major DeBeers by DQ, Zack Salvation def Jimmy Kindred to retain the Carolinas title, Nick Fury def Rowdy James, Armageddon w/James McHone vs Boomer Payne & David Duke ended in a double count-out, Chief Jay Eagle def Sir Jonathan Buffett, Bill White & Doug Hawkins def Billy Rucker & Sonny Landel to retain the Tag Team titles, Ostgard def Mickey Richards to retain the United States title, Ken Magnum & Steve Cronic def Viper & Jesse Black, Scotty Piper & Blackjack Dalton def Disoriented & Baha El Grande Jr., Brandon Phoenix def Morbid..

  16. July 9, 2005--Championship Wrestling in Kingsport, Tennessee: Tony Givens def Matt Scott to retain the Television title, Menace def Brian Compton, Jowad Wayne def Nick Hammonds by DQ after a low blow to retain the Junior Heavyweight title, Alyx Winters def Shane Andrews to retain the National title, Robbie Cassidy def Wayne Adkins, Ray Idol & Chris Richards & Josh Cody def Beau James & KC Thunder & Steve Fury, Wayne Adkins won a 15-Man Weapons Battle Royal to earn a National Title Match..

  17. July 9, 2005--Great Lakes Championship Wrestling in Ashippun, Wisconsin: The Patriot def The Tokyo Bullet, The Blonde Bombers def The Phoenix Flyers, Rain def Anthrax, ??? def Din T. More, Jose Guerrera def Angel Harmone..

  18. July 9, 2005--American Championship Wrestling in Kearns, Utah: Southern Comfort (Billy Bob & Johnny Mudflap) def Assassin & Donovan Denzli, "Mean" Mike Martinez def Junior X, Zen def Adrenaline, The contract signing for a "Loser Must Retire" match between Psycho & Jaden Japan was held, Kahn Kussion def Derrick Janetty in a No-DQ match, Jaden Japan def C.J. Thompson, Thanatos def Psycho to retain the Heavyweight title..

  19. July 9, 2005--Empire Wrestling Federation in California: Bino Gambino def The K.I.D.D., J. T. Scarface def Alex Pincheck, Mr. Nitro 2 Go def Mad Max Martin, Mad McIntosh & J. C. Castro def Liger Rivera & Vizzion in a blood bath match, Plague def Syrus, Mistrust Rudy Luna & Dan the Man Korbick vs Los Chivos ended on a Dougle DQ, Jason King def Antonio Mestra to retain the EWF title.

  20. July 9, 2005--New England Championship Wrestling in Uxbridge, Massechusettes: Frankie Arion def Johnny Idol, Fred Curry Jr. & Pat Masters def Tony Montana & Canadian Destroyer, Scott Ashworth & Sonny Goodspeed def D-Unit, Natalia def Jade, Afterburn def Zack Statick & Bryce Andrews, Joe Chece def Michael Sain, Pride & Mike Bennett def D.C. Dillinger & Jason Blade & Eddie Edwards, Chris Venom def Paul Lombardi..

  21. July 9, 2005--Pro Wrestling Evolution in Canton, Georgia before 200 fans: Simon Sermon def Randall Johnson, Jeremy V won scramble match over Seth Delay, Kid Ego Jr., Skeeter Frost, Nick Halen and Salvatore Rinauro, Canadian Sheik def Ranger Ross, Jay Fury def Jerrelle Clark, Murder One & Biohazard def Tank & Iceberg, Bob & Scott Armstrong def Nemesis & Shadow Jackson, David Young def Mikal Adryan, Azreal & Master No Mercy def Ace Rockwell & Shaun Tempers, Raven def Rainman to keep NWA title..

  22. July 9, 2005--Exodus Wrestling Alliance in Winston-Salem, Massechusettes: Andrue Bain def Jimmy Jack Funk Jr., Big Worship & Macho Rev def Super Destroyers, Greg Armstrong def Tony Kozina, Little Sting def Ethan Cage, Jason Jones def George South Sr. with Tommy Young as referee..

  23. July 9, 2005--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Fabuzio def Steve Amani by DQ, Matt Shock def Hypnosis, Osyris def David Payne, Chip Daley & Frank Stein def Drunk & Disorderly, Fallen Dragon def Wildman Rogers, New Jack Hustlas def Evan Alexander & Bam Morgan, Jack Thriller won three-way over Unrated & Sikness, C.P. def Hank Calhoun, Jay West & Anarchy def Noah Lott & Chance Laredo..

  24. July 9, 2005--Supreme Pro Wrestling in Sacramento, California: Fabulous Three Birds def Suburban Commandos, Les Despedidos def Honor Society, Adam Thornstowe def Sal Thomaselli, Oliver John son Supreme Survival over Chupacabra 2, Mike Rayne, Brian Raymond, Luster the Legend, Preston Steel and Otis, Sir Samurai def Shane Dynasty-DQ, El Flaco Loco def Hijo de Chupacabra in a mask vs. mask cage match..

  25. July 10, 2005--APEX Wrestling & Entertainment in Oak Hill, West Virginia: Shane Matthews d Chris Vega, Jason Kincaid def Brett Sharp, Hornet def Danny Ray-DQ, Ryan Johnson def Satanicus, Cody Matthews & Dice Del Ray def Mr. White & Zodiac..

  26. July 12, 2005--Full Throttle Wrestling in Elkmont, Alabama: "Impressive" Anthony Wayne def A.J. Creed, Fresh def Chad Taylor via DQ run-in from "Canadian Kid" Chris Lee, Bam Bam Kellum def Robert Wallace, KG/Pogo def BMW (Charlie Swinger/Chris Roush), Jeff Jameson def "Overkill" Phil Wilson via countout, Whiplash def Cabana Man Dan, Chrisjen Hayme def Adam Armor, Sinn City (Dave Mitchell/Brandon Smith) def The Dogg Pound (Big T/Little E), "Canadian Kid" Chris Lee def Insane Lane to retain the FTW Championship..

  27. July 12, 2005--American Combat Wrestling - Pain In Full in New Port Richey, Florida: Sonic Youth def Michael Patrick, The Power Company Twins def Vindetta & Mark Zout (as Ric Flair), Sean Hill def Ricky Romeo and Cousin Dale in a 3-WAY, Ralph Mosca w/George Martel def Legion "Freakin" Cage w/Gina Marie to retain the Heavyweight title, State Line (Eddie Taurus & Damien Angel) def Northern Xposure (Scott Davis & Josh Masters w/Fetish) in a Tables match to win the Tag Team titles, Big Daddy Pimp def T-Bolt in a Bodybag match refereed by Luther Jackson, Sideshow def David Mercury w/Ana Mosity in a Falls Count Anywhere TLC match to win the Cruiserweight title..

  28. July 12, 2005--PWE in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania: Coach Boden def Jey Graham, Sabian n Jimmy Jessup with help from Johnny Graham, Hangman Harley Watkins def Johnny Graham, John Cabbie def Mana, Icarus & Gran Akuma def Mike Quackenbush & Hallowicked in a 2/3 Falls match to win the Tag Team titles, Larry Sweeney def Glen Osbourne to win the Heavyweight title..

  29. July 15, 2005--Northern Wrestling Federation in Wilmington, Ohio before 325 fans: Average White Guy def Austin Meddler, Mosi Kamau def Russ Meyers, Tony Bryant & Tiny Tim def Thugs, Muldoon def Pompano Joe-DQ, Jesse Hyde def Dustin Lillard, Zodiac def Melvin Winkleman, American Eagle def Ryan Stone-DQ, Chad Allegra def Jay Donaldson..

  30. July 16, 2005--Northern Wrestling Federation in Fairfield, Ohio before 170 fans: Tony Bryant & Tiny Tim def Weird Science, Average White Guy def Russ Meyers, Jeremy Hyde & Zodiac def Thugs, Jesse Hyde def Muldoon-DQ, Dustin Lillard NC Pompano Joe, Chad Allegra def Jay Donaldson Ryan Stone def American Eagle..

  31. July 16, 2005--National Wrestling Superstars in Allentown, Pennsylvania before 400 people: Nicky Oceans def Ed Kazar, TNT & Jeff Coleman def Baghdad Bullies-DQ, Z-Barr def Greg Matthews, Tito Santana def Kevin Knight..

  32. July 16, 2005--ACW All-Star Wrestling in Charlotte, North Carolina: Little Sting & Heavy B def Ian Daniels & Bobby Ramon, George South Sr. def Jason King, Jake Manning def Tony Kozina, Andrue Bain def Super Destroyer, Johnny Blaze & New Breed def Homies with Attitude, Merculles King def Jimmy Jack Funk Jr., Jason Jones def George South Jr. to win ACW title..

  33. July 16, 2005--Championship Wrestling in Kingsport, Tennessee: Nick Hammonds def Justin Rich, The Freak def Cody Ices, Ryan Compton def Dan Richards, Ray Idol def Matt Scott, Beau Jams & K.C. Thunder def Chris Richards & Josh Cody to retain the Triple Crown Tag Team titles, Alyx Winters def Wayne Adkins to retain the National title, Tony Givens vs Robbie Cassidy ended in a No Contest in a "Lights Out" non sanctioned match..

  34. July 16, 2005--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Fallen Dragon & Hypnosis def Drunk & Disorderly, Brad Lamen def Chris Morrus, Ernie Ballz def Sikness, Osyris def Evan Alexander, Rastakhan def Josh Abercrombie, Jack Thriller won three-way over C.J. Otis and Johnny Dynamo, Hank Calhoun def Wildman Rogers, Jay West def Unrated, Anarchy def Frank Stein..

  35. July 16, 2005--Lethal Wrestling Alliance in House Springs, Missouri: Paul Parker def Eric the Aardvark, European Scumbag def Jynx, Ryan Ash def Rev. Evan Gelist, Gary the Barnowl def Shorty Biggs-DQ, Dingo def Nick Tyson, Adam Raw def Kory Twist, Frankie Big Balls def XXX Jordan Lacey..

  36. July 16, 2005--PWA in Rainier, Oregon: Maxx Pain def Lexor, Cedric the Hitman def Twist, Cadillac Callis won three-way over Hoss Tull & Nick Sulley, Havoc & Critter def Steve Rush & George Michael, DeeVaa def Tommy Celcious, Drew Gage & Chris Del Sol & Matt Farmer def C.C. Poison & Draven & Thunder..

  37. July 16, 2005--American Pro Wrestling in Spartanburg, South Carolina: Morbid def Scotty Black, Boomer Payne & David Duke def Sala & Tama Makoa, Zack Salvation def Rowdy James to retain the Carolinas title, Ricky Morton & Billy rucker def Doug Hawkins & Bill White by DQ, Ostgard def Nick Fury to retain the United States title, Mark Slain & Ken Magnum def Brady Thomas & Kaos, Chief Jay Eagle def Steve Cronic, Brandon Phoenix def Morbid, Viper def Serial Killer, Sir Jonathan Buffet & Brandon East def Mikey Richards & Bryan Austin..

  38. July 16, 2005--Southern Championship Wrestling - Brutal Battle 05 in Altamonte Springs, Florida: Sudden Impact (Jason Sensation & Legion Freakin Cage w/Gina Marie) def J.P. Ace & Tom Lawler, Josh Rich def Kevin Kantrell, Vito DeNucci def Jaison Moore, Sequel def Rip Malibu, The Heartbreak Express (Sean & Phil Davis w/Gary Garvin) def Suicidal Dragon & Benny Blanco to retain the Tag Team titles, Aaron Epic w/Gabriel def Jerrelle Clark, Francine showed up and introduced Larry Zybzsko who came out and cut a promo, Dagon Biggs w/Se7en def Jason Hexx in a #1 Contenders Falls Count Anywhere match, Vordell Walker def Scott Davis w/Gary Garvin to retain the Southern Heavyweight title..

  39. July 16, 2005--National Wrestling Superstars in Allentown, Pennsylvania: Nicky Oceans def Ed Kazar, TNT & Jeff Coleman def Baghdad Bullies by DQ after interference by Kevin Knight (Tito Santana to make the save), Z-Barr def Greg Matthews, Tito Santana def Kevin Knight..

  40. July 16, 2005--Empire Wrestling Federation in San Bernardino, California: Bino Gambino def Lyger Rivera to win the Cruiserweight title, The Plague def Bruiser Dave, Mr. Nitro 2 Go w/Hurricane Havana def Mad Max Martin, Vizzion def Syrus, Mistrust (Dan the Man Kobrick & Rudy Luna) def The K.I.D.D. & El Dorado, Jason King def Alex Pinchek..

  41. July 16, 2005--Vanguard Championship Wrestling in Harrisonburg, Virginia: John Kermon def Ultra Dragon, Ross & James Hall def J-Sinn & Gregory Vercetti, Phil Brown def Chris Escobar, Sean Lei & Dirty Monty def 6D6 & Kid VCW, Scott Blaze DDQ Preston Quinn, Brandon Day def Tracy Smothers..

  42. July 16, 2005--West Coast Wrestling in Pleasant Hill, California before 80 fans: Paul Isadora def Mutacionado I & Hijo de Chupacabra, Apollo Green won three-way over Bad Apple Adam and Risa de Muerte, Eric West def Rik Luxury, Chance Calloway & Bruce Bukkake def Sir Samurai & Hayashi, Hellfyre def D.J. Rizz, Alexis Smirnoff Jr. def Steel..

  43. July 16, 2005--New England Championship Wrestling in Framingham, Massechusettes before a nearly full house for a series of elimination matches old-school Survivor Series style: Joe Chece & Scott Ashworth & Sonny Goodspeed & Danny Diaz def Tony Montana & Tex McCoy & Canadian Destroyer (I wonder if his finishing hold is called the Petey Williams?) & Jose Perez, Mercedes Martinez & Cindy Rogers & Luscious Lily def Jade & Natalia & Violet Flame, Afterburn & Rave & Logans & Pat Masters & Bryce Andrews def A-List & D-Unit & Execution & Chris Camaro & Travis Blackchurch, Pride & Mike Bennett & Frankie Arion & Maverick Wild def Michael Sain & Sabotage & Kevin Landry & Paul Lombardi, Chris Venom def Bob Evans 5-4 in a 45:00 Iron man match..

  44. July 16, 2005--Ohio Champnioship Wrestling in Newark, Ohio: The Rootin' Tootin' Buckeroos def Dark Testament; Unknown b. Virus & Jason Thunder in a 3 way dance; Robby Star NC Sherman Tank; Rick Carter b. Wild Card Jack Diamond; Jayme Braxton b. Lexi Lane; joejoe Little & Vic Montana b. Jonny Attitude & BJ Cummins; Scotty Sabre b. Carlton Kaz; Jeff Cannon b. Beastmaster, Matt Mason, Mr. Insanity, Cruz Sangria & Todd Ricahrds in a scramble match..

  45. July 16, 2005--CPW in New Creek, West Virginia: Sheik Muhammad def Bobby Fonta, Bobby Keller def Keemo the Samoan, Switchblade def Leslie Leatherman-DQ, Switchblade & Keller & Fonta NC Leatherman & Sheik & Gino Sammartino..

  46. July 17, 2005--AWA APEX in Oak Hill, West Virginia: Shane Matthews def Chris Vega, Brett Sharp def Ryan Johnson, Stratus def Cody Matthews, Dice Del Rey def Shane Matthews..

  47. July 17, 2005--Iron Ring Wrestling in Kingsport, Tennessee before a sellout 800 fans: Alan King & James Gibson def Jeff & Brant Storm, Ricky Morton & Brad Thomas def K.C. Thunder & Tom Prichard, C.C. Rockett def Superstar (not Bill Eadie), El Dorado Raines def Great Ninja, Kid Kash def E.Z. Money and Alyx Winters in a 3-WAY, Tony Atlas vs Barbarian ended in a Double Count Out, Jeff Tankersly def David Flair, Eddie & Jimmy Golden def Dennis Condrey & Bobby Eaton by DQ..

  48. July 20, 2005--National Wrestling Superstars in Wildwood, New Jersey: Show #1: Paul E. Normous def J.D. Smooth; Goal-Dah def Camacho; Antonio Malave def D.D. Petit; The Patriot def Z-Barr.| Show #2: J.D. Smooth def Camacho; Dirtbag Dan def Nicky Oceans; The Patriot & Goal-Dah def Paul E. Normous & Z-Barr..

  49. July 20, 2005--Mountain State Wrestling in Sophia, West Virginia: Beau James def Mike McCabe, Scotty McKeever def Johnny Blast, Gene Madrid (Gypsy Joe) & Big Bad John def Cuban Assassin & Dave Scott, Jazz E def Joey Morton, Barbarian def Dan Richards..

  50. July 21, 2005--Mountain State Wrestling in Mt. Hope, West Virginia: Beau James def Nomad, Mike McCabe def Black Lightning, War Machine def Super Destroyer, Kid Apollo vs Cuban Assassin ended in a Double Count Out, Mister X & Shane Storm vs Jazz E & La Marka ended in a NO CONTEST, Barbarian def Dan Richards..

  51. July 21, 2005--Lucha Caliente in El Paso, Texas: Los Scorpios def Las Bestias, Muneco Infernal def Ari Romero Jr., Magno & La Parkita & Mayor def Pretty Boy Pete Tesla & Randy T-Rez, Chavo Guerrero Sr. def Hurricane Hector (Eddie's best friend growing up), Cassandro & Massive def Angel & Rey Scorpion, Little Justice def the Psycho Dwarf..

  52. July 22, 2005--Exodus Wrestling Alliance in Mooresville, North Carolina: Tony Kozina def New Breed, Heavy B & Bobby Ramon & Scorpion def Ian Daniels & Mando Guerrero Jr. & Rampage, Shane Austin def Tim Hunter, Greg Armstrong def Ethan Cage, George South Sr. def Jason King, Jason Jones def Jimmy Jack Funk Jr..

  53. July 22, 2005--Scott County Wrestling in Davenport, Iowa: Zac James def Chris Havius, Marek Brave def Taylor Made, Johnny Wisdom NC Nevin Knoxville, B-Buff won four-way over Pierce Peters, Gage Blagojevich and Borishnikoff Schmirnoff, Tank Roberts & Mississippi Madman def Synister & Steven Youngblood, Aisle 9 def Midwest Mafia, Lady Thrillers def Jaysin Strife & A.C. Scott, Mark Storm & Billy Morgan def GS 10-32 & Hardcore KC, Tyler Black def Danny McKay..

  54. July 22, 2005--Mason Dixon Wrestling in Brooks Hill, West Virginia: T.J. Phillips def Jason Kincaid, Cole Cash & Chris Kahn def Zac Vincent & Vance Desmond, Thrillbilly Ox & Briar def Souther Brawler & J.R. Slam, Dan Richards def Beau James, Zubov def Zander, Stro def Barbarian..

  55. July 22, 2005--Pure Wrestling Association in Godrich, Ohio: Jeff Black def Paul Wright in 30-second impromptu match, The 21st Century Fox def Cherry Bomb in a Woman's match, Eddie Osbourne (w/Jacqui Jones & Paul Wright) def Randy Walker, Crazy Steve def Eddie Osbourne, Buck 10 def Flatline and Warhed and Shawn Brown and Marc Mandrake w/Ferrari to win the Pure Violence title, Jessy Jones def Elian Habanaro to claim his citizenship in a "Citizenship vs. Leadership" match (Jones now controls Elian), The Highlanders (Rory & Robbie MacAlister) def Mike Stevens & Andrew Davis, Reggie Marley def Jeff Black to win the Pure Wrestling title..

  56. July 22, 2005--Empire Wrestling Federation in California: J.C. Castro def Joey Harder, Nitro 2 Go def El Delicioso, The KIDD def Bino Gambino to win the Cruiserweight title, Bruiser Dave & Alex Pincheck def Mad Max Martin & Ryan Taylor, Syrus def Jason King to win the American title, Jason King def Syrus to win the EWF title, Los Chivos (Enigma de Oro & Kayamrudy) def Luna & Dan the Man Korbick and Mad dog Joe Kimba & Plage and Vizzion & The K.I.D.D. in a 4-WAY to win the vacant Tag Team titles..

  57. July 22, 2005--Xtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, Texas: Khan def Dave The Rave, The New Legacy (Jeff & Jerry Brown) def Waco Joe & Manservant Guy, Dusty Wolfe vs Bull ended in a No Contest, Jack Drastic & Spudz McKenzie def The Niggaz (Al Jackson & Ricky Jackson w/Steve Moody), Eddie Atlas def Kit Carson to retain the Heavyweight title..

  58. July 22, 2005--World of Hurt Wrestling in Hudson Falls, New York: Shockwave & Timmy Tasteless def Sean Alexander & Timmy Wright, Steve Kruz def Bobby Flamingo, Texas Outlaw def J.P. Black, Good Lord Willing def Scott Scarsdale, Jeff Starr def Chuck Deep, Kayla Sparks won three-way over Miss DeVille and Barbie, Punk def Jim Tanner, Shane Alden & Virus def Swinger Sidusky & Reed James, Nick Neighborhood def Danger..

  59. July 23, 2005--American Pro Wrestling in Spartanburg, South Carolina: Jimmy Kindrid def Disoriented, Mark Slain & Ken Magnum w/James McHone def Boomer Payne & David Duke, Nick Fury def Brandon Phoenix, Bill White & Doug Hawkins def Billy Rucker & Mickey Richards to retain the Tag Team titles, Ostgard w/James McHone vs Chief Jay Eagle ended in a NO CONTEST, Steve Cronic def Kid Kaos, Sir Jonathan Buffett & Rowdy James & Brandon East def Zack Salvation & Nick Fury & Bryan Austin, Scotty Black vs Viper ended in a Double Count Out, Sala & Tama Makota w/Jay Dynamite def Lightning & Scottie Brooks, The Beach Blondes (Shane Austin & Mickey Richards) vs Boomer Payne & David Duke ended in a Double DQ..

  60. July 23, 2005--Independent Wrestling Revolution - Revolution Reunion in Sterling Heights, Michigan: Sonny Scarboni & Phil Atlas & Jimmy Whiplash def Ernie Ballz & Smokey C & BAM, Frankie the Face w/Jeff King def Gameboy and Anthony Rivera and Kamikaze in a 4-WAY, El Reverso def Luchi-Mon, Klunk the Klown def Breyer Wellington, Wylde Stallyns (Johnny Dynamo & Jack Thriller) def Popular Mathematics (Jimmy Shalwin & Bobby Bambino) and Dark Skin Productions (Tommy Johnson & Jerome Pruit w/Babypowda) and The Bump-N-Uglies (Josh Movado & Bubba MacKenzie) in a 4-WAY to WIN the Tag Team titles, Gutter def N8 Mattson to WIN the King of the Indies title with help from Conrad Kennedy III & Alexander Cain, The Necro Butcher def "Maniac" George Morbid (w/his handler X) in a No-DQ Street Fight..

  61. July 23, 2005--FTW - Afternoon Show in Lakewood, Washington: Shawn Shultz def Eric Young, Christie Ricci def Tasha Simone by DQ, Chris Del Sol & Matt Farmer def Christopher Ryseck & Havoc, Matt Bentley (Michael Shane) & Cassidy Riley co-won a three-way over Elix Skipper, Chase Stevens def Chris Michaels, Dusty Rhodes def Lonestar, Andy Douglas def Jerry Lawler..

  62. July 23, 2005--FTW - Night Show in Lakewood, Washington: Havoc def Christopher Ryseck, Christie Ricci def Tasha Simone, Eric Young def Shawn Schultz, Cassidy Riley def Matt Bentley, Terry Bull & Shawn Shultz def Eric Young & Lonestar by DQ, Chris Michaels def Elix Skipper, Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens def Chris Del Sol & Matt Farmer by Count Out to retain the NWA Tag Team titles, Dusty Rhodes def Jerry Lawler..

  63. July 23, 2005--Big Time Wrestling - 9th Anniversary Show in Newark, California: Mike Silva def Arabian Assassin, Hopsing Lee def Superstar #2, Kid Kool def Phoenix Rage-DQ, Wild Storm & Le Empereur def Ballard Brothers, Short Sleeve Sampson & Shane Kody def Todd Stone & Dash Riprock (minis & real wrestler mixed match), Matt Hardy def Jason Styles. Hardy was at the autograph session talking openly with fans about being back in WWE..

  64. July 23, 2005--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Rastakahn def Wildman Rogers, Orlando Colon (Carlito's real cousin from Puerto Rico) def Johnny Dollar, Matt Shock NC Fabuzio, Chip Daley & Steve Amani def Sikness & Unrated, CP def Hank Calhoun, Noah Lott def Jay West, Anarchy def Frank Stein..

  65. July 23, 2005--3XW (debut) in Des Moines, Iowa before 300 fans: Matt Fitness def Ego Fantastico and Tony Sly and Shark Boy in a 4-WAY, Gator McGraw def Casanova, Mr. Destiny def T.S. Agressor by Count Out, Mic Mayhem & A.J. Smooth def Devin Carter & Chance Cordova, Gage Octane def Tony Scarpone to become the first North American champion, The Freak def Montoya X by DQ, Havyk def Rampage Ruska, Josie Anntraxx, Brian Ash def Billy Gunn to become first Heavyweight champion..

  66. July 23, 2005--Family Wrestling Organization in Hammonton, New Jersey before 100: Damien won a 5-WAY, Jo Jo def Crazed, Justin Credible def Breaker Morant, Leslie Leatherman def Hyjink, Mikey D & Mikey G vs Lost Souls ended in a No Contest, El Boricua & El Lizard def Galactic Empire, White Lotus def Jimmy Dakota, Damage Inc. def 38 Proof, Steve the Teacher def El Abuelo, Cannonball def Mana. Show was a tribute to Nando Cruz, who worked for the group and passed away on 1/16 at the age of 19 in an auto accident..

  67. July 23, 2005--Battle Ground Pro Wrestling in Pomona, California: Human Tornado def Chris Bosh, Step Family def Favi & ?????, Scott Lost & Joey Ryan def Top Gun Talwar & Hook Bomberry, Al Katrazz def Tommy Wilson, Ronin & Quicksilver def Phoenix Star & Zokre, Al Katrazz won Battle Royal, Lil Cholo def Silver Tyger and Chilango in a 3-WAY..

  68. July 23, 2005--Susquehanna Wrestling Organization in North York, Pennsylvania: "Luscious" Johnny Graham def Nevermore, Justin Cage def Jason Static, Mean Mark Manson def Rikki Lane to earn a shot at the Unlimited World title, "Hangman" Harley Watkins def "Streetfighter" Ken Andrews to retain the United States title, Armageddon def Jackpot Jimmy Jessup by reverse decision, Arkham def Nevermore to retain the Cruiserweight title, Demetrius Arion (WWWA World Champion) def Bodacious Brad in a "Loser Leaves For ONE Year" match, Kage def Joey Hex to retain the Unlimited World title, The Super Destroyers vs The Original Bounty Hunter Max Thrasher & Glen Osbourne ended in a Double DQ in a special ECW Reunion match..

  69. July 23, 2005--AWA Maximum Championship Wrestling in Dover, Delaware: Eric Chapel def Jimmy Dream, Billy Johnson def Chris Cortez & Grimus, Established def Varsity Boys, Tristan Spade def Lumberjack Monroe, Brandon Mercury def Southern Grizzly, E.L. Stanley Esq. & Sam Jones def Massive Mike & Trey Webber..

  70. July 23, 2005--SCW in Nashville, Tennessee: Dan Morrow def Aaron Draven, J.D. Escalade def Jazz (not the former WWE wrestler), Larry Valentine def Ice, Juggulator def Shane Eden, Chance Prophet def Krazy K, Doug Gilbert def Hammerjack. Valet Isis, who is 16, got rave reviews said to be a cross between Baby Doll and Sunshine with Elizabeth looks..

  71. July 23, 2005--Blue Water Championship Wrestling in Columbiaville, Michigan: Bison def Nick Tatum, Sky Devian def Sebastian Rose, Blacktop Bandit def Big Money, Xavier Justice def Rick Solid, Canadian Bad Boys def Suicycos, Kuzin Kurt def Grappler, Nick Zero def Percy Lynn, Tommy Titus def El Diablo-DQ..

  72. July 23, 2005--Bad 2 The Bone Wrestling in Richmond, Kentucky from the Madison County Fair: Brent Goodin def Maxx Mizery, Simon Sezz def Andre Justice by DQ, Eddie Browning def Billy Black, Billy Maverick def Colt Steele, Vic The Bruiser def Steve Marino to retain the Heavyweight title..

  73. July 23, 2005--Columbia Wrestling Alliance in Columbia, Tennessee: Tim Renesto def Lawrence; Tommy Capone def Gypsy Joe (sub for Arrick Andrews due to a family emergency); The Backwoods Brawlers def Johnny Morton & Chris Chaos Oliver to win the Tag Team titles (While the stipulation of whosoever was pinned had to leave town, Johnny, who was the one pinned, is now taking the situation up with the CWA Commissioner); Southern Justice def Richard Ezell & The Mighty Hojo (sub for Bubba Morton); Scotty McKiver def Big Country..

  74. July 23, 2005--Championship Wrestling (Special Attraction Event before Greeneville Astros Minor Baseball Game) in Greeneville, Tennessee: Wayne Adkins def Josh Cody, Chris Richards def Beau James, Tony Givens def Tom Prichard..

  75. July 23, 2005--East Coast Championship Wrestling - Night of Champions in Shrewsbury, Massechusettes: Mark Gore def Shawn Candido and Lance Silva in a 3-WAY, Tex McCoy won a 20-Man Battle Royal, Chuck Deep def AJ Hott, Mike Phoenix def Evan McCloud, The Olsen Twins def The Reaper & Tex and The Vachon Brothers and The Big Islanders in a 4-WAY to become the 1st Tag Team Champions, Mark Gore def Johnny Nash and Brodie Lee to become the 1st Triple Threat Champion, Nick Neighborhood def Tex McCoy to become the 1st Heavyweight Champion..

  76. July 24, 2005--Dan Severn's Price of Glory Wrestling in Coldwater, Michigan: Fabuzio def Hypknow, Frank Stein def Kano Carter, Ernie Ballz & Brian Bender def Jack Thriller, N8 Mattson won elimination match over Whiplash, Tyrone Evans, Mick Veasy, Noah Lott and Jay West, Orlando Colon def Dollar, Rastakhan def Bam, Jimmy Jacobs def Johnny Dynamo..

  77. July 24, 2005--AWA Apex in Oak Hill, West Virginia: New Age Punishers def American Idols, Mr. Black def Hornet, Ryan Johnson def Zodiac, Shane Matthews def Dice Del Ray, Danny Ray & Jason Kincaid def Fat & Furious-DQ..

  78. July 26, 2005--Full Throttle Wrestling in Elkmont, Alabama: Chad Taylor def Cabana Man Dan and Whiplash in a 3-WAY via Nightstick Shot, Robert Wallace def Pogo, Sinn City def The Dogg Pound and BMW in a Triple Threat Elimination Match to become the FTW Tag Team Champions, Robert Wallace def Chad Taylor (CMD/Whiplash interfereed), Adam Armor def Phil Wilson in an "Amateur Wrestling" Match, Phil Wilson challenged Adam Armor to a standard wrestling match right after; Phil Wilson def Adam Armor, Insane Lane def "Canadian" Chris Lee to become the new FTW Champion. (note: Chad Taylor breaks ankle after match with Robert Wallace)

  79. July 26, 2005--Buckeye Pro Wrestling in Hamilton, Ohio: Lotus & Crazy J def Simply Fabulous, Nigel McGuiness def Chad Collyer, Mongo def Mr. Reality Check, Matt Stryker def Shawn Osborne, Koko Ware def Greg Valentine, Abyss & Shark Boy & Nate Webb def Cody Hawk & Shooting Stars..

  80. July 27, 2005--National Wrestling Superstars - Show #1 in Wildwood, New Jersey: Kevin Knight def Damian Adams, J.D. Smooth def Angel Gonzales, Funky White Boy def Camacho, King Kong Bundy def Z-Barr.

  81. July 27, 2005--National Wrestling Superstars - Show #2 in Wildwood, New Jersey: Funky White Boy def Chris Steel, J.D. Smooth def Camacho, Bundy & Adams def Kevin Knight & Z-Barr..

  82. July 28, 2005--Championship Wrestling in Greeneville, Tennessee at Pioneer Park: Wayne Adkins def Josh Cody, Chris Richards def Beau James, Tony Givens def Dr. Tom Prichard..

  83. July 28, 2005--Lucha Caliente in El Paso, Texas: Hurricane Hector def Damian DeMarco, Ari Romero Jr. def Chicano Force, Cassandro & Hijo del Marquez def Jimmy Tesla & Randy Terrez, Rey Scorpion & El Angel def Massive & Muneco Infernal, Las Bestias def Los Scorpios..

  84. July 29, 2005--eXtreme Championship Wrestling in Denton, Texas: Gemini def Jeff Brown in a No-DQ match, Dusty Wolfe def Sidd Murder to retain the Iron Man title with help from the Brown Brothers, The Niggaz (Al Jackson & Ricky Jackson w/Steve Moody) def Waco Joe & Justice, Jack Drastic & Spudz McKenzie def Bull & Khan, Eddie Atlas def Joey Corman to retain the Heavyweight title..

  85. July 29, 2005--Ringside Wrestling Federation in Cayuga, Indiana: Troy Van Zant def Bobby Black, Cousin Otter def Mark Green, Brad Lamen def Chris Morrus, Bouncer def Ronnie Vegas, Johnny Grunge & Itch Coma Weider def Billy Roc & Ryan Thunder, Disco Inferno def Shawn Cook, Buff Bagwell def T.J. Powers..

  86. July 29, 2005--Pro Wrestling Warfare in Sanford, Florida: Steve Madison def Tommy Vandal, Mikey Batts won three-way over Sedrick Strong and Johnny Vandal, The Saint def Josh Rich, Vordell Walker def Erick Stevens, James Gibson def Jeremy Lopez, Roderick Strong def Jay Fury, Frankie Capone def Dagon Briggs, Bruce Steele def Onyx..

  87. July 29, 2005--IPW "Psummer Psychosis" in Muncie, Indiana: Psycho Cop def Harley Steel, Mr. Smiley def Kid Italy to win the vacant IPW Cruiserweight title, Cousin Bubba & Billy Ray Saylors def Cutter & The Russian Assassin to win the IPW Tag Team titles, Pastor Pain -vs- Robbie Chance never got started because Chance attacked a fan, Pastor Pain def The Russian Assassin, Ryan A. Wrath def Quicksilver to win the IPW Heavyweight title, Ace Mob def Pitbull and "Gen X" Gavin Sharpe in a 3-way TLC match.

  88. July 29, 2005--Far North Wrestling in Butler, Pennsylvania: Rockin' Rebel def The Solution, Lord Zoltan & The Mauler def The Gambino Brothers with special guest referee Dominic DeNucci, Seth James vs T. Rantula ended in a No Contest in a Fans Bring Weapons match, Doink the Clown def Kriss Krude w/Raylene, Sterling James Keenan vs CJ O'Doyle ended in a Double DQ, Lacey w/Drew Lazario def Simply Luscious, Austin Aries def B-Boy..

  89. July 30, 2005--SCW in New Castle, Indiana: Golden Boy & Seth Clash def Kid Italy & Bam Morgan, Pastor Pain def Truth, Cutter def Harley Steel, Mr. Smiley & Pitbull def JD Elite & Tommy Drastic to win the SCW Tag Team titles, Colt Justic def Hype Jimmy Shawin, Jimmy Jacobs def JD Elite, Ace Mob, Ryan Wrath, Tommy Drastic, and Mr. Smiley in a 6-man elimination match to win the Bella Strap title, Pastor Pain def Cutter to become the first High Stakes champion, Billy Ray Saylors def The Russian Assassin to retain the SCW Heavyweight title.

  90. July 30, 2005--American Championship Wrestling - Final Conflict in Ogden, Utah: Derrick Janetty def Billy Blade, Kahn Kussion & Junior X def Billy Bob & Navajo Warrior, Eclipse def Zen to retain the Junior title, Mike & Mach Martinez def The Ballard Brothers (Shane & Shannon Ballard) by DQ, Cheerleader Melissa def Morgan by Submission, Thanatos def Assassin to retain the Heavyweight title, Jaden Japan def Psycho in a Loser Must Retire match..

  91. July 30, 2005--Championship Wrestling in Kingsport, Tennessee: Cody Ices def Matt Scott by DQ when Brian Compton Interfered, Cody Ices & Menace def Brian Compton & Matt Scott, Alyx Winters def Marco Kayfabian, Alyx Winters def Dan Richards, Beau James & New Super Destroyer (sub for KC Thunder) def Cruel Intentions in a Garbage Can match to retain the Tag Team titles, Steve Fury def The Great Magnifico by Count Out, Tony Givens & Wayne Adkins vs Robbie Cassidy & Nick Hammonds ended in a 30 Minute draw..

  92. July 30, 2005--American Pro Wrestling in Spartanburg, South Carolina: Kid Kaos & Baha El Grande Jr & Porkchop Cash Jr def Black Cross (Sinister Amp & Overseer & Darkness), Mickey Richards def Steve Cronic (w/Slick Willy Jackson) by DQ, Rowdy James def Deacon Donnie, Ostgard (w/James McHone) def Chief Jay Eagle to retain the United States title, Nick Fury & Dirty def Sinister Amp & James Hunter Jr (w/Ricky Lee), Zack Salvation def Sir Jonathan Buffett to retain the Carolinas title, Boomer Payne & David Duke def Ken Magnum & Mark Slain, Doug Hawkins def American Dragon, Brandon Phoenix def AJ Frost, John Rordan & Morbid def Golden Eagle & DL Kool..

  93. July 30, 2005--West Tennessee Championship Wrestling in Tennessee: J.R. Rich def Boogeyman (not Marty Wright), Buckwild Bill def Hard Knocks Hulligan, Tracy Brooks def ODB, Kaos def C.L. Smuve..

  94. July 30, 2005--Carolina Wrestling Association in Statesville, North Carolina: Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. def Ian Daniels, George South Sr. def Jason King, Bobby Ramone & Jesse Morris def Los Medicos Atlanticos, Jason Jones def Brad Thomas, Untouchables C Square & Ice def Rick Karloff & 13th Floor, Jake Manning def Jesse Morris, Ricky Morton def George South Jr. to win CWA title with Jimmy Valiant as referee, Jason Jones def Ricky Morton to win the CWA title..

  95. July 30, 2005--Slam All-Star Wrestling in Rutland, Vermont before 100 fans: Nocturne def Jon Thornbill, Green Mountain Grappler def Metal Mercenary, Drake Evans won three-way over Michael Monroe and Alex Chamberlain, Amber def Demonica, Bull & Northern Studd def Scotty Vegas & Vigo, D.C. Cole def Johnny Primer, Maxx Burton def Scott Scarsdale, Marcus Hall def J.P. Black-DQ..

  96. July 30, 2005--Eastern Wrestling Alliance in Baltimore, Maryland: The Jawbreakers def Stevie Riggs & Derek Frazier to win the Tag Team titles, Buster Macabi def D-Block, Bruce Chan & Jimmy Starz def Chris Nightmare & Ishmail, Eagle def Gold Thumb, Dr. X def Ruckus (Cruiserweight Champion) by DQ, Robbie Marino def Apollo Cruz, Jim Christian & Jaxx Craven def Prep Club, Derek Frazier def Stevie Riggs to win the EWA title in a No DQ, Pinfalls Count Anywhere, Street Fight..

  97. July 30, 2005--United Championship Wrestling in Maynardville, Tennessee: J-Diddy def Lucas, Billy Marshal & The Freak def Joe Webb & Terry Cooley, Big Hammer def Chester by DQ, Thorn & Shane Williams def Rich Kavana & Adam York, Trip def Jason Gaddy, John Justice def Ryan Dookie to retain the UCW title, Jesse Ellis & The man Called Chester & J-Diddy def The Heavenly Bodies & Devin Driscoll..

  98. July 30, 2005--West Coast Wrestling in Pleasant Hill, California before 100 fans: Sir Samurai def Hijo de Chupacabra, Paul Isadora def Steel-DQ, Big Apples def Rage & Risa de Muerte, Rik Luxury def Bruce Bukaki, Jason Vega def Alexis Smirnoff, Hellfyre DCOR Eric West..

  99. July 30, 2005--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Rasakahn def Hypnosis, Hank Calhoun def Fallen Dragon, Matt Shock & Rastakahn co-won Battle Royal, C.P. won three-way over Sikness and Matt Shock, C.P. B Sikness, Anarchy def Steve Amani..

  100. July 30, 2005--Retro Wrestling Alliance in West Liberty, Kentucky before 450 fans: Chris Mathews def Oklahoma Kid, Bobby Love def Vic the Bruiser, Aggravated Assault def Fat & Furious, Bull Pain def Jebediah Blackhawk, Big Daddy Venus def Gabriel, Kamala def Joey Bravo, Greg Valentine vs Larry Zbyszko ended in a draw, Chris Harris (heel) def Shark Boy, Shark Boy won Battle Royal..